Amplifier repair - How do car amps work?? Part 1

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So this is what i've been busy with for the last year or so. I have taken my time and learnt amplifier repair, and I actually find this pretty fun and rewarding, as a problem solver. Plus i get to see a whole range of different amps from different brands, see how they work and bench test them. I wanted to make a video going through the real basics of how a class D mono car amplifier works, so that you can get a better understanding of what its doing in your system.

  • Burhanuddin Diwan
    Burhanuddin Diwan Год назад great vid! and I wonder how you give this much info openly cause when technicians repair them, they don't even let you see, cause no one would give their knowledge for free, so hats off to you man...👍
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 дня назад Why don't you use your desolder station? Nice video, thanks for sharing!
  • WdB
    WdB Год назад Fantastic video. Really well documented and explained! I think I will have a go repairing my Velodyne subwoofer amp
  • Blind Fold YT
    Blind Fold YT Год назад yo i love your video's! could i please get a shoutout??
  • Nathan Mills
    Nathan Mills Год назад WorldsDeepestBass which sub? I've a couple dd15's that need boards serviced. Sux that Velodyne quit servicing my model :(
  • WdB
    WdB Год назад Nathan Mills I'll be servicing my SPL-800i
  • Hans Packer
    Hans Packer 9 месяцев назад I completely agree with this comment. A super clear explanation.
  • Ryan Montierth
    Ryan Montierth 5 месяцев назад I am totally knew go learning the inner workings of electronics and am 11 minutes in and got to say, I love this video already. I do have a question though. When the signal coming out of the mosfet is 12 on 12 off, does that actually make alternating current as stated, or does that just make it a switched DC current? I've done car audio for 20 years but never actually opened an amp and replaced it, just changed defective ones. I am truly interested in and always have been interested but never really thought about finding a YouTube channel and not too big on library books so I'm actually super excited to find this channel and some similar ones. Thanks.
  • Anthony Volkman
    Anthony Volkman 5 месяцев назад Boy class D can be fun alright! The biggest amp I've rebuilt so far is a 10 kW amp. It was a beast. All PSU fets, GDRs and GD ICs were blown. Nightmare at Volkman Audio Repair but got it done. I love your vids BTW. It's actually nice to watch them just to kindof "brush" up on my skills. To all out there that are watching this vid wandering whether you would like to persue this line of work (in my case 13 years), keep in mind you will never stop learning. Amps are constantly being improved upon regarding components design, quantity, different components used, different layouts and such and just how everything correlates to each other. For me electronics is a whole nother world, it actually looks like a city and it's great. Best if luck to you all and thank you for the excellent vids! I will be starting uploads of my own amplifier builds (and yes I am am actual business owner like him in the video. I'd be glad to rebuild, build and modify amps for you all. And all other car audio needs.
  • Kev31779
    Kev31779 Год назад Get yourself a Hakko 808 or equivalent desoldering gun. It makes short work of pulling those Mosfets. Saves tons of times on large amps like this.
  • Rover Waters
    Rover Waters 6 месяцев назад you not having electronics degree makes you explain things really understandable for the uninitiated
  • stuartmp1974
    stuartmp1974 1 месяц назад Wow. What a awesome, Well comentated repair video. So looking for to watching part 2. Learnt so much for this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  • Martin Est
    Martin Est 2 месяца назад One of the best videos i've seen on repairing amplifiers. Really nice to watch ! Great work !
  • O F
    O F 4 месяца назад Oh man thank you so much for this video! You get straight to the point and make it all clear. Well done. Your work in making this is very much appreciated.
  • Thomas Stetina
    Thomas Stetina 3 месяца назад Thank you so much! U taught me a years worth of elec. schooling in a half an hour!!!
  • Clifton Service
    Clifton Service 3 недели назад Nice job on this video bro, even after a year of doing nothing but work and audio, this video still is nice to have on hand, easy to understand and explains it in a way where anybody on day 1 could Itleast get to know the basics and eventually get to it. Again, nice job and will be forwarding.
  • muhammad abdulhadi
    muhammad abdulhadi 3 месяца назад just perfect explanation! thank you very much :)
  • All Things M3
    All Things M3 3 месяца назад (изменено) Thanks for the great video. It really helped me fix my amp. And it was great that you mentioned about not using a power supply with a ground pin. A multi meter is fine but you can really damage a scope doing that with a ground.
  • Matt's Shop
    Matt's Shop Год назад This video is the best amp repair vid on YouTube! I had to do the exact same thing to my Hifonics amp when it blew. All Mosfets, resistors, driver IC, driver transistors, bulged caps. I had to figure it all out on my own with a little help from forums here and there. This vid WILL help ALOT of people!
  • prodigalus
    prodigalus Год назад hello. i have a couple Samsung subwoofers that interface via wifi to a soundbar.. but i don't have the soundbar. is there any way to hack these active subwoofers? they have no aux input, but there has to be a way to bypass the need for the soundbar? any thoughts?
  • Benjamin Zacharko
    Benjamin Zacharko 11 месяцев назад prodigalus I myself am trying to do the same thing. Im led to believe through some of my own experimentation that there is a tracable input point on the driver board(s) that has to interface with the output of the radio board (usually Bluetooth). With a Nakamichi NK12 wireless subwoofer... I simply gutted and plugged the enclosure to a passive state to use with a small car amp on a computer PSU... With a boston acoustics tVee20 woofer.... I had to trace the signal source and solder in some RCA wires and MacGyver a filter to it so it could receive a smooth signal. Perhaps I should post a video now that I see others are curious.
  • prodigalus
    prodigalus 11 месяцев назад yes, please!! and there has to be a way to use the crossover, right? i have 2 Samsung subwoofers, which were $1 apiece, so i'd love to use them lol. i know that they were sold at that price because no one knew if they worked, or how to use them.. and it has to be possible. and btw, please link me when you do this video. any idea when you might do it?
  • Davor todorić
    Davor todorić 1 месяц назад your lectures are therapeutic and calming... :) thank you...
  • Stam Garonda
    Stam Garonda 2 недели назад Wow i really learn a lot from this one video compared to many videos i watched before this. Thanks for the theories because it helped to understand what really happening. This is a very good video. Thank you very much.
  • Tom I
    Tom I 4 месяца назад Is that a Macro-Tech 5000 I spotted off to your right? Good lad!
  • Shawn Rovnyak
    Shawn Rovnyak 2 месяца назад Can you repair mine? It's a mtx thunder 3401
  • Josh Hanson
    Josh Hanson Год назад Please do a part two! Awesome vid! 2 thumbs up!
  • H E C. M A N.
    H E C. M A N. 2 месяца назад WOW. That was a very informative video. Thanks
  • ShiftyKing’s Guid2TheGalaxy
    ShiftyKing’s Guid2TheGalaxy 1 месяц назад I think you described what happened to my SS AR1.8000D im now on my second** my first one is back in the box until i meet someone like you or become you 😎