REPLACE Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Опубликовано: 25 апр. 2017 г. 479 767 просмотров

Replace Trailer - 2017 Horror Movie starring Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron, Barbara Crampton
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About Replace:
Kira's skin starts to age rapidly, dry out and crumble away. But then she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else's.

  • OKandNOWwhat
    OKandNOWwhat 2 года назад Psoriasis, serial killer, lesbian - that's a new combination.
  • Folke Sundberg
    Folke Sundberg 2 года назад OKandNOWwhat 8
  • Ryan McKiernan
    Ryan McKiernan 2 года назад please tell me she tried lotion before she went all buffalo bill
  • MarcoNoPolo
    MarcoNoPolo 2 года назад "Hey. Are you about a size 14?"
  • Flame Candle
    Flame Candle Год назад MarcoNoPolo XD
  • Mike 357
    Mike 357 2 года назад This film feels so freakin' dry and flaky.
  • Garrett Austin
    Garrett Austin Год назад Mike 357 baked in a buttery flacky crust! 😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅
  • Chauntele Kali
    Chauntele Kali Год назад Actually it is!
  • Marv _
    Marv _ 2 года назад Neon Demon with skin problems
  • tonystark001
    tonystark001 2 года назад Please note, this is a horror movie for eczema sufferers :-(
  • mikes5637
    mikes5637 2 года назад tonystark001 As one myself l am inspired. Never thought about this as a solution before. Gotta go. I got knives to sharpen.
  • Who's Your PoPo
    Who's Your PoPo 2 года назад There's a cure!
  • Abi Brown
    Abi Brown 2 года назад mikes5637
  • xDNx
    xDNx Год назад tonystark001 welp... A horror movie made for me... Eczema dammit.
  • NecrochildK
    NecrochildK Год назад :p I was thinking more harlequin ichthyosis.
  • CeazAmaze
    CeazAmaze Год назад pumpkin is a treatment and part of the cure to Eczema
  • Carl O
    Carl O Год назад Funny part: this movie isn't about the murders. Its a body horror-science morality tale. The ending is beyond twisted.
  • andrew carson
    andrew carson Год назад tonystark001 I loved it
  • angryoldfatman
    angryoldfatman 2 года назад I TOLD IT TO PUT THE LOTION ON IT'S SKIN!!
  • emordnilaP
    emordnilaP 2 года назад Is it getting the hose again?
  • Sam Gallant
    Sam Gallant Год назад buffolo bill is my hero!
  • Golden Power Ranger
    Golden Power Ranger Год назад angryoldfatman And that ashy bitch just decided to ignored your good advice! Now she fill in a bowl with dead skin cells and use it as breakfast , lunch and dinner!
  • collin galanos
    collin galanos 2 года назад Ha! And my ex thinks her dandruff problem is an issue.
  • caryn oliver
    caryn oliver Год назад collin galanos lol
  • Farhat Bamadhaj
    Farhat Bamadhaj 2 года назад The Skin I live in + Contracted?
  • Santos Lewynn
    Santos Lewynn 2 года назад This is what happens if you don't MOISTURIZE
  • Sherry Braz
    Sherry Braz 2 года назад ewww! creepy. puttin on lotion now lol
  • emordnilaP
    emordnilaP 2 года назад No, no, no, if you do that your skin will be more appealing to her!
  • caryn oliver
    caryn oliver Год назад Sherry Braz she's a lizard xD
  • Sherry Braz
    Sherry Braz Год назад lol
  • Brenda de Godoy
    Brenda de Godoy 2 года назад Can't wait to see this movie in my city's Festival!! The one I am most excited about :D
  • rhythmoriented
    rhythmoriented Год назад How was it?
  • Brenda de Godoy
    Brenda de Godoy Год назад rhythmoriented Late reply.. But I really liked it!! It was interesting enough and the end is quite good, I was surprised.
  • Darkness Spawn
    Darkness Spawn 2 года назад so it's one of those movies
  • Vaas G
    Vaas G 2 года назад song is ash again by hannah hart
  • Josi
    Josi Год назад Vaas G thank you very very much
  • Brendon Mills
    Brendon Mills 2 года назад apparently they cannot just use hydrocortisone.
  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 2 года назад Movie looks terrified can anyone tell whats the song playing in the trailer?
  • Wordsmith Crystal Connor
    Wordsmith Crystal Connor 2 года назад I'm only commenting so I can be notified when this question gets answered lol
  • Vaas G
    Vaas G 2 года назад Kevin Williams its called ash again by hannah hart
  • Wordsmith Crystal Connor
    Wordsmith Crystal Connor 2 года назад THANK YOU!!! <3
  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 2 года назад Vaas G thank you
  • Taking Back Fireflies
    Taking Back Fireflies Год назад I don't know if I should be terrified or laughing after watching this trailer.
  • Steve Collins
    Steve Collins Год назад this movie is deep. I cant wait to see it
  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson Год назад Kill Count: Kira: 8 Crober: 1 Sophia: 1 Total: 10
  • CeazAmaze
    CeazAmaze Год назад I can see the ending , this is one of those films where the ending will be of the girl skin completely coming off and we'll find out she's all Metal a machine and it ends LOL. WHACK. in other words if you want to see the best part of the film go to the end scene.