How to quickly fix laptop cooling fan and resume normal operation of the computer MAH02617

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Almost all computers have fans in them. These fans use lubricant that often turns hard. That prevents fan from rotating and cooling the system. System overheats, hangs up or complains. All these problems can be quickly resolved if you follow this simple video. Good luck.

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    Cory Brown 3 года назад Pro Tip: "Work your shaft back and forth a few times to lubricate the whole thing." 6:00
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    Christopher Snow 4 года назад I clean my shaft and relubricate it every day.
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    GlasGhost 3 года назад @King of the Universe to get things lubricated right?
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    Esteban Rincon 3 года назад I heard if you lick the balls it makes it work better. The problem is...where are the balls?
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    Classiest Frog 2 месяца назад this man
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    Amir Ali Tayyab 2 года назад Long live Youtube and awesome users like Abraham Levit who post such useful and highly informative videos.. A repair job like that can easily cost someone a minimum $100 or more. That's the power of community sharing and I love it.