How to Repair Clear Coat Fix 100% all types

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How to guide on repairing old peeling or damaged clearcoat with amazing results you can do at home for small money and with professional results!. This guide is a complete fix for all types of clearcoat failure no matter the kind!

Watch me Paint the Hood- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_owAb...

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Products used:
2K Clearcoat aerosol- https://amzn.to/2ANeEUJ
Primer Aersosol- https://amzn.to/2DctNR7
Sandpaper assortment- https://amzn.to/2RSrcUg
Masking Tape- https://amzn.to/2RLsZuy
Tack cloth- https://amzn.to/2RK60jv
Body Filler Bondo https://amzn.to/2Mai48q

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  • Mad4Motors
    Mad4Motors 10 месяцев назад Watch me spray paint the Hood on this car! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_owAbAw7FSE
  • Sopheak Chhaing
    Sopheak Chhaing 8 месяцев назад Hi there! First thanks a bunch for the video. I'm planning to paint my faded trunk over the weekend. wonder if a can of both base and clear are enough?? Thanks
  • jack vale
    jack vale 8 месяцев назад Nice working!
  • Richard Neuberger
    Richard Neuberger 8 месяцев назад Mad4Motors
  • Leonardo Ombalino
    Leonardo Ombalino 7 месяцев назад Mad4Motors
  • Swiss Choco
    Swiss Choco 7 месяцев назад so i have a small convertible its RED, which one do i have to buy? or what? if i want Blue???? and after you do the last step, do you have to like polish it with Compound?
  • Jimmy Demongin
    Jimmy Demongin 6 месяцев назад Where can I buy these spry cans? Regular auto store?
  • Lorie Garcia
    Lorie Garcia 6 месяцев назад Vhf
  • Longmire West
    Longmire West 5 месяцев назад Mad for Motors hey where can I find the base coat of Hyundai vehicles
  • Abo Hilal
    Abo Hilal 5 месяцев назад Thanks for your efforts and time ....i just wanted to ask you ..i know the cleaar coat should be sprayed within 24 to 48 hours after painting would u explain that
  • Pedro Aguirre
    Pedro Aguirre 5 месяцев назад so i don't need to paint?. just the clear coat
  • Martin Tramil
    Martin Tramil 4 месяца назад Where does one get the "correct" base paint..? Thanks for the upload too...!
    CALI ECHEVERRRIA 3 месяца назад Mad4Motors u
  • Marcos Filho
    Marcos Filho 2 месяца назад Mad4Motors it’s all fun and games until your local auto shop runs out of clear coat and it becomes cheaper to buy a new hood then buy spray paint
  • Bent Nickel
    Bent Nickel 2 месяца назад No, dummy. Watch the video again. He applied several base coats.
  • Tristan Burns
    Tristan Burns 2 месяца назад Mad4Motors are you a spraypainter by trade?
  • Tristan Burns
    Tristan Burns 2 месяца назад Mad4Motors what's a tack rag?
  • Jose Jaimes
    Jose Jaimes 2 недели назад Mad4Motors. Hey were would i fine all the 2k clear and the can that use the base coat handai black and the sand paper can u let me know
  • scientific method perspective
    scientific method perspective 5 месяцев назад Not bad for an Aerosol can! I also love how the video was short and strait to the point! Thanks a million
  • Bob Long
    Bob Long 2 месяца назад scientific method perspective I agree be nice if more youtube was like this
  • k Gio
    k Gio Неделю назад Strait? Of Gibraltar?
  • Duane Garrett
    Duane Garrett Неделю назад @k Gio 😂
  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 6 дней назад This guy just shut down 2 thousand paint shop across america lmao 💪🏻 real M.V.P
  • Mark Mikheyev
    Mark Mikheyev 11 часов назад Wade Wilson lol spray can jobs are shot
  • Stefan Prijic
    Stefan Prijic 5 часов назад Yeah panel shops rely on $500 cars coming in for repairs that exceed their price tag, RIP panel shops Side note, this is a temporary touch up and won't last very long and is only useful for flipping a cheap car
  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook 10 месяцев назад Very light orange peel, great job for sure!!
  • Njoy
    Njoy 9 месяцев назад He could get rid of that by wet sanding the clear coat 1 more time and then polishing it :)
  • Ziggy R
    Ziggy R 9 месяцев назад He's not going to do that when the clear coat is fresh obviously, you need to wait for at least a week before you can do that. He probably done that afterwards :)
  • Jeannie Houdeshell
    Jeannie Houdeshell 5 месяцев назад Michael Cook Mm Motorized bicycles
  • Jason Marten
    Jason Marten 5 месяцев назад its better to do it sooner as the clear is still pliable. Dont need to wait a week
  • Jorge Ribeiro
    Jorge Ribeiro 1 месяц назад @Njoyor just use compound and then polish.
  • Free Audio Books
    Free Audio Books 2 недели назад @Jason Marten moron
  • Wyatt Neff
    Wyatt Neff 2 недели назад @Jorge Ribeiro that wouldn't get rid of the orange pill that would just make it shiny. And he wouldn't risk wet sanding this clear because there is barley anything to sand. That clear is so dam think this diy hack job
  • Blitz Court
    Blitz Court Неделю назад Wet sand and buff will solve the problem
  • Blitz Court
    Blitz Court Неделю назад Jason Marten yeah about 2 or 3 days should be perfectly fine
  • jr Rangel
    jr Rangel 1 день назад It sounds to me like most of you guys haven't seen the paint on today's new cars or just some more rookies trying to sound like they know something.
  • Adan vald Contreras
    Adan vald Contreras Неделю назад Great job.. sounds like Connor McGregor. 😅
  • Retired at 49
    Retired at 49 11 месяцев назад I did this to a 22 year old Toyota pickup truck,figures I had nothing to lose. I was freaking amazed how good it turned out!...my advice to anybody who is thinking about doing this is just get over the fear of screwing s omthing up and just take your time and do it!...there are plenty of videos out there to follow although this one is very good!...I think you'll be amazed!
  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 11 месяцев назад john crawford John afew years back I paint my uncle Thunderbird 70's red color base coat with top coat white pearl. It turned out very PINK. I must have let the red paint dry more time. My uncle gave away the car to my aunt...
  • Scott McGill
    Scott McGill 9 месяцев назад I'm thinking about doing this to my 300zx, any tips? How long did your recoat last for, definitely gonna get the K2
  • sunny outdoors
    sunny outdoors 9 месяцев назад retired, how long did it take you ,to do your truck
  • Robert Pate
    Robert Pate 4 месяца назад Painted a car one time years ago, will never try that again! But paint repair? That's something I have done, and just like you said. Don't be scared of messing it up, just try it! You'll be amazed (if you get it right)
  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith 2 недели назад toyota is a UGLY Piece Of SHIT no matter how old or new it is everything toyota makes is TRASH
  • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47
    Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 2 недели назад @Scott McGill Year at best, and that's if you live in California. Out here on the east coast with our winters and salt, few months maybe.....
  • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47
    Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 2 недели назад @Karl Smith nobody gives af dude
  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith 2 недели назад @Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 STFU Dicksuckin Bitch toyota is TRASH
  • Official 3rigga
    Official 3rigga Неделю назад Th n. Lou y
  • OlBlueshound
    OlBlueshound 11 месяцев назад People tend to get a little hysterical about paint finish on older automobiles, this video is a great example of how a really quite presentable finish can be a achieved affordably & with a small amount of effort & work space available. No, this is not professional quality, but it is really amazingly good for spray cans & gives the car a new lease of life for a few years. Well done to you on sharing your skills on this as getting a cars paint professionally restored is almost beyond most of us financially now. And bonus is doing a section at a time is much easier than tackling the whole car at once.
  • Mad4Motors
    Mad4Motors 11 месяцев назад Yes very true it can be very expensive, and doing a small section at a time you can do it at home, I'm doing n the hood next
  • Raymundo Melendrez
    Raymundo Melendrez 5 месяцев назад Mad4Motors did you finish it do u have a video of it?
  • William Schuman
    William Schuman 3 недели назад Perfect if you have the time and not the money, I like it
  • jose pantoja
    jose pantoja 4 часа назад (изменено) 800 grid 1500grid Dry Paint Clear
  • Jag
    Jag 11 месяцев назад Now I have to do this to my entire SUV, damn!
  • Mad4Motors
    Mad4Motors 11 месяцев назад I have the hood to do next!
  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 11 месяцев назад Must be a Toyota
  • Thomas Poafpybitty
    Thomas Poafpybitty 11 месяцев назад Lol
  • The Runs
    The Runs 9 месяцев назад Na man. SUV's and 4x4's can look great with faded paint. Ugly manly charm. Mad max it up a bit.
  • samir derkouche
    samir derkouche 7 месяцев назад .نهخمدز. أ ه
  • lavapix
    lavapix 6 месяцев назад I'm guessing a Jeep Cherokee. Clearcoat failures nearly all years to 2001. My 99 has it bad.
  • Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez 1 месяц назад lavapix Lol I just bought a ‘99 Cherokee and that’s the reason I’m here
  • Michael Curry
    Michael Curry Год назад Been a casual detailer for years, never seen anyone do a diy clearcoat repair. Excellent work man, it looks great. Wish I would have known about this a few cars back. The attitude then was 'clearcoat failure? you need a new paint job!'
  • Jakub Žídek
    Jakub Žídek Год назад Michael Curry Did you just make almost the same comment on Reddit? lol
  • JrVtec
    JrVtec 11 месяцев назад Still a new paint job actually which is the only way to fix it but a bit more affordable which is perfect for a car that doesn't warrant taking to it to a shop.
  • splash
    splash 11 месяцев назад I think thats what he did here...
  • Michael Curry
    Michael Curry 11 месяцев назад splash yeah I think 'diy' is the point rather than paying hundreds or thousands.
  • Dave G
    Dave G 10 месяцев назад I was thinking the same, I bought a car about 6 months ago, and the previous owner had ignored some stone chips and maybe used a pressure washer on it, and the paint is peeling (meh the car was cheap) and I was thinking I would have to pay for a complete respray. Now I've seen this video, I can probably give it a go myself for a very small fraction of the cost.
  • TheBishop12
    TheBishop12 10 месяцев назад Dave G do update us on imgur when you get around to it!
  • Joe Wind
    Joe Wind 10 месяцев назад C2k clear coat in a can is a new thing. IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to breath... do your homework and get the special mask filters you need!
  • Gorillas & Guns
    Gorillas & Guns 9 месяцев назад Michael Curry trust me, it is the correct attitude to have.. I've been working on cars for 28 years , and tho what he did here is a quick cheap fix, it's never going to last. It would last longer I'd he sanded the bad clear right off and started from scratch. .. but if you can not afford to have professional paint repairs done .. then this is certainly a good alternative. ..
  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes 9 месяцев назад was your comment a joke or being facetious this guy puts a new paint job on the front fender and I'm done watching cuz it's a bunch of b*****
  • Dorothy Aye
    Dorothy Aye 9 месяцев назад Michael Curry powder
  • Fernando Melodious_Dissonance
    Fernando Melodious_Dissonance 8 месяцев назад I'm actually thinking of doing it this way- sand the bad clear and continue the layering. The only question I have is- what would be the recommended grit to do this?
  • Benn X
    Benn X 5 месяцев назад mörtel
  • Marie Miller
    Marie Miller 5 месяцев назад mike..he put black base coat on it and then recleared it....he did do a new paint job on the fender... not a great one but he repainted the fender . this is what used car hacks do to sell cars to folks who dont know about this stuff..
  • Marie Miller
    Marie Miller 5 месяцев назад the cause of the delamination on clear coat like that is because the base coat was allowed to dry way to long before the clear was put on a few years in the sun being attacked by uv rays and the clear will delaminate like that ..if the base coat has dried to long the base has to be scuffed with a gray pad or some other scuff sanding so the clear can adhere to the base coat fully. cars made on friday tend to have this happen because some of them sit overnight or 48 hours even but then on monday they wipe it down and clear it then a few years go by and the clear starts to delaminate all over the place..
  • André Carvalho
    André Carvalho 4 месяца назад and it needs ... now there is a "brand new" fender while the rest looks shity
  • holly butner
    holly butner 4 месяца назад Yeah thats what I always thought till recently but I always had a some idea that we xould do at least a decent job doing it ourselves
  • holly butner
    holly butner 4 месяца назад @Michael Curry yeah maco is about the cheapest and I think 1000 is an average. Basic clear coat. I just had some clear coat left afyer painting my grill and bumper so o tried it on 2 small spots after I got all the loose old coat off. And it looks 100 times better. Can hardly even see it. Especially just driving by me. My truck is finallu getting to the stuff that's cosmetic.. Lil more fun.
  • holly butner
    holly butner 4 месяца назад @Dave G practice on something else first and prep work is 90 perxent of the work in painting. Prep is thr most important part fpr sure..not to say you need good technique in oainting it as well. May take a lol practice but its not hard but you can easily f up
  • Russell Parker
    Russell Parker 4 месяца назад @Joe Wind you are correct I would recommend somebody get a actual respirator that has black organic cartridges or yellow chemical cartridges or maybe some purple HEPA that are piggybacked with organic or chemical 3M makes wonderful products but when it comes to respirators I would order North hoedown environmental cleanup on my life I had to wear respirators for 20 years and 3M respirators just don't hold up here as long as the North
  • Brian Keith Null
    Brian Keith Null 4 месяца назад @holly butner yes iust recently had that experience in painting the rear spoiler on my car. Ordered custom base coat and clear coat. To the cost of about $75. I didn't have any problems with the base coat it came out very well. Where I FUBBRed it was in the clear coat stage. I didn't wait long enough between coats of clear, it came out rough in parts, good in few parts and worse in other parts. I gave up. Bought another can of each base and clear. I sanded if all if the damages that I'd created. Then got a friend not mine who is actually good at this to do it over for me. You my friend are ,100% correct! It is VERY easy to f it up
  • Ricky Westley
    Ricky Westley 2 месяца назад Would be interesting to see how long it lasts though.
  • Jamie Mullins
    Jamie Mullins 7 часов назад sander like base primer go clear coat shine.
  • F. Will
    F. Will Год назад Fantastic finish gives me confidence to do this at home. Thank you.😊
  • Mad4Motors
    Mad4Motors Год назад I was suprised of the finish from a rattle can myself!
  • Jan Kindl
    Jan Kindl 11 месяцев назад we will see after one winter :)
  • Zod of Heaven
    Zod of Heaven 11 месяцев назад Your speed with the can seems to have done it. Hope mine turns out at least 50% as good.
  • James rotunno
    James rotunno 2 месяца назад Have you done yours yet, if so how is it
  • David Ramos
    David Ramos 2 недели назад Now you got to do the rest of the car
  • Margherita C
    Margherita C Неделю назад Outstanding! Today I learnt something, getting over the fear of botching it up, thankyou.
  • mixter7x7
    mixter7x7 3 недели назад note : to get the best results from spray can paint - heat the can ( safely ) - until the can is heat soaked through to about 100* f 40-50*c this will help the paint propellants - it will thin the paint droplets and cause it lay nicely preventing orange peel appearance. still a nice job for a spray can.
  • Jay Bear
    Jay Bear 1 день назад Dude that was awesome.
  • E.H. Lipton
    E.H. Lipton 2 недели назад Nice job, many a spray bomb paint can has passed my hands too an auto or cycle since the seventys. Some custom, some entire repaints with good results. In the 80s I moved on too a Sharp's no.7 or a Develbis. Loved those days.
  • ball sack
    ball sack 12 часов назад Looks like it got sun burn
  • djshotokan
    djshotokan Неделю назад I legit thought this was going to have a ton of orange peel for a spray can but as you say, take your time and prep. Now Im going to go around and just do single fenders and leave the rest of peoples cars a mess! HA!
  • Junior Mudd
    Junior Mudd 2 дня назад good nuff for my car thanks