Disassembly HP Pavilion DV6500 KD959EA

Опубликовано: 15 сент. 2014 г. 436 940 просмотров

  • Marko Pihla
    Marko Pihla 1 месяц назад HP Pavilion what a disaster.
  • Costin Valentin Lungu
    Costin Valentin Lungu Неделю назад Muy bien... sin guantes , sin pulsera antiestática y con papel de aluminio, este tio no tiene ni idea de nada.
  • Compco
    Compco 1 месяц назад Definitely not ESD safe. Looks like rug in background as well. Should at least be wearing a wrist strap. Good video though and nice and organized.
  • Prince cryoni
    Prince cryoni 3 недели назад En tout cas chapeau a vous et très ravi de vous suivre, une remarque si possible de parlé tout petit peu en démontrant la machine c'est-à-dire de nommé chaque pièces par exemple voici disque dur, carte-mer, RAM, Processeur etc. merci.
  • Er1c Sebasta
    Er1c Sebasta Год назад why would you do half of this behind the screen where we can't see what you did?
  • Виктор Криницкий
    Виктор Криницкий Год назад Hello! Thank you for your question. The vacuum cleaner stands on the floor to my left and I'm on the included vacuum cleaner I brush the dust from different parts of the laptop with brushes. This is all I do out of sight. One more thing. These videos are just a confirmation of the cleaning of the laptop for this or that person. Now a lot of unscrupulous masters have appeared, who do almost nothing, and the owner of the laptop is told fables about dust, cockroaches and other polluted inside the laptop.
  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 2 недели назад Плоскогубцы при работе с ноутбуком?! Серьезно?! ))))))
    SAMIR GAZAOUI Неделю назад que fait tu donc tu touche hp
  • electronics help care
    electronics help care 1 месяц назад Good job
  • Nikita Cherlenok
    Nikita Cherlenok 1 месяц назад профи молодец
  • Marco Gardini
    Marco Gardini 2 года назад at minute 37.57 what is it??? Why on my dv6560 there isn't???
  • Виктор Криницкий
    Виктор Криницкий 2 года назад Hello! What is it now I can not say, as the laptop gets to me on one or two days usually.
  • zajac.mc
    zajac.mc Год назад It's a remote controll module, inside of which You can hide the remote controller itself.
  • tehnixs034 konjuh
    tehnixs034 konjuh 3 недели назад jeboti sebi mamu u picku
  • Yohanner Perez
    Yohanner Perez 2 недели назад hi every one, i need help, where can i find schematic diagram of b75m d3h
  • abhir mohamed
    abhir mohamed Неделю назад google