How to fix a overheating laptop

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over heating laptop repair. This is on a Dell Inspiron laptop. Like the music? Here's the link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOHXTq...

  • Epalkm
    Epalkm 3 года назад I tried this with my laptop and the display broke a half pieces. Another day my mother had same issues with overheating and I told it's okay I can fix this. Anyhow it's broke too. Moral of this story, don't have children
  • USAGeorge Pa.
    USAGeorge Pa. Год назад Local geeks do these kind of fixes.......I bet 7 out of 10 pc's get the garbage can treatment from these type of DIY fixes.
  • Fredistair
    Fredistair Год назад How the hell did your display break? It's easy enough to not go near the display, go to the parts of the laptop you need to worry about. If a minor can do it, you can do it.
  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill 3 месяца назад Don't have a mother.
  • alireza j m
    alireza j m 1 месяц назад omg nice i have over heating problem too can you fix my laptop too?? xD
  • GamersNationChannel
    GamersNationChannel 4 года назад bro chill out nobody got the balls to do that
  • HollywoodAMcom
    HollywoodAMcom 4 года назад LAME! Grow some! You think aliens can only do it? Got two hands, cheap tools from ebay and a noodle in the head? Only thing missing is the knowledge and it here for FREE...
  • Fyer
    Fyer 4 года назад (изменено) Hah, thank the gods my laptop fan and the brass thing is all under the laptop... no need to fuck up my laptop
  • GamersNationChannel
    GamersNationChannel 4 года назад @HollywoodAMcom i said im not brave enough to do that... you think you are smarter than me just because you can open an laptop and clean it i can do that to but i was just looking on youtube for a video to show me an easier way to do that i saw this video and this is not easy not easy at all maybe for someone it is but for the most it isn't
  • HollywoodAMcom
    HollywoodAMcom 4 года назад When did I say that I think I'm smarter? Laptops are made and repaired by people just like you and me. The only difference is tools, knowledge and experience helps but not needed. Just take your time with it and you'll see it really is just a bunch of screws, plastic and dust, haha. What did you find on "how to" forms? That's where I go if I want to Learn how to do stuff. YouTube is a great place for FREE videos of whatever, from little kids falling off skateboards to silly cat videos. But if you really want to Learn "how to" do something you might try a How To form website with pros that charge. You may need to read tho it's more accurate info I think.
  • GamersNationChannel
    GamersNationChannel 4 года назад you didn't said you thought so... and yes you need experience to do this and what im trying to say is that this is not easy to do and this cant do everyone for example my dad even if he is 45 yrs old he doesn't have experience and i wanted to say that this is not easy bro cuz you can damage your laptop and it will cost a lot to fix it and those people who repair or build laptops is what they do all day every day it is their job they have gonne to school to do stuff like that so once again they have experience and we dont cuz if we had experience we wouldn't watch videos like this in youtube so we want to get experience form people who have experience for stuff like this buuuuut what you did with your laptop is not easy for us cuz we are like beigginers so you should tell us an easier way HOW TO 
  • HollywoodAMcom
    HollywoodAMcom 4 года назад You are right. It may be tough for some people that are not too good with their hands or older. I don't repair laptop, nor have any experience. This was my first time taking apart that laptop with no experience, so I tried to be carful and did research to learn first. Plus the tools I had are cheap Dollar store stuff. If you use a really strong vacuum and seal it tight to the out air vent you might be able to suck the dust out or try an air gun.
  • Marie Owens
    Marie Owens 4 года назад Can Confirm, it's actually pretty easy. Did it myself today! It's also easier if you have a magnetic screwdriver so you don't lose screws in crevices.
  • DJ
    DJ 4 года назад @GamersNationChannel dude really...you run a gaming channel and cant do very BASIC repairs and cleanups to a pc. a very common system for gaming..do you just get your parents to buy the games for you and thats it? or do you actually put effort into making your systems run good. obviously not, because youre cleary uneducated and unskilled to even do an extremely simple fix. and yes, you can damage your computer, but only if youre an idiot...
  • DJ
    DJ 4 года назад @Fresc222 lol that was hardly insulting. dont be so sensitive dude
  • Miles Lim
    Miles Lim 2 года назад i just cant clean my alienware laptop i opened it once took a look at it and said nope and put it back together
  • F. Teixeira
    F. Teixeira 2 года назад because am poor and have nobody i can ask to do it i actually did it myself. i succeded
  • Riz Hyl
    Riz Hyl 2 года назад I got the balls to do this
  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 2 года назад LOL! It's Easy,Just Throw Your Laptop From High Places It Will do the rest
  • Anicar Cabrera
    Anicar Cabrera Год назад LOL!. So true!
  • Mohammed Kemiha
    Mohammed Kemiha Год назад My laptop fan got ruined and I actually did all that I opened the laptop and removed the old fan and bought a new one then I replaced it and it is working now
  • Luiz Canguini
    Luiz Canguini Год назад That's why I check laptop before buy ... Anyway each one is each one ... if you want it's fine if you do not want it's ok as well.
  • Deep Sea
    Deep Sea Год назад i did :) but i lost much screw's :(
  • windson7
    windson7 Год назад Balls is something you definitely don't need for PC repair. You need weak, soft, and feminine hands in order to not bend or break the fragile planned-obsolescence parts on modern electronics.
  • Cyrus
    Cyrus Год назад you're chinese, should be fine
  • josh
    josh Год назад i saved a laptop from the curb side collection  it was in a full buket of water but still works to this just had to replace the keyboard thats all
  • Michael Street
    Michael Street Год назад bout as easy as turning your hand left and right a few times accasionally stopping to remove a peice...
  • Oshama Haris
    Oshama Haris Год назад GamersNationChannel frankly, this isn't hard at all, I have the exact model of this laptop, and i take a part of my laptop after i watch this video.. This video help a lot,
  • shinjiprofile
    shinjiprofile Год назад (изменено) don't forget to discharge yourself from static electricity first before touching anything inside your laptop on which he forgot to mention first.
  • Fredistair
    Fredistair Год назад If a minor can do it, you can do it. You don't need a school. How to videos and self teaching yourself about computers is pretty damn easy. Yes, late reply, but I hope you've known before I made this comment.
  • X D
    X D Год назад I literally dont know shit about computers internal functions but i did this step by step and now im a happy gamet
  • Mark Chang
    Mark Chang 10 месяцев назад don't feed the trolls. His first comment was fine ignore the second one. Or at least keep it short and sweet.
  • Young Dev
    Young Dev 4 месяца назад Just do it and you’ll learn, if you broke it witch is very unlikely just learn and repair it. You’ll learn allot from it and you will lose the fear of doing it so you can do it on whatever you want. Stop being ignorant and learn !
  • HangingWithDan
    HangingWithDan 3 месяца назад I did
  • jessica james
    jessica james 3 месяца назад lol
  • firehandszarb
    firehandszarb 1 месяц назад i think you need to cut soy of your diet
  • A M
    A M 3 года назад I even found a dead fly when I cleaned my laptop :^)
  • Animalio SK
    Animalio SK 3 года назад nice
  • Roland Simuni
    Roland Simuni 3 года назад same xD the small one 😁
  • Neptune's Beard
    Neptune's Beard 3 года назад +A Moldes lmao
  • Roland Simuni
    Roland Simuni 3 года назад XD
  • Roland Simuni
    Roland Simuni 3 года назад A Bugging Bug was Bugging a Buggy Computer
  • BrotherMohd Hanif
    BrotherMohd Hanif 3 года назад +A Moldes hahahahaha.. that so funny. i found dead rat inside my laptop. hahahaahha funny too right?
  • mandeepsekhon
    mandeepsekhon 2 года назад i found a banana
  • Detective Phelps
    Detective Phelps 2 года назад I found a spider rofl
  • Detective Phelps
    Detective Phelps 2 года назад @BrotherMohd Hanif ... ha...ha...
  • elliott
    elliott 2 года назад nice one habibi
  • ArjeE
    ArjeE Год назад oh.. the rat i found won t let go of that copper pipe
  • Abdul Azeem
  • Pleasant Whale
    Pleasant Whale Год назад o _ o
  • Darius, Crew of Stacked Deck
    Darius, Crew of Stacked Deck Год назад bulletz4yof4ce lol man
  • dennisjk76
    dennisjk76 Год назад burn it with fiiire!!!!
  • Osaid
    Osaid Год назад touch the overheating place for 10 minutes
  • Mohammed Aljaberi
    Mohammed Aljaberi 8 месяцев назад I found a laptop stuck inside but when I remove the found laptop from my laptop's fan , It feels overheating , should I open the laptop that found inside my laptop to clean it up ?
  • Joseph44 Tech
    Joseph44 Tech 7 месяцев назад Hahahahaha
  • Prabir Nag
    Prabir Nag 4 месяца назад Dude u r talking about fly, i found a dead lizard in my old pc monitor..
  • Carlos Galindo
    Carlos Galindo 2 недели назад peopleeee!!!! we have a BUG in the electrical system!
  • Anth ony
    Anth ony 4 года назад dude no one here has the balls to do that. :/
  • Anth ony
    Anth ony 4 года назад ...
    KATALINKA KOLFINA 3 года назад @Anthony Ibarra IKR
  • steven talik
    steven talik 3 года назад @Anthony Ibarra I was just watching the video and then all of a sudden he started to take a part his laptop. I was like nooo way. I cannot do that I am just going too break it.
  • steven talik
    steven talik 3 года назад @enrique lanza You are so lucky. I decided I was going to try this. I watch many videos and listen to the instruction carefully. I was able to remove all the screws on top of my keybord and all the screws on the bottom of my laptop except one. Only to find out that one screw is a different then the other screws. It had a different indentation shape and I dont have the screwdriver for that indention. I was so piss this was so unfair. I was so close to cleaning my fan.So  I had to rescrew all the 25 other screws back. Man I always have bad luck like this. Why in the world did toshiba manufacture decide to put one screw that is different then all the other screw.
  • joebeard
    joebeard 3 года назад @steven talik I'm looking at a Toshiba right now that also needs its fan sorting - that one last screw is done on purpose to stop you from servicing the laptop yourself. I believe Apple are also notorious for this sort of behaviour.
  • Mr Raptor
    Mr Raptor 3 года назад @Anthony Ibarra I know right? Why did they make it so complicated to clean your laptop's fan? My old laptop i only had to remove 4-5 screws and remove a plastic plate and then would have full access
  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 3 года назад @Anthony Ibarra you just took my words :D
  • Haris Shakil
    Haris Shakil 3 года назад I disassembled my whole laptop and got right to the cooling fan to find a giant ball of dust. After cleaning the dust from the fan and other components there was no overheating problem anymore! As long as you're careful, nothing will break and it will go successful. Don't be afraid to do this!
  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠
    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ 3 года назад i do, but too lazy to clean it, and i'm not sure if i can really clean it ALL, so i leave it for the professionals who has experienced it before.
  • Flazx
    Flazx 2 года назад I know how to fix the problem it helps a little bit if you try putting an ice pack near the part or your pc that is heating it works for me 👍🏻
  • Rose Ann Macalolot
    Rose Ann Macalolot Год назад ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ you!
  • USAGeorge Pa.
    USAGeorge Pa. Год назад Bet eskimos don't have an overheating problem...
  • Myrica
    Myrica Год назад I broke my Sony vaio doing this xD fml
  • GrassVanguard
    GrassVanguard 4 месяца назад Agreed
  • CherryBombzzz
    CherryBombzzz 4 месяца назад i did this, took my HP laptop apart, was all proud. Cleaned the fan . . . PUT it back together AND after I played a game for 42 mins . . . IT OVER HEATED!!!
  • HangingWithDan
    HangingWithDan 3 месяца назад Anth ony I did
  • Ilic Dalibor
    Ilic Dalibor 2 месяца назад I do
  • Ilic Dalibor
    Ilic Dalibor 2 месяца назад @KATALINKA KOLFINAi do
  • xDylan25x
    xDylan25x 3 года назад 9:34 Takes CPU cooler off Puts CPU cooler back on with no thermal paste Yeah, that's a bad idea.
  • elnaz ghahremani
    elnaz ghahremani 3 месяца назад ye just a replacing the paste can bring down temps by 30 degree's or so
  • KnockFire
    KnockFire 3 года назад I'm that person who will pull or snap something that's why never try to open my laptop
  • tony montana
    tony montana 3 года назад +BLouis Productions same here man
  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe 4 года назад (изменено) Don't try this at home If you don't enough cash to order a new laptop.
  • John Stafford
    John Stafford 3 года назад @Edgar Allan Poe Just make sure you know where the nearest computer repair shop is.
  • Grumpy Whiskers
    Grumpy Whiskers 3 года назад What do you know, you died before heatsinks were invented! Go sob in a rage, poe.
  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe 3 года назад LOL...Get out of here, i'm still breathing!
  • Deadpan Games
    Deadpan Games Год назад Edgar Allan Poe, I'll try it at school :)
  • super famous
    super famous 2 года назад i have no laptop to watch this video on hahaha
  • Lexmass 07
    Lexmass 07 2 года назад same here -.- xd
  • Sheeeiit
    Sheeeiit 2 года назад Titus Parker yeah My laptop is getting fixed lol
  • BT
    BT 4 года назад As a tech, I can tell you that the majority of laptop users are not comfortable with anything close to this level of disassembly. Some are even hesitant to replace the battery.  Also in general practice, you should never use anything metal like the small screwdriver you apparently use to get dust off the 'coils'. A stiff brush of some sort and copious amounts of compressed air wont cause any damage.  
  • Adam Fax
    Adam Fax 4 года назад Very true
  • Smiler 7
    Smiler 7 4 года назад oh shut up you geek!!! 
  • Danny Hood
    Danny Hood 4 года назад Copious?    
  • TheJWHBShow
    TheJWHBShow 4 года назад @Danny Hood Alot.
  • razerburst
    razerburst 4 года назад @Smiler Liverpool you don't need to be a geek to know this, it's common sense.
  • Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez 2 года назад Why don't you make your own damn video suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Til Til Memes
    Til Til Memes Год назад the main question is..... why is there a sad song in the background
  • Nicholai Hat
    Nicholai Hat 4 года назад goodbye warranty
  • HollywoodAMcom
    HollywoodAMcom 4 года назад Yep, mine was out anyway.
  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 2 года назад Opening the laptop will not void a warranty unless it specifically has a warranty seal.
  • Randall Taylor
    Randall Taylor Год назад LoL...Now THAT'S the Top Comment !....I laughed for 10 minutes
  • DJ Metro
    DJ Metro 3 года назад ...yeah, not doing all that lol
  • MegaBojan1993
    MegaBojan1993 3 года назад If I was a rich guy (which I ain't) I would buy new laptop every year to avoid overheating problems :))))
  • Robert G25
    Robert G25 3 года назад +MegaBojan1993 Or you can buy a PC.
  • MegaBojan1993
    MegaBojan1993 3 года назад @Robert Volintiru Yes, PC's are much more powerful than laptops ;)
  • MegaBojan1993
    MegaBojan1993 3 года назад @Luther Bottrill I wanted to be a rich guy countless times but my circumstances won't allow it.
  • Ultimate TimeTraveler
    Ultimate TimeTraveler 3 года назад +Luther Bottrill only if your on drugs
    SENZAYY ZONE 3 года назад +MegaBojan1993 or you can configure it so that you only keep very few apps and empty the desktop buy cheap flash drives frequently and save up everything organized and externally except the program files so that you keep the computer running like new good advise I followed trhought looking on many different sites perhaps a constant reset can help too but of course do back ups serioulsy follow this if interested I was in the same situation as you once.
  • LummyTum
    LummyTum 3 года назад Laptop is a PC
  • Pinefrost
    Pinefrost 3 года назад +MegaBojan1993 If I was a rich guy (which I ain't) I would buy a Desktop PC With Core i7 4790K,16Gb 1600,Titan,1Tb SSD(If it has),OLED Curving Screen, Razer's Mouse&Keyboard to avoid buying laptops every years :))))
  • MegaBojan1993
    MegaBojan1993 3 года назад @Pixelator Pro XE I would have bought the same configuration except I would go for the 6700K and 32GB RAM :)
  • Pinefrost
    Pinefrost 3 года назад Yea... that beast 6th Generation Support Max 64Gb Ram and DDR4 bus1866-2133
  • Mr X
    Mr X 3 года назад +MegaBojan1993 you can get a pretty good 2nd hand laptops today for under $250. I got a lenovo g50-45 for $225 used on amazon it handles common steam games like cs go and tf2, super street fighter 4, dragonball xenoverse and gta 5 and skyrim pretty well on low-medium settings. My idle temp on my laptop is sitting at 39°c, while peak tempurature during gaming and stress test goes up to about 53°c max. You don't have to spend a shit load just to play a few games and can do it with a laptop all at the same time. I rather get a cheap laptop that will last me for some time while having all the benefits of portability for travel.
  • Pinefrost
    Pinefrost 3 года назад @Tommy Yap after few years it will be useless for new games. don't you think? if you want to play games buy a PC or Console if you want to gaming outside your house buy a gaming laptop. normal laptops with higher specs but not gaming laptop has bad cooling anyway. i don't think you can gaming with that laptop at 50C it's too cool for a laptop when gaming. except you repasted and using cooling pad if you have a little gaming so it's okay. but GTA uses at least Quad-Core Core2 Quad Q6600 I don't think your Laptop's CPU will able to handle that. and it will hot like hell when you trying to playing GTA5 on it.. excuse me if I am wrong.