Replace your Laptop... with Something Worse!

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Apple thinks the iPad Pro 2018 is a computer. And it is! Sort of.

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  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 3 месяца назад Whoever wrote this script... SO good.
  • RezZ
    RezZ 3 месяца назад Probably the Writers
  • SainathSaravanan
    SainathSaravanan 3 месяца назад @RezZ ty vry cool
  • Artem Ilyumzhinov
    Artem Ilyumzhinov 3 месяца назад 3:39 brilliant that, yeah. Your bar isn’t high, is it?
  • iMrlegendz
    iMrlegendz 3 месяца назад It was amazing. Very grabbing. I loved it a lot.
  • Parmeet Bhatia
    Parmeet Bhatia 3 месяца назад Riley
  • Jevon Vermeulen
    Jevon Vermeulen 3 месяца назад Well the credits at the end say it was Riley
  • No name
    No name 3 месяца назад A round of applause for Riley Murdock.
  • s3_jarvis !
    s3_jarvis ! 3 месяца назад Grow a beard Linus. It'll be cool for viewers to watch.
  • Johnny Doe
    Johnny Doe 3 месяца назад There are credits at the end. It's Riley.
  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee 3 месяца назад the intro was hilarious
  • Roderick
    Roderick 3 месяца назад Soo good haha <3
  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black 3 месяца назад PRO WRITERS
  • EternalResonance
    EternalResonance 3 месяца назад thanks Linus for not selling out🤑 and keeping it real 🤓
  • Kevin Canada
    Kevin Canada 3 месяца назад Agreed! Script was very good, and I appreciate the perspective, the exasperated antics in the b roll footage not so much. It doesn't come off as genuine frustration, nor exemplifying the point the narrator is trying to make. Other than that, spot on video pointing out what a lot of people might regret if they only saw Apple commercials, and still respectful.
  • Yashmaan Sharma
    Yashmaan Sharma 3 месяца назад A pro user will buy computer. No need to listen to Apple. 😉
  • yO_ey
    yO_ey 2 месяца назад ONLY one script?
  • Steww fly booster
    Steww fly booster 2 месяца назад Riley
  • Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu
    Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu 23 часа назад They barely mentioned how damn powerful the A12X SoC is. No benchmarks. Nothing.
  • Gabrulo_knives_from_waste
    Gabrulo_knives_from_waste 3 месяца назад as always, apple isn't for professionals, but for people who think they are professionals
  • R Dunphy
    R Dunphy 2 месяца назад Gabrulo_knives_from_waste I dunno, have a mate who nets 100k per annum on his Mac creating images for a science image library.
  • Uku Tonsiver
    Uku Tonsiver 2 месяца назад Im a macbook pro owner and i love it but i gotta say youre kinda right
  • alucard1116
    alucard1116 2 месяца назад Um check out most offices in SF. You might think its pretentious but those are professionals using Apple products.
  • CraftedPixel
    CraftedPixel 2 месяца назад @alucard1116 but not iPad Pros
  • Victor Villalobos
    Victor Villalobos 2 месяца назад Apple IS for professionals AND for people who think they are professionals. At least the macbooks. FTFY
  • alucard1116
    alucard1116 2 месяца назад @Victor VillalobosThis is accurate. It is also for people who buy things regardless of price.
  • alucard1116
    alucard1116 2 месяца назад @CraftedPixel Hey thanks for that irrelevant comment. See: "apple isn't for professionals" above for actual context.
  • CraftedPixel
    CraftedPixel 2 месяца назад @alucard1116 This is the YouTube comments section. Google doesn't care what trash is posted down here.
  • PattyMayonnaise
    PattyMayonnaise 2 месяца назад A real professional knows that an ipad pro will not meet your needs.
  • Victor Villalobos
    Victor Villalobos 2 месяца назад @PattyMayonnaise Yeah, well, iPads are an exception.
  • Victor Villalobos
    Victor Villalobos 2 месяца назад @Big Poppa Burgundy Well that's just sad, but has no correlation whatsoever.
  • Victor Villalobos
    Victor Villalobos 2 месяца назад ​@Big Poppa Burgundy I agree with you. Buying a macbook pro to do heavy tasks such as rendering, unless you need to do it on the go, is a poor investment choice. But if you need to do work on the go AND you prefer the premium, comfort and easy-going experience Apple provides over having the best hardware in the market, you will go for Apple. In the end all comes down to personal preference. Your comment is a valid criticism, but saying things like Apple isn't for professionals, like the main comment in this thread, is just plain ignorance.
  • Victor Villalobos
    Victor Villalobos 2 месяца назад Big Poppa Burgundy Calm down dude, geez, sorry for my broken, second-language english.
  • Daniel Bradley
    Daniel Bradley 2 месяца назад Cause we all know that apps developed on a Mac totally make no money at all for the "people who think they are professionals"
  • Optimus27
    Optimus27 2 месяца назад The only thing from Apple that is for professionals is the MacBooks. The iPad Pro is just a basic tablet that has less software features than 95% of all android tablets/phones.
  • Daniel Bradley
    Daniel Bradley 2 месяца назад @Optimus27 And the iPad Pro is 1000x better to develop for and that is widely accepted by most tech websites to be the best tablet on the market, and (despite the nonsense you're trying to suggest) has 95% of the features of android tablets, though the same could be said for the other way around, android devices have 95% of the features of an iOS device, and it has full photoshop coming too it in 2019, and has high levels of graphics power with minimal battery use (editing the same photos for the same amount of time, both in Lightroom uses significantly less battery on the iPad Pro), and it has a really great screen, and has great ecosystem integration. Really to sum that up, it's not "just a basic tablet", and more than the Mac line is for pro's
  • balasa boby
    balasa boby 2 месяца назад @Big Poppa Burgundy why on hell work on laptop on serious job. They made laptops for portability not performance. If you make money buy an station. Win or mac.I use an imac pro 5k.
  • Optimus27
    Optimus27 2 месяца назад @Daniel Bradley No. The iPad has literally the most basic software features on a mobile device. So stop fanboying around, sheep. Every single android tablet has more software features than the iPad. That is a fact. Learn to deal with it, kid.
  • Gear Zen
    Gear Zen 2 месяца назад Creative professionals use Apple products. Office workers use Windows.
  • R Dunphy
    R Dunphy 2 месяца назад Big Poppa Burgundy see my comment about image artist on 100k
  • Nejc Furh
    Nejc Furh 2 месяца назад @Optimus27 Samsung Tab 3, 7.0 cannot play FULL HD video. You said every single Android Tablet. That includes those who are older gen, and this one cannot do something iPad can do. Your argument goes down the toilet. For additional info about what can you do on an iPad, go watch J. Morrison video about it. Will be good for your eyes. So that settles your last sentence. That is a fact. Deal with it, kid.  PS. Being a hater is pretty much the same as being a sheep. Both are blind.
  • MrDragon1968
    MrDragon1968 2 месяца назад 'apple isn't for professionals' Righto. Tell that to professional photographers over the last 20 years or so.