Капитальный ремонт ж.д. часть 7/8 - Замена инвентарных рельсов / Track repair 7/8 - Changing rails

Опубликовано: 6 дек. 2017 г. 10 951 210 просмотров

Капитальный ремонт ж.д. часть 7/8 - Замена инвентарных рельсов на рельсовые плети, Эстония, 2017
Track repair 7/8 - Changing temporary rails to long rails, Estonia, 2017

  • Cleiton Lopes
    Cleiton Lopes 8 месяцев назад Aquele vídeo que te prende!...kkk
  • Xavier Collado Ballesteros
    Xavier Collado Ballesteros 5 часов назад Siempre creí que los railes era de acero y estos se ven cómo de gelatina.
  • MegaMusicka
    MegaMusicka 3 дня назад Long solid and thin pieces of iron always flexible. You suppose to know that. Just take a look to a needle along pipe or any metal in full long piece. Short piece no flex and hard to break. Long piece easy to break. The wheel of the train always hardest.
  • Antonio Silva
    Antonio Silva 2 недели назад Excelente serviço pratico , rápido e bem feito
  • Xandinavegando
    Xandinavegando 2 недели назад The book is on the table.
  • Raul J
    Raul J 2 дня назад Ha!
  • Sembioz
    Sembioz 1 день назад Извращение,а не смена инвентаря на плеть...
  • Fernando Salas
    Fernando Salas Год назад I didn't know steel rails are very flexible, machine just grabs rails like it was spaghetti.
  • Tomdzik007
    Tomdzik007 Год назад Or jelly bean :)
  • енот
    енот Год назад we ourselves in Russia do not know which rails are soft ....
  • NightBot
    NightBot Год назад extremely lazy. that steel track can be aligned by lifting by hand much easier and faster.
  • bohdan jelinski
    bohdan jelinski 11 месяцев назад енот B
  • Napoleon Blownapart
    Napoleon Blownapart 11 месяцев назад (изменено) NightBot thats back breaking work. I bet you could do that for a few minutes but doing that so repetitively for hours and miles would cause major health issues. The rails look soft but they are the hardest steel you can get, very heavy and long
    DEVILS REJECT 11 месяцев назад NightBot lol thread a string of rail in by hand
  • MEELO925
    MEELO925 8 месяцев назад Fernando Salas Lmao right?
  • deol marjana
    deol marjana 8 месяцев назад indian steel rails are very hard. but that are very flexible..amazing
  • Xaiano
    Xaiano 8 месяцев назад lol a single section of rail weighs around a ton. I'd like to see you lift something that heavy, not to mention the risk of crushing your hands against the sleepers if you did somehow manage to lift it. Armchair experts, lol.
  • rats arsed
    rats arsed 8 месяцев назад The ones that break in half during winter are the "not soft" ones.
  • Xaiano
    Xaiano 8 месяцев назад they become brittle over time due to load, metal fatigue.
  • Baiku Mio
    Baiku Mio 8 месяцев назад Yeah jelly bean haha
  • AxZxTxExCxA
    AxZxTxExCxA 8 месяцев назад Xaiano What is the life expectancy of a rail?
  • Xaiano
    Xaiano 8 месяцев назад AxZxTxExCxA it varies with weather and usage and I'll be honest I don't know how to estimate it, most rails I work with are simply used until they begin to develop fractures then they are replaced
  • AxZxTxExCxA
    AxZxTxExCxA 8 месяцев назад Xaiano Thanks for the info Man...
  • Edward Blake
    Edward Blake 7 месяцев назад NightBot Lazy? It is quick and efficient!
  • Ian Garrett
    Ian Garrett 7 месяцев назад Steel rails used for railways are made out of a high carbon steel, specially designed to withstand very heavy weights and stress. Yes this type of rail steel is amazingly flexible but one piece of rail depending the length of it can weigh hundreds of pounds to 1 ton. I slowly tried to move one of these used rails and it felt like moving a boulder!!! It's that heavy!!!
  • Harmeet Kaur
    Harmeet Kaur 6 месяцев назад Difense. News
  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 6 месяцев назад I was thinking that too. Didn't realize a steel beam could be that flexible
  • AkashLove Sonam
    AkashLove Sonam 4 месяца назад Fernando Salas
  • mnotchc Huang
    mnotchc Huang 4 месяца назад Fernando Salas actually, it's tremendously heavy. you should know it if you had ever tried to lift it. even just a piece of it feels so invincibly heavy. you only feel the great density of steel when it comes to such quantity. in light of that, the machine just seems so powerful....
  • Natália Tenório
    Natália Tenório 4 месяца назад Não
  • Natália Tenório
    Natália Tenório 4 месяца назад WELTOm
  • Ananth Kumara
    Ananth Kumara 4 месяца назад Still can't figure out how and why they are flexible?
  • Jashinta Lakra
    Jashinta Lakra 3 месяца назад hero
  • Jashinta Lakra
    Jashinta Lakra 3 месяца назад +Jashinta Lakra parveen lakrs
  • green suhan
    green suhan 2 недели назад think yourself as an ant, now tell me about your reading SS scale. is it flexible? but human knows its flexible. 😉
  • max m
    max m Неделю назад Lol u took the words out of my mouth i was just going to type that
  • Mike Hegarty
    Mike Hegarty Неделю назад @Xaiano they did it manually for a long long time before these machines were invented. Took a lot of men with tools for grabbing and lifting. Like ice tongs but designed for the rails. When they set it close then guys would nudge it into final position with long pry bars. Backbreaking work. The guy on the machine could set it faster if he would swing it out past where it goes, thereby moving more of it in line, then bringing his end back into alignment. He just minces along a foot or so at a time. He could double his rate easily.
  • Mike Hegarty
    Mike Hegarty Неделю назад @mnotchc Huang it's a favorite for small home made anvils in lots of ppl. Will take incredible amounts of abuse.
  • Xaiano
    Xaiano Неделю назад @Mike Hegarty they used shorter sections of lighter rail in the old days - we can use far heavier gauges these days through mechanisation with single rail lengths of around a quarter mile before welding.
  • manny gomez
    manny gomez 11 часов назад =. yhup wasn't aware e m mudafukkkz can f|e x |¡ke d a t mayb wear n t e a r z =. m a n e
  • محمد ربيع
    محمد ربيع 2 недели назад الي عربي هنا ليك
  • Imtiaz Khan
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  • 777 Гаспарян
    777 Гаспарян 4 дня назад Якунин грабил а эти бедолаги трудятся как в начале 19 века.
  • No Controle ANIMES SEMPRE
    No Controle ANIMES SEMPRE 8 месяцев назад Aqui no Brasil a linha do Japeri precisa disso.
  • Sr. Haron
    Sr. Haron 6 месяцев назад E mesmo quando eu passo de trem lá eu fico enjoado com isso 😷
  • Xandinavegando
    Xandinavegando 2 недели назад É verdade, na altura de Nilópolis está muito ondulosa a linha férrea. Chega a dar enjoo.
  • Laith Raad
    Laith Raad Неделю назад عند التركيب توجد طريقه اسهل
  • Ricardo Nobrega
    Ricardo Nobrega 6 месяцев назад Pensei quê os trilhos fossem duros más não, são bem flexíveis salve de Brazil
  • I'm Chandler
    I'm Chandler 4 дня назад Yes it is possible , Russia or any European train networks are laid with flexible but wear resistant steel above the closely separated concrete slippers prevents bending of tracks.
  • Mineiro
    Mineiro 7 месяцев назад Que trabalhao eim mexer com esses trilhos manuntecao😉
    ASHADUL RAHAMAN 6 месяцев назад Trueogfb
    CIA FFD Год назад Работа путеецев это пендец врагу не пожелаешь!
  • bipka nurgali
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  • Oleg Sinoptic
    Oleg Sinoptic 5 месяцев назад free Angela Davis!
  • Геннадий Горяной
    Геннадий Горяной 4 месяца назад Ну я работаю в Польше . Нормальная работа . У нас во всяком случае .
  • Александр Смирный
    Александр Смирный 4 месяца назад @Геннадий Горяной а ты попросись в Россию в командировку на неделю,и узнаешь что такое лопата липесток и как Хопёр в минус 15 выгрузить и как плеть в ручную ломом поменять
  • snaketanker
    snaketanker 3 месяца назад Rails bending like nothing. Weird flex, but ok.
  • ReviewLife. Pk
    ReviewLife. Pk 1 месяц назад Flexible track? I never saw in my life. Maybe this is new track technology
  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark Год назад Weird to see how flexible train rails really are.
  • Vineet Singh
    Vineet Singh Неделю назад Is that iron or rubber?
  • 3DKotE
    3DKotE Год назад Штрих-код на рельсине, в леруа-мерлен покупали?)
  • Irfan Shaikh
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  • Agajan Setdarov
    Agajan Setdarov 6 месяцев назад Sekyc
  • Vanjari Chinna
    Vanjari Chinna 2 недели назад 3DKotE V. Rjhbbfhjrj