The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures 2018

Опубликовано: 16 янв. 2018 г. 3 712 475 просмотров

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  • Ravis M Cromarty
    Ravis M Cromarty 2 месяца назад 2018 my arse. These are old as the hills. I'm surprised this vid didn't include Noahs ark anchor drop.
  • Big Nibba
    Big Nibba 2 месяца назад Damn hahah
  • Rya 31
    Rya 31 2 месяца назад Noah: with this anchor we shall stop to... anchor snaps into the ocean Noah: ...screw it, just slam the boat into land when we get there
  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina 2 месяца назад Ha ha ha ha, you won the internet today.
  • ashotofmercury
    ashotofmercury 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • dhamonsta
    dhamonsta 2 месяца назад Ravis M Cromarty lmfao jajaja
  • ntvtexan
    ntvtexan 2 месяца назад I think they did include the Ark's drop footage originally, but now it's so old it's deteriorated and lost to time ! I hear the onboard monkeys weren't very good cameramen anyway, and the footage was REALLY grainy and shaky, with banana smudges all over the lens. That's probably why God never let them develop beyond tree-dwelling poop-throwing idiots.
  • MrRex2U
    MrRex2U 2 месяца назад ntvtexan <--dolt...
  • David Wiebe
    David Wiebe 2 месяца назад They're only off by a century - quit splitting hairs.
  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson 2 месяца назад The fashionable choice for recording footage in 2018 was obviously gnarly old VHS cameras!
  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 месяца назад Think its just real stuff not fairy tales.
  • Function Motors
    Function Motors 2 месяца назад XD
  • Greyson Wayne
    Greyson Wayne 2 месяца назад This is real though ..
  • Caleb Odom
    Caleb Odom 2 месяца назад Ravis M Cromarty xRank0q
  • Jude Fernandez
    Jude Fernandez 2 месяца назад So who cares if it’s dated 2018 .You can tell it’s not Cutty Sark or the Plymouth . Just watch the video moron
    PREPFORIT 2 месяца назад wha wha wha STFU
  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 2 месяца назад First thing I would have done is get drunk like Noah did after surviving that sh*t
  • POF415
    POF415 2 месяца назад Ravis M Cromarty ....It was , but real quick ....from 2:03 - 2:04 😉
  • Greatscotch13
    Greatscotch13 2 месяца назад Looks a lot like analog video with that Distortion RUNNING THOUGH IT
  • jesse iwamoto
    jesse iwamoto 2 месяца назад @Tony Jackson shoulder mounted 😂
  • Harvey Morgan
    Harvey Morgan 2 месяца назад What kind of name is ravis
  • Jon
    Jon 2 месяца назад @Harvey Morgan the kind that watch children play in park
  • Harvey Morgan
    Harvey Morgan 2 месяца назад @Jon a name watches people??? Fail at troll , fren
  • Dug6666666
    Dug6666666 2 месяца назад @Tony Jackson Them Hipsters are everywhere these days. I'm more surprised it wasn't Super8
  • constantinos schinas
    constantinos schinas 2 месяца назад sorry to brake the 666 likes.
  • VeritasEstVeritas
    VeritasEstVeritas 2 месяца назад Yeah, but they work for bananas.
  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan 2 месяца назад The last drop was the USS Tarawa (LHA-1). It happened in 2001.
  • D. Jones
    D. Jones 2 месяца назад Almost as old and dusty as yr mum's pussy amirite m9-1?
  • del3d
    del3d 1 месяц назад Hahaha thank you for the laugh :)
  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 1 месяц назад Lool
  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 1 месяц назад ntvtexan I am sure they’ll be able to find the footage in the crate just next to the ones of the moon landing...
  • Disney Rants
    Disney Rants 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Mike Smith You cant have a humorous bible reference without some oblivious smartass reddit atheist troll coming and taking a joke seriously..... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH
  • Rural Family Musings
    Rural Family Musings 1 месяц назад He just took a crap off the side
  • mcbrite
    mcbrite 1 месяц назад As old as the hills... What a nice saying! Never heard that one before!
  • Syclone0044
    Syclone0044 1 месяц назад He didn't specify AD or BC!
  • Nathan Stewart
    Nathan Stewart 1 месяц назад ​@ntvtexan That was uploaded, but the Youtube algorithm for older videos means that it's been downsampled to 3x4 pixels due to age.
  • Brennen Bartlett Photography
    Brennen Bartlett Photography 1 месяц назад What are you, some kind of anchor drop failure video expert?
  • brad cohen
    brad cohen 1 месяц назад Ravis M Cromarty didn't Noah technically run around?
  • paidda
    paidda 2 недели назад Noah’s take once water ebbed was for the ark to run aground just anywhere and leave it to oblivion, anchored in time.
  • Some Random Bald Guy
    Some Random Bald Guy 2 месяца назад Anchor management issues?
  • blacksmith67
    blacksmith67 2 месяца назад Best comment ever!
  • Jonty Hawkes
    Jonty Hawkes 2 месяца назад beer-coming-out-of-nose-award march 2019... and the winner is... Some Random Bald Guy ! yay! the big-box-of-tissues award goes to the girl at the end.
  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 2 месяца назад Alright I'll pay that
  • matthew robertson
    matthew robertson 2 месяца назад (изменено) r/PunPatrol hands up buddy; you're getting the ball and chain!
  • UK productions
    UK productions 2 месяца назад Brake issues
  • Doug Anderson
    Doug Anderson 2 месяца назад Punniest comment ever !!! Was the captain " Anchory " ??lmao bald dude!!!
  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 2 месяца назад Good one.
  • Tyler Nelson
    Tyler Nelson 2 месяца назад Anchor Management.. starring Adam Sailor.. yeah I tried. 😂😂
  • M
    M 2 месяца назад Could u imagine how much that anchor and chain cost?
  • AngelusTheGreenDragon
    AngelusTheGreenDragon 2 месяца назад Some Random Bald Guy I fucking hate this, and myself for loving this!
  • Rich Purslow
    Rich Purslow 2 месяца назад class
  • Fortis in Arduis
    Fortis in Arduis 2 месяца назад Dammit... I had to sign in just to 'like' your comment !....but is was THAT good, so here I am !  :)
  • Sargon Face Saaad
    Sargon Face Saaad 2 месяца назад Slow clap.
  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 1 месяц назад lol I guess you could say.....Ship Happens!!
  • soldiers are murderers
    soldiers are murderers 1 месяц назад @M I don't have idea what an anchor and chain cost. Do you mind telling me?
  • Riekie Steeghs
    Riekie Steeghs 1 месяц назад @Doug Anderson is
  • Riekie Steeghs
    Riekie Steeghs 1 месяц назад @matthew robertson hp
  • Doug Anderson
    Doug Anderson 1 месяц назад Profoundly stated, Steeghs !!! Much appreciated!!! My attempt at "punnism " sucked, should have gone to bed, my bad !!????
  • C.W. ACO
    C.W. ACO 2 месяца назад Why am I watching this... What has my life become.
  • Nathan McCabe
    Nathan McCabe 2 месяца назад 🤣🤣 Same here!!
  • Mark Levesque
    Mark Levesque 2 месяца назад Yes.................. 🤔😳😂
  • Manfred Klobig
    Manfred Klobig 2 месяца назад I‘m sitting here in the boring room, watching this video in the afternoon
  • AirsoftWarfareTV
    AirsoftWarfareTV 2 месяца назад Fuck the internet
  • Lee Phoenix
    Lee Phoenix 2 месяца назад Take lithium, it helps
  • Javi Gomez
    Javi Gomez 2 месяца назад You're not alone
  • Jack Gilbert
    Jack Gilbert 2 месяца назад You think this is bad, I came here after watching a live goat feed.
  • Bill Miles
    Bill Miles 2 месяца назад Try seeing things another way. How about being bombed out of your house and home with no food and nothing to go back to. How about your house is in flames and destroyed by wild fires. It is a luxury to be able to sit and look at a video. Our life comes into us every breath, that is our life without the breath we are toast.
  • Welshy 1985
    Welshy 1985 2 месяца назад Same 😆
  • Social Outcast
    Social Outcast 2 месяца назад After this, if you jumped to Cute Cat Videos, then your're a suicide risk.
  • bill smith
    bill smith 2 месяца назад You need something to anchor your life
  • Michael Nicholas
    Michael Nicholas 2 месяца назад 😂
  • Michael Nicholas
    Michael Nicholas 2 месяца назад The girl at the end... “have a great day” 😀
  • Fredrik Ölhunden
    Fredrik Ölhunden 2 месяца назад Hmm, not as bad as watching peaople put stuff in toasters at least.
  • dudeman69abc123
    dudeman69abc123 2 месяца назад Whew thought i was the only one.
  • Norman Jawara
    Norman Jawara 2 месяца назад Don't feel bad Guy there's millions who already seen thus
  • E.S. L
    E.S. L 2 месяца назад Same here. 32. Divorced. Watching “anchor fails” while my cockatiel throws seeds out of her dish.....
    DID YOU SEE THAT 2 месяца назад Because if you skip to the end there is a bonus! 😍
  • E.S. L
    E.S. L 2 месяца назад DID YOU SEE THAT she is far prettier than rusty old chains
  • Bones
    Bones 2 месяца назад I watching this while sitting on toilet so it's not waste of time rather a upgrade of time😎😁
  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats 2 месяца назад Normal.
  • Zsombor Kaló
    Zsombor Kaló 2 месяца назад Because YouTube listed this old video to several thousands of users' home page.
  • Juan Osife
    Juan Osife 2 месяца назад It's 2am.... and here I am.
  • Jay wiseman
    Jay wiseman 2 месяца назад better than network tv or netflix...
  • TaraLynn McKeigan
    TaraLynn McKeigan 2 месяца назад Me as well...I'm right there with you!!! LOL!!!!!!! Think of it this way...If we all didn't have youtube...what mischief would be all be up to????? LOL!!!
  • Miles C. Anthony
    Miles C. Anthony 2 месяца назад Okay, stereotype.
  • Baxxter101
    Baxxter101 2 месяца назад welcome my son, welcome to machine.
  • Philscbx
    Philscbx 1 месяц назад @TaraLynn McKeigan Just got me my cinnamon toast. Oh look,, depth markers...and smoke..
  • Loving America
    Loving America 1 месяц назад @ C.W.ACO....I for one feel anchored in my feelings about this video.
  • Loving America
    Loving America 1 месяц назад But I am not chained to those feelings.
  • Loving America
    Loving America 1 месяц назад But I do not feel adrift on an ocean of uncertainty.
  • Loving America
    Loving America 1 месяц назад As the saying goes, any port in a storm.
  • Loving America
    Loving America 1 месяц назад Wave after wave of discontent.
    SUBJECT M01 1 месяц назад That is the problem these days. It's ok to go and spend lots of hours watching game of throne, but when it comes to a little bit a knowledge about things in our world then it's wrong.
  • rbcapbustditto
    rbcapbustditto 1 месяц назад This is how society stays distracted while those with all the power continue to screw us. Ijs✌
  • kdoggiedog55
    kdoggiedog55 1 месяц назад Right on. I was not only watching this, but reading the replies.
  • Meso Phyl
    Meso Phyl 1 месяц назад welcome to the matrix you sheeple ! You have officially been Plugged IN !
  • Garnett Harris
    Garnett Harris 1 месяц назад you and 3.3 million others
  • MrBen527
    MrBen527 1 месяц назад its funny
  • emtbrat21
    emtbrat21 1 месяц назад Well I like watching safety glass shatter itself
  • David J
    David J 3 недели назад C.W. ACO A chain event
  • M Lambert
    M Lambert 2 месяца назад I'm not a mechanical engineer, but if it starts to smoke, then catches fire, it means it is running at maximum efficiency - a job well done.
  • D Springer
    D Springer 2 месяца назад No matter what it is. If you let the smoke out. Its broken.
  • Brian Vogt
    Brian Vogt 2 месяца назад I'm not a mechanical engineer either, but I know that when the friction material is smoking, it's decomposing, i.e. no longer made of the material it was designed to be for maximum braking efficiency. If you do this with your normal car brakes, you will experience brake fade, and at risk of crashing.
  • D Pac
    D Pac 2 месяца назад maximum efficiency makes thing colder
  • hezekiah johnston
    hezekiah johnston 2 месяца назад Maximum "efficiency".... when the asbestos is BURNING it is letting off gas that needs to be vented by "fanning" the brakes... GET OFF THE BRAKES to let the HEAT and burning asbestos OUT and then GET BACK ON THE BRAKES to TRY to slow it down again.... the problem is... if it is "running away" already, cant really get off the brakes to "Fan" the brakes to let the burning asbestos gasses out from under the brake blocks as the rig will REALLY RUN AWAY... MORE... so have to just LEAN ON THE BRAKES... which by that time it does little good as the brakes are glazing over as brake pads turn to glass from the heat and provide little braking.   that must be different for NASCAR ceramic pads that are ON FIRE (ORANGE) half the time and abt the time they start to lose their pretty ORANGE glow, the driver "warms them up" again  and they are ON FIRE going into turns.  going into the pits for a tire change... the BRAKES ARE ON FIRE. doesn't matter, tire has to be changed (~2-3 seconds) and away the driver goes again.
  • Dug6666666
    Dug6666666 2 месяца назад It's the air solid with brake dust that would be telling me time to run. So many of them are going to be coughing up a lung after this.
  • Brad Penrod
    Brad Penrod 2 месяца назад @hezekiah johnston What are you trying to say? LMFAO! 😂
  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick 2 месяца назад @Brian Vogt r/whoosh !!!
  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick 2 месяца назад Yes in Thermal Dynamics we call this Perfection. As no equip or instrumentation needed to test or verify that it is truly operating at 100% perfect thermalysis! See the scientist running on deck to below deck?... so they can Party and celebrate .
  • 1bigjohn11
    1bigjohn11 2 месяца назад I can hear the Looney Toons melody playing in the background....or Three Stooges music....Lmmfao
  • Chancellor Merkelisms
    Chancellor Merkelisms 2 месяца назад Rodger that!
  • Assault Spoon
    Assault Spoon 2 месяца назад Nooo! Now you have to put all the fire back inside!
  • Omar Ham
    Omar Ham 2 месяца назад @Dig Bick In thermal dynamics? Clearly you barely know the subject cause you don't even know its name. Its called thermodynamics and if you didn't study it, stop acting as if you did.
  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick 2 месяца назад @Omar Ham clearly Troll Boi u didnt get the joke! r/whoosh
  • Mr. Jack A$$
    Mr. Jack A$$ 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • Toshan James
    Toshan James 2 месяца назад I am a mechanical engineer and usually things are not suppose to catch fire unless fire is part of the desired outcome like inside an engine, I am surprised people were standing around when that was happening, i'd run the other way...
  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 месяца назад “When the metal gets bright, you know you’re doing it right” as we say in the industry.
  • Andrew van Leeuwen
    Andrew van Leeuwen 1 месяц назад @hezekiah johnston asbestos does not burn dude.....
  • Johnny Guterssohn
    Johnny Guterssohn 1 месяц назад when it catches fire and smoke , run much faster you can xD
  • Wendy Goerl
    Wendy Goerl 1 месяц назад I thought they were tuning up for a concert--wondered where the rest of the orchestra was.