HP 15 TOUCH SMART Disassembly and fan cleaning Laptop repair

Опубликовано: 25 мар. 2016 г. 151 929 просмотров

In this video tutorial, I will guide you how to disassemble the HP 15 TOUCH SMART notebook.

  • David Parkins
    David Parkins Год назад Wow that music sucks
  • Haron Dj
    Haron Dj 1 месяц назад i had to watch this with mute on ! fook the sunny day )))
  • Omikk Senju
    Omikk Senju 9 месяцев назад Thanks alot for dat info boss, the music also made your vid all the more fun to watch,. respect (y)
  • Kippu1
    Kippu1 Год назад Doe's anyone know how to fix a household light bulb please!
  • Sunny Yadav Kumar
    Sunny Yadav Kumar 9 месяцев назад Laptop screen me light Nahi aa rha hai open ho jata hai
  • Kokkuモンスター
    Kokkuモンスター Год назад I opened up my laptop to see my fan was gone and I have never disassembled my laptop before 😂😂😂😂Help
  • Vines BR
    Vines BR Год назад A virus might have taken it away!
  • Akim Williams
    Akim Williams 11 месяцев назад i recently opened mine and realized that there was no fan also
  • Omikk Senju
    Omikk Senju 9 месяцев назад Serious,.!? lemme open mine to see wat goin on, no wounder dat fucker does just overheat so quick,..!
  • Param 007
    Param 007 3 месяца назад @Vines BR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ryt
  • Param 007
  • John Jeremias
    John Jeremias 2 года назад thanks, great video! it was or great help to me, have same model and got my fan working now. jawad ahmed: Grey substance is thermal conductive paste needed only if CPU is disassembled (not necessary if only fan cleaning stage is reached - my case and common case)
  • oliver o shea
    oliver o shea Год назад anyone know how to disassemble hp 14-bp0xx
  • Sully757 s
    Sully757 s 2 года назад What was the part# of the fan assembly?
  • KingAndrew5000
    KingAndrew5000 Год назад the bass drop in the song is sick!
  • Sonu Chouhan
    Sonu Chouhan Год назад whats the song its sooo good
  • Goat Man
    Goat Man 10 месяцев назад Sonu Chouhan ikr
  • keshav mungde
    keshav mungde Неделю назад Wo--oo-oh sunny day😂
  • Peter Cram
    Peter Cram Год назад I personally would like to build my own laptop, but I can’t find the kits for said project. I’ve heard about barebone laptops you can mod but you still can’t change much but ram memory and hard drive and maybe cpu. Desktop computers are easier to build, just can’t afford to build the high end game computer systems😟
  • Technoholic
    Technoholic 11 месяцев назад Instructions were not clear... ...Now I got my phone in the toilet.
  • keshav mungde
    keshav mungde Неделю назад Lol😂😂
  • taco9797998907907
    taco9797998907907 Год назад is this a 15-f100dx ?
  • Ismael Just ice
    Ismael Just ice 2 года назад (изменено) Ty for video.. BTW hp lattops are craps dont buy it. Worthless piece of craps...
  • Neil Numba9
    Neil Numba9 2 года назад Ismael Just ice you are stfu
  • Ismael Just ice
    Ismael Just ice 2 года назад are you the owner of hp ? why u defend brands? Because you bought it ? kidos
  • Neil Numba9
    Neil Numba9 2 года назад well I have a dell and hp is good
  • James Washington
    James Washington Год назад They all have the same parts inside unless you have an Apple
  • flor1da
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  • Josh TR
    Josh TR Год назад Actually low-end ones are...
  • Readme .txt
    Readme .txt Год назад Printers as well.
  • whomanek
    whomanek 10 месяцев назад I had HP laptop for 6 years and never had problems ... til it drunk 2L of wine :/
  • Dikang Zhao
    Dikang Zhao 7 месяцев назад Yeah... mines just blew up and caught fire and melted of extreme gaming
  • Lordlance Acuña
    Lordlance Acuña 2 года назад what are the tools you used?
  • Dayz Ahead
    Dayz Ahead 2 года назад thanks a lot
  • Jonasz Przybycień
    Jonasz Przybycień Год назад I have HP 150af169nw laptop where the keyboard iz not replaceable. I unscreewed all screws including those under the pads and those hidden behind the battery but I cant go any further. Please help!
  • Sajan Limbu
    Sajan Limbu Год назад @Laptop repair what is that tool is used to open front part of your laptop ?
  • jawad ahmed
    jawad ahmed 2 года назад btw what was that grey substance you pasted on it?
  • Mickdoodle
    Mickdoodle Год назад jawad ahmed thermal paste