23 Crazy Life Hacks for Drill Machine

Опубликовано: 22 дек. 2017 г. 16 949 877 просмотров

Unusual use of your drilling. Simple life hacks collection for your drill machine. Thanks for watching.
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  • Kenny Westone
    Kenny Westone Год назад I have lost half of my IQ while I was watching this.
  • ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _
    ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _ Год назад Kenny Westone you must have 0,5 IQ now😁 (joke)
  • F4D3 f
    F4D3 f Год назад (изменено) Kenny Westone you have 40 now?
  • Andrew Dow
    Andrew Dow Год назад 5:47 "i could saw you in half and jam you in my drill!" OH I WONDER WHATS THEY GONNA DO WITH THE NEXT ONE?! 10/10 equipment!
  • Derpz GD
    Derpz GD Год назад More like gained
  • Kenny Westone
    Kenny Westone Год назад It's more like minus 67.
  • Joonix
    Joonix Год назад Same.
  • EvenShadow
    EvenShadow Год назад 0÷0 ?!?!?!?
  • Inchiga
    Inchiga Год назад same
  • Andrei Paunescu
    Andrei Paunescu Год назад Yes, me too
  • Robert Toth
    Robert Toth Год назад because the screw head will always bump into the surface! it's just a dumb man's invention. these operations are special tools! congratulations for collecting so much stupidity! ;) went a dislike
    YYFREAK Год назад Kenny Westone honestly
  • Master Ace
    Master Ace Год назад you better pick up that IQ before I tell mom you're littering on the floor.
  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze Год назад Motorised F******g toilet brush. Hahahahhahaha. WTF!
  • Del .Friesen
    Del .Friesen Год назад Bigger than any mountain
  • Zero_The_assassin_
    Zero_The_assassin_ Год назад I lost my IQ to a drill machine XD
  • UnleasheD
    UnleasheD Год назад U made my day :D :D :D LOL, best comment ever, thanks for the laugh
  • YouTube Thing
    YouTube Thing Год назад Yeah boi
  • 도 도
    도 도 Год назад 9
  • Allison Glenn
    Allison Glenn Год назад Must have been the half you never had
  • kunal kumar
    kunal kumar 7 месяцев назад @Keyser Söze J
  • Saimeren
    Saimeren 6 месяцев назад Why would the author favourite this comment? He literally said he got dumber while watching this, and the uploader was like "Yeah! That's what I was going for.. Make my audience less intelligent!"
  • Manuel Hiller
    Manuel Hiller 5 месяцев назад 😂😂
  • welter davin
    welter davin 4 месяца назад 💰💰 WANT ME? LO7OK, I MASTB*ATE NAK1ED,снеск3 снann4el 🧠
  • Katie L
    Katie L 1 месяц назад I baffles me mind that anyone wouldn't be able to recognize the pure genius of these ideas. Unless of course they didn't have or regularly use tools for DIY projects. My motto is, "if it's ridiculously priced or I can't afford it at the time I'll just make my own." It's so satisfying.
  • Oana Moldoveanu
    Oana Moldoveanu 4 недели назад YEs me too
  • Jordan Hansen
    Jordan Hansen 2 недели назад Actually a lot of these are very good ideas, and at the least give me some good ideas for other projects. Why is everyone being a dick?
  • john maliawco
    john maliawco 2 недели назад LOL
  • Елена Черепанова
    Елена Черепанова Неделю назад @Derpz GD кп
  • Dustin Baird
    Dustin Baird Неделю назад @Jordan Hansen because they are to stupid to think of things like that to make it easier. Work smarter not harder!!
  • Zadollion
    Zadollion 3 дня назад @welter davin shut the fuck up
  • raycut8
    raycut8 2 часа назад It just go to showyou A manwill put anything in a hole
  • K Scheuerman
    K Scheuerman 5 месяцев назад I am sorry I don't want a pencil in my eggs! A fork works quite well for this task. Other things are interesting though.
  • Coty Hunter
    Coty Hunter 3 месяца назад what/. ? no heated rubber eraser taste?? cmon try new things!! lol
  • Naeem I
    Naeem I Неделю назад After getting done with pooper cleaning you can use it for culinary purpose. Great Idea
  • Rasmus Jensen
    Rasmus Jensen 2 недели назад I dont think it counts as being an inventor, if you just make shittier versions of things that already exist.
  • Jordan Hansen
    Jordan Hansen 2 недели назад Actually a lot of these are very good ideas, and at the least give me some good ideas for other projects. Why is everyone being a dick?
  • Tim Godin
    Tim Godin 2 недели назад Because it's fucking stupid stuff, that's why. The title should be "23 useless DIY projects to learn about building stuff"
  • Terrakyan
    Terrakyan Неделю назад @Tim Godin and lets not forget that shitty ass music
  • Fieldy Snuts
    Fieldy Snuts 5 дней назад Jordan Hansen the part where he used a bolt through the sponge to scrub the floors is a pretty fucking dumb idea, the floors would be ruined, the steel wool being used on tiles is a bad idea too
  • DIYtechnology
    DIYtechnology 2 дня назад Dumber the ideas, the more views he can get. It's all targeted on human nature (Curiosity).
  • OnlyTheGreatNews Plz
    OnlyTheGreatNews Plz 2 месяца назад (изменено) In case you made the mistake of washing white tiling with metal wool, now it's likely covered in gray stain. The next hack is to wash wall with acid. Lemon or c-vitamin will do.. Will fix gray stain 100%
  • Alain Zelim-Vega
    Alain Zelim-Vega Год назад Do you really need to use a drill to make breakfast
  • AH Gaming
    AH Gaming Год назад lol
  • NightSlash 580
    NightSlash 580 Год назад Yes
  • Tahani Ali
    Tahani Ali Год назад i couldnt agree more
  • TheCookieMonsterGaming
    TheCookieMonsterGaming Год назад Waffle house uses a drill to mix waffle/pancake batter
  • Soggy Tv
    Soggy Tv Год назад Why do you not need a drill for breakfast
  • Eyal Reuveni
    Eyal Reuveni Год назад ישראל
  • Raziel Cohen
    Raziel Cohen Год назад You might not. But think about needing to cater an event. Definitely would save time and effort.
  • Raziel Cohen
    Raziel Cohen Год назад Eyal Reuveni מה?
  • Osama Bin Ladder
    Osama Bin Ladder Год назад CourteousHarp21 I would be eating anything without a drill lol
  • Zac Ward
    Zac Ward Год назад It's how a real man makes breakfast. Cause you know. Power tools need to be involved in everything.
  • เอกพล ธัญวัฒน์กิติกุล
    เอกพล ธัญวัฒน์กิติกุล Год назад CourteousHarp21 ชช
  • Hunter wolfe
    Hunter wolfe Год назад I always have to use a jackhammer, steamroller, and a chopsaw to make breakfast. I always have cereal for breakfast
  • Elmire Mursalimov
    Elmire Mursalimov Год назад He also need to use a drill to make his girlfriend happy
  • Shiva Kumar
    Shiva Kumar Год назад CourteousHarp21 न लह क्त
  • blackgriffinxx
    blackgriffinxx Год назад Just buy a dollar whisk cut the hoop off and JBweld it up. You got a beater that will turn cream to butter for 30 bucket but still can be used as a drill
  • FaDeD_Mythic
    FaDeD_Mythic Год назад CourteousHarp21 yes
  • Naresh Patel
    Naresh Patel Год назад CourteousHarp21 111234
  • 22johnsonb Mta eagles
    22johnsonb Mta eagles Год назад CourteousHarp21 hell yay man
  • ChrisHulk SMASH
    ChrisHulk SMASH Год назад CourteousHarp21 he still has the eraser I on
  • GeneSun
    GeneSun Год назад CourteousHarp21 Yes. A HD 1/2 in cord drill with a mortar mixing paddle. And a caulking gun for dispensing butter. Still working on my pump sprayer for syrup.
  • GeneSun
    GeneSun Год назад YEP. What Zac said. Everything!
    LUVMFAST Год назад Only if you like eraser flavored eggs !
  • Sándor Gombai
    Sándor Gombai Год назад Beating the egg, mixing the paint and cleaning the wall/floor seem to be vital problems and it's worth anything if they can be solved with some tool of a handyman instead of kitchen/bathroom stuff.
  • PokeHex Vids
    PokeHex Vids Год назад CourteousHarp21 yes
  • Arda 2004
    Arda 2004 Год назад CourteousHarp21 that’s what I was thinking
  • My life Cringe
    My life Cringe Год назад Drill is best cooker, drill cook best
  • 80 iridium
    80 iridium Год назад Why not? Fried rice wrokshop, how does it sounds?
  • Jacob Curiel
    Jacob Curiel Год назад CourteousHarp21 mmmn nothing like the taste of erasers in my eggs
  • Roberto Paluzzi
    Roberto Paluzzi Год назад CourteousHarp21
  • CapREX77
    CapREX77 Год назад CourteousHarp21 Hell yes
  • Clément Colin
    Clément Colin Год назад The real question is does he use the same drill to make his breakfast and to clean his toilets ?
  • Take
    Take Год назад Only if you want pencil lead with your eggs.....and some eraser...
  • Mike Heckathorn
    Mike Heckathorn Год назад Do you remember the show home improvement? You need more power.
  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson Год назад CourteousHarp21 Hoh hoh hoh (in tool time him Allen voice) of course!
  • Emmanuel Antony
    Emmanuel Antony Год назад 😂😂
  • mefugoenmicarro
    mefugoenmicarro Год назад but first let me clean the toilet with the same drill
  • Emmanuel Antony
    Emmanuel Antony Год назад mefugoenmicarro 😂😂😂😂
  • Child Restraining Order
    Child Restraining Order Год назад I use a drill to mix batter, I attach a whisk for a electric mixer inside it
  • Thomas Dickson
    Thomas Dickson Год назад I use a plunge router...
  • Norbert Lufttechnik
    Norbert Lufttechnik Год назад Raziel Cohen ü
  • YamaKing
    YamaKing 11 месяцев назад didn't you notice his right arm was the drill!
  • נתי
    נתי 8 месяцев назад Eyal Reuveni אח יקר
  • Potater LMG
    Potater LMG 5 месяцев назад He Probably uses a drill to jerk off
  • Michal Cesek
    Michal Cesek 1 месяц назад @เอกพล ธัญวัฒน์กิติกุล 8ikom. Bnnnhjpn. V jnmm. Mnnnnm;pllm 8iklokiii1lkuz65 se to
  • ivan vitali li
    ivan vitali li 1 месяц назад Well maybe only if somebody LOCKED your friDGe! 🤣
  • Félix Vincent
    Félix Vincent 2 недели назад This guy has clearly gotten tired of whipping things by hand, lol
  • Soul0Stealer
    Soul0Stealer 3 недели назад You've got to be kidding...8:00....all these years and I never once thought of that. Man, I feel dumb.
  • Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen
    Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen 3 дня назад A M A Z I N G thanks for sharing
  • Harry Ohrn
    Harry Ohrn 6 дней назад the only thing missing is the explanation with a Russian accent.
  • Charlie Davidson
    Charlie Davidson 11 месяцев назад Three things I learned from this video. This guy loves: 1. using drills 2. making scrambled eggs 3. cleaning
  • Robert Cartier
    Robert Cartier 11 месяцев назад #3 is because #1 is not so good for #2.
  • Zachary Welch
    Zachary Welch 9 месяцев назад 4. Anything you do when you're bored can get 11 million views.
  • hegmonster
    hegmonster 8 месяцев назад I think you mean he likes making scrambled eggs that taste like pencil erasers.
  • Terraner 50
    Terraner 50 8 месяцев назад and wastes returnable bottles
  • Layton Sanchez
    Layton Sanchez 8 месяцев назад Ha ha ha yes
  • Max Hagen
    Max Hagen 7 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • Max Hagen
    Max Hagen 7 месяцев назад And this have 13 million Klicks
  • Jaakko Luode
    Jaakko Luode 2 недели назад Also, mixing paint is like, one of the best things ever.
  • A gentleman
    A gentleman 2 недели назад me: mom i want to eat an omelet. mom: where is my drill machine. lol😜
  • Steven Lloyd
    Steven Lloyd 1 месяц назад Someone get this guy a whisk. And some Dettol wipes 🤦‍♂️
  • gandlasreenadh gandlasreenadh
    gandlasreenadh gandlasreenadh 4 дня назад Rip Hand✋ drilling machine 😂😂🤣
  • Evil Fingers
    Evil Fingers 5 часов назад Ooooh, I could use most of these Hacks with my Dewalt 18v Cordless Impact Driver
  • McFarcus
    McFarcus Год назад 5/5 video. Great if you wanna learn 19 new ways to stir eggs
  • TheDeadMeme27
    TheDeadMeme27 Год назад McFarcus actually there is another way but it may be not worth it Cut your finger off and put it on the drill and stir the eggs
  • Ray Baby
    Ray Baby Год назад TheDeadMeme27 its worth it 11/10
  • Gods Banana
    Gods Banana Год назад Beat not stir
  • McFarcus
    McFarcus Год назад GODS BANNAN I'll beat you!
  • Feverer
    Feverer 10 месяцев назад im gonna beat you with a zip tie whisk
  • Corey Wright
    Corey Wright 8 месяцев назад GHD I HAVE A GOOD
  • StofStuiver
    StofStuiver Неделю назад I also use mine to stir mashed potatoes, to stir the pot, to get the lint out of my belly button and on my wife.
  • onkel hiphop
    onkel hiphop 15 часов назад Life hack no it's get a life 😂
  • Captain Velveeta
    Captain Velveeta Неделю назад This guy's got WAY too much time on his hands.😑
  • Robert MacDonald
    Robert MacDonald 2 месяца назад The stickie note is the best, but hoover works😂
  • Dread262
    Dread262 2 недели назад you made my day!!! try to lift your car with a drill machine XD xD XD