Junkyard Rescue! Saving a 1950 GMC Truck - Roadkill Ep. 31

Опубликовано: 8 авг. 2014 г. 12 777 426 просмотров

One of the most incredible junkyards in the history of junk is Turner's Auto Wrecking in Fresno, California—and on this episode of Roadkill, Freiburger and Finnegan hit those 100 acres of vintage sheetmetal and go spelunking for gold! After considerable debate, the guys select a 1950 GMC shortbed truck that had been off the road for 26 years and jam to get it running and driving for the trip home to Los Angeles. At least there was a 50-percent victory. Watch as the guys revamp the Jimmy inline six, panic over a wrecked master cylinder, sweat their cajones off for four days, and explore one of the greatest old-car stashes ever!

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  • twwtb
    twwtb 2 года назад The Roadkill adventure I want to see is you two at the California DMV trying to register this stuff.
  • Yee 2222
    Yee 2222 10 месяцев назад twwtb believe it or not a lot of this is registered including the general mayhem
  • Lane
    Lane 10 месяцев назад twwtb, it cannot be that hard. Anything prior to 1975 does not need an emissions check in California.
  • BushPilot444
    BushPilot444 9 месяцев назад Or bent over the hood of a State Patrol car being handcuffed for insane lighting issues. SC would put you under the jail.
  • geoffrey walker
    geoffrey walker 9 месяцев назад They are TV hosts money talks to governmental agencies. 😀
  • oscar bell
    oscar bell 6 месяцев назад ain't that the truth😣
  • Zombie ZH himer
    Zombie ZH himer 5 месяцев назад Simple to register.
  • Noobz Threefortyseven
    Noobz Threefortyseven 4 месяца назад @geoffrey walker - Particularly in California.
  • Mysmero425
    Mysmero425 2 месяца назад @Lane ha in your face @twwtb jkjk
  • Ubay Keren
    Ubay Keren 2 месяца назад jjkkbbjjklkkk.mmlloppo
  • Noobz Threefortyseven
    Noobz Threefortyseven 2 месяца назад @Ubay Keren That's what I was thinking.
  • Donnie Gray
    Donnie Gray 2 месяца назад twwtb ever heard Johnny Cash's song; 'ONE PIECE AT A TIME"? there's a line that says "to type it up (title) it took the whole staff. Ur comment reminded me of it. :)
  • Michael Naisbitt
    Michael Naisbitt 1 месяц назад geoffrey walker U S government agencies are the same as every other agency in the world. With a hand full of cash you can do or get anything done.
  • Brian Ortiz
    Brian Ortiz Неделю назад 😂
  • Alejandro Munoz
    Alejandro Munoz 2 года назад does anyone watch these videos more than once? I always do
  • Leonard Linko
    Leonard Linko 6 месяцев назад I have seen.1 of those remodeled, looks great with a 454!!!
  • bailey's redneck life
    bailey's redneck life 2 месяца назад Me I have had two of watch this like probably ten thousand times so far like it's a thing you go through all the other episodes over and over again
  • Te cake was a lie
    Te cake was a lie 8 месяцев назад You guys need to find a 1948 Buick road master and race it
  • American Outdoors
    American Outdoors Год назад That was back when cars were cool and they had no touchscreen or lane keep assistance or automatic brakes or Bluetooth and car wifi and used an acually key not a button,that's when cars were cool
  • SuperStriker412
    SuperStriker412 Год назад American Outdoors I somewhat agree but to be fair, the lane assist and brake assistance help prevent wrecks. But the styling is a lot better looking. I think it would be neat to take a classic car and update it so it looks original but modern engine trans and all that good stuff.
  • Kirk Benedict
    Kirk Benedict 8 месяцев назад SuperStriker412 attention to the road is key
  • on the ģreen bisisnes coop Solinger Sr
    on the ģreen bisisnes coop Solinger Sr 8 месяцев назад American Outdoors 9 u
  • PaulRideZ _
    PaulRideZ _ 7 месяцев назад hey, power steering is pretty nice though
  • Danzash
    Danzash 5 месяцев назад PaulRideZ _ air conditioning as well
  • Justice fire eating disco panda
    Justice fire eating disco panda 5 месяцев назад True bu i love the push start its fun
  • Mr.PourTheMilkFirst
    Mr.PourTheMilkFirst 4 месяца назад Pshhh you kids nowadays, you think this is cool? No, back when horsepower really meant horsepower is when vehicles were cool, forget you're absurd "engines" and crazy "steering wheels" a horse and a 4 wheels was all we needed back in the day.
  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown 4 месяца назад and separate water fountains amirite
  • Adam Stratton
    Adam Stratton 2 месяца назад Ew stahp
  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander 2 недели назад (изменено) Still, I’ll take a new Silverado Denali off the line from the good folks of the UAW anyday. Classic trucks are for church picnics and hauling potato salad.
  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee 2 недели назад Sorry you’re poor and can’t afford a new car
  • Strife Turtle
    Strife Turtle Год назад IT'S MATOR
  • brakedd
    brakedd 4 года назад If I won the lottery this is how I would spend my days. 
  • ivan hernandez
    ivan hernandez 4 года назад The best way to have a good time ((:
  • BarbVValters
    BarbVValters 3 года назад I don't envy these guys at aaaall.
  • Christmas Crustacean
    Christmas Crustacean 3 года назад @BarbVValters they were just under pressure from their wives and running out of cash, I'm pretty sure if they had the budget and time they too would never leave
  • valerie moore
    valerie moore 3 года назад @brakedd me too.
  • Olivia Izarraraz
    Olivia Izarraraz 3 года назад @Christmas Crustacean
  • Chris Fuscooo
    Chris Fuscooo 3 года назад @brakedd .. thinkn the same thing haha
  • austinwagoncompany
    austinwagoncompany 3 года назад That would be the life
  • Andries VandenAbeele
    Andries VandenAbeele 3 года назад @brakedd saved a 47 ford super deluxe 3 weeks ago ;). And i live in belgium. This is what i dream of!
  • thegreatwhitenorth
    thegreatwhitenorth 3 года назад @brakedd glad to see im not the only one!!
  • Veniulem
    Veniulem Год назад if i won the lottery i would buy a 500k gaming setup... you know what that looks like? looks like someone living in 3017
  • Vinicius Cavalcanti
    Vinicius Cavalcanti Год назад Yes
  • Mqbelz
    Mqbelz Год назад I would do the same.
  • videowatcher495
    videowatcher495 Год назад Hell yeah! I would do nothing but this.
  • Bad Holly Bush
    Bad Holly Bush Год назад same, i would try and do that even if i didnt win the lottery
  • RJ Edmiston
    RJ Edmiston 9 месяцев назад 19:36 how did nobody catch the linked exhaust?!
  • Gil Thomas
    Gil Thomas 2 года назад first vidéo i watched from you guys; stayed glued on this to the end! I subscribe! thank you for these adventures
  • robbieyh
    robbieyh 5 дней назад I don’t know what it is but I love these old pickup trucks! Pure Americana..
  • CharlieSuper
    CharlieSuper 2 года назад It's amazing they didn't catch the kinked exhaust, especially since the kink can be seen at ~ 19:35. Granted, I didn't notice it until now.
  • bailey's redneck life
    bailey's redneck life 2 месяца назад Did anyone notice how well they were looking at the cosworth there was a Datsun 240Z behind Mike
  • Brennan Ison
    Brennan Ison Год назад It's beautiful seeing old junkyard cars drive once again
  • Bryce Dueck
    Bryce Dueck 2 года назад I feel like if the jimmy 6 was taken out of Pigpen a part of the auto world would die. The originality of this truck is part of its charm.
  • Florian amRechner
    Florian amRechner 2 года назад FINALLY someone who thinks like me!
  • josh grant
    josh grant 3 месяца назад @4:00 min the film is really nice; the camera work cuts with the soundtrack, and the polarizing filter for the blue sky, nice.
  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera 3 года назад I thought I clicked on another drama reality tv show car restoration but this is the first time I've encountered one without the drama, just what I wanted!
  • minusmodest
    minusmodest 3 года назад +Manny Calavera yeah that scripted drama junk on television is literally why I disconnected from satellite. been television free for about 2 years now. welcome to youtube buddy
  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera 3 года назад @dosbox907 Sad to see this was their only video like this of it's type.
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 3 года назад (изменено) +dosbox907 Welcome to the club (i'm a bit late to say it) and I haven't had TV since 2000; this didn't come about as my own choice but I see few reasons to get TV if any: there just aren't shows I'm interested in for the most part. Youtube is cool though, in places.
  • nojoke71
    nojoke71 3 года назад (изменено) +Manny Calavera Yup, Roadkill is one of the great ones, no drama just stupid fun, totally remind me of my old school buds. +dosbox907 No satellite or cable for me for over 2 years now myself. No payments for reruns and commercials anymore. Motor Trend's all you need.
  • Floydrose335
    Floydrose335 3 года назад +Manny Calavera No it's not. They took a junkyard Cuda, fixed it up, took it drag racing, and when they were done sold it.
  • John Torres
    John Torres 3 года назад +Manny Calavera no they have a lot more videos.Check them out.
  • John Torres
    John Torres 3 года назад +Manny Calavera The charger build up by them is badass too!
  • HajjCorp Videos
    HajjCorp Videos 3 года назад +dosbox907 Yep, I've also been paid-TV free, and for... 4-5 years. TV service is a rip-off, and half the crap on TV these days is, well, crap.
  • ابرهيم محمد
    ابرهيم محمد 2 года назад سعودي اربي
  • SHL7A6 Res
    SHL7A6 Res Год назад ابرهيم محمد والله مقاطعهم حلوة بس لو فية ترجمة
  • Maria Eugenia Cruz Zamora
    Maria Eugenia Cruz Zamora Год назад Manny Calavera jk
  • SRRN or BWM
    SRRN or BWM Год назад Why no drama
  • Rifqi Daffa
    Rifqi Daffa Год назад welcome to the fam
  • PlatypusVomit
    PlatypusVomit Год назад Too bad that's about to change. Roadkill was just bought by Velocity, which is a broadcast TV network that has ruined several car shows already by overdramatizing them. I would guess that by this time next year Roadkill will be just another shitty dramafest. I hope to god that I'm wrong, but the future is not looking bright right now.
  • Forrest Hildebrant
    Forrest Hildebrant Год назад PlatypusVomit i think its just one of those rumors
  • PlatypusVomit
    PlatypusVomit Год назад Well, considering it was announced on Roadkill's facebook, instagram, and both finnegan's and freiburger's instagram, I'd say it's not a rumor. I just hope I'm wrong about the impact this is going to have on the show.
  • John Miller
    John Miller Год назад PlatypusVomit they will show it on there but it will always be a internet show. Hell mighty car mods is shown on discovery in Australia but they won't change. And they already said they won't change the show
  • PlatypusVomit
    PlatypusVomit Год назад I'm hoping that's true, but the track record for shows Velocity has done this to is not good.
  • Robert Bawden
    Robert Bawden 5 месяцев назад im a country boy from south east western australia and i believe in you boys as ive done the same thing with ild holdens gmh (general motors holden ) aka chev. keep it up. better than richy rich rawlens. bloody creep....
  • Abel Padilla
    Abel Padilla 4 дня назад Road kill Awesome Job on that 1950 GMC Pick up I grew up in a truck like that one you fixed up . Stay Awesome Road Kill !!
  • Rothanak Meak
    Rothanak Meak 8 месяцев назад THIS IS I WAS LOOKING FOR, I TYPED "GMC Truck At Junkyard" AND, IT WORK, THANKS ALOT
  • Skyrimax
    Skyrimax Год назад Next episode. Saving my fathers 1976 Mustang! Thing hasnt drove in 20 years.
  • Jesse Hanrahan
    Jesse Hanrahan 3 года назад My grandpa has a 51 GMC which has been parked since '86. He's told me as long as I can remember the truck is mine I just need to get it home. This episode feels like it was made for me to get me off my can and get to work. It might take a dust pan and a broom to get it moved, but come hell or high water its gonna get done. Thanks for kicking me in the pants. Ride on fellas.
  • Cory Harless
    Cory Harless 3 года назад get it buddy. I have faith.
  • MrAristes
    MrAristes 3 года назад +Jesse Hanrahan Sounds like a great way to build memories with family. As long as you have patience, a plan, and some semblance of a budget you'll enjoy yourself. Best wishes!
  • Harry Diplock
    Harry Diplock 3 года назад +Jesse Hanrahan Good luck bro!
  • Snoopy
    Snoopy 2 года назад +Jesse Hanrahan Get er done for grandpa bud!
  • Tim Fremstad
    Tim Fremstad Год назад go for it jeese  my grand dad was a dairy farmer, he had a couple of them, I wish I had one ,my brother and I would ride with him as small kids and it would make all kinds of noise over bumps we called it "the boom truck", it's getting almost impossible to find one of these classics now. This is a year after your post, I hope you've made progress Good Luck
  • Ryan Adam
    Ryan Adam Год назад Any fucking updates? You cant just leave us hanging like this.... Have a heart
  • Mustang gang 5.0
    Mustang gang 5.0 Год назад Ryan Adam rumor has it that truck is still there
  • savaege
    savaege Год назад Jesse Hanrahan well said. Good luck sir!
  • savaege
    savaege Год назад Mustang gang 5.0 lmao
  • Riley Spittler
    Riley Spittler 7 месяцев назад you got it to the house yet?
  • Bahqlak
    Bahqlak 6 месяцев назад We're building my dad's '59 Chevy Apache. The only thing holding us up is cash
  • The King's Servant
    The King's Servant 5 месяцев назад Been 2 yrs and i bet its still in the same spot or you sold it🤣😂🤣
  • Womb Raider
    Womb Raider 4 месяца назад I hope you have that truck running by now
  • Tom Beattie
    Tom Beattie 3 месяца назад 3 years on - did you fix it?
  • RealSupaHotFireVEVO
    RealSupaHotFireVEVO 3 месяца назад He died.
  • Soldiera Bg
    Soldiera Bg 2 месяца назад Gas money are better
  • Smooth Trooper
    Smooth Trooper 1 месяц назад @RealSupaHotFireVEVO proof?
  • RealSupaHotFireVEVO
    RealSupaHotFireVEVO 1 месяц назад +Smooth Trooper The fact he hasn't responded for 3 years.