EASY. Hp laptop video card repair . REPAIR THAT WILL LAST

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  • Keith Segovia
    Keith Segovia 2 года назад You flipped that motherboard around like you were making pancakes PRO lol
  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind Год назад Worked great!! Thanks for taking the time to make the video and make more because your experienced advice is perfect. The flux worked great and made is so you knew when to stop heating which is so important. There is another video of the same repair and he heats the chip forever! The testing trick of just using the power button and cord with the screen really helped I didn't know you could do that and would have put it all back together taking forever to know if it worked and all apart again if it didn't. Also note I didn't have a heat gun so used a propane torch very carefully. I also put tin foil around the chip to protect the other connections from the heat. I was going to throw the laptop away so you saved me. Thanks!
  • Mark Mark Mark
    Mark Mark Mark 7 месяцев назад You are awesome. This is how you make a video. Thank you. So straight forward and you made it easy. Thank you
  • PhotoTech
    PhotoTech 6 месяцев назад The problem is the chip not the solder... It will stop working again eventually
  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim 3 года назад Dude, you are awesome!!!
  • Luca Venturi
    Luca Venturi 2 года назад Hi, I just want to be sure that you're talking about 450 degrees Farenheit and not celsius ... Thanks.
  • Thomas Samoht
    Thomas Samoht 2 года назад Yes, he probably was. Usually, 220-230 °C is the range where you work here.
  • Erwin van Ledden
    Erwin van Ledden 4 года назад I did the same with a Packard Bell Easynote Minos gp3, and it still works.
  • amir machaka
    amir machaka 2 года назад coool , je retien mon inspérance !!!!
  • Venkata Adidamu
    Venkata Adidamu 3 года назад excellent.Thanks for sharing
  • رايفوكس
    رايفوكس 4 месяца назад (изменено) AMD GPU IS SO HOT :O . . . i did the same thing in the video and it works every time :3 thanks
  • allkindofrepairs
    allkindofrepairs 3 года назад when Flux starts bubbling around that's the sign to stop , move the heat gun around not only in one spot .
  • adam elai
    adam elai Год назад allkindofrepair can i ask something?
  • BeLlSiBuB
    BeLlSiBuB Год назад So you don't have to remove the excess flux after?
    ASHOK TEK Год назад thanks, this trick 100% work
  • Joseph Hakim
    Joseph Hakim 3 года назад I've read other places that temps for GPU reflow should be 180-220 degrees celsius. 450 C??
  • Borys Kuczkowski
    Borys Kuczkowski 2 года назад it's in Fahrenheit :)
    ERIC CHEN 4 года назад thx for uploading, I'm not gonna do this myself but it's really helpful
  • Cj Concepcion
    Cj Concepcion 2 недели назад thanks it works!!!i hope this last with my lenovo g470.
  • Adam R
    Adam R 2 месяца назад Thank you for posting this video. It helped me very much!
  • Ambar Srivastava
    Ambar Srivastava 3 года назад im my dell studio xps 16 the flux dosent go below the gpu chip, the clearance is too narrow.
  • Hector F Maldonado
    Hector F Maldonado 2 года назад Thanks for the video, you did it pretty good and tested it right. HP DV9000 looks gorgeous.
  • Donga Jack
    Donga Jack 4 года назад is it work on Ati HD2600 graphic chips, im using Asus X52 & graphic is noised.
  • 3Mever
    3Mever 3 года назад such a great video.thank you for the information and i wish you all the best!
  • خردوات أنمية
    خردوات أنمية 8 месяцев назад How old are you? You are amazing