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Restoration of a very rusty yard tiller. Can I rescue it to a perfect running condition . Tiller Restoration

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  • Machinery Restorer
    Machinery Restorer 2 месяца назад Hi everyone. Just to say I am aware of the 3hp decal being upside down. I am hoping to turn it around.
  • Cargran Productions
    Cargran Productions 2 месяца назад 👌
  • Hermiteve Gaming
    Hermiteve Gaming 2 месяца назад (изменено) great job daggerwin I mentioned machinery restorer in your live stream
  • GrandsonofKong
    GrandsonofKong 2 месяца назад Just wondering if you slapped your forehead like I do when I do this kind of stuff??!! :-)
  • Machinery Restorer
    Machinery Restorer 2 месяца назад No, it's a learning experience
  • Jeb Sails
    Jeb Sails 2 месяца назад It's your point of view, pay no attention to us. Thanks for a great rebuld.
  • Sam Barnes
    Sam Barnes 2 месяца назад Allo dagger
  • Jacilynn S
    Jacilynn S 2 месяца назад completely wrong year decal setup too. They are available in packs with fuel tank "check oil " decal as well as air cleaner.
  • Yves P
    Yves P 2 месяца назад Forget the buggers who get their panties in a twist over an up-side-down sticker. Job well done and it’s all that matters. Thumbs up all the way! 👍
  • The- Star
    The- Star 2 месяца назад I don’t think anyone noticed🤭
  • Alex Fregoe
    Alex Fregoe 2 месяца назад Machinery Restorer What kind of Puller you used to remove the pulley with? Thanks Alex
    OLD SCHOOL 2 месяца назад Figured you were an Aussie.
  • drive it break it fix it
    drive it break it fix it 2 месяца назад Machinery Restorer I was just gonna say it was
  • GM Kof hard
    GM Kof hard 2 месяца назад It was upside down? Oh my lord how can we go on living life with this huge infractions!!! Someone call the FBI!! He is a criminal!!!
  • aterack833
    aterack833 2 месяца назад i'd like to know what caused you to manage that one, busy? sidetracked? life just being that way and you forgot?, orientation related issue? (it was upside down when you installed it) or mental illness (not trying to be rude or insultave, if rebuilding things is part of a therapy thing for a mental illness you have i am super glad you decided to film them for us, and it's a really effective method too, not too many people realize this, asperger's syndrome for instance is helped this way)
  • Scott Galloway
    Scott Galloway 2 месяца назад Astonishing. Great recovery and a great way to reduce and reuse. Most people here in the United states would simply chuck it and go buy new. I'm all for restoration. Thanks for posting
  • J240
    J240 2 месяца назад Hi what solution do you use to dissolve all the rust out of the tanks. I have a rusted motorcycle tank that I need to clear out.
  • s1ayer_
    s1ayer_ 2 месяца назад Could have sold it to me as brand new and I wouldn't have been able to tell the fucking difference, my dude your amazing!
  • nothsim
    nothsim 2 месяца назад (изменено) Damn great job. If you really care. Maybe a little heat to soften the glue. I would worry about it.
  • Sotero Ripalda
    Sotero Ripalda 2 месяца назад Cómo me gusta ver cómo se arreglan maquinaria!!!
  • shrisheel
    shrisheel 2 месяца назад If it is upside down, it is easier to read if you just lean over rather than slouch or squat to read if it were the right side up. ;-)
  • عاشق ريهانا احبك
    عاشق ريهانا احبك 2 месяца назад God
  • Michael Zak
    Michael Zak 2 месяца назад really after all the hard work you put into restoring this people are leaving comments about a sticker, only on youtube!
  • J.Gomez
    J.Gomez 2 месяца назад That won't do any harm.
  • Redfish Incorporated
    Redfish Incorporated 2 месяца назад I'm curious, how many hours did this restoration take?
  • Nandi Collector
    Nandi Collector 2 месяца назад That is the least thing to be preoccupied 😁
  • Samuel Fellows
    Samuel Fellows 2 месяца назад s1ayer_ ☹️-🤬
  • Wade
    Wade 2 месяца назад Machinery Restorer Hi, I see you used the original piston (no prob there not to mention it’s your tiller:) but I was wondering if you honed the cylinder and used new rings? Sure a Bore job one size over would restore optimal compression as would rings and new cross hatching from honing. The ring job just wouldn’t hold that comp as long as a bore job. Great job with lapping the valves that’s why I ask about honing and rings. Time spent with the valves to improve compression reducing leakage made me wonder why no ring or bore job? Great vid! Nice work! Just being curious not criticizing your fine work! Cheers
  • SigneM-Formaldehyd#1-dr
    SigneM-Formaldehyd#1-dr 2 месяца назад @Machinery Restorer Just so you know, the 3hp decal is upside down.
  • STONEDay
    STONEDay 2 месяца назад Will turning it over increase the horse power?
  • Malcolm Reynolds
    Malcolm Reynolds 1 месяц назад You need drown this machine in a pool of WD-40 .Its rusty as hell !!
  • Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen 1 месяц назад I have told YouTube to take down this video and ban you from ever posting anything again. Decal was upside down! My world just fell apart, and I lost all faith in humanity! What? There's another video like this? Faith in humanity restored... ;)
  • Oscar Bernal
    Oscar Bernal 1 месяц назад The- -Star I did
  • Kolton Shampine
    Kolton Shampine 1 месяц назад Use a heat gun
  • Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
    Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 1 месяц назад What to do.... If you have straight arms, the old pieces of iron will inevitably find a second life. Personally, I like the poor Russian would look at this cultivator, then with grief I drank a liter of vodka, play the balalaika wore a fur hat and went to an industrial shop for a new cultivator. And on arrival home again, drank vodka, so a new cultivator longer working.
  • john wilkinson
    john wilkinson 1 месяц назад It's right side up when you look over from the opposite side.
  • Mark Kerr
    Mark Kerr 1 месяц назад LOL
  • cdoublejj
    cdoublejj 1 месяц назад No sir, your "dH E" logo is right side up!
  • classified gaming
    classified gaming 1 месяц назад (изменено) Why brown although great job
  • cdoublejj
    cdoublejj 1 месяц назад @classified gaming because 70s and woodgrain
  • His Masters Voice
    His Masters Voice 4 недели назад This IDIOT restores a vintage then uses it?????? FUCKWIT
  • Michael McClellan
    Michael McClellan 2 недели назад Use a pressure washer
  • Frederic Lynes
    Frederic Lynes Неделю назад You did a beautiful job, but when I saw you installing it upside down, I was yelling, "NOOOOO, you're doing it wrong!", LOL!!!! Having OCD is awesome....said no one ever.
  • Tyrone Ross
    Tyrone Ross Неделю назад Actually that ruined the whole restoration for me.
  • Frederic Lynes
    Frederic Lynes Неделю назад LOL!
  • Mac Daddy
    Mac Daddy 6 дней назад Machinery Restorer 700th like
  • Steve Griffiths
    Steve Griffiths 2 месяца назад I'm great at pulling things apart....Putting back together is another story
  • Manny M
    Manny M 2 месяца назад I am the same way Holy shit, maybe we are related!
  • Michael Cochran
    Michael Cochran 2 месяца назад Same here, I usually end up with spare parts
  • DwarkinAV
    DwarkinAV 2 месяца назад Same. Usually I have some extra parts left after assembling :)
  • Marco Botha
    Marco Botha 2 месяца назад A am the opposite
  • Christopher Maurer
    Christopher Maurer 1 месяц назад @DwarkinAV I repaired a battery hedge trimmer and have 3 screws left over DOH!
  • Trent Dokis
    Trent Dokis 1 месяц назад Steve Griffiths take pictures or write down how youre taking it apart
  • Human Being
    Human Being 1 месяц назад Steve same here
  • Abu Al hayja’a
    Abu Al hayja’a 1 месяц назад Michael Cochran 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank God i’m not the only one on this planet !!! 😁😁
  • ua10262
    ua10262 4 недели назад BOI THEN U DONT KNOW BOUT LEGOS XD 😂.
  • cantcomeupwithausern
    cantcomeupwithausern 3 недели назад @Christopher Maurer thankfully I'm sure those were just the spare parts they included.
  • fbisono66
    fbisono66 Неделю назад It’s the tedious work. But very satisfying
  • PrototypedSin 100
    PrototypedSin 100 1 час назад Same here 😂 now my PlayStation is loud while just watching YouTube and Netflix 🙂🙃
  • PrototypedSin 100
    PrototypedSin 100 1 час назад Oh yea and spare screws
  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker 1 месяц назад Engine rusty and from the 80’s spark plug still comes out... meanwhile at ford
  • Sean Spell
    Sean Spell 1 месяц назад I know exactly what you speak of. Got a kick outta that one.
  • Eric Jr
    Eric Jr 1 месяц назад Yeah no joke.. that #3 plug
  • ZK_9154
    ZK_9154 1 месяц назад Sean Spell stop
  • Logan
    Logan 1 месяц назад Because it's not actually rusted, its a method where you basically put it in fire, if left to rust without this method it would've gotten into the threading and made it alot harder, its something along the lines of rapid oxidation from the combustion of a material, meaning its just fast rusting
  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker 1 месяц назад @Logan it a joke about fords not chem class home boy 😂😂
  • Cody Turner
    Cody Turner 3 недели назад Them 5.4s
  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious 2 недели назад Not sure I get the joke as I put 500,000 miles on my 1985 Lincoln Town Car; thats half a million miles on a ford 302 ... never had trouble with the engine or getting the plugs in and out.... did have a bearing go bad and lose a wheel once but eh... that was more my fault for being lazy and not checking them.
  • dav snow
    dav snow Неделю назад @Drakilicious I think your investment paid you back handsomely - half a million miles is a LOT, and most of that done on cheap gas back in the day . . . good times.
  • Shaun H
    Shaun H Неделю назад The hell with a 5.4 lol coil packs and spark plugs freakin suck
  • Michael anthony g
    Michael anthony g 3 дня назад (изменено) @Cole Parker yeah chevy are only rated the worst car company with over 30 million recalls more than toyota had during thier crisis ofcourse chevys dont rust cause they dont last long enough to rust i see plenty of old mustangs around seen any 1960s camaros lately? Chevy cant even build an ignition switch that works properly unable to fix this flaw chevy said dont use more than 1 key on the key ring wow what safe cars
  • Michael anthony g
    Michael anthony g 3 дня назад (изменено) Cole must own 1 of those crappy broken ignition switch chevys rated the worst cars on the road by car and driver like the cobalt a car ranked barely above a 1970s gremlin in quality lmao the slick haired toothless guys at the buy here pay here lot probably told him that colbat and that jaguar xj are the most reliable cars we got
  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker 3 дня назад @Michael anthony g I own a vw and a toyota... I'm an mechanic I think I know what I'm talking about when I shit talk a 5.4 they are a very poor engine that has timing chain problems, and ignition problems. Dont even get me started on power jokes... or EcoBoosts... or truck frames
  • Trevor Wylie
    Trevor Wylie 10 часов назад mean while from china or anything from china
  • Gofernator
    Gofernator 1 месяц назад What a brilliant job, love doing these restos!!!! Well done.
  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 3 недели назад Been watching you as Daggerwin for years and recently this channel caught my eye with the chainsaw video. I had no idea it was the same person behind the two keep up the good work will be subbing to this channel now.
  • Goswen Gaming
    Goswen Gaming 2 месяца назад I never would have figured that watching someone overhaul a garden tiller would be interesting. However, I think what makes this interesting for me, is the way that it was edited. You showed constant progress all the way through, without spending too much time on one particular part or aspect. Quality production keeps my interest. Well done lad!
  • Dale D
    Dale D 2 месяца назад You can get addicted to restoration videos!
  • Edward Johns
    Edward Johns 2 месяца назад Exactly I’m point
  • Samuel Langham
    Samuel Langham 2 месяца назад Dale D pplppl
  • Wade
    Wade 2 месяца назад Nothing like watching others work! It just chaps my ass when arm chair mechanics criticize this or that.. They should make their own damn video
  • Wade
    Wade 2 месяца назад (Ppl ppl) ?? I musta missed something
  • apu sk apu sk
    apu sk apu sk 3 недели назад Goswen Gaming i
    GREG LEBLOND 2 месяца назад worked at an aerospace machine shop for years, and learned my lesson a few times with the ultra- sonic cleaner (industrial sized)...let a couple parts in over a weekend, running...non-existent by monday, lol
  • Martin
    Martin 1 месяц назад Hold up, so the corrosion became non-existent?....or the parts?
    GREG LEBLOND 1 месяц назад @Martin the parts were completely disintegrated from the ultra sonic cleaner
  • Martin
    Martin 1 месяц назад @GREG LEBLOND Dear god.
    GREG LEBLOND 1 месяц назад @Martin try explaining that one to the supervisor
  • Avidion Vahkokazuul Kantoziirthuula
    Avidion Vahkokazuul Kantoziirthuula 1 месяц назад Wait so it uses sound to remove corrosion
    GREG LEBLOND 1 месяц назад Ultrasonic waves or high frequency pressure waves.. (Sound) acoustics and agitation..very effective
  • fluffigverbimmelt
    fluffigverbimmelt 1 месяц назад @Avidion Vahkokazuul Kantoziirthuula Makes the part vibrate, shakes off the dirt - or falls to pieces
  • Matthew May
    Matthew May 2 месяца назад Come on give him a break about the decal... Yeah I noticed it also, but man oh man I’m shocked you brought it back to Life.!!! congratulations!!! Good work.
  • Austin Black
    Austin Black 1 месяц назад How in the hell did you not snap off any of the bolts in this thing 😂 haha
  • Vlad Artyukhov
    Vlad Artyukhov 1 день назад (изменено) There is not enough emphasis with the back what it would not run away from the owner. There is no emphasis to the earth
  • Shaun Cherry
    Shaun Cherry 1 месяц назад Excellent video. Enjoyable from start to finish. Didn't get bogged down with minutiae and flowed well. Congrats.
  • Howard Kennedy
    Howard Kennedy 1 месяц назад I've watched several restores from this guy and he always does and outstanding job ... keep up the GREAT work!
  • Aceroadholder
    Aceroadholder 2 месяца назад Nice save. You need to make a drag bar behind the tiller so you don't have to fight holding on to it. Set correctly, your hands should just be resting on the handles.. let the drag bar hold the tiller back, not you.
  • knurlgnar24
    knurlgnar24 2 месяца назад Yep, these type of tillers usually came with a spud. You're probably missing that piece but you can't help that the previous owners lost it!
  • Kramus Kramer
    Kramus Kramer 1 месяц назад The machine spirit is strong with this one. FOR THE OMNISSIAH!
  • Shane Buckley
    Shane Buckley 2 месяца назад That was ridiculously satisfying
  • Wei Zhang
    Wei Zhang 1 месяц назад Shane Buckley and healing too
  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 1 месяц назад (изменено) At first I was like why restore it, it isnt that old then I realized 1980 was 29 years ago. :-) edit: nope still wrong 39 years ago damn doesnt seem that long ago.
  • Andrés Rivas
    Andrés Rivas 1 месяц назад @The Wild Dinkus! I know, right..
  • Nicholas Sandoval
    Nicholas Sandoval 1 месяц назад Had to watch it all the way through.
  • 1nvisible1
    1nvisible1 3 недели назад Congratulations, you now have the best museum-quality $39 Montgomery Wards tiller ever sold. In a great market at the right auction that could bring perhaps $200.
  • respect 3307
    respect 3307 3 дня назад Мне нравится то что ты делаешь... Respect
  • Shawn Barbour
    Shawn Barbour 1 месяц назад any reason you have a garden of boulders you need tilling? ever heard of soil? like what grows in that? stalagmits?
  • Guillermo G
    Guillermo G 1 месяц назад Digno de admirar esta restauración!! Increíble!!
  • Андрей Щербицкий
    Андрей Щербицкий 1 месяц назад Вот это круто, чувствуется любовь к технике 👍👍👍👍
  • José Ferreira
    José Ferreira 3 дня назад Parabéns pelo seu talento mais parece que colou o adesivo ao contrário rs ficou de +