How to Replace a Garbage Disposal - The Home Depot

Опубликовано: 25 сент. 2008 г. 1 574 269 просмотров

If your garbage disposal is underperforming or too loud, it could be time for a new one. Learn how easy it is to install a new unit: https://thd.co/2yzO9kE

Learn about the differences between continuous and batch feed models, as well as other features available on new garbage disposal units.

Check out our garbage disposals currently available online: https://thd.co/2gSm5ja

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  • Daniel Howell
    Daniel Howell 6 месяцев назад They need to update this video. Instead of a stack of phone books, you'll need to use the five old cell phone boxes that you keep in your junk drawer for some unknown reason.
  • Sam Patrick
    Sam Patrick 3 года назад Thank you so much. My husband and I replaced our garbage disposal in 15 minutes with NO previous plumbing experience after watching just your video!! I did purchase the exact same one so I could leave the sink assembly in place. Thanks again!!!
  • Veronica Chambers
    Veronica Chambers 4 года назад Disposal replaced in an hour and a half. The toughest part was removing and replacing the ring. Used my leatherman toolkit to help get the old one off the flange assembly. This was by far the best video for replacing a disposer. As for connecting the dishwasher drain, simply fit the hose into the opening and tighten the screw ring that is already on the dishwasher hose. You can also refer to the directions that came with your unit. Thanks Home Depot, you rock.
  • Theresa Turner
    Theresa Turner 2 года назад that was easy. well out looked easy though. and plumbers charge 150.00 to do this??? #confusedlook
  • Sher S
    Sher S 2 года назад Isn't it called a garbage "disposal"... not a "disposer"?
  • d9baller
    d9baller 2 года назад Disposal was a GE trademark . So kind of like saying all tissues are Kleenex . At least that's what I heard
  • Keith Ferguson
    Keith Ferguson 2 года назад If you go by correct grammar then "disposer" is correct. It means a person or thing that disposes of something. Disposal is the action of disposing of something not the person or thing that is doing the disposing. Both are used in the industry to mean the same thing.
  • Eric D-J
    Eric D-J Год назад d9baller They actually had the trademark DisposALL
  • Bill Lopez
    Bill Lopez 4 месяца назад Doesn't matter. Arent they doing the same thing lol. What does a garbage disposal do? Its disposing all the food. Either way same thing
  • Don Bernhard
    Don Bernhard 3 месяца назад The Insinkerator brand uses the term disposer.
  • Steven Nichols
    Steven Nichols 8 месяцев назад I love you guys. You've saved me from what would surely have been a pickle of a day. You guys rock!!!!
  • Kowabunga Dude
    Kowabunga Dude Год назад Uh, what's a phone book?
  • John Tulloch
    John Tulloch Год назад lol
  • SickThoughts
    SickThoughts 11 месяцев назад Kowabunga Dude 😂😂😂😂😂
    MAGA MAN 9 месяцев назад We still get the occasional phone book, but they are much smaller than they used to be and we just throw them away as soon as we get them.
  • ScantPear809896
    ScantPear809896 6 месяцев назад Modern is shitty you do t know what a phone book is it is a book with phone numbers in it dimshit
  • The National Razor
    The National Razor 2 месяца назад Phone books were to the internet as landlines were to cell phones.
  • Tommy Daly
    Tommy Daly 4 года назад This is one of the best vids because they kept it simple, but you may want to look at more detailed vids that include tips and things you may need to know. Like many units (the #1 seller, Insinkerator) don't have colored wires, both are black and the positive (hot wire) is ribbed, the other wire is smooth. Only the ground wire is green. Also, the unit is quite heavy so using something to hold it near the height you need helps. Still a valuable addition, thanks.
  • Okaythen001
    Okaythen001 9 месяцев назад my fwd-1-4a has been leaking, few days ago I put banana with stem with it, that might has caused it or maybe age. I think it's 5 to 8 years old. The leak seems to come from the red button (if that matters any) when it was still working fine once awhile the water would build up but it will go down as soon as I turn it on (not overflowing or jammed right ?) So can I fix this or I need a new one? Can I just replace the main bottom part or do I need to take out everything and install the flange, rings etc (top part from top of sink with putty etc) thanks for your help
  • Mike Kerwin
    Mike Kerwin 4 года назад Very informative, thank you
  • The National Razor
    The National Razor 2 месяца назад Should have taken a few seconds to explain that the power cord must either be purchased separately ($10) or the old one can be used from the disposal being replaced.
  • Jay Diggles
    Jay Diggles 4 года назад sweet
  • Larry Edgar
    Larry Edgar 4 года назад Awesome video.  less than an hour start to finish AND no extra trips back to HD!  That's a first for me.
  • 9mmsteve
    9mmsteve 3 года назад @Larry Edgar The wiring is all wrong and he does not know what he is doing.
  • Citizen X
    Citizen X 3 недели назад Feel better? 😂😂😂 “Please, everyone, pay attention to me!”
  • The Culinary Fanatic
    The Culinary Fanatic 5 лет назад (изменено) A plumber wanted $600 to install a new disposal. I watched this video, went to Home Depot and got a disposal for $99, and fixed it myself in a little over an hour. Thank you, Home Depot!!!
  • Vladi Abramov
    Vladi Abramov Год назад The Culinary Fanatic iфильм вижу знаю
  • Vladi Abramov
    Vladi Abramov Год назад Фильм вижу знаю
  • John Tulloch
    John Tulloch Год назад (изменено) not true
  • Mike Peters
    Mike Peters Год назад Wow 600 bucks?? That's insane
  • Tony Curtis
    Tony Curtis 5 лет назад His concept of clockwise and counterclockwise are backwards
  • MrMPRandGumbo
    MrMPRandGumbo 5 лет назад Removing the old disposal and installing the new one is actually quite easy. The difficulty of this task comes with attaching the plumbing to the disposal. The existing plumbing under sink (in my house) is just a I had to do some pipe cutting and some minor plumbing. Finally got it installed and working; would have preferred to not have had to mess with plumbing though.
  • Tony Tramontana
    Tony Tramontana 5 лет назад THANKS! I'm a self admitted none handy man. My family as well myself was shocked I was able to replace. If I can do it, I think just about anyone can. Great Video!
  • Catherine
    Catherine 5 лет назад after you turn off the power (breaker box), good idea to turn off the hot and cold water under the sink.
  • Ricardo Rodríguez
    Ricardo Rodríguez 6 лет назад I had a leak for not putting any plumber putty the first time. The cardboard ring will disintegrate. Thank you for the video.
  • rcalvarado
    rcalvarado 6 лет назад Thank You Lord for YouTube, DIY VIDEOS. This video was very helpful and informative. I installed a new disposal like in an hr's time.