Repair Abandoned Toy Car #2 | Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Опубликовано: 10 мар. 2019 г. 2 363 188 просмотров

Repair and painting of an abandoned and broken toy car Nissan Skyline GTR R34

1) Lensko - Rebirth [NCS Release]
2) Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release]
3) Lensko - Cetus [NCS Release]

  • Y's Toys
    Y's Toys Неделю назад Amazing! Good video. Your work was top notch!
  • ColorNation
    ColorNation Неделю назад Thank you friend!
  • Tanay Maithani
    Tanay Maithani Неделю назад Where is the notch cyka
  • danielis Soltysiakaite
    danielis Soltysiakaite Неделю назад Hi
  • 陳力豪
    陳力豪 Неделю назад 可以噴黃色配黑色
  • Blake Chapman
    Blake Chapman Неделю назад no it's not the top of it had a hole
  • Çimen Tekin
    Çimen Tekin Неделю назад No
  • Charlie Bevan
    Charlie Bevan 6 дней назад You are a good man and I love your 🍠 is your way to me and I love you 😍 is the morning you love me and you love me you are so cute you.
  • Charlie Bevan
    Charlie Bevan 6 дней назад Çimen Tekin gossosksozoxodls
  • Anthony Waters
    Anthony Waters 6 дней назад Twin turbo
  • Andrei Constantin
    Andrei Constantin 6 дней назад Where can i buy a door and a back bumper like yours?
  • Kuzey Aksan
    Kuzey Aksan 6 дней назад Owww diyince
  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez 5 дней назад It doesn't make you think where he got the extra part
  • Rossdale Intac
    Rossdale Intac 3 дня назад @Charlie Bevan What. The. Fuck.
  • ko de bruin
    ko de bruin 3 дня назад You don't see the hole in the roof...?
  • fethi nefzi
    fethi nefzi 3 дня назад Dude Can you please show us how WE repair the roof
  • Evelin Gamez
    Evelin Gamez Неделю назад Was that The Nissan R34 off of 2Fast 2furious 🚗🚐🚙🚓
  • Evelin Gamez
    Evelin Gamez Неделю назад The motor on the R34 look clean with that turbo or twin turbo
  • Joshua Eubanks
    Joshua Eubanks Неделю назад Yeah
  • X11_King
    X11_King Неделю назад Its not even a turbo
  • william Gibson
    william Gibson Неделю назад Yes
  • Can I get 100 subs without any videos?
    Can I get 100 subs without any videos? 6 дней назад @X11_King it is a turbo
  • Enis Toshi
    Enis Toshi 6 дней назад @Joshua Eubanks fygxfx
  • lefty gaming and animations
    lefty gaming and animations 6 дней назад Yah i have an rc car version of it and it had the same sticker on the side
  • Hachiko Hachi
    Hachiko Hachi 6 дней назад (изменено) It's the skyline from 2fast 2 furious
  • Ruudi Utšenikov
    Ruudi Utšenikov 6 дней назад @Can I get 100 subs without any videos? no you cant get 100 subs without videos unless u comment everywhere
  • ft999
    ft999 6 дней назад @X11_King The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 has a 2.6 liter turbocharger inline six engine (RB26) ;)
  • ClarkesMadRc's
    ClarkesMadRc's 6 дней назад Yes
  • SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
    SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 дней назад it clearly had the superior gallo 24
  • Khorey Aldridge
    Khorey Aldridge 6 дней назад Yes
  • Rayzic
    Rayzic 6 дней назад @X11_King yeah it is its a gtr
  • GhostInATopHat
    GhostInATopHat 6 дней назад mhm
  • ac0z
    ac0z 6 дней назад @SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim I didn't know pizza places made motors
  • Fuzze !
    Fuzze ! 6 дней назад Yes
  • Alex Haiku
    Alex Haiku 6 дней назад Yes
  • Brian
    Brian 6 дней назад Evelin Gamez it was
  • Petar Totev
    Petar Totev 6 дней назад Yes
  • Isaiah Wring
    Isaiah Wring 6 дней назад Yes
  • Radianator 21
    Radianator 21 6 дней назад Yup
  • Sosuke
    Sosuke 6 дней назад @Can I get 100 subs without any videos? No it isn't. Go play your forza.
  • Suki
    Suki 6 дней назад (изменено) all u guys saying "theres a turbo its a gtr"... he saying theres no turbo on the toy. also no shit its from 2f2f who wouldnt know that
  • oh yea yea
    oh yea yea 6 дней назад i see... that car dont got no turbo. u trippin trippin
    MISO HUNGRY 6 дней назад @ft999 nigga... he talkin bout the toy, not the actual car irl
  • xXBOSSX x
    xXBOSSX x 6 дней назад Evelin Gamez yeah it was
    MrJAR MrJAR 6 дней назад Yes it was
  • junior sampaio
    junior sampaio 5 дней назад Yes It is a turbo
    WOLF_STREAM 5 дней назад Evelin Gamez ya it is
  • Stone Nation
    Stone Nation 5 дней назад Evelin Gamez yes
  • The Hyperdrive
    The Hyperdrive 5 дней назад Evelin Gamez yea it was
  • Harman Akrawy
    Harman Akrawy 5 дней назад X11_King ig an Rb engine they all have Twin Turbos stock but they’re not visible from the top
  • BIGguyNECK productions
    BIGguyNECK productions 5 дней назад Harman Akrawy no not all rbs came with turbos only the ones with dett or det at the end of the name did
  • Harman Akrawy
    Harman Akrawy 5 дней назад BIGguyNECK productions yea, thats what I ment. 😂
  • MicManMigel 330
    MicManMigel 330 5 дней назад Evelin Gamez yes it’s Paul walkers r34 skyline GT-R
  • matt beck
    matt beck 5 дней назад Its a 1/24 scale jada toys 2fast2furious skyline you can get them i asda uk version of wallmart for £15 jada do a collection fast and furious cats from all the films and other models in general very good quality ive nearly got all f&f cars and a few jdms and muscle cars
  • Airsoft Anthony
    Airsoft Anthony 5 дней назад Evelin Gamez yes
  • Anime Lovers never Die!!
    Anime Lovers never Die!! 5 дней назад maybe? I don't think sooo
  • GhostPro
    GhostPro 5 дней назад SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim what about the gallo 12, that ones pretty good too
  • Aidin elder
    Aidin elder 4 дня назад Well na
  • S19 Pajua
    S19 Pajua 4 дня назад SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim ya these get fanboys who are 12 don’t know the real motor
  • Bob Tom
    Bob Tom 4 дня назад Yes
  • ray velasquez
    ray velasquez 4 дня назад Rip paul
  • Six finger I was online 4 Cost fan
    Six finger I was online 4 Cost fan 3 дня назад Yep
  • Faze _ Jackxfam707
    Faze _ Jackxfam707 3 дня назад right
  • Tracy Teronpi
    Tracy Teronpi 2 дня назад Yes
  • Marco Cancino
    Marco Cancino 2 дня назад Hola hola hola qué haces amigo
  • GTRfan
    GTRfan Неделю назад You could've converted the roof into a sunroof instead of having huge holes...
  • JSM Beatz
    JSM Beatz Неделю назад GTRfan could’ve put bondo on it 😂
  • Jing Feng
    Jing Feng 6 дней назад Yeah but he can't do any REAL repairs apart from taking the parts off, destroy the car and paint strip, sand and ad stuff to the car
  • Enis Toshi
    Enis Toshi 6 дней назад @Jing Feng ggfs
  • ElectedMold
    ElectedMold 6 дней назад @Jing Feng no he still could. Metal work is hard, yes especially whenever there's holes but with Bondo, it makes it smoother when you add a primer to which it blends in.
  • Charliee Gebrael
    Charliee Gebrael 5 дней назад And if my grandmother had wheels, she would of been a bike
  • Limo
    Limo 5 дней назад Sunroof. Nissan Skyline. Think about it.
  • REaL Modz V
    REaL Modz V 5 дней назад @Limo actually alot of r34s have sunroofs
  • Matiu Caterer
    Matiu Caterer Неделю назад What about the hole in the roof or interior ,?
    HOW TO MAKE THAT Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂yeh! But it's ok
  • Matiu Caterer
    Matiu Caterer Неделю назад Looks terrible, slight bit of putty and sanding would have made it look a 100% better to hole in roof plus putty reshape and sand interior, painting technique is shotty as well,
  • Chargrilled Productions
    Chargrilled Productions Неделю назад Matiu Caterer but everything else is perfect, right? No need to go into detail on how to fix the small things when the big things are already perfect.
  • mexican stig
    mexican stig Неделю назад For the ejecto seato
  • Matiu Caterer
    Matiu Caterer Неделю назад Chargrilled Productions ok cool just an opinion,
  • Samigee 15
    Samigee 15 Неделю назад In my opinion restoring is take the car and make it look like if it was new, details too
  • Matiu Caterer
    Matiu Caterer Неделю назад Samigee 15 same here that’s what I was meaning with out sounding like a dick , make it look as if it just came out of the box
  • Lowkey Lowman
    Lowkey Lowman Неделю назад @Chargrilled Productions pretty sure a melted interior and a damn hole in the roof are pretty big parts of the car
  • Reinaldo Ortiz
    Reinaldo Ortiz Неделю назад Most likely. When restoring a car, even if its a 1/64, every little detail counts. Even if its just a small dent on the corner of a fender etc.
  • Giovanni Vargas
    Giovanni Vargas Неделю назад Yup that shit got me cringing all the way to the end of the video... 🤦‍♂
  • Revus 73900
    Revus 73900 Неделю назад no no, I'm sorry to tell you sir, but the car comes like that "mint" and any reproduction plant couldn't bring themselves to do as to fill it in. LOL
  • Symple gaming
    Symple gaming 6 дней назад Yea ive watched some of his videos before he cant really paint or do body work at all in this video u can see his painting technique was really bad u dont stop in the middle of spraying paint then rapidly spray it also you can see the paint running and for the roof yes he could have used some putty and sanded itand when he's showing it as finished you can see the paint has bumps and has small chips but clearly the guy just knows how to take them apart and put them together after he destroys them but i have to give him props for trying and just for the fact hes doing what he likes to do
  • Sad Papa Pewds
    Sad Papa Pewds 6 дней назад @Chargrilled Productions the small things are the ones that count. Get outta here with ur bs
    FADINGSILVER 4444 6 дней назад Some cop shot it.
  • X IteED
    X IteED 5 дней назад @Matiu Caterer why dont u do it better and post the video on youtube
  • Matiu Caterer
    Matiu Caterer 5 дней назад X IteED will do
  • Regie Jaxson
    Regie Jaxson Неделю назад The original version of the car was Paul Walkers skyline
  • ColorNation
    ColorNation Неделю назад Yes you are right ;)
  • ARİCH oyunda
    ARİCH oyunda Неделю назад Yes
  • ARİCH oyunda
    ARİCH oyunda Неделю назад Fast and furios 2.4
  • Charlene Hollow Horn Bear
    Charlene Hollow Horn Bear Неделю назад Yes that's right
  • X11_King
    X11_King Неделю назад ........no shit
  • SneakyAutobot
    SneakyAutobot Неделю назад Yup, you can tell from the color and blue squares on the side
  • 1 4m n0rm41
    1 4m n0rm41 Неделю назад He turned it from Paul Walker skyline from 2 to 4 some parts were different
  • 1 4m n0rm41
    1 4m n0rm41 Неделю назад When it's left alone 7 years later he crash R.I.P Paul Walker
    LATVIAN PLAYZ Неделю назад Duuuh
  • mustangcallum
    mustangcallum Неделю назад Yeet
  • Price gaming
    Price gaming Неделю назад Regie Jaxson ya I noticed that
  • Jyoti Pawar
    Jyoti Pawar 6 дней назад Regie Jaxson r 4th Knopf oh hfkfjfjfnkd he h Tu high Pentateuch ggggjklllkjhgfdgg) gggg
  • 1 4m n0rm41
    1 4m n0rm41 5 дней назад @LATVIAN PLAYZ be quiet you probably didn't know
    LATVIAN PLAYZ 5 дней назад @1 4m n0rm41 I'm a fucking car guy
  • Jenkins Joestar
    Jenkins Joestar Неделю назад (изменено) uhh... you kinda forget to repair the roof there, sir
  • Cody Winter
    Cody Winter 6 дней назад LOL
  • Alex Haiku
    Alex Haiku 6 дней назад “Get lost old man”
  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 6 дней назад And the fucking trunk too!
  • Stephanny Solano
    Stephanny Solano 5 дней назад Q
  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 4 дня назад @Samuel Gonzalez and the fucking whole interior 😂😂
  • Mar Saj
    Mar Saj Неделю назад Where do you get spare parts from?
  • LittleCoolDiecast Cars
    LittleCoolDiecast Cars Неделю назад Mar Saj Probably bought another one
  • Mar Saj
    Mar Saj Неделю назад OK thanks😁😁😁😁😁
  • ColorNation
    ColorNation Неделю назад at the caster)
  • Drift LaLD
    Drift LaLD Неделю назад This is likely staged. He just took those parts off and stripped the paint
  • DogePlayz - DP
    DogePlayz - DP Неделю назад @Drift LaLD true you cant just buy spare parts for a toy car
  • Destroyer123788 The One
    Destroyer123788 The One Неделю назад (изменено) From ACE lol
  • Caio Eduardo
    Caio Eduardo Неделю назад Caio 1 7
  • Caio Eduardo
    Caio Eduardo Неделю назад Caio👏👏@
  • Beagle onbreak
    Beagle onbreak Неделю назад They were the parts from that car before he destroyed it
    THE GAME BREAKER Неделю назад Amazon
  • Blake Chapman
    Blake Chapman Неделю назад I they come off that car he broke it his self and then fixed it back
  • Cami Bawang
    Cami Bawang Неделю назад At the shop
  • Janku/ AVS
    Janku/ AVS Неделю назад Auto zone
  • ĐP Playzz
    ĐP Playzz Неделю назад From thin air lol jk
  • Cake Master
    Cake Master Неделю назад Amazon
  • Kevin Stubbs
    Kevin Stubbs Неделю назад Mar Saj Amazon
  • hijackツ
    hijackツ Неделю назад He took them off thecar
  • DkpDrifter
    DkpDrifter 6 дней назад Overnight shipping from Japan
  • KnuckleHead.
    KnuckleHead. 6 дней назад Drift LaLD that is true but it’s still good a good content idea
  • fatkid_101 garcia
    fatkid_101 garcia 6 дней назад From the black web
  • Thegeneralmayhem1968
    Thegeneralmayhem1968 6 дней назад hijackツ then why was that rust spot or something on the roof? He couldn’t have done that himself and besides the paint was chipping off before he fixed it
  • Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo
    Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo 6 дней назад @Thegeneralmayhem1968 Not to interrupt but there is such thing as two cars?? And he might have had this version he's "remaking" for a long time
  • sloth h
    sloth h 6 дней назад @Janku/ AVS lmao
  • Lynda Mawson
    Lynda Mawson 6 дней назад he used the same parts
  • Alex Haiku
    Alex Haiku 6 дней назад Well there are sites that make parts
  • Janku/ AVS
    Janku/ AVS 6 дней назад sloth h how your profile picture do that
  • Mercury Black
    Mercury Black 6 дней назад What if he took them off of the beaten up car, restored them off camera, and put them back on
  • RazorDecoy ッ
    RazorDecoy ッ 6 дней назад Drift LaLD even if it was staged i enjoyed watching :)
  • Thegeneralmayhem1968
    Thegeneralmayhem1968 5 дней назад Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo And what does that have to do with the rust spot on the top of the fucking car?
  • Thegeneralmayhem1968
    Thegeneralmayhem1968 5 дней назад Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo And besides even if he had two cars the rust spot wouldn’t have happened that fast it would’ve had to be in contact with water for a long period of time and why would he take apart a already put together new one to fix a broken peice of shit car? You are a completely delusional piece of shit
  • Jane zeus
    Jane zeus 5 дней назад this asshole just put the original part of that toy then tell everyone he has fix that goddam toy...such a losser dummer
  • jason persaud
    jason persaud 5 дней назад It looks like he sanded down all those parts from the broken car to make them look better than painted it back
  • Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo
    Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo 5 дней назад @Thegeneralmayhem1968 WOAH rude, damn can't say anything without disrespectful language.... I said he must have had one of them for a long time........
  • Tuna no crust
    Tuna no crust 5 дней назад Another toy “donor” car I have one of these
  • Thegeneralmayhem1968
    Thegeneralmayhem1968 5 дней назад Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo I’m sorry I was in a bad mood last night sorry but anyways why would he buy 2 cars and leave one to get destroyed then put the parts from the perfectly in tact car to destroy and put it on a broken car
    NADEER NDER 5 дней назад 3d printed
  • Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo
    Amori XoOxxoxoxOoxxooxxoxo 4 дня назад (изменено) @Thegeneralmayhem1968 Nvm It was the same car.... I feel more hate than the guy who is "Repairing" this car...
  • Rav PH Alcantara
    Rav PH Alcantara 4 дня назад He Kills All The Character On Fast And Furious And Steal It
  • Tylor Murray
    Tylor Murray 4 дня назад Auto shop
  • Doug M
    Doug M 3 дня назад He's a fake! He thrashes, then puts together part of a kit. Then acts like he restores it with the rest of the parts from the kit!
  • Nirmala Wati
    Nirmala Wati Неделю назад Did any one recognized the roof the roof have a hole in it
  • Arbez CZ
    Arbez CZ Неделю назад Yeah it was a pig job he didn't even paint the car from the bottom and the way he painted all the car jeez.
  • Nismo God
    Nismo God Неделю назад @Arbez CZ its a metal car
  • Reinaldo Ortiz
    Reinaldo Ortiz Неделю назад And? Every diecast is metal, requires some polishing too to make it look nice, plus fact that when restoring a car, you cant just leave a hole on the roof, which restoring means returning something into its "factory" or "brand new" condition
  • Raian Khair
    Raian Khair 6 дней назад I did
  • Andro Lofstrand
    Andro Lofstrand 6 дней назад Nirmala Wati cars like this has a hole in the roof
  • Andy Yang
    Andy Yang 6 дней назад yes i saw the hole
  • dtx. mora92
    dtx. mora92 6 дней назад @Andro Lofstrand no thy don't
  • Dayum Bro
    Dayum Bro 6 дней назад @Andro Lofstrand what?
  • Racing Productions
    Racing Productions 6 дней назад Nirmala Wati r/ihadaseizure
  • GameGhost
    GameGhost 5 дней назад @Racing Productions That doesn't fit here.
  • Faze _ Jackxfam707
    Faze _ Jackxfam707 3 дня назад i did
  • Матвей Келешев
    Матвей Келешев 2 дня назад Кто русский влепите лайк что бы Америкосы подумали что я написал что то крутое..))
  • Over Rated ツ
    Over Rated ツ 6 дней назад It was off fast and furious 2 you should’ve kept the theme it would of been fire
  • Tanay Maithani
    Tanay Maithani Неделю назад Abandoned Paul Walker car to BlackPanthaa aka Black Man Ma G's Skyline R34
  • Extreme Gamer17
    Extreme Gamer17 Неделю назад Tanay Maithani or Paul Walkers Nissan Skyline from Fast And Furious 4.
  • Bass Police
    Bass Police 6 дней назад Its a fucking toy video. What does it have to do with paul walker
  • Arctix PGB
    Arctix PGB 6 дней назад Bass Police Paul drove an r34 skyline in 2fast 2furious so it’s kind of known as his car
  • Cody Winter
    Cody Winter 6 дней назад @Bass Police you dumb raging retard
  • Hubert Zieba
    Hubert Zieba 6 дней назад @Bass Police bruh are you being serious
  • Turber DeDong
    Turber DeDong 6 дней назад Midnight club cancel soz
  • Kronomikal
    Kronomikal 6 дней назад B O I
  • ConFall
    ConFall 6 дней назад Speedy Black Man
  • Zoomanata
    Zoomanata 5 дней назад i was thinking that it looked like blackpanthaa's skyline
  • VAPPOR Foxx
    VAPPOR Foxx 5 дней назад @Bass Police lol your so dumb
  • Jonathan Valadez
    Jonathan Valadez 4 дня назад Midnight club still canceled soz
  • Bass Police
    Bass Police 1 день назад @VAPPOR Foxx fucking how fam
  • VAPPOR Foxx
    VAPPOR Foxx 1 день назад @Bass Police the toy was a Paul walker r34 model
  • Bass Police
    Bass Police 1 день назад @VAPPOR Foxx its just a regular r34 he didnt create it
  • VAPPOR Foxx
    VAPPOR Foxx 1 день назад @Bass Police it was originally the 2f2f skyline but he changed it
  • Polski Mamut
    Polski Mamut 2 дня назад You don't even know how to do it.. - hole in the roof - no painting skills with spray - chipped paint on corners of rear bumper - destroyed F&F2 painting - it is still broken after you ONLY painted it.. It isn't repair, it's just repaint. Bad repaint.
  • Brenno Martins
    Brenno Martins Неделю назад Bruh, u forgot to fix the rooftop and the passenger seat from the car...
  • Nikolas Pleyer
    Nikolas Pleyer 5 дней назад tbh it was a Nissan from the 2fast2furious so its ok cause normally people put only one seat in race cars... but yeah the roof is f-ed up
  • Summitchub 1
    Summitchub 1 5 дней назад Brenno Martins that’s the driver seat it’s a right hand drive bud
  • Andrei Silaghi
    Andrei Silaghi Неделю назад BUT THIS SKYLINE IS FROM 2FAST2FURIOS but good job
    LATVIAN PLAYZ Неделю назад no shit sherlock
  • EsDeeAy
    EsDeeAy 6 дней назад Nah, only decals are from 2Fast 2Furious, the bodykit is different
  • Andrei Silaghi
    Andrei Silaghi 6 дней назад @EsDeeAy sorry to my mouth but watch fuckin all 2fast2furios and dont be upset i just watch all ff
  • bruhd 101
    bruhd 101 6 дней назад @Andrei Silaghi are you blind the bodykits in 2fast2furioust was C-WEST That one was nismo tune
  • The12YrOldCarGuy
    The12YrOldCarGuy Неделю назад (изменено) Looks 🔥. For the next one try making a widebody and make wheel spacers. And Maybe Tire Letters
  • lil legos and Super diego
    lil legos and Super diego 5 дней назад How much does the car cost (I WANNA BUY IT IT LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL
    IIIXZiGENIII 6 дней назад (изменено) Should have restored the skyline to it's original f&f design instead IMO, but anyways great job on the car! Looks cool!
  • candy from a van
    candy from a van 3 дня назад (изменено) That is a toy version of Brian O’Connor/Paul walker’s skyline. rest in piece Paul 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Kieran Fitzgerald
    Kieran Fitzgerald 1 день назад could you have sanded and filled and sand the roof holes as well?........other than that nice job with that restoration. If logos of the original company was still present, you could sand it off and sell it as a custom job.
  • SC'D SN95
    SC'D SN95 Неделю назад That paint application is painful to watch. Needs to work on proper painting techniques. Oh yeah, fix the roof!!!
  • James Barry
    James Barry Неделю назад SC'D SN95 thats what the fuck im saying dude. You could see the paint dripping from the trunk. It was so half assed 😂😂
  • A Wild Goose
    A Wild Goose 6 дней назад Yet you found it 'cool'
  • James Barry
    James Barry 6 дней назад SC'D SN95 who found it cool?
  • A Wild Goose
    A Wild Goose 6 дней назад @James Barry @SC'D SN95 did
  • James Barry
    James Barry 6 дней назад A Wild Goose oh i looked through the comments i dont see it
  • Mercury Black
    Mercury Black 6 дней назад He’s using spray paint so cut him some slack
  • Snail
    Snail 5 дней назад @Mercury Black It doesnt matter, he is still using the wrong application technique.
  • scr1ptkid plays
    scr1ptkid plays 5 дней назад I would like to see use do that and do a better job if not keep your opinions to yourself he had to wrk with what he had yet he may have used abit to much spray paint bit still turned out well cool so zip it and yeah the roof was still damaged but its the way he wants it at the end of the day
  • Snail
    Snail 5 дней назад @scr1ptkid plays I can easily do better, it is so easy doing it correctly and getting it done without it dripping. If I had the parts or the car in generel, I could easily show you how to do it. So you zip it, you obviously dont know how to use spray paint or any paint in generel.
  • scr1ptkid plays
    scr1ptkid plays 5 дней назад @Snail well get all the stuff post up a video of you doing it instead of putting people down yeah he may have not done it 100% bit its still a good job
  • Snail
    Snail 5 дней назад @scr1ptkid plays I'm not saying he didnt do a good job, I'm saying the paint job was done horribly, it takes 2 seconds to search for a vid that explains how to use spray paint?
  • scr1ptkid plays
    scr1ptkid plays 5 дней назад @Snail fair point made
  • SC'D SN95
    SC'D SN95 5 дней назад @scr1ptkid plays Geez I'm so sorry for giving my opinion. 😢😢. LOL
  • Snail
    Snail 5 дней назад @SC'D SN95 I know right