#laptopRepair How to Repair Dell No Power On Laptop

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Dell No Power On Solution

In This video Dell La-9982p Case of B+ is solved where we find when we connect adopter and try to switch its in dead state it's step by step solution is shown in the video.

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  • Syed Abdul Muqtadir
    Syed Abdul Muqtadir Год назад Hello sir I'm using Dell Inspiron APU Quad Core AMD A10 6thGen- PART NO: (AAL12 LA-C142P ) laptop this laptop not charging how to repair sir?
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    Bryan Ogie Descutido 3 месяца назад thank u ur great teacher and talking english language help me so much and i understand all u teach thank u so much
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    arvind garry Год назад Me laptop is dell inspiration 15 when i pullegd in charger screen blinking nd adapter light blinking but its nor charging
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  • mula srinivas reddy
    mula srinivas reddy Год назад can u tell me dell 5520 adapter light goes off when connecting.showing 4409 mosfet is shorty. any suggestions
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    Raees Kannambath Год назад Thank you bro, its help me to solve same issue in dell latitude E6330
  • Alone Journey
    Alone Journey 7 месяцев назад Raees Kannambath hiii... Bro...my e6330 also not getting any power...I m not a tech guy ...can u tell me in short what did u do to solve it ???? PLEASE
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