Why They Want To Replace White People

Опубликовано: 22 нояб. 2018 г. 1 012 858 просмотров

Here are reasons why maniac elites want to replace White people.

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#GreatReplacement #WhitePeople #Globalists

  • november132
    november132 2 месяца назад The UN and EU need to be destroyed
  • yadidimean18
    yadidimean18 1 месяц назад november132 by you?
  • His Memenes
    His Memenes 1 месяц назад @yadidimean18 By anyone that doesn't force me to let people in my country if I don't want to. I say at the end of the day it's up to the people., just put it to a vote and see if the majority of the country is ok with sharing it with other people.
  • Max Pain
    Max Pain 3 недели назад Don’t forget NATO
  • Sorzin
    Sorzin 3 недели назад @His Memenes And why should I or anyone else care about who you decide gets to live in your country. You probably don't even have the authority to issue a parking ticket much less decide immigration policy. Get a life and leave other people alone. They can live whereever they please
  • His Memenes
    His Memenes 2 недели назад (изменено) @Sorzin Man, people can do whatever the fuck they want. As long as they don't interfere in my personal affairs I couldn't care less. Also, you shouldn't care about my opinion, because that's all it is. An opinion. Not a fact or a law. People are entitled to their own free thoughts.
  • Heather Woods
    Heather Woods 2 недели назад Well said 123
  • neliz8
    neliz8 2 недели назад Sorzin immigrants from the middle east and africa are just not welcome in Europe deal with it , leave Europe yourself or get our revenge you have a choice we don't because the defence against globalism has begun and we will win in the end and you know it.
  • dive2663225
    dive2663225 2 недели назад Without a DOUBT !! They are..as One,, It was Great Our President signed us out of the UN
  • stalker
    stalker 2 недели назад Nope
  • Carlos Corona
    Carlos Corona 2 недели назад Go to the hell mother fucker leftist
  • Figi Moheder
    Figi Moheder 2 недели назад (изменено) No, the sheeple has been brainwashed and decimated. A lot of whites have traitored to the unity, comradery, proudness, familiarity, beauty, sanity, normalcy, and HOMELAND BELONGING to its own race because of the Jewish Zionist lies flashed constantly on their tv screens, news and movies...and they made the wrong choice. No, these sick traitors need to be locked away and stopped, not vote. They're unbalanced and easily manipulated (hell, they try to be gay and interracially genocide the white race away overnight just because Israel tells them to at a moments notice!). They are very dangerous and shouldn't be on the outside of a prison wall or psychiatric facility. @His Memenes
  • Free Speech is vital
    Free Speech is vital Неделю назад research the grand solar minimum
  • Jude Knight
    Jude Knight 5 дней назад Sorzin No they can’t: we whites don’t want all the violent, filthy, child rapist scum from the viciously misogynistic and ignorant third world as you are ruining our beautiful countries.
  • B TT
    B TT 2 дня назад I did not vote for them.
  • B TT
    B TT 2 дня назад @Sorzin Get a life?! That is what he wants without filthy migrants! You are a moron. Not only for using clichés, but in the wrong time.
  • Tero Manner
    Tero Manner 2 дня назад @yadidimean18 Yes and by me. And countless many. Very soon, we Will forc them out of Europe, despite what The Elite do.
  • yadidimean18
    yadidimean18 2 дня назад Tero Manner yeah sure, then you’ll all be executed when u realize the only way to “force” a group of people is to violently do so. Then you’ll be just as bad as anything you claim to be against... The same ridiculousness that plagues us now will be there again, except worse. Have fun with that... Meanwhile in the States, minorities are actually practicing the 2nd amendment, and will be a majority in the country before long. You can’t stop anything, there’s no sense in your impotent rage. 🐑
  • Tero Manner
    Tero Manner 2 дня назад @yadidimean18 oh Yes, i forgot to mention that we will perform this matter by legal means, of course. Leftists like you can not stop us. The current immigration to western nations IS illegal in every sense. Wake up..PS. dont take this as we would take over like nazis Did in Germany in 30s
  • Uncommon Sense *Australia*
    Uncommon Sense *Australia* 2 месяца назад I'm a proud, straight, white Male 👌🇦🇺
  • just a friend
    just a friend 1 месяц назад lol. i hate when they use straight white male as an insult and living in a country where white men built.
  • Whitey McBride
    Whitey McBride 1 месяц назад With an avatar of Brad Pitt? Whatever you say?!?!
  • Uncommon Sense *Australia*
    Uncommon Sense *Australia* 1 месяц назад @Whitey McBride Haha yea good one mate 😅 It's just a reference to the movie "fight club". It's my favourite movie and Tyler Durden is a great character. He speaks a lot about consumerism and how the government try to contol us. Highly recommend if you haven't seen it 👍
  • Sightseeing
    Sightseeing 1 месяц назад Ugh. So boring.
  • Justin Thies
    Justin Thies 1 месяц назад Welp, of to the gulag.
  • Sightseeing
    Sightseeing 1 месяц назад And an idiot.
  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 1 месяц назад A rarity!
  • pheonix 5
    pheonix 5 1 месяц назад (изменено) Well now, let it be noted, however, that NOT EVERY great white male in history has been "straight" - Michelangelo di Lodovico, Leonardo Da Vinci ( who, by the way, was shown at 6:08 in the video here ^ ), Oscar Wild, Liberace to give a few more obvious examples.
  • His Memenes
    His Memenes 1 месяц назад Damn straight. The fact that people try to make me feel bad about it is simply appalling.
  • Andrew Wells
    Andrew Wells 1 месяц назад Uncommon Sense Australia me too makes us the worst of the worst........ fuck em all.
  • Ksloozy Doo
    Ksloozy Doo 4 недели назад Proud maybe, but you will be highly discriminated against.
  • pheonix 5
    pheonix 5 3 недели назад @porky bull I know. Now make no mistake, I'm not some total super LGBT liberal or anything like that, and I still believe things like that children should be raised by parents of the opposite sex .. . I was just pointing out a truth is all.
  • Mattthemangler
    Mattthemangler 3 недели назад Lol people attack you for saying that. Honk honk!
  • Mary N&L&Ax2
    Mary N&L&Ax2 3 недели назад Uncommon Sense from Aborigenes Land : you forgot with a little dick , do not worry we all know that in Europe : almost all "white men" (from Europe) have a problem with "Black People" (from Africa) dick BUT NOT the "white" woman : you see what I mean?. It 's just a new from your ancient land.
  • Kendy lovee
    Kendy lovee 2 недели назад @just a friend White men did not build America. Asians and Black people did.
    JUDAH THE LION 2 недели назад WHO is they? it's in prophecy that ESAU will decline. white people are cursed and soon the demise will come===all the hate and bitter towards others
  • Uncommon Sense *Australia*
    Uncommon Sense *Australia* 2 недели назад @Mary N&L&Ax2 It's our land now, survival of the fittest 🇦🇺
  • Don’t trust MSN Ever
    Don’t trust MSN Ever 2 недели назад OY Vey!
  • Hanukkah P0rnoAgent
    Hanukkah P0rnoAgent 2 недели назад Uncommon Sense Australia Go watch “Fight Club the 911 prediction”.
  • Loco Badger
    Loco Badger 2 недели назад @JUDAH THE LION Esau are Jews moron!
  • Loco Badger
    Loco Badger 2 недели назад @Kendy lovee Black people did not build America! Irish, German, Italian, did the majority of the work, the Asians helped, but blacks basically hauled some bricks around, and picked cotton for some rich jews that owned the plantations.
  • tru blu
    tru blu 2 недели назад 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
  • paul austin
    paul austin 2 недели назад @JUDAH THE LION Fuck off you low Intel jiggaboo!
  • Mary N&L&Ax2
    Mary N&L&Ax2 2 недели назад @Uncommon Sense *Australia* Well , theft is forbidden and punished in ALL the laws of the World : it 's also written in YOUR bible : - 0 ==> 0 ==> 2019 = you CAN NOT NEVER erase the Past so AUSTRALIA BELONGS TO THE ABORIGENES FIRST. You can survive without horrors BY Intelligence , Clever , Smart and Creativity : African People NEVER assaulted another People and they are STILL alive : THINK . By the way : are you smart ? clever? Creative?
  • Uncommon Sense *Australia*
    Uncommon Sense *Australia* 2 недели назад @Mary N&L&Ax2 Are you a troll or just incredibly stupid? Africans never hurt anyone?! As we speak there are hundreds of christians in prison camps across Nigeria. Over the last 2 years there were 600 churches burnt down and around 6000 christians murdered in Africa. That's just one example out of thousands throughout history. Unfortunately all races are capable of bad things.
  • Uncommon Sense *Australia*
    Uncommon Sense *Australia* 2 недели назад @Hanukkah P0rnoAgent Just watched a short clip, looks pretty interesting. Do you have a specific recommendation? Link by chance? Thanks 👍
  • Jade O 'Hara
    Jade O 'Hara Неделю назад Uncommon Sense Australia Aryan Unity Brother !!!
  • Jade O 'Hara
    Jade O 'Hara Неделю назад Uncommon Sense Australia great movie ,,, rule#1 ,,,haha yeahh great movie
  • Jade O 'Hara
    Jade O 'Hara Неделю назад pheonix 5 * don't forget uncle Addie ,,( Adolf Hitler the Hero !!!)
  • JonnyTGood
    JonnyTGood 6 дней назад Good job. Stay that way brother. Adelaide.
  • JonnyTGood
    JonnyTGood 6 дней назад @pheonix 5 A massive majority were straight. You give some examples... but that is all they are. If the majority weren't traditionally straight, healthy families YOU would NOT exist. Just some obvious facts for you.
  • Jade O 'Hara
    Jade O 'Hara 6 дней назад Uncommon Sense Australia * WAU from West Va Appalachia ( good one - l got it haha fuckin great !!!)
  • Harry Knackers
    Harry Knackers 6 дней назад Hail!
  • Baphomet novus ordo seclorum
    Baphomet novus ordo seclorum 3 дня назад shoot your self
  • B TT
    B TT 2 дня назад @Mary N&L&Ax2 African people never assaulted another people?? Check for black slave owners. Check black Africans killing whites. They are still alive?? Thank white civilization. Thank white handouts. Check out white countries filled with you....
  • B TT
    B TT 2 дня назад @Mary N&L&Ax2 White woman?? Interesting. I am one and I would not touch a black man for a million. Neither my peers.. Gigant dics?? They are. Stupid as fuck. Just like their female versions. The few white woman they fuck, are some left wing liberal notjobs. They can fuck'em apart. We won't miss them.
  • Juan Valdez
    Juan Valdez 1 день назад @Kendy lovee bullshit. You should be asleep anyway. You have school tomorrow, another day of indoctrination awaits you.
  • Jason Deleon
    Jason Deleon 2 месяца назад She is 100% right
  • john wyborn
    john wyborn 3 недели назад Jason Deleon I don't think so. But I do see her point. Recently there was a shooting at a Jewish supremacist synagogue - and the killer is now defamed as a white supremacist. And the Zionist are given a quasi ethical antisemitic pass to world domination. Trust Jesus Don't accept the bullshit. We're all being provoke into making bad decisions. And believing the lies of human supremacy.
  • stalker
    stalker 2 недели назад *wrong
  • Hanukkah P0rnoAgent
    Hanukkah P0rnoAgent 2 недели назад stalker - ok loser
  • 小白R
    小白R 2 недели назад what she said is good.
  • stalker
    stalker 2 недели назад @Hanukkah P0rnoAgent Ok Jew
  • stalker
    stalker 2 недели назад @小白R Incorrect.
  • 小白R
    小白R 2 недели назад @stalker what she said is CORRECT. left wing want WHITE to be EXTINCT, left wing are TERRIBLE.
  • 小白R
    小白R 2 недели назад @stalker why left wing want WHITE PEOPLE & WHITE CULTURE to be extinct? WHITE & WHITE CULTURE are INnocent. left wing are so TERRIBLE & TOTALITARIAN.
  • 小白R
    小白R 2 недели назад @stalker why are left wing promoting COMMUNISM? left wing don't call themselves as COMMUNISM, but what they did are COMMUNISM.
  • 小白R
    小白R 2 недели назад @stalker globalism are promoting INVADE, invade PURE & NATURAL culture.
  • stalker
    stalker 2 недели назад @小白R 1. We Leftists do not wish extinction for white people. That would be fucking stupid. 2. There are many totalitarian Leftists, but the number of totalitarian Righties is FAR bigger. 3. Most Leftists are not Communists. Most Leftists are Liberals or Socialists. 4. Do you know the difference between Liberalism, Socialism and Communism? 5. Globalism promotes a more connected world, and more cooperation between nations. 6. What fucking pure and natural culture?
  • Tor onion
    Tor onion Неделю назад ture
  • 小白R
    小白R Неделю назад (изменено) @stalker 1. Leftists do wish extinction for white people. 2. There are many totalitarian Leftists, but the number of totalitarian Righties is ZERO. 3. Most Leftists are Communists. Communists = Liberals = Socialists. 4. Do you know NO difference between Liberalism, Socialism and Communism? 5. Globalism promotes invade culture. 6. you ask What fucking pure and natural culture, that meant leftists love extinct PURE & NATURAL culture. leftists are BACKWARD & STUPID.
  • 小白R
    小白R Неделю назад @stalker why do u hate & afraid of PURE & NATURAL WHITE culture? please u stop hate. please u drop your glass heart & weak mind. please pick up courage to face PURE & NATURAL WHITE.
  • stalker
    stalker Неделю назад @小白R You're a troll, aren't you?
  • Chi Huang
    Chi Huang Неделю назад It’s 100% wrong to be right
  • Matej Pfajfar
    Matej Pfajfar 2 месяца назад Personally, I like what Hungary did with its borders. It's their country and their right to chose who to let in and whom not.
  • malthus101
    malthus101 1 месяц назад absolutely
  • MrFredstt
    MrFredstt 1 месяц назад I also like what they're doing to increase birthrates
  • drspastic
    drspastic 1 месяц назад I like what Vlad tepes dracula did with Romania's borders. Most decorative
  • BonQuiQui HGII
    BonQuiQui HGII 1 месяц назад Poland is where it's at
  • Scorpio Rob
    Scorpio Rob 4 недели назад @drspastic Lol