Fix ANY Laptop in China!

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No matter how badly damaged your notebook/laptop computer is, it can be fixed in China!

Repair outcome video: https://youtu.be/4CfkrOGLYD8

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  • timtigerz
    timtigerz 2 года назад seriously I could spend all day in that computer place.. it's like nerd heaven
  • SockenSpiegel
    SockenSpiegel 2 года назад me too xD
  • XlawSpencer
    XlawSpencer 2 года назад That's what i did
  • wangl601
    wangl601 2 года назад You can even find some "ancient" boards/cards there. They import tons of used parts as electronic waste, and maintain/fix those still functioning. So if you are a collector, it's heaven for sure.
  • timtigerz
    timtigerz 2 года назад I didn't think of that as far as the collector element. This alone would make the trip worth it.
  • Hiddensworduw
    Hiddensworduw 2 года назад (изменено) yeah and by the time you come out of that place, you'll receive a computer engineering degree lol
  • 廖峻
    廖峻 2 года назад I used to spend whole week to DIY my desk computer in that place, it's quit cheap
  • ADKIc3mAnXYT
    ADKIc3mAnXYT 2 года назад 廖峻 quite *
  • timtigerz
    timtigerz 2 года назад have you been to this place?
  • Mud Sh-sh-shark
    Mud Sh-sh-shark 2 года назад lol ikr? was just gonna say that
  • Entity51
    Entity51 2 года назад I would love to get my hands on some one gigabyte nics on original pci
  • Kanon Chan
    Kanon Chan 2 года назад but you gonna focus on avoid fake pieces
  • Alan Liu
    Alan Liu Год назад It isnt a gpu problem, the board is large and often flex when drop or pressure when placed on the keyboard. A small chip that communicate the gpu become unsoldered. All you need to do is reflow the solder with a iron. This is a common problem of this model.
  • Sonny Wei
    Sonny Wei Год назад fake pieces are common in HK
  • VanillaSnake21
    VanillaSnake21 10 месяцев назад nothing compared to a microcenter in US, since when are random case covers and stacks of hard drives exciting?
  • high def
    high def 6 месяцев назад ​@VanillaSnake21You can basically get every single part of every current line-up in some of these places (Specifically the TechTower "Sonic", out of another video) . Not OTS-hardware - We are talking every screw, every microchip, every port. Everything.
  • VanillaSnake21
    VanillaSnake21 6 месяцев назад @high def well maybe if you've got some kind of a repair business I guess you can say it's interesting to browse shelves with ports and screws (although even then I'm not too sure, most people just order mundane replacement parts online). Otherwise I dont think it would be too exciting in there, compared to some of the stores we have here in U.S. Walk into microcenter and you have walls of mobos. Gfx cards, sound cards, cooling systems, you name it, they have it. That I can appreciate and can definitely spend a day there.
  • high def
    high def 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @VanillaSnake21 Ok, I'll try to rephrase it. It's a 50 storey tower full or hardware. It's 50 microcenters, put on top of each other. Shenzen is the hardware city of the world: Practically every smartphone is produced there.
  • cainrok
    cainrok 2 года назад If a laptop from 2012 is outpacing your desktop you need a new desktop.
  • Killerspieler0815
    Killerspieler0815 Год назад YES ... or Windows is a snail or the Desktop has a Virus etc. problem , like many computers in China ( it a plague )
  • Aaron Harris
    Aaron Harris Год назад also for video editing your gpu is really important. he didn't mention that he put a gpu in his desktop when he had it built. also yeah sounds like its time for a windows reinstall on his desktop. if it is being outpaced by a macbook something is horribly wrong, since macbook pros almost always have midrange mobile GPUs that thermal throttle at load.
  • King Flippy Nips
    King Flippy Nips 10 месяцев назад I didn't hear him say that, I was under the impression that the desktop is doing what he needs, but the Lenovo laptop wasn't good enough.
  • DIY home tricks automation
    DIY home tricks automation Год назад mate, you forgot to wear a suit!!!
  • Stan Lindert
    Stan Lindert 2 года назад This sort of store should be in every mid size town in USA. China has got the fix.
  • cladglas
    cladglas 2 года назад now the cost of repair is not much different from buying new.
  • Colin Yuan
    Colin Yuan 2 года назад the cost of repair in China is also rising now. especially for smartphone.
  • Dumb Bear
    Dumb Bear 2 года назад and they dont cost too much actually. I live in Pennsylvania and every year I take my laptop back to China for fixing if needed, because fixing laptop is so damn expensive in Pennsylvania...
  • Ronald C Krause Jr
    Ronald C Krause Jr 2 года назад Add me on Facebook; I know exactly where to get most anything repaired and/or upgraded anywhere throughout Pennsylvania. for those also in the market for new hardware I can also steer them in the right direction - for items such as laptops which are fully upgradeable and repairable.
  • Xcaliber Trekker
    Xcaliber Trekker 2 года назад Apple would sue to shut it down.  They want there ignorant apple users buy new products at least every couple years.  Apple users typically are the least knowledgeable of electronics and only buy for the name.
  • Black Horse
    Black Horse 2 года назад Stan Lindert. maybe u can start setting up like tis in US
  • Baikal Studios
    Baikal Studios Год назад I think they're more common in China, especially shenzen because a lot of parts are already manufactured in china
  • David Folsom
    David Folsom Год назад (изменено) You'd be surprised that board repair is actually available in more places than you'd expect. The reason this exists as such a large shop in china thoguh, the parts are stolen or knock offs. Shops that have access to the actual board schematics are not allowed to use stolen and knock off parts in other parts of the world.
  • huntman1412
    huntman1412 Год назад expensive labor and patent protection prevent this from happening in the U.S.
  • Killerspieler0815
    Killerspieler0815 Год назад Wrong , this sort of store should be in every mid size town on the PLANET. China has got the fix.
  • The Solemn Wishes
    The Solemn Wishes Год назад Colin Yuan its illegal in usa
  • leteveryoneknow
    leteveryoneknow Год назад (изменено) Stan Lindert I am under the impression that there are such places in the US already. Are they not?
  • Alan
    Alan 7 месяцев назад Won’t happen Walmart will end up owning it
  • arcanicc
    arcanicc 6 месяцев назад @huntman1412 patent protection u meant patent exploitation from apple, suing anyone who attempt to use their manuals for repair or modification
  • 革命
    革命 2 года назад wow ..the subway looks so clean and well lit, compared to the toilet pit we have here in New York!
  • serpentza
    serpentza 2 года назад It's very modern and nice
  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Год назад @9:14 Yeah, that Louis Rossmann guy who does MacBook fixing for a living said the same. If you want a fix, reballing is a hackjob that won't last.
  • Daehawk
    Daehawk 2 года назад I love that place! Thats the kind of stuff I love seeing and being taken to in videos. More please :)
  • mrzack888
    mrzack888 2 года назад disgusting parts of capitalism is that they want you to BUY BUY BUY new one instead of fixing a sustainable gadget.
  • echelon2k8
    echelon2k8 2 года назад Planned obsolescence.
  • t j
    t j 2 года назад mrzack888 disgusting part of apple not providing schematics and forcing you to replace the whole machine with NO HARD DRIVE SWAP rather than fix it like 3rd party places.
  • Ronald C Krause Jr
    Ronald C Krause Jr 2 года назад Mac/Apple products are by far the worst ones to try to repair in the united states, or even worse - upgrade. As for pc's... One just has to know where to look if one wants repairability or upgradeability. For laptops try Eurocom; easily able to repair and/or upgrade every single one of their products. The best build quality on the market. Can handle most any type of gaming or software on the market; better than any laptop company; even 12 core laptop servers.
  • TK AU
    TK AU 2 года назад The MacBook Pro in this video was covered by an extended recall/warranty programme which ended Dec 2016. Apple recognised the GPU failure and provided a remedy. A shame your friend didn't see the recall notice earlier! https://www.apple.com/au/support/macbookpro-videoissues/
  • Entity51
    Entity51 2 года назад eurocom is what I would call a company that has "aligned intrests" with us (basically there intrests as a company are the same as ours( recall and warranty is not a replacement for repairing and upgradabilty you can use a computer case from 2006 but you can't reuse(and definity not warienty) a single part from a 2006 apple product
  • BQ 44
    BQ 44 2 года назад One of the things I miss about China the most. You can find about any part for your computer, phone, IPad, etc... When I came back to Canada in 2014, I accidentally broke my phone. The part needed to fix it was only available online and not anywhere else in Canada (or the States). When I was in China, I just went to pretty much any cell phone store and got the replacement parts right away.
  • Sbrideau
    Sbrideau 2 года назад Yeah I had a similar issue with my good old Asus ROG G53SW, last year I ordered a motherboard through ebay from China, and from the shipping details it seems to have been in the area you were in the video. I have to say, I'm surprised to see that the motherboard from China has never failed in any way while the original one had a lot of issues which Asus themselves couldn't fix when I had sent it on warranty. Anyway, this laptop from 2011 is still running like a new one as an SSD gave it a new life (well even the SSD is old these days, a Crucial M4), but can't play current games with it but it's good enough fro what I want to do when on trips. for the gaming it's my desktop. Anyway binge watching these videos, Would've loved to know about your channel last year.
  • nbarrager Productions
    nbarrager Productions 2 года назад I wish we had places like this in the states, all we have are little rinky dink shops that'll fix your iPhone for way too much
  • tubeathrun
    tubeathrun 2 года назад well,nearly every major citys in China got those e-market。
  • nomuramai
    nomuramai Год назад naussica!!!
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 2 года назад Let's hope it works out this time. That Macbook is awesome!
  • History Top 10
    History Top 10 2 года назад I love ur videos cmilk. u r an awesome guy along with winston
  • Bill Killernic
    Bill Killernic Год назад Please do a video where you buy different parts of an iphone (separate parts ) and go and assemble them and essentially create an iphone on the cheap!! there is a guy that has done that well almost.. but he couldnt speak chinese and he didnt knew china as well as you do maybe you would do it even better (cheaper) ! :D
  • victornpb
    victornpb Год назад That model was one of the last models that are not built to be trashed after an year
  • victornpb
    victornpb Год назад Bill Killernic the guy you’re talking about live in China and they both did a vid together
  • andi le
    andi le Год назад hey i remember you!
  • Dsfs Sdfs
    Dsfs Sdfs Год назад too late but https://www.apple.com/ca/support/macbookpro-videoissues/