How To Replace CV Boots - EricTheCarGuy

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How To Replace CV Boots - EricTheCarGuy

This one is a request from more than one person so I'm happy to bring it to you. As I said in the video I personally don't see much point of replacing just the CV boots anymore as it just makes more sense to replace the axle, that's just how I feel however. If you do want to replace the boots I hope this video will help.


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  • Archer973
    Archer973 Год назад It is inappropriate to refer to the tool that you used to cut the bands as "dikes." To be politically correct, they are "alternative life-style pliers."
  • james guralski
    james guralski 2 месяца назад If your in the construction trades we all call them dikes. Many mechanics call them dikes too...
  • J.m.p
    J.m.p 2 месяца назад 😆 😆
  • Lilith M
    Lilith M 1 месяц назад Hahahahaha..hahahahaha
  • red7fifty
    red7fifty 2 дня назад You mean "Get you Cock-Blocker Butch Bitch" to remove the clamp.
  • Mike Gamble
    Mike Gamble 5 лет назад 4:38 lol he knew exactly what I was thinking
  • Supersnubben
    Supersnubben 2 года назад I am not a car guy, but I found this very interesting. You are funny in a way which you are not trying to be funny. And on top of that you are very good at explaining. Subscribing for sure.
  • Jogi Ruiz
    Jogi Ruiz Неделю назад Thank's Eric that's very helpful
  • Inboundbogie
    Inboundbogie 4 года назад (изменено) Fuck Eric !! you absolute Legend make me laugh mate haha, Gday from Australia !  Thanks for the Video too helped alot cheers.
  • traildust32
    traildust32 3 года назад I sure miss the old EricTheCarGuy videos like this.
    FSAUDIOGUY 5 лет назад Awesome Eric!! Thank you!
  • Goran Muminovic
    Goran Muminovic 2 недели назад Hah :) you already talked about non-mechanical stuff on this vid, "resistance" "submission" "requires convincing" haha, can't wait to see what you say on a non mechanical channel
  • fleiva30
    fleiva30 2 года назад Eric Eric... I have custom axles and I don't want to replace.. well its the right passenger side inner boot clicks when turning only should I replace cv boot only??
  • shodanxx
    shodanxx 3 года назад At 12:50, do not hit that part with a hammer except with a plastic hammer. That is the journal surface of the bearing and bearing with tool marks on them don't work great.
  • Mario Padron
    Mario Padron 2 года назад shodanxx my didnt come out even doing it as he showed on the video cause they are new...just imagine i had hitted with a plastic hamer...lol.actually never git it to come out...
  • madrsrider1
    madrsrider1 4 года назад Thanks for your no bullshit advice, it got me on my way. I was stuck on how to drift off the cv bearing from the shaft to replace the boot , Niceone Eric.
  • almarenee12
    almarenee12 4 года назад I have a dirty mind! I liked how you cleaned that shaft! HAHAHAHA!!!
  • kidmosey
    kidmosey Год назад and, yet, neither of you noticed his sweet ball peen.
  • B14CK_H4WK
    B14CK_H4WK Год назад hes pretty good at cleaning those shafts
  • anthony torres
    anthony torres Год назад almarenee12 do you really like it? Haha
  • - MrRIchBiker
    - MrRIchBiker Год назад what a good girl you are for saying that.....love it!! sexy.
  • MR.D.A. Dominguez
    MR.D.A. Dominguez Год назад Haaaaa your killing me.
  • Tim Henderson
    Tim Henderson Год назад You need to go to branham.org or themessage.com and give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, and Him alone!
  • Abu Mannocchi
    Abu Mannocchi 6 месяцев назад You dirty we here for cars. Eric should change fields then.
  • Truckerclown
    Truckerclown 3 месяца назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • webbit2012
    webbit2012 5 лет назад thanks man. i like your view on things...dont fix it it if it dont need it.
  • Yossi Illan
    Yossi Illan 2 года назад I remember using electrician's zip ties instead. Worked a treat.
  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 2 года назад Yossi Illan did zip ties work good ?
  • Yossi Illan
    Yossi Illan 2 года назад Yes and as a matter of fact, I kept them on till I sold the vehicle. At least they are excellent as a temporary fix.
  • MrLunithy
    MrLunithy Год назад Yeah they are good for it done that allot.
  • diver dave
    diver dave 4 года назад My Accord had one ripped boot at 260,000 miles and i got the 1/2 axle replaced... the second one was at 305,000 miles
  • Sean Strong
    Sean Strong 1 месяц назад Glad you said what you did at the start. Won't bother replacing the boot cause it clicks on turns. Will just replace the axel when payday comes 😁
  • Ardent Fan
    Ardent Fan 2 года назад Just what your viewers needed. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  • madmansteve69
    madmansteve69 2 недели назад Butifull sir thankyou loads. This helped out immensly. Keep up the superb work sir.
  • BigniceJohn
    BigniceJohn 3 года назад Thank you Eric. I have a LaForza and getting axles is near impossible. But, all I am dealing with is split boots. This will save me a lot of time. Cheers!
  • Laphroaig16
    Laphroaig16 3 года назад Hey Eric, your vids on CV joints have helped me immensely. VERY BIG THANK YOU. This was the first time I had attempted anything of this scale on a car (Mitsubishi Magna 1998 - Australian Sedan) and your vids made it look reasonably easy. It took about a day to get it both axles out, 4 evenings of cussing to replace both outer boots (What a messy job!) and then all of 2 hrs to get both axles installed. For good measure I got a mechanic mate to check over my work and he gave it the thumbs up. Now to do the timing belt and front suspension . Although I'll get the timing belt professional done by my mate. Just to add the car is driveable since doing the CV outer boots. Also having access to a compressor and rattle gun (impact wrench) makes life easier. I learnt a lot doing this work. Lastly, my skill level when it comes to cars is at a stretch that of a 'Weekend Warrior'. Stay Dirty :)