Repair Rust Holes in your car. How to weld.

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How to weld and Repair Rust Holes in your car using this method which will work on all types of rust holes or rot in your car. Also a quick guide on how to get good results using Mig welding. Step by Step walkthrough on this repair, Any questions please ask me!
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  • Sblexls
    Sblexls 8 месяцев назад Thumbs up bro! Love watching your videos and wish you plenty of success with your channel. You got my support all the way! Best of luck with your upcoming videos and always stay safe when you’re working. Can’t wait for new content to post!
    G POWER DRAGON 8 месяцев назад Don't Forget The Other Side Still Bare metal Good Idea to put rust protection
  • Matt Gary
    Matt Gary 8 месяцев назад Ha that was gas it should last a lifetime 2 seconds later it has no engine it's going to the scrap 👍😂😂
  • Gruby Garage Projekt
    Gruby Garage Projekt 8 месяцев назад You should put a coat of epoxy primer on bare metal before filler
  • dsmmonster
    dsmmonster 8 месяцев назад Gruby Garage Projekt if the body filler it’s compatible with bare metal its aceptable.. in fact I know a lot of body man that remove any primer to bare metal before a playing body filler..
  • Mr. Wizeguy
    Mr. Wizeguy 8 месяцев назад Most body fillers is meant to apply straight to bare metal.
  • DindendoPoika243
    DindendoPoika243 8 месяцев назад Epoxy filler is just another jewish conspiracy.
  • Frost12q
    Frost12q 7 месяцев назад @Mr. Wizeguy check this after two years after aplication...
  • Robert Kinney
    Robert Kinney 7 месяцев назад A poxy primers get on bare metal if you're gonna let it sit for a long time before you do body work
  • MallinsonBro
    MallinsonBro 1 месяц назад All body filly should be applied to your base material. You can't hide body filler if it's over paint otherwise you'll always have a high spot.
  • AaronBonBarron
    AaronBonBarron 8 месяцев назад Engage safety squints!
  • Wyatt Richardson
    Wyatt Richardson 3 месяца назад You don’t neeed safety glasses.....
  • Raymond Conway
    Raymond Conway 8 месяцев назад Great videos, well done. I think I'm getting the confidence to do a job on my car after watching a selection of your videos on this topic.
  • dualititties
    dualititties 8 месяцев назад Next time do us a favor and were some goggles to protect your eyes bro. :) Good vid
  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray 8 месяцев назад Not sure why you sanded the rust that you cut out.
  • Taunuslunatic
    Taunuslunatic 8 месяцев назад Maybe to see the extent of the rust.
  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage 8 месяцев назад Don't you love it when people who don't have a clue about something like to comment.
  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray 8 месяцев назад @Grimshaw Grummage Don't you love it when someone is a complete asshole over a genuine interest in why something was done a certain way.
  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business. 8 месяцев назад To fecking see if it needs to be cut out at all maybe?
  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley 7 месяцев назад Earl Gray. The purpose of that is to see the real extent of the rust. He did a wonderful job on the car and video. From your point of you I guess he could’ve explained why he did that grinding away of the rust.
  • David Punton
    David Punton 1 месяц назад Grimshaw Grummage, Be nice, it was only a question?
  • LetterSlayer
    LetterSlayer 4 недели назад @Earl Gray not really. some people just eat too much piss and vinegar chips.
  • M C
    M C 1 месяц назад Can you do a video on how to fix some small surface rust on the exterior of the car? Thanks!
  • Jaime Belinchón Martínez
    Jaime Belinchón Martínez 8 месяцев назад Great job! But.....use the angle grinder guard bro!
  • Dale Flaherty
    Dale Flaherty Неделю назад What's the thickness of the patch metal/steel? I need to weld patches on the sills of my alfa Romeo 147 due to rust. I've got a arc welder. Please help
  • Web Surfer
    Web Surfer 2 месяца назад Great job, your videos are all great, keep up the good work!
  • wardex
    wardex 1 месяц назад Always disconnect battery before welding on a car
  • mack 96
    mack 96 4 месяца назад Just watched the bonnet and wing video as well. The panel looked great to me. Reading the comments is gas.
  • John McHenry
    John McHenry 6 месяцев назад One of the best videos ever on how to actually repair it fast ,cheap and good 👌🏼
  • francis pilgrim
    francis pilgrim 1 месяц назад Good video letting it cool down in between tacks also people my want to take small breaks well grinding to much grinding at one time will heat up the metal and make it warped and yes paint the back with rocker guard and prime the bare metal then bondo then prime and put spot putty for the small scratches then prime and sand then paint. that is what i do. thanks for your video.
  • Av987
    Av987 8 месяцев назад Nice job dude ! But can you just spray clear coat over a scuffed up panel??? I always thought you'd have to hit it with a layer of base coat first
  • liquid paint 2
    liquid paint 2 2 недели назад I have a question for you Before the welding anything have to disconnect from the car ? I sawed my mechanic disconnect some electrical thing from my car before he start welding
  • Joe Atwork
    Joe Atwork 8 месяцев назад Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  • Andrey Anderson
    Andrey Anderson 8 месяцев назад халтура, на 2года max. ни грунта ни положил ни преобразователя ржавчины, ни герметика с зади. Можно было не вырезая наляпать сверху на дыры былоб тоже самое
  • Nikolay Chernuha
    Nikolay Chernuha 8 месяцев назад Да потом он ее выкинет, она стоит так копейки, просто решил человек заморочиться и сделать ролик