How to : Individual Laptop Keyboard Keys Fix Repair Installation Guide HP Compaq Pavilion HD

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This is a tutorial on how to Uninstall - Install a laptop keyboard key.
This keyboard is from an HP Compaq 620 625. How to replace keys, keyboard repair.

How to fix or repair your keyboard key cap easy. This is a video guide tutorial that shows how you can easily fix a notebook or laptop keyboard key if it has been removed or misplaced from the keyboard. It will also help you install or put the keyboard key back on the keyboard, if you need to remove the key caps in order to clean the keyboard or try to fix a nonworking key.

How to Reassemble the Spacebar key cap or any other keyboard key that has supporting metal bars video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Ggb...

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  • Tech Profis
    Tech Profis 2 года назад Hi to all! Because I've been frequently asked, I have also Tutorials with voice narration and other types of keyboards in my channel! :)
  • Jakai Care
    Jakai Care 2 года назад help me pls my enter key and d and back space key wont work
  • Son_ Goku_Bendy_For_Life
    Son_ Goku_Bendy_For_Life Год назад can u do a gaming channel
  • Mon gol
    Mon gol Год назад @Tech Profis DUDE THANK YOU YOU SAVED MY LIFE XDD :D
  • libun blaan
    libun blaan Год назад (изменено) Tech Profis hi can U help pls. my @ is typing " , how can i fix it? pls. help
  • The Noob Pvper
    The Noob Pvper Год назад Hymis Lagallo but you said you want to help this is what you said "hi tech profis can I help pls" idiot
  • libun blaan
    libun blaan Год назад The Noob Pvper lol just a typing error of i instead of U. U are more idiot coz u dont have common sense. baliw
  • India Davis
    India Davis Год назад Hymis Lagallo Thanks you helped so much
  • SAMP Brother Gamers!
    SAMP Brother Gamers! Год назад Thanks bro It worked :) My parakeet just broke my fn and windows keys out hhhh i was a bit worried but your video tutorial helped me to fix it welldone
  • 123 seasame street
    123 seasame street Год назад Tech Profis Thanks this helped so much!
  • ๖ۣۜFadingLightx
    ๖ۣۜFadingLightx Год назад Hey, my w is completely dead, (I have to copy and paste it when i need it...) I did dismount and ount it successfully but it is still not working... PLS help! I am on a laptop btw.
  • Saad Alam
    Saad Alam Год назад Tech Profis
  • Saad Alam
    Saad Alam Год назад Tech Profis ¥
  • Harry Ratcliffe
    Harry Ratcliffe Год назад hi this worked but every time I press the top of the key it will just fall off, but the bottom of the key Is fine?
  • Robin Woodward
    Robin Woodward Год назад Tech Profis logitech 740 spacebar
  • Robin Woodward
    Robin Woodward Год назад Cant getkey backonto stay and work
  • K a y l e n
    K a y l e n Год назад I spilled a drink on my laptop and the keys don’t work lmfao I’m so clumsy
  • TcbnSwag
    TcbnSwag Год назад what should I do if my rubber thing under my e key is torn apart
  • Edwin Palencia
    Edwin Palencia Год назад i cant put back the key :(
  • Cole Noreikis
    Cole Noreikis Год назад Tech Profis thanks helped a LOT I MEAN A LOT so I would not be in trouble by my dad I got it done right when he got home but thank u it helped a lot
  • Ayour Mrakch
    Ayour Mrakch 5 месяцев назад حمار حتا نتا
  • Project Oxford
    Project Oxford 4 месяца назад Still Don't Work :-/
  • Abraão Andrade
    Abraão Andrade 1 месяц назад @Tech Profis Hey, just letting you know that a brazilian channel stole your video and stamped it as if it were their own content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJBz_myrro0
  • Jay Banks
    Jay Banks 2 недели назад Hi friend I have ACER ASPIRE 7250 LAPTOP and my keyboard is typing the wrong thing numbers and letters. I had try everything from the Easy Of Access and uninstall the keyboard at Device Manager .... Nothing seen to work. What should I do? do I have to buy another laptop? 👈
  • julius erickson Baclig
    julius erickson Baclig 3 дня назад Hi. is there a work around on my problem, my 7, 8, Y, U, H, B and N keys dont work. searched for a new keyboard but cant find any. tried opening the keyboard and found some traces of water, which is I never knew. please help
  • OG Loc
    OG Loc 2 года назад im scared to do it cause if i do it wrong my parents go crazy
  • I kinda like sports cars
    I kinda like sports cars 2 года назад Same
  • Dean Z
    Dean Z 2 года назад Joshua De Jong Are you poor or something? A new keyboard is 10 bucks...😂
  • OG Loc
    OG Loc 2 года назад i have an laptop...
  • Cxknes
    Cxknes 2 года назад same
  • can we get to 10000 subscribers with no videos
    can we get to 10000 subscribers with no videos 2 года назад (изменено) Joshua De Jong you could ask your parents to fix that
  • 0h6i Geemo
    0h6i Geemo 2 года назад Lol ame i cant do it it doent ork multiple button dont ork but mot button do i need help to fi thee button!!!
  • Dean Z
    Dean Z 2 года назад @Joshua De Jong I get that, a pc keyboard is almost free...
  • Dean Z
    Dean Z 2 года назад And I ment a laptop keyboard so...
  • Alexandre Bamba
    Alexandre Bamba 2 года назад (изменено) Laptop repair made easy https://plus.google.com/110825139296883197588/posts/B4cHihVH9Z8
  • Tanki adi vidios
    Tanki adi vidios Год назад guess what? i just did it using only my fingers. it worked and i am happy, i dont have to pay £50 to some random guy to fix my laptop
  • I Am With The Blue
    I Am With The Blue Год назад it got bad w is s and the s is like this ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and c turns to s but not like the w so its hard to type and im a gamer so wasd are very important
  • TopDope
    TopDope Год назад what if he uses a laptop dumbass
  • Syinze
    Syinze Год назад lol true
  • Anderson Wright
    Anderson Wright Год назад Dean Z Your fucking retarted dude
  • digi fortune
    digi fortune Год назад hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for computer repair kit try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.
  • Ching Rice
    Ching Rice Год назад Same I games and it stopped working I banged the key so hard it’s broken now
  • Martin
    Martin Год назад (изменено) I've done it,it worked!!! but I have to use the magnifying glass
  • Ichigo Ichigolicioux
    Ichigo Ichigolicioux 11 месяцев назад It’s so hard to put the key back?!?!? The last part.. how?!?
  • cockergrabber
    cockergrabber 11 месяцев назад sucker punch em in the back of head
  • Freya West
    Freya West 11 месяцев назад :,( i did it and now my f10 and left arrow keys broke what should i do?
  • Quxi Quickly
    Quxi Quickly 10 месяцев назад Skable Sameeeeee
    SHRIDHAR PATIL 10 месяцев назад Its easy.
  • Hackers Is In Game
    Hackers Is In Game 9 месяцев назад ye same
  • Umbra
    Umbra 9 месяцев назад OG Loc You can plug in a keyboard
  • duckk
    duckk 8 месяцев назад same here bro. i have a cyberpower laptop and one of my keys aren't lighting up so i want to fix it.
  • duckk
    duckk 8 месяцев назад its a Tracer II
  • Ana Karina Rodriguez
    Ana Karina Rodriguez 6 месяцев назад Same
  • Deathpuncher801
    Deathpuncher801 5 месяцев назад @Dean Z Your obviously not old enough to understand money. First of all, as a kid, your parents (at least mine) will not just buy you anything. Not everybody is rich. Second of all, when you grow up, try having a minimum wage job ,(80.4 million workers) and answer this, Would you rather have food, or a new keyboard?
  • Shivakumar Patil
    Shivakumar Patil 4 месяца назад :)
  • mazn malazada
    mazn malazada 4 месяца назад same
  • Aakaash Senthil
    Aakaash Senthil 4 месяца назад same
  • Eviethecatgirly girl
    Eviethecatgirly girl 4 месяца назад My dog clawed the key out when i wasn’t stroking her 😂😂😂
    IIBLIXYII :3 2 месяца назад Um mines too my mom kinda got mad ;-; and the worst part is that i lied cause i did not wanna get in trouble;-;
  • RELX
    RELX 4 недели назад Dean Z stop acting like ur so rich
  • Ahmed Rohan
    Ahmed Rohan 3 недели назад Same here but try,, u will successful as me
  • imymejubilee
    imymejubilee 2 года назад This is insanely hard I just can't get it to stay
  • random things
    random things 6 дней назад LMAO
  • Jesse
    Jesse 2 недели назад I was able to slide mine back on thank god 3-5-2019
  • SuperShah201
    SuperShah201 2 года назад My laptop keyboard can't type the letter ''j'' (I actually googled ''the alphabets'' just to write that down and copy-pasted it lol). Imma try this technique!
  • small
    small 2 года назад and so ho(w) did it go? (yes I Copy and pasted my w key too :3)
  • Logan Cochran
    Logan Cochran 2 года назад +SmallDudegyt my laptop m key fell of, aswell 2 other keys but I'm on my phone right now...
  • Antoine Davis
    Antoine Davis 2 года назад +A Pig is everything suppoe to be on the key? because when i tried, it was only a blue button for my "enter" key, is it broke or can i but it back on?
  • SuperShah201
    SuperShah201 2 года назад +Muhammad Haider uh huh...
  • Nyan Cat21
    Nyan Cat21 2 года назад Well i need one of the keys in a game
  • coraza naoro
    coraza naoro 2 года назад Do u know if copy & paste work for a key so I can open my computer. I'm locked out.so cant even reset password. I'm on visitor & not administrator. so screwed
  • Tech Profis
    Tech Profis 2 года назад There is an onscreen keyboard option in windows login screen. Ease of Access button in the lower-left corner that has this option (Windows 7) and lower right on Windows 8
  • coraza naoro
    coraza naoro 2 года назад @Tech Profis Thank you
  • Sajen Shrestha
    Sajen Shrestha 2 года назад lol im still doing copy-paste the 'w' since 1 year lol. any solutions to fix it ?
  • coraza naoro
    coraza naoro 2 года назад @Sajen Shrestha Quick fix, just buy a $10 keyboard & connect to your laptop. That what my repair shop guy did & sold me the keyboard that many times I seen them in trash. It works same. My laptop is old, not worth the investment.
  • Nyan Cat21
    Nyan Cat21 2 года назад Same here :( i dont have any solutions
  • The DarknessAbuse
    The DarknessAbuse 2 года назад mine a
  • karissa c
    karissa c 2 года назад SuperShah201 i did the same tjing for my t and y and it worked
  • Dopedealer
    Dopedealer 2 года назад coraza naoro get a desktop keyboard use it and the take off password
  • Master EA
    Master EA 2 года назад it is hard to type and search especially when important keys are not working like my ENTER AND BACKSPACE and im not comfortable if i use to erase letters is DEL button and search buttons for ENTER
  • Speedbreaker 700
    Speedbreaker 700 Год назад if you can use the letter you want or keyboard that you want i have a solution for just go to start button and Letter R press it at the same time the command prompt will appear then type osk the run it simple but helpful just reply me if this work for you
  • Trinité Épais
    Trinité Épais Год назад dude I wish I ould do tht, but my The opy nd ste key is broke lol
  • mayuri wandhare
    mayuri wandhare Год назад try OSK dude
    SANIJUR RAHMAN Год назад My laptop also J button don't work
  • Saiina06
    Saiina06 Год назад really i cant do n or b i have this on screen keyoard what shows up and i have to click it every time i use n or b cri
  • Kawaii Toast
    Kawaii Toast Год назад I can't type A
  • Natalie Caro
    Natalie Caro Год назад so i can't type the letter p so i just copy pasted right now and i had forgotten about the onscreen keyboard so i went to tablet mode but the p doesn't work on there either! .. help?
  • Proxxible Gaming
    Proxxible Gaming Год назад i cant type the letter s and i have to look up the alphabet to lol
  • Lil Pope
    Lil Pope Год назад (изменено) Saiina06 same, I can't do the same letters without copying and pasting
  • Insidius
    Insidius 11 месяцев назад Just go to setting and turn on screen keyboard
  • Marl Lada
    Marl Lada 9 месяцев назад Lmao i copy paste my a button
  • karthika artist
    karthika artist 9 месяцев назад If your keyboard not working then install remote mouse software on your computer And mobile. Connect your PC and mobile with a same WiFi network when you type in your mobile that will appear on your PC screen. You can use mouse and keyboard at the same time
  • yes doc
    yes doc 7 месяцев назад Hahaha
  • Michelle Andrade
    Michelle Andrade 6 месяцев назад For me it's the m and I'm using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 6 месяцев назад use on mouse keyboard
  • ellimist
    ellimist 6 месяцев назад @small lol Use on screen keyboard my dude
  • Olivia Setiadi
    Olivia Setiadi 4 месяца назад And i cant type the letter d,j,k,l,s, and ; enter
  • nabin niraula
    nabin niraula 3 месяца назад Bro does it works??
  • Rachel Jefferson
    Rachel Jefferson 3 месяца назад my down arrow always always ALWAYS comes off lol
  • Smoody_x5
    Smoody_x5 2 месяца назад but-what-about-space?
  • teck tick
    teck tick 1 месяц назад @Olivia Setiadi me tooo.. What have u done..?
  • M
    M 3 года назад Im being 1000% serious right now. When meh labtop dropped and the Y key came out, i litterall was like '''OMG WHY''
  • jerome 1247
    jerome 1247 3 года назад +M I have no c or down arrow
  • M
    M 3 года назад @jerome 1247 I C what I mean? these are b ad puns waiting to happen! 
  • The Dudeface
    The Dudeface Год назад I c what u did there... n found it funny.
  • evalha007
    evalha007 Год назад fake
  • T67 FUN
    T67 FUN Год назад M same prob
  • sikeitsani
    sikeitsani Год назад SAME MY ^ ARROW CAME OUT LIKE WTF
  • Slenderguy56
    Slenderguy56 Год назад More like "OMG WH "
  • Christine Coco
    Christine Coco 8 месяцев назад Lol pun
  • Farhan The Awesome Gamer
    Farhan The Awesome Gamer 7 месяцев назад Then how u wrote y now?
  • Exzo Bree
    Exzo Bree 7 месяцев назад Here's your L bro!
  • Charbel Abboud
    Charbel Abboud 3 года назад thanks, now my parents wont realise anything ;)
  • vanilla bear
    vanilla bear 3 года назад +Matrix Gaming ツ same
  • phee comeau
    phee comeau 3 года назад +Matrix Gaming ツ same
  • No-OneIsLegit
    No-OneIsLegit 2 года назад Lol idk about mine :(
  • OutLaw 2k17
    OutLaw 2k17 2 года назад lol
  • SMGJohn
    SMGJohn 2 года назад I shot mine
  • No-OneIsLegit
    No-OneIsLegit 2 года назад @SMGJohn LEL i threw something at my keyboard on accident and it was glass next thing i knew my keys fell off
  • karissa c
    karissa c 2 года назад Crystar ツ i took mine off to fix my key board
  • FintanSky
    FintanSky Год назад Crystar ツ kids be honest not fucking bitches
    CODED Год назад Same my mom would've killed me
  • TGAW
    TGAW Год назад Crystar ツ yeah same but my mom wouldn't do anything to me
  • Borny 2007
    Borny 2007 Год назад Yup,im so dead.
  • Quxi Quickly
    Quxi Quickly 10 месяцев назад JoseSkyhunter Like you?
  • Coretta Bailey
    Coretta Bailey 3 года назад I am soooo not technically or mechanically inclined and was able to pop it back in following your video!! Thanks so much!!
  • Lymiss
    Lymiss 2 года назад Would this method work on a laptop that has had some water damage on it? The laptop has dried out and everything deems to be working except the E, D and C keys. Are they fixable by DIY or would it be better to take it in somewhere?
  • Moy Young
    Moy Young 1 месяц назад Usually with liquid spills...if some of the keys are not responding, it means you've got sticky keys which requires a keyboard replacement. I am an IT technician at Starbase Net Computer in South Pasadena.
  • Lotusrk123
    Lotusrk123 1 день назад EZ fix: Go to Walmart and buy a spray can of CRC QD (Quick Dry) Electronic Cleaner. You'll find it in the automotive section. I remove the keyboard (or invert laptop so liquid does not leak onto Motherboard), and spray the keys liberally, exercising them as you spray. I do it twice and then leave it outside to dry. 30 minutes later reassemble and the keys work. If one still gives you problem repeat focusing on the problem key. This spray will not hurt plastic. When I sprayed my ROKU remote it left the keys slightly higher than original until it dried for about an hour and they returned to normal (fixed a dirty remote that wasn't working any more).
  • Lotusrk123
    Lotusrk123 1 день назад There is CRC electronic spray cleaner sold at Walmart and most auto parts stores. It is quick dry and won't hurt plastic. Exercise the key as you spray. I always remove the keyboard and take it outside (stinks).
  • Thikra Xi
    Thikra Xi 3 дня назад THANK U SOOO MUCH IT WORK <3
  • noodlemaster 8
    noodlemaster 8 3 недели назад thank good ness this vid wus made my m key fell off and i did not know how to put it back on thx who ever made this vid
  • EmeraldJade66
    EmeraldJade66 3 года назад For Desktop Users: Unless you just love the keyboard you have with a passion, this would take "forever" even for just one key or two much less half or all of the keyboard! No thank you. I will keep spraying air and if it gets too bad where I can't use one or two keys then goodbye non-functional keyboard hello new one. Can get used ones that are 'brand new' or 'like new' on Ebay or Amazon for half the price of a brand new one in the stores. Appreciate the tutorial Tech Profis it was very informative. Thanks! :)
  • Mason L.
    Mason L. 2 года назад does this actually fix your keyboard when it doesn't respond to keys? cause my key is busted and I don't know if works?
  • mominul huq
    mominul huq 2 года назад EXPLAIN PLEASE
  • Tech Profis
    Tech Profis 2 года назад Hi there! Just watch my other tutorials, they are with voice narration :)
  • Cobra Hunter13
    Cobra Hunter13 3 года назад THANKS SOOOOI MUCH I WOULD HAVE GOTEN GROUNDED IF I COULDENT FIX IT (it's my dad's computer)
  • Ajith Mohan
    Ajith Mohan 1 месяц назад Thank you, Its very helpfully
  • Hai Dong
    Hai Dong 1 месяц назад My W button doesn't work, which is the one of the most important key in games, I wan't to fix but I'm too young :(
  • AlmostFigures
    AlmostFigures 1 месяц назад relatable
  • Atilio Escobar
    Atilio Escobar 3 года назад can you buy that little rubber 'dome' piece thats under the key itself?!? because that is gone on my laptop..help please..
  • Mohamed Abdelhadi
    Mohamed Abdelhadi 3 года назад +Atilio Escobar Yes, and just one example that's in front of me now: replacementlaptopkeys.com
  • Atilio Escobar
    Atilio Escobar 3 года назад awesome. thanks!
  • Pixel Rainbow Nyan Cat
    Pixel Rainbow Nyan Cat 8 месяцев назад Atilio Escobar es you can
  • Hijraki
    Hijraki 7 месяцев назад To buy is easy. To install I don't now how yet...
  • Jade Lopez
    Jade Lopez 1 месяц назад Thank u sooooo muchhhh it work so good 😍 again thank u I was so afraid that my n key came out and i would of get in trouble for it but u helped me 😥👏👏👏👏