How to Repair Clear Coat Fix 100% all types

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How to guide on repairing old peeling or damaged clearcoat with amazing results you can do at home for small money and with professional results!. This guide is a complete fix for all types of clearcoat failure no matter the kind!

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Products used:
2K Clearcoat aerosol- https://amzn.to/2ANeEUJ
Primer Aersosol- https://amzn.to/2DctNR7
Sandpaper assortment- https://amzn.to/2RSrcUg
Masking Tape- https://amzn.to/2RLsZuy
Tack cloth- https://amzn.to/2RK60jv
Body Filler Bondo https://amzn.to/2Mai48q

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  • Mad4Motors
    Mad4Motors Год назад Watch me spray paint the Hood on this car! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_owAbAw7FSE
  • Sopheak Chhaing
    Sopheak Chhaing 10 месяцев назад Hi there! First thanks a bunch for the video. I'm planning to paint my faded trunk over the weekend. wonder if a can of both base and clear are enough?? Thanks
  • jack vale
    jack vale 10 месяцев назад Nice working!
  • Richard Neuberger
    Richard Neuberger 10 месяцев назад Mad4Motors
  • Leonardo Ombalino
    Leonardo Ombalino 9 месяцев назад Mad4Motors
  • Swiss Choco
    Swiss Choco 9 месяцев назад so i have a small convertible its RED, which one do i have to buy? or what? if i want Blue???? and after you do the last step, do you have to like polish it with Compound?
  • Jimmy Demongin
    Jimmy Demongin 8 месяцев назад Where can I buy these spry cans? Regular auto store?
  • Lorie Garcia
    Lorie Garcia 8 месяцев назад Vhf
  • Longmire West
    Longmire West 7 месяцев назад Mad for Motors hey where can I find the base coat of Hyundai vehicles
  • Abo Hilal
    Abo Hilal 7 месяцев назад Thanks for your efforts and time ....i just wanted to ask you ..i know the cleaar coat should be sprayed within 24 to 48 hours after painting would u explain that
  • Pedro Aguirre
    Pedro Aguirre 7 месяцев назад so i don't need to paint?. just the clear coat
  • Martin Tramil
    Martin Tramil 6 месяцев назад Where does one get the "correct" base paint..? Thanks for the upload too...!
    CALI ECHEVERRRIA 5 месяцев назад Mad4Motors u
  • Marcos Filho
    Marcos Filho 4 месяца назад Mad4Motors it’s all fun and games until your local auto shop runs out of clear coat and it becomes cheaper to buy a new hood then buy spray paint
  • Bent Nickel
    Bent Nickel 4 месяца назад No, dummy. Watch the video again. He applied several base coats.
  • Tristan Burns
    Tristan Burns 4 месяца назад Mad4Motors are you a spraypainter by trade?
  • Tristan Burns
    Tristan Burns 4 месяца назад Mad4Motors what's a tack rag?
  • Jose Jaimes
    Jose Jaimes 2 месяца назад Mad4Motors. Hey were would i fine all the 2k clear and the can that use the base coat handai black and the sand paper can u let me know
  • James Rice
    James Rice 1 месяц назад Dude, this was a badass video! Thanks for sharing 👍
  • Tom Ellison
    Tom Ellison 3 недели назад @Jose Jaimes auto parts stores will carry the clear coat. Your best bet for the base coat would be to just go to Hyundai they will be able to mix up the same color for you. You can find sandpaper at an auto parts store or a hardware store. Or you could take the easy route and just go to maaco. They give your vehicle a beautiful paint job that lasts a whole week😂
  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 2 месяца назад This guy just shut down 2 thousand paint shop across america lmao 💪🏻 real M.V.P
  • Mark Mikheyev
    Mark Mikheyev 2 месяца назад Wade Wilson lol spray can jobs are shot
  • Stefan Prijic
    Stefan Prijic 2 месяца назад Yeah panel shops rely on $500 cars coming in for repairs that exceed their price tag, RIP panel shops Side note, this is a temporary touch up and won't last very long and is only useful for flipping a cheap car
  • Andrew Glass
    Andrew Glass 2 месяца назад Gotta love capitalism
  • Onward
    Onward 1 месяц назад @Andrew Glass yeah I actually do because it rewards good ideas.
  • JKazama182
    JKazama182 1 месяц назад Yeah right! Until you do this and realize there is a huge step he missed, orange peal! Not to mention, that was just a fender! 75% of people dont have the time to can spray paint a whole car let alone the time it takes to sand by hand!!
  • Andrew Glass
    Andrew Glass 1 месяц назад JKazama182 He does mention orange peel, and this method is meant to repair individual panels not an entire car.
  • Andrew Glass
    Andrew Glass 1 месяц назад Cisco Fair enough😂
  • Justin Ralston
    Justin Ralston 1 месяц назад Hahahahaha no he didnt.
  • mixter7x7
    mixter7x7 1 месяц назад yeah - but NO the paints i use will stay on your car for 15 years minimum. these are wal-mart paints. they will peel again in a few years. they do not endure uv rays like professional paint systems. there are higher grade 2 part spray can paints, but the price tags go up with the quality. i am not advertising for paint shops - but a reality check is in order. there is some truth to the statement - " you get what you pay for "
  • -RGT-
    -RGT- 1 месяц назад I have this problem on my car right now, this guy is a God to me right now lol
  • REEF X mr
    REEF X mr 1 месяц назад Andrew Glass better than other economies, where everyone is driving a piece of shit like this one 😂
  • ed antonio
    ed antonio 1 месяц назад Andrew Glass your comment sounded really stupid and boring, no one is debating about government here except you .
  • Pedro Miguel de Almeida Areias
    Pedro Miguel de Almeida Areias 1 месяц назад @mixter7x7 Actually that can is 2k clear coat, for sale at Spraygunsdirect
  • Name Watcher
    Name Watcher 1 месяц назад Honda dealer tried to charge 3000 USD for this
  • Chino Del
    Chino Del 1 месяц назад Real shit 😂
  • 4vep vik
    4vep vik 1 месяц назад @JKazama182 Nobody is gonna spray a whole ride with aerosol but U can fix a wing or door!!..He's just showing feasibility on sections of the vehicle.
  • ed antonio
    ed antonio 1 месяц назад Name Watcher Probably because they don’t own a paint shop so therefore they will have to pay a subcontracted licensed person to do the job and at the same time make a profit, which is ridiculous and dumb from car owners to trust a dealership
  • Geovanni Castillo
    Geovanni Castillo 1 месяц назад 800grit someone who doesnt know wtf they are doing will burn through the clearcoat and the base lmfao
  • Paul Cysneros
    Paul Cysneros 3 недели назад @JKazama182 what is orange peel?
  • David Murphy
    David Murphy 2 недели назад (изменено) @mixter7x7 When I look up best paint to use for rims it always comes up with aerosol? I mean rims go through rocks debris, dirt and grime. I mean what is an expensive paint? I can order the paint from a dealer for my car for 10$. Can you give an example of good paint? I think your thinking of clear coat? I did buy the best clear coat I could buy in my opinion which was the 2k USC. I see body shops use this clear coat on body repairs and its 5$-32$. I don't know which is better but right now Rust-Oleum rated #1 clear coat for automotive and its 5$. Than the USC 2k clear coat is rated #1 on another site and its 32$. USC 2k on Amazon is rated #1 for automotive. Clear coat protects from uv rays its why its on all cars. Now for fixing my rims it took me 3 hours sanding than 30 mins applying the paint but I waited in between each time. I wanted to get the best possible clear coat I could get. I saw a professional shop sell black paint 1 gallon 37$ its made of enamel same bs in the aresol cans. Now ceramic is expensive.