Why They Want To Replace White People

Опубликовано: 22 нояб. 2018 г. 962 479 просмотров

Here are reasons why maniac elites want to replace White people.

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  • D. O.
    D. O. 1 месяц назад I'm Proud to Be White
  • John Connor
    John Connor 1 месяц назад All the most beautiful people on TV, movies, models aren't altwhite Nazis. You guys have no TV, no music, no movies, no people! you suck you're lame no wonder your all miserable and hateful. Keep blaming your shit life on brownies and gays. Also white men love men of color! How do gay white guys everywhere fit into that. They'll love multiculturalism by which I mean getting penetrated by minorities.
  • tom8181
    tom8181 3 недели назад me too
  • tom8181
    tom8181 3 недели назад Im dreamer
  • Ignacio Bahamonde
    Ignacio Bahamonde 3 недели назад @John Connor You are so wrong, but keep crying
  • John Connor
    John Connor 3 недели назад (изменено) @Ignacio Bahamonde Lots of white guys on grindr looking to get multicultural.. So again what do you guys have? Culture?? Lmao! Sure isn't your food, music, or movies.. Seem to have racism down, you boys just don't have a lot of range.
  • Willem Hamm
    Willem Hamm 3 недели назад @John Connor We have many different ethnic groups in Europe, we created most of the modern western world. We've beat and overcome all. We have outdone all.
  • Tony G
    Tony G 3 недели назад @Ignacio Bahamonde He's wrong about what mogolico?
  • Κώστας ο Ζέξη
    Κώστας ο Ζέξη 3 недели назад @John Connor hey fellow subhuman. Who invented your computer?
  • John Connor
    John Connor 3 недели назад @Κώστας ο Ζέξη Statistically Somebody would have invented it, makes sense it would be someone who was actually allowed to own property and money. I wouldn't brag, or really understand you claiming like you or yours even helped in the making of modern technology. I don't imagine you have accomplishments of your own. It's like saying women didn't invent anything, only men did. Well women didn't have basic rights for so long not to mention guys like you would just steal the copyright. Several people went into the making of my device but you've never met any of them. You can think you invented the dildo if you want, I'd believe that..
  • John Connor
    John Connor 3 недели назад @Κώστας ο Ζέξη go fuck your sister NAZI
  • Κώστας ο Ζέξη
    Κώστας ο Ζέξη 3 недели назад @John Connor your comment was full of anti-white hate and you used a white inventions to type it. Sad.
  • smartchip
    smartchip 3 недели назад I am proud to be a good human being,
  • Mr_Mack_In Denver
    Mr_Mack_In Denver 3 недели назад (изменено) @ D.O. - RAAAACCISST!!!! ; )
  • William Nunn
    William Nunn 3 недели назад Fucking cunty John connor troll. There is a terminator after you 😃. I'm proud to be white, and also have diverse friends too.
  • Kevin Tiedeman
    Kevin Tiedeman 2 недели назад @John Connor Fuck off! Let's see how long this world lasts without white people, I bet it won't last long at all without us!
  • Tang Zhong Yu Mark Mark
    Tang Zhong Yu Mark Mark 2 недели назад Breed like fuck dude
  • bearded ginger MI
    bearded ginger MI 2 недели назад Hey just to throw this out there... we are smarter then most, so we should try and refrain from acting or speaking like others. You can not be proud of something you had no control over the fact that we are white is nothing to be proud of because it makes no sense with the definition. Maybe say your proud of everything good our ancestors accomplished or be proud of something you personally accomplished. Saying your simply proud of being white is like saying your proud to have feet. We need to remember there is no limit to how high we can go we have proven it over and over again