How To Replace & Fit Gear Cables On A Road Bike Like A Pro | Maintenance Monday

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Changing your gear cables could possibly be the best thing you could do to improve the quality of your gear shifting. Simon explains how to do it the right way.

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Smooth shifting gears make bike riding a pure pleasure. There is nothing worse than a slow shift or missed gear change at that crucial moment. Ex-Professional cyclist Simon Richardson explains how to change your gear cables on a Shimano equipped bike so you get silky smooth gear shifting.

It is important that the outer-cables are the correct length. If they are too short the will have increased friction as they will bind when turning your handlebars. Too Long and they won't just look untidy, they will also have increased friction as they are inside the housing for longer than required.

After cutting the outer-cables to length we cannot reiterate the importance of making sure that the ends of the outer-cable are as circular and flat as possible, remembering to ensure that the liner is not squashed. This allows the inner-cable to enter and exit the outer-cable as smoothly as possible.

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  • Global Cycling Network
    Global Cycling Network Год назад Leave your tips on how to fit gear cables in the comments below 👇
  • Stefan Roser
    Stefan Roser Год назад The easiest way is to buy Sram Etap.
  • seahog32
    seahog32 Год назад If your shifting cables are exposed where they run under the BB shell, it is better to use 2 pieces of the guide liner tubes, one for the length of the chainstay and the other one for the downtube. That way it will be easier to add a short piece of the liner to protect the exposed length of your cables from the elements.
  • Archie j
    Archie j Год назад Global Cycling Network you should delete the older videos and remake them
  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot Год назад Global Cycling Network Use a really sharp axe (or machete) to cut the cable outers. Makes a very clean cut
  • YourMileageMayVary
    YourMileageMayVary Год назад Change your cables regularly, even if your derailleur seems to be shifting fine. Then perhaps you won't end up with a broken rear derailleur cable and no rear shifting when you're 15 miles from home (like I did last month).
  • gokaygs
    gokaygs Год назад Could you enlighten us about how to install the in-line barrel shifters on these cables as well? Also are the adjusters about to be obsolete now since the new 9100 front mech has a built in tension adjuster?
  • seahog32
    seahog32 Год назад gokaygs The build-in tension adjustment of FD-9100 is a nice detail and works pretty well but it requires really tiny Allen key that you won't find on most emergency tools. If you want the ability to adjust your cable tension on the road, the barrel adjuster is still the best option.
  • Hedley Kerr
    Hedley Kerr Год назад I like to wipe the inner cables with dry silicon!
  • Hedley Kerr
    Hedley Kerr Год назад Instead of putting the cable end caps on, I just wipe a little epoxy on the end of the cable they won't fray and I think it looks cleaner!
  • TheWildOne
    TheWildOne 10 месяцев назад Global Cycling Network Hi, I want to get new brake gear cables for my road bike. In your video, you use "Road shift cable set". What's the difference between what you used and "Standard Brake Cable set"? Can either be used for any road bike? Thanks.
  • CasioFi
    CasioFi Год назад Worst thing about these videos is they make me want to buy 4 figure bike, that Canyon is gorgeous!
  • haxhxm
    haxhxm Год назад InvadeTheAirwaves but the neutral service canyon looked better lol its like those bike u ride that can get people's attention
  • Carmen Marin
    Carmen Marin Год назад To prevent your housing from crimping when cutting it to length, I run an old gear cable through, and then cut it.
  • Ashley R
    Ashley R Год назад Useful tip,Thanks man
  • Guoenyi
    Guoenyi Год назад Carmen Marin Smart thinking!
  • Global Cycling Network
    Global Cycling Network Год назад good tip Carmen. that's of Lasty's tricks too. Jon
  • choddo
    choddo Год назад Great tip, but I'd use a cheap bit of new cable to avoid contaminating the outer.
  • busybody1
    busybody1 4 месяца назад Carmen you seem knowledgeable, do you suppose a Dremel would give good results for cutting cables and housings to their proper length or should one invest in one of those specialized cutters
  • MonteStudios
    MonteStudios 2 месяца назад @busybody1 - Get the cutter.. Better cables are made of Stainless Steel.. That will make it difficult for the Dremel to cut, an will lead to fraying.
  • busybody1
    busybody1 2 месяца назад @MonteStudios I ended up getting the cutter for the stainless cables, but I used the Dremel to cut the housings... Perfect results
  • D T
    D T Год назад Si, king of the bike wash!!!! Working on a dirty bike!! How could you!?!
  • MrRapidement
    MrRapidement Год назад Trifit racing Seldom seen a bike so filthy. Disgusting.
  • Andras Molnar
    Andras Molnar Год назад I ride a fixed gear, why am I watching this?
  • beeble2003
    beeble2003 Неделю назад Because never having to change gear cables means you have a lot of free time!
  • U wU
    U wU 11 месяцев назад Looks simple enough! Cuts finger
  • C DoubleU
    C DoubleU Год назад The video doesn't show the part where you remove the old cable from the shifter. Pain in the ass if you don't know how.
  • Thomas Bradford
    Thomas Bradford Год назад It would have been good if you elaborated on routing around the head tube (criss cross) or direct.
  • Lester tan
    Lester tan Год назад Time to do the front one, u did only the back :(
  • trekkeruss
    trekkeruss Год назад Two critical pieces of info missing from this and the rear derailleur adjustment video I just watched. One is to pre-stress the cables after the initial installation (and before doing the indexing adjustment). Doing so seats the ferrules and gets rid of so-called "cable stretch," so the indexing adjustment will remain constant and not need a readjustment later on. Two is to check the hanger alignment before setting the limit screws and indexing, because without good alignment, no amount of adjusting will ever work properly.
  • unseriouscycling
    unseriouscycling Год назад How does one prestress?
  • cerebellum
    cerebellum Год назад If you happen to own a Dremel type tool - those work better for cutting cable outers than cable cutters. Put one of the little grinder disks on it and you can cut through cable outers within seconds very cleanly, without pinching or fraying them ;)
  • Chris Hurlbut
    Chris Hurlbut 9 месяцев назад Except it leaves grinding dust from the wheel and steel inside the housing.
  • Chris Hurlbut
    Chris Hurlbut 9 месяцев назад It will be a square easy cut, but not clean.
  • Know How Now
    Know How Now 3 месяца назад The file will leave dust too. I'd think a minute amount of dust left behind is not going to be a game changer for performance or cause the cable to fray. My experience is that the cable will break where is has the most friction.... at the "head" in the shifter. That would happen long before a bit of dust is going to do damage.
  • Ryan Priestnall
    Ryan Priestnall 1 месяц назад Magnets are a life saver. Well not litterally but stops you from wanting to end your life doing internal cables.
  • Jack Mitchell
    Jack Mitchell Год назад I have a smattering of Sturmey Archer 3 and 4 speeds across my fleet and my rule is to only change a cable if absolutely necessary. it's pretty tricky to install a new one without having to live with ugly pinch bolts. My oldest gear cable is 39 years old and still going strong.
  • TeKaMOTO
    TeKaMOTO Год назад Why am I watching this? I worked as a bike mechanic for three years! :D ffs
  • boomerangfreak
    boomerangfreak Год назад TeKaMOTO lol, I'm looking to switch jobs and go work as a bike mechanic so all tips help. Then again I already knew these tips XD
  • Mad Monkey Cycling
    Mad Monkey Cycling Год назад where do i get an inner sheath?
  • swamp
  • Mad Monkey Cycling
    Mad Monkey Cycling Год назад that's the outer housing, I want the inner plastic thing to thread the inner..
  • Fabio Lucano
    Fabio Lucano Год назад Me too. Where can we get inner plastic sheaths?
  • Chris Hurlbut
    Chris Hurlbut 9 месяцев назад You can't buy just the inner sheath, it comes with the whole jacket.
  • Tim Mantle
    Tim Mantle 1 день назад For the benefit of everybody with this issue, Google 'Jagwire Slick-Lube Liner' - it is like an inner tube for brake cable housing, it should work perfectly to feed new cable through the frame.
  • MUS V8
    MUS V8 Год назад really helpful thx
  • Factory051
    Factory051 Год назад (изменено) A genuinely informative and well thought out video. Please take note GMBN, less filler, more quality content. Canyon and those other lucrative sponsors will thank you for it.
  • ching mong bing bong
    ching mong bing bong Неделю назад Why those road bike gear shifters are more expensive than MTB gear shifters these cost 50 bucks while MTB one only 20 bucks
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones Год назад Hi fellas I'm new to cycling and love all your videos, they are very informative for a newbie like myself. Bikes have come a long way since I was last on a bike as a kid so keep up the good work. 👍😊
  • Johannes 90
    Johannes 90 Год назад Lucky me with my shimano 6870 Di2 😂
  • Eric
    Eric Год назад I've had 2 batteries quit working and going back to mechanical. I loved Di2 while it still worked properly but a well maintained mechanical bike will last and last and never leave you stranded because of stupid electrical issues.