How to Replace a Cracked Floor Tile

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Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates the correct way to replace a cracked kitchen floor tile.

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Time: 2 days

Cost: $75

Skill Level: Moderate

Tools List for Replacing Cracked Floor Tiles:
Utility knife
Cold chisel
Notched trowel
Rubber float

Shopping List:
Replacement tile
Acrylic floor adhesive
Pre-mixed grout

1. Cut the grout around the damaged tile carefully with a utility knife.
2. Place the cold chisel on the deepest crack in the tile and carefully hit it with the hammer until the cold chisel is underneath the tile. Watch the grout lines around the tile to ensure the grout and surrounding tiles don’t also crack.
3. Slowly pry the tile up with the cold chisel. Once it’s up, remove the rest of the tile with your hands. The tile is very sharp, so be extra cautious while removing the tile.
4. Remove any loose adhesive remaining on the floor. Dampen a sponge and clean the floor.
5. Apply the acrylic floor adhesive generously to the floor. Use the flat side of the notched trowel to spread it out evenly, then use the notched side to groove the adhesive.
6. Place the new tile on the floor. Make sure it is level with the rest of the floor.
7. Clean the excess adhesive off the tile and the surrounding area. Let it dry for a few hours.
8. Grout the tile into the floor using the rubber float. Apply the grout into the cracks diagonally.
9. Use a round handle and drag it along the new grout lines to give it a clean, finished look.
10. Clean off the excess the grout with a damp sponge and let it cure overnight.

Finding a matching tile can be difficult. Look on the underside of the tile for clues and bring the tile with you to local hardware stores and tile shops when looking for a match.

Everything Tom used to replace the tile, including the cold chisel, hammer, notched trowel, and grout can be found at home centers.

The acrylic base Tom used in place of thinset is Acrylpro Professional Tile Adhesive, manufactured by Custom Building Products (https://www.custombuildingproducts.com/). It can be found at most home centers.

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    RE Verb 5 месяцев назад @Karen Younger "Hell no, your prices are too high. I can call Carl The Fix it guy and he can make the playground rocks match my tile." ... Calls back 3 days later because Carl ran with her money and changed his number
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    sailaab 2 месяца назад oh Tom but i don't have 1000 dollars... can i make it up to you in kind... or kink!
  • Mike Builds
    Mike Builds Год назад (изменено) You really got lucky with the extra tile. I have never had that happen when working in remodeling. I swear every tile goes out of service the day after you buy it
  • oakmen
    oakmen Год назад This is perfect, cause I bought our house this year with cracked tiles and spares in the garage. I’m sure buying them would be difficult to find.
  • Bernhard Jordan
    Bernhard Jordan Год назад that's why is good form to leave the extra tiles bought in the site, so there are same batch tiles readily available for some little job
  • Mike Builds
    Mike Builds Год назад Bernhard Jordan we always left extras behind but when people called us out for contract work, we even left hard wood floors. No one ever had extras and they got real pissy when we told them they don’t make that tile anymore, and we have to mix and match now.
  • oakmen
    oakmen Год назад Wait a minute, I’m sure he laid that tile improperly. That will all cause air pockets, making the tile sound hollow, and have less structural integrity, being weaker. Maybe I’m wrong, this is a patch job and not a fresh install.
  • Mike Builds
    Mike Builds Год назад Oakmen for a single tile like that there isn’t much more you can do. As long as you wiggle the tile back and forth enough most of the air will come out. The trick is keeping the trowel marks even and the same height, the adhesive will mush out evenly and set properly.
  • Bernhard Jordan
    Bernhard Jordan Год назад @Mike Builds - you do it , but sadly not everybody does and some home owner might think its just garbage and throw it away , I'm sure that is not unheard of but the problem is even worst than it being out of line unless it's a printed ceramic tile there is some colour variation between batches and even minor size variation in non rectified ones
  • Mike Builds
    Mike Builds Год назад Matching color drove us crazy, you can't take a picture of it since the lighting never allows the colors to match up and the only thing we could do is bring a bunch of samples to the site or bring a piece back to the store.
  • MoneyManHolmes
    MoneyManHolmes Год назад Tile setting component is always troweled out so you can install it without the SC oozing out of the grout joints. When done properly, there will usually be small voids under the tile. I forget the exact number, but the industry standard is to shoot for something like 75% coverage.
  • 68CamaroRS/SS
    68CamaroRS/SS Год назад Bernhard Jordan “they’re”
  • Seth Bigsby
    Seth Bigsby Год назад Mike Builds .
  • Kyle ,
    Kyle , Год назад I always buy an extra 2 packs , means you have extra and your always guaranteed a tile to replace a broken one
  • joblessalex
    joblessalex Год назад I couldn't even find screws 2 years later!
  • esteban betancourt
    esteban betancourt Год назад If the broken tile happens after the tole model has been discontinued you have to either find something similar or replace the whole thing, that is unless you are ok with a non matching tile
  • Jake Cardenas
    Jake Cardenas Год назад Happened to me when I had to replace the tile in the bathroom from a shower faucet leak.. we had to use different tiles because the original was out of date 😂
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  • Jonathan Odermatt
    Jonathan Odermatt 9 месяцев назад That's difficult to believe, I'm a floor cleaner and will take on a small tile repair job like this from time to time, and almost every one of them has spare tiles on hand from the original installation. For sure though, it's frustrating when having to search for a match.
  • Phillip Abreu
    Phillip Abreu 8 месяцев назад I work at a hard ware store and I always tell customers to keep 10% in case of anything
  • Todd m
    Todd m 7 месяцев назад Im pretty sure the homeowner had the tile on hand there cpt dumbass
  • Todd m
    Todd m 7 месяцев назад @esteban betancourt or go the extra step, (which isnt always good cause u can end up with an extra broke one lol) but a move a tile that is under furniture or a hidden area n put the mismatch there. Assuming its not super new because it will most likely crack on the way out if ur not good at it with the correct technique n tools
  • Noah Wright
    Noah Wright 7 месяцев назад always good to have like an extra box of the same tiles lying around
  • Jake Ellis
    Jake Ellis 6 месяцев назад My Grandfather would always buy 1 to 2 spare boxes for incase there is tile broken after the job is done.
  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath 5 месяцев назад The previous owners at my current house also left a few of each tile in the house. Very smart
  • FreeGameplays
    FreeGameplays 2 месяца назад I always buy an extra pack for the future
  • Dario Seastedt
    Dario Seastedt Год назад Im 17 and have homeowork to do... I DO NOT NEED TO FIX MY TILE! whyy am i watching this?
  • Dario Seastedt
    Dario Seastedt 11 месяцев назад My future wife will be very pleased I can fix the tile hahaha
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    Shepherd Wolf 10 месяцев назад Dario Seastedt At least you learned something for a daily living! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    jackie 3 месяца назад Double G Gaming most people don't fix tiny tile cracks lol
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    1000 Subscribers With No Videos 3 месяца назад You're not even from the hood low iq idiot.
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    iluvgtasan 7 месяцев назад Who else is burying a body under their kitchen and needs to learn how to replace tiles?
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    Alexander Riccio Год назад Saw that once in my bathroom. I only did because it (of course) went to shit over the years
  • dale leibfried
    dale leibfried Год назад marax you must not do houses for a living, it happens a lot. Not right but, very common
  • oldtwins na
    oldtwins na Год назад done all the time for hack jobs - looks just fine when it's done. long term is another question but when you just pretty stuff up to reap in $ it doesn't matter.
  • kc0jtl
    kc0jtl 9 месяцев назад Thought the same thing, need concrete board at least.
  • Alicia Delfino
    Alicia Delfino 7 месяцев назад It's not cheaply made.. it's common in New England house building as houses need to flex more up here with the freeze/thaw... not many houses built on slabs up here.
  • Michael McGee
    Michael McGee 7 месяцев назад @dale leibfried where you from that it happens all the time?
  • dale leibfried
    dale leibfried 6 месяцев назад Michael McGee Pittsburgh PA. but worked in multiple states. it's pretty common. In 20 years, I have seen it plenty of times.😊
  • Невена Николова
    Невена Николова 6 месяцев назад I suppose it is pretty common in the States. This side of the Atlantic houses with wooden horizontal construction are very rare, most of them more than a century old.
  • Pedro Dones
    Pedro Dones 5 месяцев назад I always use durock or wonder board over plywood for ceramic tiles.
  • Nafure Gal
    Nafure Gal 3 месяца назад @Alicia Delfino - looks like good tile, but more flexibility w wood. Should be concrete backer board, is what I always read! If it's been down for 15 years in a kitchen I guess that's not too bad, though.
  • That One Chris
    That One Chris 3 месяца назад It's quite common actually. Especially older houses that were remodeled.
  • Ezra Woloszyn
    Ezra Woloszyn 2 месяца назад Why not lol?
  • Jacey Jefferys
    Jacey Jefferys 2 месяца назад Exterior grade 5plus ply works fine..
  • IAmaPersion
    IAmaPersion 1 месяц назад Much better it's on plywood compared to overpriced new homes today that use particle board for flooring.
  • bigpjohnson
    bigpjohnson 3 недели назад It works well with the right mortars, and generally with square tiles like 12x12s. Backerboards and decoupling membranes are fairly new, only around 2 decades old. A lot of tiling was done before that! Newer methods are also needed for larger and rectangular tiles, which require a flatter and stiffer floor.
  • U D
    U D 5 дней назад Ezra Woloszyn because any wood will expand and contract slightly depending on the moisture of the area. This expanding and contracting could lead to your tile cracking. With a cement board, the tile will not be affected.
  • U D
    U D 5 дней назад dale leibfried not possible in Florida at least not long term. There is a lot of moisture here in Florida with all the rain and high temperatures and so a cement board is necessary. You could get away with a plywood subfloor but not for too long.
  • FD
    FD 14 часов назад @U Din florida we have slabs so there is no plywood to speak of. but i get your point
  • Chidrole
    Chidrole Год назад (изменено) You learn something new everyday. When I replace a tile I use a 20 pound sledgehammer full swing!
  • Logan T
    Logan T Год назад Chidrole foxbody
    MAGA MAN 7 месяцев назад Your tiles were probably put in correctly. A tile should never come up as easy as this one did.
  • Raymond Ray
    Raymond Ray 3 месяца назад Tile should not break this easily. Wrong installation method
  • butterblood
    butterblood 1 месяц назад Raymond Ray you could tell when the broken pieces came up they weren’t bonded to the mortar whatsoever.
  • Ben Perez
    Ben Perez 9 месяцев назад i dont even own a tile, why am i here
  • BoardsByTheBay
    BoardsByTheBay Год назад It's not very often I disagree with Tom but, he didn't apply the thin set properly. You should always trowel in the same direction so you don't trap air. Also he should have spread a thin layer across the back of the tile to ensure proper adhesion. That's probably the reason the last tile failed.
  • Greg Dinert
    Greg Dinert Год назад yes back butter the tile. Especially for a small one that can easily pop out
  • anonymous
    anonymous Год назад The last tile failed also because it was laid over plywood. Ply wood expands and contacts and weakens the thin set bond between the wood and the floor
  • MoneyManHolmes
    MoneyManHolmes Год назад That’s correct. The plywood is also why the grout was breaking and popping out all over the room.
  • Josey Wilds
    Josey Wilds Год назад Never tile over any kind of wood,!!!!
  • Luis Ggggeegssh
    Luis Ggggeegssh Год назад BoardsByTheBay yup not to mention there is no cement board under the tile it is on plywood expect the tile to come off again real soon
  • Ken K
    Ken K Год назад Does it matter that he was using an acrylic tile adhesive as opposed to traditional thin set?
  • Please enter name
    Please enter name Год назад (изменено) BoardsByTheBay I love Tom but there are at least 4 things he did wrong during that repair... Didn’t trowel in one direction, back butter, never use mastic on the floor!!! And allow more than two hours before you grout. Mastic needs that grout space to allow air and proper curing. Grouting so soon seals the tile and mastic will take forever to set
  • dale leibfried
    dale leibfried Год назад Ken K in this case it is what it is
  • Orel .Garcia
    Orel .Garcia 11 месяцев назад Ken K to do that repair over plywood the acrylic adhesive works better it’s like glue, but whoever installed that tile on top of wood should definitely not get hired again
  • Wes Mix
    Wes Mix 11 месяцев назад BoardsByTheBay the last one broke bc she droped a jar on it.
  • richard peatmont
    richard peatmont 10 месяцев назад yes it matters that adhesive garbage always use appropriate thinset
  • tyler238
    tyler238 8 месяцев назад “ alright Kate we’ve replaced the tile, but since I didn’t butter the back of the tile. I’ll be seeing you again soon”
  • Mark Doumert
    Mark Doumert 8 месяцев назад @Wes Mix A properly installed tile will chip before ot will crack. When he pulled that old tile you could see that it did not have enough coverage and the thinset lost its bond to the tile and subfloor because its improperly treated plywood.
  • Gabhain De Brun
    Gabhain De Brun 7 месяцев назад The tile laid before was a bad job u can see that there’s no coverage on the back of the tile he took up hence why it cracked and he didn’t back butter because it would have made it lip with the others tiles And the troweling in the same direction is no big deal in this case he mostly did Jes some of you ppl have been watching too much tile videos yes your right about the things you say on a standard set job start to finish but not on a repair like this he did nothing wrong And yes I’ve been laying tile over twenty years
  • Toluene
    Toluene 6 месяцев назад Yeah I noticed the same thing
    DANIAL ZAKI Год назад "That's fantastic"
  • H Smith
    H Smith 7 месяцев назад Lol
  • Pro Player 1⃣
    Pro Player 1⃣ Год назад All that for just a little crack
  • 2N South
    2N South 10 месяцев назад Pro Player 1⃣ I was thinking the samething
  • Shepherd Wolf
    Shepherd Wolf 10 месяцев назад Pro Player 1⃣ It CANNOT be fixed..
  • del z
    del z 9 месяцев назад why do think it cannot be fixed- I disagree
  • Shepherd Wolf
    Shepherd Wolf 9 месяцев назад den d I tried fixing a tile, it was a fail...
  • Bennie White
    Bennie White 8 месяцев назад You must have just replaced the tile without fixing the problem
  • del z
    del z 8 месяцев назад If the substrate underneath is not stable then no amount of thinset can remedy the situation
  • Kyushka
    Kyushka 7 месяцев назад I know u could just fill it in
  • Benji Mcdowell
    Benji Mcdowell 7 месяцев назад Only way it could be properly fixed is to replace it
  • River fishing
    River fishing 7 месяцев назад Shepherd Wolf VGCPE, UTTPH & AKKTK he's trying to say it seems like allot of effort if you could just leave it.
  • Jake Ellis
    Jake Ellis 6 месяцев назад The proper way is to remove all the grout then you break the tile out, if you don't do that you can end up popping the tiles around it as grout can be pretty strong, which makes replacing tiles even more work if not done properly. And that not allot of work for replacing the tile, quick and easy.
  • nicola Walsh
    nicola Walsh 6 месяцев назад I disagree
  • Roses Are Red
    Roses Are Red 5 месяцев назад couldn't he have used a ceramic filler to seal the crack?
  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly 5 месяцев назад That's a big crack
  • TheBlankFromHeck
    TheBlankFromHeck 5 месяцев назад I’ve seen people do disgusting horrible things for a little crack
  • cmetube
    cmetube 4 месяца назад Pro Player 1⃣ this why tile is always a bad idea
  • garbage trucks of fresno
    garbage trucks of fresno 2 месяца назад I'm pretty sure this lady just wanted to be on YouTube and tv
  • Jeffery Amherst
    Jeffery Amherst 2 недели назад Hey. There are A LOT of people out there who go through much more than that, "for just a little crack". #Juzsayin'
  • Jeffery Amherst
    Jeffery Amherst 2 недели назад @del z That's why sometime a mastic like adhesive works better than a thinset. Especially on friggin' wood. But hey, nothing lasts for ever and you do the best you can. Hopefully the check clears before they call you back to complain.
  • aland jamal
    aland jamal Год назад I love how it’s 3 am my time and I’m sure I’d never use this but still watched it
  • roger poppycock
    roger poppycock 8 месяцев назад 2:15 same thought exactly
  • 68CamaroRS/SS
    68CamaroRS/SS Год назад I love the armchair contractors in this channels comment section!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍 It really is the best!
  • joshlutes
    joshlutes Год назад PatsCelticsFan yeah it's crazy, it's almost like some of us do tile and tile repairs for a living.
  • m lo760
    m lo760 7 месяцев назад Arm chair contractor !!! Straight up made me laugh
  • Gabhain De Brun
    Gabhain De Brun 7 месяцев назад 68CamaroRS/SS Fuckin a right pal!! Watching way to much vids proper coverage,backbuttering Trowel direction➕adhesive Proper Surface area➕grouting fk sake Arm chair isn’t the word more like wheelchair ♿️ contractors 😂 no offense to any one in s wheelchair by the way‼️ just does my nut sack in the bloke in the was just repairing one bleeding tile Jesus take the wheel‼️
  • mica onyx
    mica onyx 5 дней назад Thanks this is so much easier. The last guy I just watched was too complicated and said you need about five or six different tools.
  • Gunner Haverfield
    Gunner Haverfield Год назад This man is everyone's granddad
  • Sy Wy
    Sy Wy 4 месяца назад Gunner Haverfield 😂👌🏼
  • skyfrost_ rouge
    skyfrost_ rouge Год назад Omg you guys have a youtube channel i love watching you on create
  • BradPow
    BradPow Год назад We're so blessed to have so many experts weighing in on this!
  • ben jarmin
    ben jarmin Год назад BradPow apologies lol
  • kael obrien
    kael obrien 6 месяцев назад Thx YouTube for recommending this to me instead of sleeping
  • Richard kaufman
    Richard kaufman Год назад When I had flooring /tile installed I insisted on extra tiles and grout be left for me and it has saved me several times. I also took a tile from behind refrigerator to do a repair.