25$ Car Dent removal Experiment

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Bought paintless dent removal kit on ebay.
Tried to remove dent I had on rear quater panel fender on my car. Cant say it does not work... I think It is my lack of experience. Try it ! Every case will be different.

  • repairED
    repairED 11 месяцев назад Please consider checking out my other hunting/fishing Channel : www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVUsmaY149CHa4EEoD_7IQ
  • steve golden
    steve golden Год назад these types of kits work just fine ....as long as your willing to learn how to use them correctly ...
  • LeslieDude
    LeslieDude 11 месяцев назад I removed all my dents using this https://sites.google.com/site/DentRepair101
  • Gacha Boy Johnson
    Gacha Boy Johnson 9 месяцев назад steve golden they don't work on all metals some of them are really hard metals like Dodge , Cadillac, and Porsche, you have to use a rod thru the acces .
  • Jeff Fae Scotland
    Jeff Fae Scotland 8 месяцев назад Hes trying to pull out to much to begin with.Should start at the edge then work to the middle.Good being a first..
  • Ms Cari P
    Ms Cari P 10 месяцев назад Thanks for sharing. I'm not excited to get started ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Gacha Boy Johnson
    Gacha Boy Johnson 9 месяцев назад For the fist time it's not bad , nonetheless , the glue tabs are good to start with but you have to finish the dent with rods and knock the high spots down , I did the same similar job it took me 5 hours to get it done nicely .
  • paulparoma
    paulparoma 7 месяцев назад "She comes with a glue gun." Oh, how adventurous!..
  • StarScream
    StarScream Год назад Heat panel, use the slider and pull and pull from outside edge first.
  • JON Gergeceff
    JON Gergeceff Год назад StarScream , thx for the tip .
  • F F
    F F 3 недели назад quick question. what does heating the panel do ? thanks
  • راكان المطيري
    راكان المطيري 11 месяцев назад Thank you, but the materials used are not good
  • Carsmetics USA
    Carsmetics USA 3 недели назад We end up repairing the mistakes after you've tried it.
  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith Год назад Use A heat gun to heat up the metal first, then start pulling the edge first...
  • Juanma Highway
    Juanma Highway Год назад Please, Which glue did you use? Mine does not stick absolutely
  • repairED
    repairED Год назад I used the which came in the package
  • Stuart  Browne
    Stuart Browne 3 недели назад little tip to get the hot glue off dribble some lighter fluid over the and around the hot glue
  • fishycomics
    fishycomics 11 месяцев назад thank you. for sharing does not look as easy as it looks, and you were very helpful being open and honest and we must decide from that, like you said it is much better then before, nd that paid for the it right there I am expecting mine and have 2 lil one's to try and one main one that needs more attention then a ding doctor lol I am no pro but will give mine a shot if i get that one out the kit paid for itself right there, again thanks fo rsharing ((liked))
  • Frank
    Frank 5 месяцев назад (изменено) All you "experts" and your comments. If you are such professionals, why you search YouTube on how to remove Dents ?? If i knew how to do it (and obviously you all do?) i would not search YouTube ;-) Thank you repairED i will give it a go myself i just ordered one of those dent removal kits BUT i bought one which is like a gun ! (no screws)
  • Bry Ytab
    Bry Ytab 2 месяца назад (изменено) PDR requires years of practice and experience to even begin to get good results. You need to know how to unzip the dent and relieve tension before pulling, not to mention tapping down high spots. These videos where amateurs (like myself) try to self pull dents with glue pullers alone bring back bad memories of ruining panels so that even a pro can no longer fix it. This was a good effort though! Way less noticeable. Good video to show how you can at least reduce the dent to a liveable size. I will say I like that you are transparent and admit you don’t like the result and that you will keep practicing!
  • Piero Castillo
    Piero Castillo 5 месяцев назад Uff men nice car be carefully
  • google inc
    google inc 7 месяцев назад where the dent was at you could've just pour boiling hot water over it or use a blow dryer and just pop it out by hand, the glue-gun/dent removal kids seem like its for parts of the body where you can't push it out from the inside
  • Yang Tu
    Yang Tu 5 месяцев назад Hi RepairED, can you tell me your email address, I want to ask you a question :)
  • repairED
    repairED 5 месяцев назад Ask here :)
  • Yang Tu
    Yang Tu 5 месяцев назад @repairEDwe would like to invite you to review our PDR tools and offer you commission , are you interested?
  • nimrabuljak 1233
    nimrabuljak 1233 Год назад You should use first heat gun it would be easier
  • repairED
    repairED Год назад +nimrabuljak 1233 thank you, will try next time
  • Miles Benson
    Miles Benson 4 месяца назад the sweet science of fixing cars...theres an art to it...and it escapes most peoples thoughts because most people don't work on their cars enough to warrant that kind of knowledge.