Repair laptop battery at home|| how to open laptop battery and rebuild after repairing

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Laptop battery reconditioning, Battery repairing of Laptop.
This video shows how to re-use your exhausted laptop battery with the help of old battery of laptop. I have shown replacement of dead cells (Li-ion batteries) of the exhausted battery with the proper Li-ion cells (3.7 V rechargeable batteries). I have successfully replaced the old batteries and now it is working fine and giving me the backup of 2 hrs approximately..
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  • Soumyadeep Koley
    Soumyadeep Koley Год назад Excellent video! Thank you for the instructions! The selection Jingle Bells for a technical video cracked me up.
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    Mahesh Randu 3 месяца назад Excellent lesson. Thanks
  • Barry Goldberg
    Barry Goldberg 1 месяц назад ho ho ho
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    Eva Donnelly 2 недели назад ḅạṭṭḙṛỵ ṛḙḉợṇḍḯṭḯợṇḯṇḡ ṃḙṭḥợḍṣ https://bit.ly/2LplQtX?-Hg54rFE3
  • maria magen
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  • Jeffrey Jungaya
    Jeffrey Jungaya 20 часов назад You're really good. Thanks for the idea. I can now recondition my laptop battery
  • Anzil Kichu
    Anzil Kichu 21 час назад good video thank you
  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 4 месяца назад Took my Sony battery pack apart and taking the pack apart was the hardest. Replacing the cells, no problem. Thank you.
  • John Mar
    John Mar 4 месяца назад (изменено) Nice video!!! I tried this to my laptop's battery and I would like to ask you if the new cells must have the same capacity with the older because after I did that with higher capacity cells(I replaced them all ),battery doesn't charge even though it recognizes it normally.
  • Sami Jamal
    Sami Jamal 2 месяца назад Yes. Must be exactly the same with everything because the circuit will never recognize Or the circuit must be restarted before connect them with batteries
  • Elektro Dado
    Elektro Dado 1 месяц назад Still you have to reset the mcu & eeprom counters. So you need debugging tool softaware and hardware. Forget about your accu. Go buy new one.
  • marcopolo
    marcopolo 4 месяца назад Good video. thanks
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    Ray J Год назад nice job...but you made me miss Christmas :(
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    EJ Tech Год назад Uploaded October 30 Uses Christmas music anyway
    INNOVATIVE IDEAS Год назад Bro, my videos slowly gets views counts. I was assuming that till 25 December, it may become viral... That's why... Anyway good question. Thanks.
  • Indiana Dana
    Indiana Dana 11 месяцев назад > Learn how to easily recondition old batteries back to 100% of their working condition.>> https://t.co/3ycayBV4e1?MOPOase3fd577f >
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  • Zia Zia Ul Qadir
    Zia Zia Ul Qadir 5 месяцев назад sir mera laptop h gateway ne56r market jo bi karido cell wo lage gha
    INNOVATIVE IDEAS 5 месяцев назад Kindly check the cells and purchase with the same mAh. Thanks
  • Husnain Waleed
    Husnain Waleed 5 месяцев назад Keep it up, stay blessed
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    Herman Rosenblat 4 дня назад All that stuffing around for just "once again". How do we make it twice again?
    MUSTAPHA ALI 1 месяц назад exellent video! thank you i will try to make more batteries for my laptop
  • Esra Erimez
    Esra Erimez 1 месяц назад NO!!!! You have an Ubuntu sticker on a laptop running Windows??? How could you?
    INNOVATIVE IDEAS 1 месяц назад Hey bro, this laptop supports both the operating systems, Ubuntu and windows 7 (pre installed).
  • Esra Erimez
    Esra Erimez 1 месяц назад @INNOVATIVE IDEAS Linux is the one true operating system. There is no other. :-)
  • Mar River
    Mar River 4 месяца назад where Do I get the replacement batteries ? Good work, namaste !
    INNOVATIVE IDEAS 4 месяца назад Link is given below video. These are lithium ion cells known as Li-ion batteries. Thanks
  • OffdaRoots
    OffdaRoots Неделю назад These batteries are also available in any electronic cigarette or VAPE store
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    siliveri ushanna 3 месяца назад how to replace hp Elitebook8470p graphics card
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    mazloum cell 4 дня назад (изменено) my congratulation,s for you ,guinse,😘