DIY Vacuum Pump And Chamber

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How to make a simple but effective vacuum chamber with a fridge compressor and a steel pot. Very inexpensive if you can find these few components used!

A vacuum chamber is needed for some other projects that I'll do in the future like degassing resin, plaster, silicon and wax or stabilizing wood! Be sure to subscribe if you are new to the channel and turn notifications on so you won't miss upcoming video.

Index of operation and materials:
0:03 fridge compressor
0:19 Steel pot 27cm diameter, nice thick walls
0:21 Specific high strenght polycarbonate 10mm (better use thicker like 20mm for regular polycarbonate or plexiglass)
0:32 Gas rated tubing with thick walls secured with steel hose clamp
1:10 Finding, center punching and drilling hole
1:31 Threading for 1/4 inch pipe thread connector
2:00 Various 1/2 inch pipe connection. Doesn't matter size get cheapest, I'm pretty sure any measure would work just fine
2:02 Vacuum gauge bought on amazon: https://amzn.to/2Olh55T (affiliate link) with 1/4inch female to 1/2inch male adaptor
2:10 Assemble everything with teflon tape and "Hand Tool Rescue" wrench
4:09 Connect other end of the compressor pump to the valve assembly again with steel hose clamp
4:12 Sealing the edge of the pot with car door rubber trim (used to prevent damage to edge of car's doors)
5:00 leak between seal parts filled with silicone
5:50 rewiring pump power cable and adding a power switch to one of the live wire to make it easier turning on and off the pump
8:05 Thick MDF board used as base
8:42 Rubber feet added to the bottom side of the base

With my particular compressor I'm able to pull -27.5 inHg.
The ball valve between the chamber and the compressor was not needed at the end, the compressor must have some kind of one way valve so even when it's turned off it does not let air in.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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    Stephen S 9 месяцев назад I have been wanting to buy a vacuum chamber for doing resin and silicone and stuff, perfect timing to save me money!!! Thanks! I had no idea a fridge compressor could make a vacuum!
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    macgyver15147 9 месяцев назад Am I the only one that cringes when I see someone drill into a workbench?
  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams 9 месяцев назад probably
  • Carlos Lopez jauregui
    Carlos Lopez jauregui 9 месяцев назад macgyver15147 me
  • Abdulaziz Salam
    Abdulaziz Salam 9 месяцев назад macgyver15147 Me too
  • American Survivalist
    American Survivalist 9 месяцев назад Yeah lol but that’s what workbenches are for!
  • Moondyne .Joe
    Moondyne .Joe 9 месяцев назад macgyver15147 no I am of the same feeling it is somewhat like drilling a hole in the dashboard of your car
  • Cesare Scrignoli
    Cesare Scrignoli 9 месяцев назад Moondyne .Joe mate it's just a worktop, if it gets full of holes or so you only have to replace it.
  • Zakie Seyie
    Zakie Seyie 9 месяцев назад i have scrap pieces of boards ready to put under the actual pieces that requires drilling.
  • valleycat 6275
    valleycat 6275 7 месяцев назад Probably...that's why it's called a "work" bench and not a "perfect" bench.
  • Appregator
    Appregator 6 месяцев назад Not unless it serves as the kitchen table as well
  • PeeJay
    PeeJay 6 месяцев назад Putting Teflon on backwards aswell
  • Brandon Ausmus
    Brandon Ausmus 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Or catches the bit on the material because they started with the drill bit in the pilot hole rather than above it. Also: Q: How much teflon tape do you need for one fitting A: All of it.
  • Colin Alston
    Colin Alston 5 месяцев назад With the wrong kind of drill bit
  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 5 месяцев назад That's what a typical "work" bench designed for. Prone to drill holes, slashes, dirt and other stuff that will eventually ruin it. It's easy to replace the top surface of it, but im pretty sure it'll end up beaten too, so why bother to replace it.
  • George Adams
    George Adams 4 месяца назад @PeeJay you're right he is doing it the wrong way.
  • Charles Parr
    Charles Parr 4 месяца назад The only way I drill on my bench is when I place a steel plate underneath my drilling material. Don't like holes in my bench!!!
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  • E. Adler
    E. Adler 3 месяца назад let him drill the holl work bench till he get his ass.
  • Blondie SL
    Blondie SL 4 недели назад You are not alone! When I drill (if not using the drill press), I use a 2/4 on the bench to drill into.
  • Blondie SL
    Blondie SL 4 недели назад @Cesare Scrignoli Why drill holes into the bench just to have to replace it soon after? Simply using a piece of 2x4 to drill into solves the problem. Bench stays nice. K.I.S.S. theory :)
  • OmKar NaTh Sr
    OmKar NaTh Sr 2 недели назад Bhai mai ek naya banda ho mere pas sony ka 2 car wali speakers hai please ek video banado muze kya kya karna hai full details dedo please Bhagwan tumhari channel ko bahut age baraye Please ek video ess topic pe bhi bana do Love u bro
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  • Д- Вести
  • Phil Haycock
    Phil Haycock Неделю назад Lol, you put the tread tape on backwards
  • Andreas Deringer
    Andreas Deringer 1 месяц назад Холодильник без компрессора как теперь?
  • syed waqas
    syed waqas Неделю назад For what purpose??
  • dale jones
    dale jones 9 месяцев назад A lot of flex in that top. I had a 3/4 inch piece fracture. Because of the hole the plexiglass fractured easier. Since then they have put the whole into the side of the canister and left the plexiglass free of compromise from the hole. Great video.
  • jrb _sland
    jrb _sland 8 месяцев назад >dale jones ...with the added advantage of not needing the 'diverter' mentioned in other comments, as well as an unobstructed view of the chamber interior...
  • Nestor Gadea
    Nestor Gadea 8 месяцев назад dale jones m
  • Siddiquer Rahman
    Siddiquer Rahman 6 месяцев назад KP
  • Michael Thibault
    Michael Thibault 3 месяца назад Stainless steel can be hard to drill, though. If you must drill plexiglass, the drill should probably be re-sharpened to have a higher-than-usual cutting angle -- more like a sharpened fat pencil. Such a sharpening reduces the likelihood of eventual fracturing. On fracturing: I can see the point of centering the vacuum hole (it's easy, and it makes the pot 'lid' general), but there's nothing to prevent placing that hole nearer the edge of the sheet: as the pressure drops in the pot, the seal becomes stronger. With the hole near the edge of the sheet, you get a relatively unobstructed view inside, and less flexing of the lid at (what is likely) the weakest point.