Laptop Hardware Repair

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65 Minutes

This class teaches students how to troubleshoot and fix the most common laptop hardware problems.


Computer Anatomy
This class talks about:

Purchasing Laptop Parts
Replacing LCD Screens
Replacing LCD Inverters
Replacing Keyboards
Installing RAM
Replacing Hard Drives
Replacing Optical Drives

  • Robert Cartier
    Robert Cartier 4 года назад Excellent class!  I have rarely seen tutorials of this caliber on YouTube. The teacher is obviously a professional and really knows his stuff, but he also has a screen presence which is missing from so many wannabes shooting handheld vids in their bedrooms. Subscribing to this channel immediately!  Thanks Eli!
  • OAKO
    OAKO 3 года назад (изменено) I'm not getting a MacBook. I'm happy with my ASUS Q552U.
  • Stray Dog
    Stray Dog 3 года назад Eli did you know most techies consider laptop repair equivalent to dental work.
  • Oscar Kirkeby
    Oscar Kirkeby 2 года назад who`s watching in 2016
  • jaime munoz
    jaime munoz 1 месяц назад (изменено) Im from the future 2019 what is this thing called a removable battery you speak of?
  • Pistol Skywalker
    Pistol Skywalker 4 года назад that would be a torx, a hex is 6 sided, like an allen wrench
  • cad5359
    cad5359 5 лет назад $200 for a screen? My Asus laptop was $350 new...
  • m3chanist
    m3chanist 5 лет назад Hex?   you mean torx.. Hex is a 6 sided allen key. Torx ae star shaped.
  • Hachiro
    Hachiro 4 года назад I suggest using ifixit.com 's teardowns if you don't know how to take apart your laptop, phone, gaming device, or console. As well as many other things! I freaken love that site!
  • Wulfle
    Wulfle 4 года назад LOL! Juryrig the inverter sounds like something out of StarTrek!
  • OAKO
    OAKO 3 года назад Introduction before you open up anything. 0:00-15:00
  • Anwar Ahmed
    Anwar Ahmed 2 года назад Thanks for the helpful, useful lesson, but why do not you give the pc to someone in need,a student, for e.g., instead of throwing it? any way great tips- thank u again.
  • opisex
    opisex 2 года назад 18:10 Some laptops with only 1 slot have some embedded memory. ex: slot0: is embedded on the MB and slot 1 is open for expansion. also I've seen some where 1st slot is inside the computer, ex: HP nc6300 series. have to pop the keyboard out to get to the internal slot.
  • hdad dhu dsad
    hdad dhu dsad 2 года назад 21:01 that awkward moment when you say "this is easy peasy" and then immediately begin to struggle
  • Ian the Fifth
    Ian the Fifth 5 лет назад Google is an young technician's best friend. :D
  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 3 года назад My laptop is good the two back feet are raised up a bit so air can pass underneath but on mine the main air output is on the left hand side. It an MSI laptop love that company they do a good job
  • CCS
    CCS 4 года назад There is a big difference between hardware repair and hardware replacement.
  • Christopher Arlandoo
    Christopher Arlandoo 4 года назад thank u mr teacher it eli ive learned much as im following A+ courses on computer repaires configuration and programming
  • wessle
    wessle 3 года назад When he said "aaggh, Fifty five dollars!" He sounded adorable 
  • Sayed Kazimi
    Sayed Kazimi 1 месяц назад Very helpful , thank you very much !