Who could replace Theresa May as Tory Leader?

Опубликовано: 15 мар. 2019 г. 57 875 просмотров

She promised Conservative MPs that she would step down before the 2022 General Election.

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Now Theresa May’s former policy adviser George Freeman has called for her to resign straight away in order to “unite the country”. But if she does go, who will take over? Various Conservative leadership contenders have been jockeying for position.

Our Political Correspondent Michael Crick assesses the runners and riders.


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  • Alistair Ewen
    Alistair Ewen 6 дней назад Wouldn't it be nice, if we could have a complete clear out, and start afresh.
  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog 6 дней назад After no deal we clear the lot and reform parlour ment
  • Ant Parsons
    Ant Parsons 6 дней назад You have to fight through a ton of bad guys to get to them
  • zachary hebert
    zachary hebert 6 дней назад u still wouldn't be satisfied. British people are expert moaners
  • Tom Peru
    Tom Peru 6 дней назад Yes we need people with vision and ideas. I mean what does Mrs May actually believe and stand for? Who actually knows, I doubt she even does. We are an incredible species and capable of so much but we can't even house every one in the UK. What we really need is some type of green revolution as our world is dying from the pollution of our capitalist lifestyles
  • Alistair Ewen
    Alistair Ewen 6 дней назад @Tom Peru can we find someone, who is not greedy, power mad, aye, o. K. I 'm living in wonderland.
  • the man with the green cortina
    the man with the green cortina 6 дней назад @zachary hebert you are obviously an expert 🐑 ready to just go along with the constant corruption.
  • Pibast
    Pibast 6 дней назад Start what? Because for me looks like Universe doesn’t have beginning and end😂
  • Peter Zurich
    Peter Zurich 6 дней назад Great idea.
  • Wendy Gulley
    Wendy Gulley 6 дней назад (изменено) @Alistair Ewen No chance under the present corrupt system. They are all bred for it and programmed from birth.
  • Alistair Ewen
    Alistair Ewen 6 дней назад @Wendy Gulley I think you're being nice, you mean inbred!! *, :
  • Ess Emm
    Ess Emm 6 дней назад @Alistair Ewen ..speak for yourself!
  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 6 дней назад Alistair Ewen Yeah but that’s what you call revolution.
  • KK
    KK 6 дней назад Well said
  • KK
    KK 6 дней назад @Tom Peru she's some what a shmuck
  • KK
    KK 6 дней назад I think the attorney general will make a GD pm
  • George Doors
    George Doors 4 дня назад Alistair Ewen slops out fresh slops back in ,🙄
  • George Doors
    George Doors 4 дня назад Tom Peru a big asteroid would sort it out once and for all ☄️💥🔥
  • Roger Rodgers
    Roger Rodgers 1 день назад it is coming! and I am smiling about it
  • Rhyas9
    Rhyas9 6 дней назад The obvious choice is Lord Buckethead.
  • mc 007
    mc 007 6 дней назад Blue bottle or chinstrap will do in the interest of continuity .
  • Marcus W
    Marcus W 5 дней назад He has to be about 60/70 now lol, he last stood against thature I’m 85 lol
  • Random Process
    Random Process 2 дня назад Baldrick - He has a 'cunning plan'
  • Kevin Duggan
    Kevin Duggan 2 дня назад Rhyas9 — Hitler did nothing wrong
  • Kevin Twine
    Kevin Twine 6 дней назад Plenty of Tory scum bags waiting in the wings
  • Spacetrucker U
    Spacetrucker U 4 дня назад Tory policy for the last ten years Cuts to Health Cuts to Education Cuts to welfare Cuts to Housing Whats the general theme ????
  • Kevin Twine
    Kevin Twine 4 дня назад Spacetrucker U All whilst increasing the national debt and taking a rise in their own salaries,the Tories truly are vile self-serving scum
  • J Loki
    J Loki 6 дней назад So basically it could only get worse
  • Lewis Cook
    Lewis Cook 6 дней назад J Loki or even worse than that IF Corbyn took charge
  • Philip Eaton
    Philip Eaton 6 дней назад get worse if labour were in power
  • bob rail
    bob rail 6 дней назад Of course its out and out blackmail accept Mays deal with corrupted EU or we make sure you never leave traitors to the last Mays head should be on a spike at traitors gate outside tower of London 😱😱😱
    FULL SHRED 3 дня назад If it's a tory yes, they don't know how to run a country.
  • Arcarsenal
    Arcarsenal 6 дней назад Not one competent face on that wheel. The Tories might as well pack up and call it a day. Atrocious failures !
  • Lewis Cook
    Lewis Cook 6 дней назад Arcarsenal picking up on labours mess of the economy wasn’t easy though
  • Arcarsenal
    Arcarsenal 6 дней назад (изменено) @Lewis Cook New Labour's / Tony Blair's Labour** (Not real Labour) I agree
  • The Bulldog Mr B
    The Bulldog Mr B 6 дней назад Arcarsenal well who would u suggest? Jeremy Corbyn and Diann Abbot?! 😂😂
  • Arcarsenal
    Arcarsenal 6 дней назад @The Bulldog Mr B I'm gonna go with probably... Not because I particularly like them, it's just you can't really govern a country any worse than the Conservatives have been doing for the last decade
  • Scumspawn *****
    Scumspawn ***** 5 дней назад @Lewis Cook Picking up after tory bankers and world wide bankers mess you mean..if you want to insult someone or something check your facts first and by the way the Sun and Daily Mail are not reference books.
  • Spacetrucker U
    Spacetrucker U 4 дня назад Time for a new party. A party that cuts less, puts Britain first and isnt full of Marxists
  • Eddie Gordan
  • R Mason
    R Mason 6 дней назад Eddie Gordan London Zoo is close by.
  • Eddie Gordan
    Eddie Gordan 6 дней назад @R Mason oh please mr mason lets have more respect for even zoo animals. how about cockroaches lice ect,
  • Scumspawn *****
    Scumspawn ***** 5 дней назад @Eddie Gordan Not even fair on cockroaches they are survivors..toilet germ may be?
  • Mike Robisnson
    Mike Robisnson 6 дней назад A stale loaf of bread would be an improvement.
  • Lord Of Dark
    Lord Of Dark 6 дней назад 😂
  • supraboy33
    supraboy33 6 дней назад 🤣 funny man 👍
  • Neil Mo
    Neil Mo 6 дней назад Or even a slice of non existent bread... just a void of non-breadness
  • mc 007
    mc 007 6 дней назад Labour can't apply sorry.
  • Mike Robisnson
    Mike Robisnson 5 дней назад @mc 007 says the sad irrelevant troll.
  • Scumspawn *****
    Scumspawn ***** 5 дней назад Be more use and better looking too.
  • Mike Robisnson
    Mike Robisnson 5 дней назад @Scumspawn ***** Indeed mate.
  • supraboy33
    supraboy33 6 дней назад (изменено) Any village idiot could do a better job than Mayhem
  • andrew30
    andrew30 5 дней назад Talking of village idiots Boris Johnson is available
  • Damien Peladan
    Damien Peladan 6 дней назад No one wants to take her place until Brexit is said and done
  • Ben Buckley
    Ben Buckley 6 дней назад Great noone will take over then untill 2050
  • Damien Peladan
    Damien Peladan 6 дней назад @Ben Buckley Sounds like it
  • Ben Buckley
    Ben Buckley 6 дней назад @Damien Peladan Id vote in scooby he must have a clue by now
  • bob rail
    bob rail 6 дней назад Diane Abbott the only option with her head for figures we would be richest country in world in no time😜😜😜😜
  • Ben Buckley
    Ben Buckley 6 дней назад @Hornet Railgun Great ? I have always lived here Its not great far from it . Its divided fractured Multi national Immagration nightmare . Ill try make my point without being racist as iam far from it i have 2 mixed race step kids But i see a country split on everything not this or that . Migration i do belive is a good thing but when you mass migration from many a nation an they dont intergrate into society they make their own it doesnt mix well ends up in what we see no go zone by colour of your skin ! Its pathetic an you get non brits calling us great it hurts knowing we was not nomore
  • Marcus W
    Marcus W 5 дней назад And that is the truest words
  • Raymond Yu
    Raymond Yu 6 дней назад How about “None of the above”
  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop 6 дней назад None of them ... Tories out. The most corrupt Government to date!
  • vijaya fernando
    vijaya fernando 6 дней назад True but they are all corrupt. Switzerland has near Anarchy and they don't even have a prime minister. Honey bees manage to have 50,000 bees in a hive 1 metre cubed. They rarely fight and have no leader (the bee queen is massive egg laying machine) . The vital differences between honey bees and us is 1. They are mainly honest 2. They have a brain (even though it's the size of a pin head)
  • Thomas Grey
    Thomas Grey 5 дней назад And replaced by corbynocchio and his bunch of liars and commies.
  • fiona morgan
    fiona morgan 4 дня назад I agree with you none off the Tories govermant
  • Marty Chisnall
    Marty Chisnall 4 дня назад Have you seen Labour?
  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop 4 дня назад @Marty Chisnall Yeah, don't believe the smears and derogatory media. Slanderous Tory press are afraid. And the Blairite/Brownite purge is a good thing. #jc4pm ASAP 👍
  • Alan Mcmichael
    Alan Mcmichael 6 дней назад Anyone with a brain. So that excludes most of the Tories
  • bert
    bert 6 дней назад And all of the left wing labour clowns
  • Mike Robisnson
    Mike Robisnson 6 дней назад @bert says fake account boy
  • bob rail
    bob rail 6 дней назад Yeah the sheep of Labour will do as they are told need brains of Britain like Corbyn and Abbott 😜😜😜😜
  • keith symons
    keith symons 6 дней назад And liebour
  • Nev's Mate
    Nev's Mate 6 дней назад I don't particularly care, they all need cleaned out & install new faces that would work for us and not against us.
  • David Brown
    David Brown 5 дней назад Guy Fawkes had the right idea !
  • Rasmus Finn
    Rasmus Finn 6 дней назад (изменено) of all those crazies, she definitely is the least insane. but it'd be hilarious to see one of those loonies like raab rees or farage get a chance, Europe would trash them so hard
  • Relugus
    Relugus 6 дней назад Chris Grayling is the best choice. A man who embodies the competence of the Tory party.
  • Davidice101artist David Eric Fowell
    Davidice101artist David Eric Fowell 6 дней назад I've just had a problem keeping down my lunch well the T was mentioned 😨
  • Cosi Fan Tutti
    Cosi Fan Tutti 6 дней назад My cat could replace May and do a much better job!!
  • P L
    P L 6 дней назад Unfortunately June is the only thing thats going to replace May at the moment.
  • populist revolt
    populist revolt 2 дня назад Lib/lab/con OUT! Say no to mass illegal immigration and open borders Say no to censorship and jail sentences for 'hate speech' Vote UKIP
  • Fusilier Thresher
    Fusilier Thresher 6 дней назад what a dumb video, is this suppose to be funny or informative
  • Kingketo Windsor Royal
    Kingketo Windsor Royal 3 дня назад It's obviously satire on the state of our government