How to Replace A Bathtub (Step By Step)

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Checkout my video on installing the Tile: https://youtu.be/FzJoIpw3SZQ
For a complete list of tools and materials needed, visit http://DIYwithDan.com/bathtub.
In this video, you'll learn how to replace and install a new bathtub in your bathroom.

You'll learn how to remove an old bathtub, how to choose a new bathtub, and how to install a new alcove bathtub. You'll also learn all about bathtub plumbing.

First, I'll show you exactly how to remove your old bathtub and disconnect the drain and plumbing.

Then, I'll show you how to level the floor and prep the floor for a new bathtub so you have a level and flat surface to support the tub.

Then, I'll show you how to build the bathtub drain assembly and connect it to the tub.

And finally, you'll learn exactly how to install the tub, hook up the plumbing, seal the drain with silicone drain sealant, and secure the tub with the wall with bathtub screws.

  • Retrogamer1010
    Retrogamer1010 2 недели назад I did my first and second myself. Cost about a grand each for all kohler products tile flooring etc. Remodeling through a contractor 10k easy what a joke it took a weekend.
  • Steven Mccallan
    Steven Mccallan 2 месяца назад I get a kick out of the guys who think unless you are licensed, you are incapable of doing anything. Maybe I should get a license to change a light bulb. Remember the saying; You can't please all the people all the time (and why even try). Dan does a nice job of explaining how to install a tub and I'm sure that he appreciates constructive comments on ways he can improve, as nobody is perfect. It's very low class when you have jerks, professional or otherwise, make denigrating comments about how you do things ( as if they were perfect). Keep the vids coming, dude and don't let negative comments make you down.
  • Robert McCay
    Robert McCay 5 месяцев назад I generally prefer to install the drain/overflow into the tub first and do the final hookup from beneath if at all possible
  • pietrosammarco
    pietrosammarco 4 дня назад Thanks for the video. I'm wondering why you didn't embed the tub in mortar or plaster.
    CH!CARCAS TERCERO Неделю назад What about the anti fungus plumber putty ?
  • tony tony
    tony tony 1 месяц назад you get a E for effort, lol
  • George Ashing
    George Ashing 3 месяца назад I would have changed out that insulation for the mineral wool kind.
  • Hughes Home Improvements SP
    Hughes Home Improvements SP 3 месяца назад We never use silicone, I'm surprised that manufacturer didn't require a ledger, keep on keeping on!
  • TheGuruStud
    TheGuruStud Неделю назад Well, I hope you don't use putty. That shit is worthless. After 10 yrs it starts leaking. No wonder plumbers use it. It's more work!
  • michael lennon
    michael lennon 6 месяцев назад Show how you remove a cast iron tub
  • EltonNoway
    EltonNoway 6 месяцев назад Because cast iron is brittle and easy to break the most common way is with a sledge hammer. Personally I use a pick axe as the point of the pick deliversa more concentrated blow to one spot and usually penetrate the cast iron with the first swing. One I have a hole I break up the tub using a sledge hammer into small pieces that I can easily manage by myself. If the intent is to remove the tub and reinstall it in the same or another location... you'll need help because it is next to impossible for one person to remove a 300lb cast iron tub by them self. Plenty of Youtube videos showing the sledge hammer technique.
  • Robert McCay
    Robert McCay 5 месяцев назад Use a sledgehammer. Just make sure you wear safety glasses and wear long sleeves. The finish flies of like daggers.
  • Salvatore Saccoccio
    Salvatore Saccoccio 3 месяца назад Wow! Why would anyone want to take a chance and create damage to adjoining walls by pounding a cast iron tub with a sledgehammer? Get a good grinder and cut it into 4 pieces and walk it out like you know what you’re doing!
  • michael lennon
    michael lennon 3 месяца назад (изменено) @EltonNoway done it a hundred times
  • michael lennon
    michael lennon 3 месяца назад @Robert McCay I k ow how . Wanted him to do it
  • michael lennon
    michael lennon 3 месяца назад @Salvatore Saccoccio grinders can start a fire. You dont k ow what's under the tub
  • Salvatore Saccoccio
    Salvatore Saccoccio 3 месяца назад michael lennon you’re a freshman and don’t know squat, I’ve cut out many tubs in my 50 years of being a tradesman. Where did you serve your apprenticeship?
  • michael lennon
    michael lennon 3 месяца назад @Salvatore Saccoccio fuck you loser . Swing a sledgehammer, do it like a man. I have 28 years under my belt . I'm not a remolding God like you . But we have done just fine . We no longer work for home owners that dint know shit about construction. No shortage of work . Sounds like your a king hacker . Do u have a license. ????? . In my state you need to be licensed to do remolding or construction .with inspections every step of the way . So you dont know shit . Do you have insurance , do you care about your customers . Or do you just hack your way to a check .
  • Dondy Perea
    Dondy Perea 3 месяца назад @EltonNoway that's all I've used on cast iron tubs. never tried the pick ax though. Next one I will definitely try with a pick ax then the sledge like you mentioned
  • SomeFortniteGuy
    SomeFortniteGuy 6 дней назад I'm sorry, but it's re - MODELLING @michael lennon
  • jonathan miller
    jonathan miller 2 месяца назад Thank you! You saved me hundreds of dollars..
  • Coby Moreno
    Coby Moreno 7 месяцев назад Ecelent video thank you
  • OXOX
    OXOX 2 месяца назад I see a lot of butt-hurt "plumbers" commenting here. If plumbers actually knew what they were doing, did it, and charged a fair price we wouldn't need handymen.
  • Lee Olaeta
    Lee Olaeta 1 месяц назад (изменено) XOXO. That's the difference between a Handyman and a Plumber. The plumber charges for his knowledge. The Handyman charges for his labor. What he's worth. That's why is doesn't charge as much.
  • Lynell Tiller
    Lynell Tiller 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Thanks! We have slab flooring so we can't attach from below the tub.
  • James Derbaum
    James Derbaum 3 месяца назад Slab tub installs are tough you have to have access from the adjacent room if possible
  • Lee Olaeta
    Lee Olaeta 3 месяца назад Dont follow these instructions then. This was a very poor install. It wasn't even close to being correct even for a handy man. He sounded like he knew what he was doing. But it pretty much stopped there.
  • Thomas tom
    Thomas tom 1 месяц назад You missed a few steps to be more efficient but over all a good video. As far as I know you should never caulk or secondary seal a rubber gasket, the solvents will break down the rubber and fail.
  • Plumber therapy
    Plumber therapy Неделю назад Good information friend
  • Rudolph D' Cunha
    Rudolph D' Cunha 4 месяца назад Hi my bathtub drainage water connection right side connection has per my builder blue prints My plumber suggestion to put on left side connection drainage and water connection . He says that connection are near to wall & later there will be problem Please advise me what shall I do I already purchased right side connection bathtub my local dealer not ready to exchange this Please advise Rudy
  • Darren R
    Darren R 3 месяца назад Possibly an outside wall and the water lines may freeze in the winter. I'd take his advice if this were the case.
  • Xingju Chen
    Xingju Chen 1 месяц назад Rudolph D' Cunha 👍
  • joe bermea
    joe bermea 5 месяцев назад Lol handy men keep us plumbers in business....bad install tub needs to be braced around the edges and gasket seal for the tub shoe goes under not on top...also needs bedding underneath for foundation of tub
  • Dan Perry
    Dan Perry 5 месяцев назад Hey Joe. I appreciate your thoughts. For this tub install the directions were not to brace around the edges. This is only necessary if you pour a mortar bed. Otherwise I could mess up the contact with the floor. If you watch the video you'll see that I leveled the floor and the base of the tub has consistent contact with it. And finally, the gasket seal is underneath so I'm not sure what you're talking about there. Also, the tub works great, is solid as a rock, and has no problems.
  • jrock 1975
    jrock 1975 5 месяцев назад at least 3 inches of mortar correct for bedding
  • RE Verb
    RE Verb 5 месяцев назад (изменено) I had to call a plumber 3 times for a sink job they kept half-assing so who's keeping who in business? ... I believe everybody makes mistakes and it's a matter of preference. Top and bottom sealing never hurt anyone. Did you stop the video before typing your comment? Everything you mentioned he did. Licensed plumbers who likes using their papers as experience, keeps handymen in business too.
  • Chris Orme
    Chris Orme 4 месяца назад Plumbers in my area will not even return phone calls or show up. There is a huge shortage of plumbers
  • Rick SC
    Rick SC 4 месяца назад joe bermea The biggest problems I have had in the 3 houses I renovated so far was do to the licensed expert plumbers. Even the guy on This Old House does half assed work by my standard so please don't profess your expertise when I know darn well it is B.S.. Thanks.
  • Andy Edgington
    Andy Edgington 4 месяца назад Agree. I've had to make countless repairs to many plumbing, electrical and other house issues due to the incompetence or laziness of the trades person responsible. There would probably be less work out there for handymen if the job was done correctly in the first place.
  • Lee Olaeta
    Lee Olaeta 3 месяца назад @Dan Perry put a 350 lb man in it for a few years. Plus. Codes in my area call for supports around the lip. And always set in mortar. If you do it correctly it will not cause any problems. Measure, measure, measure. I would have only had to test fit it once. I figure you are learning so you need to make sure of what you measured. Remember suppliers only recommend what should be used. After that its years of experience & knowledge to get it correct. 5 to 7 years down the road. You may not get called to either repair or replace this tub. So you will never know if it was a good job. Check your local codes. Whether you pull a permit or not. The install should be "better " than what is just called for.
  • Freedog13
    Freedog13 3 месяца назад Thanks, now I don't need a plumber.
  • Lee Olaeta
    Lee Olaeta 3 месяца назад @Freedog13 No you don't. After learning this. Now you can Kill yourself. It's not that you don't need a plumber. This video is telling you that you don't need a Handyman. A plumber would have done it correctly. This flame in the end When he was done. Will kill you! Where should I send Flowers.
  • matsvey
    matsvey 2 месяца назад Hey, Joe post your video showing the 'Right' way. Funny thing is a lot of us handymen get the exact opposite comment from our very loyal customers, 'The Plumber messed it up, can you take care of it'? So we handymen are kept in business by 'Professionals' who aren't keeping the standards they profess to work by. This is present in many trades but among my peers, it is most common in plumbing. As handymen, we are skilled in many trades and although there are hacks in every trade, handymen included, when licensed and supposedly skilled in one main trade like Plumbing, I just feel from experience working with many, that a lot of Plumbers could do better. Just my thoughts.
  • Randall Mcwillis
    Randall Mcwillis 2 месяца назад You guys that argue about how to install a bathtub. Lol . Are you serious. It's a fucking bathtub . Fucking idiots
  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski Неделю назад @Rick SC - Great and accurate comment. Usually the plumber is arrogant and unreliable, as though what they are doing is well beyond the capacity of mortal man. I'm a remodeling contractor in the Pinko Sate of CT and, unless there is a footprint change within the bathroom real estate, I handle the entire project. Total control leads to less problems and faster project completion. It also puts more $$ in me pocket.
  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski Неделю назад @Lee Olaeta, Over a bathtub install you speak to a person like this. Spoken like a typical, unprofessional, worker bee stiff who will never be in a position to retire. Reflects the intellect.
  • Lee Olaeta
    Lee Olaeta Неделю назад @Walt Kowalski that's called a Jack of all trades. Master of none. Contractors. I use that term lightly. That do all the work are called Handyman. That's what you are most interested in. Putting more money in your pocket. Most people I know that have completely retired. Go home & die. I hope you make those big bucks & retire soon. I still work because I enjoy helping people. Also I meet 3 to 5 new people a week. Your truck cannot be geared for every trade. You need to look at a job. Go to the home building store buy materials come back and home you purchased the correct materials. I just walk out to my truck. That's because I'm geared for plumbing & the type of plumbing that I'm doing. You're just a Hackofalltrades.... Keep Hacking them jobs out Walter... 🤗
  • Shawn
    Shawn 1 месяц назад I've been Plumbing for 25 years numerous state licenses. The only place I found very good money, is incredibly high end residential remodels, or tenant finish space, such as restaurants, boutique hotels etc. otherwise you left in a sea of competition. And homeowners just don't have the money to pay. Fortunately I live on the coast of Cali where they do have the money. But I still concentrate on separating my skills from the unskilled unlicensed.
  • carapungo
    carapungo 1 месяц назад very good bro!!!
    CH!CARCAS TERCERO Неделю назад That silicone could make a leak , that silicone isn’t necessary!