Toshiba Satellite Laptop Repair - Troubleshooting Steps For No Power Condition

Опубликовано: 30 июл. 2016 г. 121 136 просмотров

Follow along as we show and explain the troubleshooting steps used to repair a Toshiba Laptop that appears to be completely dead.

Product Link as seen in video: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001..."

Purchasing Replacement Power Adapters for Your Laptop - Ask a Tech #37 : https://youtu.be/giQ-peiiMrU

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Repair - Troubleshooting Steps For No Power Condition

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  • Ben Waddick
    Ben Waddick 2 года назад Nice video man, I love watching these, it's nice to see how things work inside of something we use everyday!
  • Larry Froehlich
    Larry Froehlich 2 года назад Steve, great job explaining the process step by step..............I just subscribed!
  • Donald Ellett
    Donald Ellett 2 года назад Good job of diagnosing - one step at a time
  • Noel Dowds
    Noel Dowds 2 года назад Hi Steve ,,, Great PC vid again (( MORE MORE MORE )) Glad to see your well and Thanks again Noel
  • Kay Andrews
    Kay Andrews 1 месяц назад Thank you soooo much I got my Toshiba to start thanks to your tips and instructions. I am now transferring all my Documents to an external drive. Thanks from a very happy Aussie 🇦🇺🐨🇦🇺
  • Tony Tipton
    Tony Tipton 2 недели назад Just what I needed to see!! Thanks Brew...So helpful
  • L. J. Bush
    L. J. Bush 2 года назад This possibly will come in helpful if I ever have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite. Thanks man.
  • hankus253
    hankus253 2 года назад Steve, that was fun!  Like being at work for me, all over again.
  • malddy
    malddy 2 года назад I have a Toshiba. Never ever gonna buy another one...
  • Maryum Saleem
    Maryum Saleem Год назад malddy me to😡
  • Thomas John
    Thomas John Год назад Ok
  • Joseph Salavtore
    Joseph Salavtore Год назад interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for desktop repairs try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.
  • Greg Weber
    Greg Weber Год назад They simply make junk.
  • James Cook
    James Cook 2 года назад hi steve does this procedure apply to most laptops, if it's not the power cord do you have to replace the motherboard thanks great video
  • Dave Bell
    Dave Bell 2 года назад Just done a similar repair to a laptop, and squeezed in a W10 update by a couple of hours!
  • ighir izm
    ighir izm 3 месяца назад thank you for this great video. 👍
  • aquaruis99
    aquaruis99 2 года назад Awesome video.
  • GuruBrew
    GuruBrew 2 года назад Thank you
  • St S
    St S 2 года назад Great video!! Keep making such videos....
  • Just a Human Being
    Just a Human Being Год назад Hello man, can you help me? I use the translator excuse me if the language is bad, I have the same device but when I run it show a white screen for less than a second and then shut the device, what do you think his problem?
  • Khyree Holmes
    Khyree Holmes 2 года назад my moms ol' Lenovo has a bad power jack (lose connection) and I WAS going to take it in to get it fixed - saw this video and I know I CAN just order a replacement power jack and BOOM: Fixed! I hate taking Laptops apart, they're too complicated.... my ol' netbook is easy to disassemble, I can strip a Desktop in 30mins (or 1hr taking my time with it)
  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh 2 месяца назад Nice trick with taping the screws to the part they're taken off. Not sure but I think you could have accessed the other end of the power jumper by taking the bottom off on this unit, saving the hassle of pulling the keyboard and motherboard.
  • C Perry
    C Perry 2 года назад Great video, enjoyed watching your process for this repair. Have a great day!
  • DigginTabs
    DigginTabs Год назад Excellent troubleshooting of that laptop. I probably would not have removed the Motherboard first, though, but just tested the incoming power at the solder points where the harness connector is soldered to the Motherboard. Great video.
  • Rock Dock
    Rock Dock Год назад hardesty to get to. you have to take the whole thong apart, its like the last to get to. serious and the its a jumper! plug 1 inch long plug int mother board into this little peice of separate board.>!
  • James McCreadie
    James McCreadie 2 года назад Great video, I love these kind of videos, thanks