DIY Rust Repair Cheap And Easy!

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In this video I filmed from start to finish as I repaired the door sill on my 2009 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg. This is by no means the "right way" to do the job. The only way to completely remove rust is to cut it out and weld in a replacement piece of steel. This video is for those of you who are sick of looking at a rust spot on your car and don't want to spend the money at a professional auto body repair shop. In this video I explain the step by step DIY process of how to repair rust and paint your car, motorcycle, tractor, etc.

  • Big Jon-Q-public
    Big Jon-Q-public 2 года назад I removed all the rust now my passenger door is gone.
  • CoreTech951
    CoreTech951 Год назад So I guess you drive a Ford Focus? Damn there is more rust than good metal on my '01 Focus haha I'm fixing it tomorrow, hopefully it will last for another year before I'll have to do it again :)
  • Jon-Arne Belsaas
    Jon-Arne Belsaas Год назад rust Removal and Lancias dont match very well.
    DJMUSSY LIVE Год назад go to junk yard and get another door... easy and cheap.
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад CoreTech951 well, that car's almost 20 years old. if you don't maintain that's what happens. Unless you own a Ford Crown Victoria. Much tougher car.
  • timbo
    timbo Год назад 😂😂
  • Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia Год назад BIG FISH not really the junkyard theres many shops that sell the doors brand new for about the same price as the junk yard
  • Craig Roberts Sr.
    Craig Roberts Sr. Год назад The rust is gone but did you kill all the chlorides in the steel that caused the rust in the first place?. The rust will come back if you didn't. Sand down and before you paint soak the area with Skunk Rust which soaks into the metal and kills the contaminants the grinder cannot get. After that paint and the rust will not come back. Believe me I have done this and if you don't kill the reason for the rust it will return. FYI
  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax Год назад CoreTech951 just rubber coat the entire metal surface after making repairs
  • boy oy
    boy oy Год назад Lol
  • HungryMynd
    HungryMynd Год назад HAHA
  • happyrockAg
    happyrockAg Год назад Sorry bud at least im not the only one 🤣
  • Josed Thunder
    Josed Thunder 11 месяцев назад Haha .. a good one Big Jon 😂😂😂
  • Chippo 51
    Chippo 51 9 месяцев назад The pain of Mercedes w123 ownership
  • JillyBean860
    JillyBean860 9 месяцев назад Haahahhaha
  • First Last
    First Last 7 месяцев назад Hold my Beer . I can Weld you a New one . Shiiit we got plenty Aluminum Of the torn down doubble wide. HEY EDDY ! COME ON OUT HERE AND GET ME THEM HINGES FROM THE NEIGHTBOORS FENCE. Hold on little buddy we going to Get Er done ..
  • lucia nguyen
    lucia nguyen 7 месяцев назад lol
  • yo ma ma Go get her
    yo ma ma Go get her 7 месяцев назад once it got cancer it over
  • Frank G
    Frank G 5 месяцев назад @CoreTech951 ahahahahaha "more rust than good metal" you're very funny.
  • UMU-i-D
    UMU-i-D 4 месяца назад LOOOOOL. Thanks for that!
  • Anwar Murad
    Anwar Murad 3 месяца назад 100% correct Sir ,,, he did not even wipe the Surface with alcohol,,, @Craig Roberts Sr.
  • M9iak Skitz
    M9iak Skitz 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂
  • charles seays
    charles seays Неделю назад Big Jon-Q-public 😂😂😂
  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 2 года назад Way to put your hands in the issue, right on man. Thnx for posting this, it shows people to not be scared to DIY. Having decades of experience with body-n-paint, i might suggest one added measure if you don't mind. i realize this was intended as a quick/easy fix, and that it is, but I would spray the metal with an oxidation neutralizer; such as OSPHO or even just the good ol' Duro Extend treatment at least. The oxidation is occurring deep inside the metal and just a good sanding and paint will not stop it. Many metals absorb moisture, trapping it inside. It is possible to kill the oxidation process chemically, then this repair will last a good long time. Cheers!
  • Reesey Buchanan
    Reesey Buchanan 2 года назад so how would yo use it? I'm looking to do this
  • Baerchenization
  • NTH Welding
    NTH Welding 2 года назад naval jelly work?
  • Gene Wiley
    Gene Wiley 2 года назад This is how we learn. People helping people. DIY fixing. Thanks for sharing
  • Joel Page
    Joel Page 2 года назад Eric Lee, great response! So many people with experience feel the need to completely bash the DIY'er for doing a quick hack job to make it look better. You added great feedback and information with a positive message. Nice Man!!!
  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 2 года назад Thnx so much! I love seeing people gettin er done, and helping them make it last is always a pleasure. have and awesome day!! :)
  • Video Game Hackers exposed
    Video Game Hackers exposed 2 года назад Hey Eric, thanks for the information and just to be sure, I should use oxidation neutralizer after i'm done with sanding it? Basically before spraying on Primer? Thanks!
  • SunEagle Cherokee
    SunEagle Cherokee 2 года назад Eric Lee Thanx Mr. Lee ! Should I apply it before or after primer? I sure wished they would show a way to treat half eaten door edges?? Thats my Nissan issue on driver door. TFS !!
  • diver dave
    diver dave 2 года назад ...mmm??? would it help if i used a hair dryer on the bare metal after the rust was sanded off, to help dry the metal before using the oxidation neutralizer !
  • hhova29
    hhova29 2 года назад Eric Lee hi, how would you treat this chemically?? You mean with a rust encapsulator like the Eastwood brand? I have some bubbling on my quarter panels around the wheel well.
  • Mikko Salamander
    Mikko Salamander 2 года назад You use an inhibitor or a rust neutralizer directly onto rusty metal. Try to get the flakes and bubbles off 1st THEN use your rusticide product. It may appear that after the sanding process that your product has been removed but continue the steps anyways. Its a chemical reaction to iron oxide
  • SunEagle Cherokee
    SunEagle Cherokee 2 года назад @Mikko Salamander What if I already have a hole in my driver door bottom edge the size of a quarter coin with about 8" of rust? What do you recomend to fill it with so bubbles don't reappear & door doesn't rot anymore? Thanx Mikko !
  • D. M. Melendez
    D. M. Melendez 2 года назад Eric Lee
  • Stock LT1
    Stock LT1 2 года назад You are a hero.
  • batvette
    batvette 2 года назад +no talent hack welding yep thats a brand name for phosphoric acid.
  • Brian Bailey
    Brian Bailey 2 года назад Stock LT1
  • crpth1
    crpth1 2 года назад +SunEagle Cherokee - To be on the cheap/easy you can use glass fiber reinforced bondo. But always treat the rust first... last a lot longer. ;-)
  • GE Side-by-Side ONLY - Refrigerator Repair Videos
    GE Side-by-Side ONLY - Refrigerator Repair Videos Год назад Really great job, out of a rattle can no less! Amazing!
  • SunEagle Cherokee
    SunEagle Cherokee Год назад crpth1 thanks for sharing brother I appreciate it !
  • Jiggy5166
    Jiggy5166 Год назад can't you just use a torch to get the moisture out?
  • crpth1
    crpth1 Год назад Jiggy5166 - Yes a torch can be used momentarily, but next morning all the moist will be right back. Beside the paint work don't like flames much. LOL :-) The trick in a car is not to try to avoid moist in fact unless for the ones living in the dry desert it's basically impossible. The trick it's to make the metal withstand reasonable amounts of moist, galvanized, painted ,etc. help a lot in extending the useful life of our cars before they turn into rust buckets. :-)
  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts Год назад Eric you are correct. If you chemically neutralize the metal to kill the chlorides in the steel the repair will last a very long time. This repair has already started to rust again. Try Skunk Rust, it is paintable Ospho is not paintable without neutralizing the ospho.
  • Alex Banning
    Alex Banning Год назад In terms of extending the life of metal bodies, oxidation neutralizers are awesome, but from a chemistry standpoint your explanation is incorrect. Rust (oxidation of iron) and other oxidation processes happen on the surface of the metal only. Metals also don't absorb moisture because the chemical bonds of metals are extremely tight covalent bonds that are non-polar, and water, the polar, ionic-bonded molecule, can't break in between the neutral, tight covalent bonds in metals without extreme heat to break the bonds in the metal. Oxidation neutralizers cover the surface of metals though, which prevents rusting and other types of oxidation from occurring. Even covering metals with a coat of clear nail polish can prevent rusting, however oxidation neutralizers are built to last for a long time, and will outlive the nail polish. Still recommend using those types of products for longevity, but in terms of a quick fix, I wouldn't bother because there is often moisture left in the paint that doesn't get out and trapping moisture between paint and metal will undoubtedly cause oxidation of the metal.
  • Roudter
    Roudter Год назад Paragraphs are good...
  • Workmen V
    Workmen V Год назад Eric Lee great work
  • Los Mor
    Los Mor Год назад Eric Lee you do repairs
  • Ollie Mariotti
    Ollie Mariotti Год назад A polite person on the internet this is absurd!!! Thanks for the tip - My Mk1 Golf with be grateful for this advice
  • saban saulic
    saban saulic Год назад I'm not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for electronic repair course try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.
  • John Foster
    John Foster Год назад Eric Lee q
  • Tad Ka
    Tad Ka 11 месяцев назад Alex Banning I watched a video (about this rust problem) made by people who do restorations on very expensive cars and they showed how rust does get into the metal beneath the surface. Even when you sand the rust down to shiny metal there is still rust deeper in the metal only you can't see with a naked eye. That's why they use chemicals to neutralise it.
  • Clare M
    Clare M 11 месяцев назад Hi Eric so i was trying to find videos about how i could remove rust, treat the area before i repainted and this vid came up... it is for the top inside lip of my freezer. I am planning to switch it off, let it dry out completely before i started. The rust is very bad. So i would do everything in this vid plus the oxidation neutraliser you mentioned to hopefully stop it from rusting again. Would you have any suggestions as to the type of paint i should use given its a freezer? It has to be so I can still wipe it down with a neutral cleaner...unfortunately a bleach cleaner was used hence the rust. Any other tips/suggestions would be most appreciated. I am a first time DIY person in Singapore but think i could do this. Certainly much less expensive then getting new freezer door which going by the supplier's price, i might as well buy a new freezer;) Thank you in advance. Best regards Clare
  • Tad Ka
    Tad Ka 11 месяцев назад Clare M have a look at this video, it might be what you are looking for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMxCWNUHNoU&t=4s
  • Clare M
    Clare M 11 месяцев назад Thanks! I will!
  • ZeroGHome24
    ZeroGHome24 1 месяц назад Spoken like a true gentleman. Really appreciate people like you as they're a dying breed 👍
  • green grass
    green grass 2 года назад lol! when the guy was sanding down the primer, I accidentally blew at the screen to remove the dust!
  • Soaked In Oil
    Soaked In Oil 2 года назад +Slapper Chops 😂 that's awesome
  • Gleaning The Scriptures
    Gleaning The Scriptures Год назад lols
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    jared simpson Год назад Porn for you must be awesome.
  • Bommie
    Bommie 7 месяцев назад Too damn funny I almost spit out my food laughing 😂.
  • ZeroGHome24
    ZeroGHome24 1 месяц назад 😂👌
  • Saul A
    Saul A 1 месяц назад You didn't get dust in your eye, did you?
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    TeamVariety iiReaperz 1 месяц назад Yuck, save that shit for red tube
  • phantomshTTer
    phantomshTTer 2 недели назад That's hilarious. lol
  • Austin Wiese
    Austin Wiese 2 года назад this video is extremely helpful & well made. exactly what I needed. my truck looks beautiful again. Thanks man seriously.
  • Jacob Kirby
    Jacob Kirby 2 года назад You should explain what you used on the grinder and what grit of sandpaper was used. I already know the best application, but more information on a video for repair helps. good job though
  • Nicholas Stroganoff
    Nicholas Stroganoff 2 года назад knowing my luck a bug would land on my fresh paint. or the wind would kick up some dust.
  • Babatunde Olajid
    Babatunde Olajid 2 года назад You never just leave paint as is, you must always sand it after its dry because the paint will not be perfectly smooth
  • Gus Ibrahim
    Gus Ibrahim 2 года назад Nicholas Hoffenpiper that would be so cool to have a bug under the clear. I will try that
  • Nicholas Stroganoff
    Nicholas Stroganoff 2 года назад Gus Ibrahim bzzzz
  • Marco Acosta
    Marco Acosta 2 года назад Nicholas Hoffenpiper knowing my luck i wouldnt have enough money to do a cheap diy rust repair
  • Eliot Merrill
    Eliot Merrill Год назад ever heard of a garage?
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад Eliot Merrill ever heard of no garage?
  • MarkH10
    MarkH10 Год назад Then, you'd pick him out, let it dry, sand it smooth, and respray. It happens in the best shops. A fly in the booth is a huge emergency.
  • Col A North East
    Col A North East Год назад Then would you paint over the bug or peel him off and let him go?
  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 8 месяцев назад Doing the same door sill paint job, I had an eyelash fall on the paint of all thing . You never know what might happen.
  • Miguel de Sousa
    Miguel de Sousa 2 месяца назад @Babatunde Olajid didn't know that. People do that every time even on total car sprays?
  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 2 года назад Gotta say it's a great video for the DIYers.......and saves some dollars, too.....thanks for sharing your technique with us........
  • Soaked In Oil
    Soaked In Oil 2 года назад +tomcata1467 thanks!
  • Richard Vaughan
    Richard Vaughan 2 года назад Great job bro that turned out amazing
  • Soaked In Oil
    Soaked In Oil 2 года назад Thanks! Appreciate the comment!
  • Jacques Poirier
    Jacques Poirier 2 года назад emphasis should be made to remove the rust before prime and finish best way to remove the rust is to sandblast when the equipment is available there is many ways to finish the job, I alway use the finishing putty after the epoxy primer application and before the application of the surfacer primer, this way, you always sand the same material and it is much easyer to make a smooth level surface.
  • Virginia Martinson
    Virginia Martinson 8 месяцев назад Jacques Poirier j
  • John Davey
    John Davey 2 года назад Great result but i would have used a rust converter to 'kill' the remaining rust before priming. Paint finish look perfect.
  • Boxing 101
    Boxing 101 2 года назад why would a troll thumbs down this? always appreciate a person fixing their own stuff hate troll good work. thumbs up here
  • Soaked In Oil
    Soaked In Oil 2 года назад +10 Acres thank you!
  • Ismana Pribadi
    Ismana Pribadi 2 года назад Cuz those trolls have a lot of money and they rather spend it than trying for the cheaper alternatives. This vid is awesome, I have some rust spot here and there on my car and I've been looking for DIY info about this cuz I financially challenged and I love my car. Good vid!
  • Michael caldwell
    Michael caldwell 2 года назад 10 Acres well said
  • Boxing 101
    Boxing 101 2 года назад Greg C it was done proper, I've worked on many cars the rust was gone before the black primer for bare metal, you're obviously an amateur. It's a fine job and it will last just fine. Always some internet guy who thinks he knows what he's doing.
  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan 2 года назад 10 Acres I agree
  • Boxing 101
    Boxing 101 2 года назад Greg C that's why you are on YouTube on a fix it yourself video lol hahaha I just fixed and painted a lotus I've been doing it a long time and for what he did here it's fine. Guess you would of put more time and work into that??? Lol hahaha
  • bill45colt
    bill45colt 2 года назад if you have a better way,,,why not write it out,,,,no positive from your comments,,,only negative,,,if you know,,,then speak,,,,,no sense in being silent
  • All Tiles
    All Tiles 2 года назад Ariana grande
  • steve cole
    steve cole Год назад 10 Acres I'm no bodyshop worker but have acquired enough skill over the years to do similar work to this chap on my cars over the years. It can be a pain in the ass initially, but have always found this kind of thing very rewarding.
  • Indrid_Cold
    Indrid_Cold Год назад Ismana Pribadi : one of the biggest mistakes in a young man's life, is being "car poor." The car gets hit in the parking lot by a car door or a shopping cart. Ahhhhh. My BABEY!!!! But, you can't put in a claim, because you only have liability insurance. Or, you have liability coverage, but cannot afford the increase in rates.
  • Greg C
    Greg C Год назад What does that have to do with improper rust repair?  Get with the program dude.
  • TristanSimpleX
    TristanSimpleX Год назад Maybe the troll was a mechanik, and know how to do it the right way ?
  • Timo Lindroos
    Timo Lindroos Год назад But the rust is still there, he must use sandblastring to kill the rust! I fix my first car 1975 so i maby know soemthing! :)
  • Dan S
    Dan S Год назад (изменено) You only sand blast if it doing very large area of the car.What he did here will last along time being the rust didnt eat threw the metal completely.
  • Ngoc Phan
    Ngoc Phan Год назад 10 Acres ..
  • Car Enthusiast
    Car Enthusiast Год назад Mega Marowak 10/10 👏👍👍
  • Rich Farfugnuven
    Rich Farfugnuven Год назад 10 Acres because people on YouTube are generally internet warrior assholes.
  • Rich Farfugnuven
    Rich Farfugnuven Год назад Soaked In Oil nice work bro
  • Rich Farfugnuven
    Rich Farfugnuven Год назад Soaked In Oil can I ask a question though? What's your opinion on doing POR(paint over rust) or a similar chemical to convert the rust before painting as a final step before you started the repair as extra insurance?
  • maggie haupt
    maggie haupt Год назад 10 Acres maybe they want to do it right? Just cause you afar broke doesn't mean you a can't do it better then that. Harbor freight has cheap tools that will help you do it a lot better. And the internet shows mad videos on how to repair rust.
  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution 2 месяца назад It’s not exactly the same color as the rest of the car
  • TA Lindsay
    TA Lindsay 2 года назад I think you did a great job!! Great video.
  • FreedomNews
    FreedomNews 2 года назад that rust will come back in under a year without chemical rust converter or sandblasting
  • ronniemarder
    ronniemarder 2 года назад FreedomNews mmm just use clear vinegar leave it on the rust spot have a beer and if you done with the beer can the rust is gone easy and cheap
  • Peter Kokay
    Peter Kokay Год назад FreedomNews soo true
  • fourtysix4646
    fourtysix4646 10 месяцев назад Yea it’s sad but true. I have “fixed” rust like this on 2 cars before and usually a year or two later it rusts again. A coat of bondo does make it take longer to rust again but the rust still comes back.
  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 9 месяцев назад When that happens its becuase its rusting from the inside out.
  • ultranitro
    ultranitro 8 месяцев назад True that. That's alot of work to fix a small barely seen rust spot. I hope the rest of that vehicle is absolutely mint to justify spending this much time on something like this.
  • Joel
    Joel 5 месяцев назад @ultranitro meh, some of us take care of our stuff. i guess we all have different tolerances for what we consider a lot of work.
  • ultranitro
    ultranitro 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @Joel I'll bet money I take better care of my vehicles and my family's than you do. I've been working on cars since I was 7 and I was a detailer at a massive dealership for a few years also so yeah I know how to clean and shine like a motherfucker. The point I was trying to make was that was a lot of highly detailed work to fix one small rust spot on a piece of shit car. That's a waste of time unless you just wanted to get some practice. No one cares that your door jam looks nice when your driving a f-150 from the 80's with a dogshit engine. Or a stupid ass Jetta with 250,000 miles. Or whatever that car was. It wasn't worth it.
  • Wesley Revels
    Wesley Revels 4 месяца назад @ultranitro I hope you have many years in the butt fuck repair industry as well. You took that shit way too hard man.
  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 4 месяца назад @ultranitro how shiney exactly is "shiney like a motherfucker?" Was your dad really shiney or something?? Btw, detailing has zero to do with bodywork
  • Jeff Quinn
    Jeff Quinn 3 месяца назад ultranitro how is the man spending 10 minutes to get rid of rust that will eventually eat his car away considered to much work. If that were the case why do you even bother to detail your car. I don’t think the video even showed the condition of his car. Chill out dude. He was trying to show how to get rid of rust and did a great job and you have to try to shit on his parade. What a jerk.
  • pbaylis1
    pbaylis1 3 месяца назад Yep, some encapsulator was all that was needed
  • kevin
    kevin 3 месяца назад (изменено) in like 3-5 years and by then you'd already saved up for a new car lol i did a similar fix on a truck 3 years ago and it still looks fine.
  • gorgon
    gorgon 2 месяца назад @ultranitro ..how old the car is..not an issue...if the car got a decent engine and drive-train..you would likely spend some time to shine the outside a bit...not everyone has the opportunity to buy a new car either...no care for what you drive..except yourself..
  • ultranitro
    ultranitro 2 месяца назад @gorgon the newest vehicle ive ever owned was a 2000 grand prix gtp that I bought with my own money in 2009 and I guarentee I take better care of my vehicles than you. I drove a $700 oldsmobile intrigue with 240,000 miles on it for about 10 years and because I took such good care of it it took care of me. Fixing a stupid unseen rust spot inside your door jam does not make you good car owner.
  • john metrac
    john metrac 2 месяца назад FreedomNews yes your rite I’ve done this repair it only lasts a few months 👍
  • Octane Art Canada
    Octane Art Canada 2 месяца назад How not to do EVERYTHING...
  • P Lam
    P Lam 1 месяц назад I did the same thing, rust came back after 2 months.
  • nubery100
    nubery100 4 недели назад @ultranitro well its not your car , so ofcourse it is not worth it ..TO YOU.
  • llew virtue
    llew virtue 3 недели назад Rust does not go away without converter, keep looking it will be back
  • Beth Jones
    Beth Jones 3 недели назад FreedomNews /
  • P Kuudsk
    P Kuudsk 3 года назад Great video only suggestion I would make is that using a rust converter before using the high filler primer would be better.That said anything looks better than rust and you did a good job.
    DDEENY 2 года назад (изменено) Right. I'm concerned about those pitted areas where the rust can't be fully reached with hand sanding and that the rust may recur there. I'd prefer to see the affected area soda-blasted but that's typically beyond the realm of most DIYers. Beyond that, rust converter is a next-best alternative. Otherwise, the repair is just fine especially considering that it's a door sill of limited visibility and not an exterior surface. It serves as a nice practice project for small rust and refinishing repairs.
  • P Kuudsk
    P Kuudsk 2 года назад Yes but it is actually a structural part of the car for side impact strength , as a unit body every part is important
  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
    Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch 2 года назад I'm with DDEENY I predict a swift return of the rust.
  • Tomas Av.
    Tomas Av. 2 года назад if metal doesnt get oxygen it cant rust, so i think if there is no leak it should not rust even if some rust left
  • macbirt56
    macbirt56 2 года назад +Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch Agreed
  • inkinen
    inkinen 2 года назад Soda blasting doesn't remove rust properly. It's mainly used for stripping paint.
  • Brent Nicol
    Brent Nicol 2 года назад Great job buddy. I started this way 40 years ago and I taught myself. Made a few mistakes and fixed it. That is how I taught myself. Today I cannot keep up with all the work I have and work alone. Great job.
  • berryfairy68
    berryfairy68 2 года назад How fun to fix your own stuff 😋
  • Smfle
    Smfle 2 года назад berryfairy68 👍
  • Stewie P
    Stewie P 2 года назад not perfect but for an everyday driver definately a very good cheap fix. 5 stars bro
  • cheryl coder
    cheryl coder 2 года назад Five stars here, too! I'm a chick, but like to do my own work on cars, if possible. This video rocks. Thanks.
  • Animated Movie
    Animated Movie 2 года назад nothing is perfect my dear
  • Here's Johnny
    Here's Johnny 3 года назад Superb....I have a few bits on my van and I'm gonna do exactly the same as this. 😊😊👍
  • ermill39
    ermill39 2 года назад Nicely done! Thank you very much for this informative video. Hope to see many more.
  • Average Guys Garage
    Average Guys Garage 2 года назад Thanks for the step-by-step. We're going to be doing some rust repair and repaint on our MGB Roadster soon. Thumbs up!