How Fuchsia OS might REPLACE Android

Опубликовано: 13 дек. 2018 г. 1 652 732 просмотра

Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS might end up replacing Android - Let's find out about release date, and what smartphones and devices might run it!

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  • Dogbunns
    Dogbunns 1 месяц назад Google realized they're gonna run out of letters after Android Z
  • InfiniteAJ
    InfiniteAJ 1 месяц назад Inb4 Android A1 - Z1.
  • Highest
    Highest 1 месяц назад @InfiniteAJ Android ZA - ZZ
  • Willy André Bergstrøm
    Willy André Bergstrøm 2 недели назад They'll still have a couple of years if they include Scandinavian characters. Bumps the alphabet from 26 to 29 characters, adding æøå after z :)
  • Noxiouz
    Noxiouz 2 недели назад aa ab ac etc
  • HardstylerDK
    HardstylerDK Неделю назад @Willy André Bergstrøm jep 😂
  • Idk lol
    Idk lol Неделю назад Willy André Bergstrøm You can’t start a word on them, let alone deserts.
  • Joshua Amador
    Joshua Amador 5 месяцев назад I feel like you were seducing me the entire video
  • asemnafiz
    asemnafiz 4 месяца назад Did it work? XD
  • Blesson Abraham
    Blesson Abraham 4 месяца назад i came down into comments to see if anyone mentioned this!! 😂
  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh 4 месяца назад lmao the new os already makes me horny
  • AsLaanz
    AsLaanz 4 месяца назад Gayndroid OS...
  • Ainer Caillat
    Ainer Caillat 4 месяца назад Hahaha.. I felt the same. Shoot! don't look at me like that. XD
  • Stacey Co
    Stacey Co 4 месяца назад Thats triple gay
  • Ian Pender P
    Ian Pender P 4 месяца назад (изменено) Calling yourself Armani is pretty gay
  • Yunus Akay
    Yunus Akay 4 месяца назад @Stacey Co quadruple gay, I'm right with those guys lol
  • GlobalCitizen
    GlobalCitizen 4 месяца назад I P really? That's It? That was your incredible comeback? Put your panties back on and try again, homo.
  • Lesamel Bañares
    Lesamel Bañares 4 месяца назад hahahaha
  • RangerRick456
    RangerRick456 4 месяца назад The nofap is strong with this one
  • 烏龜
    烏龜 3 месяца назад @GlobalCitizen You're being annoying. Saying homo every time, it's the same as calling someone white or black everytime saying a sentence, it's not an insult just annoying. "Put your panties back on and try again, homo." Hehehe no one would take of their pants, especially when insulting an insignificant dimwit like you. If you don't agree with gays, that's okay by all means. But you screaming it in our ears or insulting doesn't change shit, you're just spreading hate. Ew.
  • Hao Wei Li
    Hao Wei Li 3 месяца назад No homo
  • M64 Serrano
    M64 Serrano 2 месяца назад Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahha
  • DoThiam Sn
    DoThiam Sn 2 месяца назад I felt exactly the same
  • Kage Krôss
    Kage Krôss 1 месяц назад His accent and voice is too perfect I hate it and like it at the same time.
  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar 1 месяц назад 😁😁
  • mohamad medlej
    mohamad medlej 4 недели назад Wrong hand gestures.... tiring
  • Raven Lozo
    Raven Lozo 4 недели назад I came twice throughout the vid ;) lol
  • edisonsun21c
    edisonsun21c 4 недели назад Dafuq...
  • Justine Cepriano
    Justine Cepriano 2 недели назад yep he's seducing me too lol
  • Aacro X
    Aacro X 5 месяцев назад 0:32 “…based on the Linux kernel” shows Linus’ face
  • Frisno Bostrom
    Frisno Bostrom 4 месяца назад Totally made by Linus Sebastian, not Linus Torvalds
  • Nic B Creations
    Nic B Creations 2 месяца назад OMG ROFLMAO
  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 2 месяца назад Def the wrong linus....
  • wuppi
    wuppi 2 месяца назад Linus kappa face tho
  • Neil Oosthuizen
    Neil Oosthuizen 1 месяц назад Not the biggest fallacies in the video
  • Sorry not Sorry
    Sorry not Sorry 1 месяц назад Neil Oosthuizen oh