How to fix a torn car seat and repair the foam

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How to fix a torn car seat and repair the foam

The Purpose of this channel is not to HIRING or look for employees It is only to gave you an idea how classic cars Interior are made it or can be made it and how can you repair regulars seats Reupholster headline Install a convertible top Etc.
El Proposito de este canal no es para contratar o buscar empleados es solamente para darles una idea de como los interiores de los carros clasicos estan hechos o como los puedes hacer y como puedes reparar los acintos, retapizasr los techos de los carros tambien como puedes instalar las capotas de los convertible
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  • Drive Chevy's
    Drive Chevy's 9 месяцев назад Best way to avoid seats from tearing is to install running boards on trucks that way the asses won't drag off against the seat
  • Meca
    Meca 9 месяцев назад You are 100% right 👍👍👍
  • Quique Morales
    Quique Morales 2 часа назад Queria oir musica Ranchera hombre, Viva la raza, gracias por enseñarnos tan facil que lo hace usted saludos desde 🇵🇷
  • Jamie Hesketh
    Jamie Hesketh 2 дня назад Think I'll just get some car covers 😀
  • gueleaqui
    gueleaqui Год назад Muy informativo. Un trabajo profesional y descriptivo. Uno de los mejores vídeos que he visto.
  • Hugo van der Heijden
    Hugo van der Heijden 2 недели назад Hello nice video ! what kind of saw blade you are using on the Ridgid? Do you have some specs for me. Many thanks for sharing this. Hugo
  • Meca
    Meca 2 недели назад Milwaukee® SAWZALL® 48-00-5184 White Bi-Metal Metal Cutting Straight Back Reciprocating Saw Blade, can be 6, 10, 12 Inch , 18 TPi you has to Sharpe
  • Hugo van der Heijden
    Hugo van der Heijden 2 недели назад Yes, you brush the teeth off and make it razor-sharp without teeth. Thanks so much
  • b3tac0d3
    b3tac0d3 Год назад (изменено) I couldn’t understand a word of this but it was one of the most informative videos on YouTube. Great job!!
  • Meca
    Meca Год назад Thank you for watch my vídeo. i am working on english videos
  • b3tac0d3
    b3tac0d3 Год назад It doesn't matter what language you do the video in. You did a fantastic job. Thank you!
  • Greg Singleton
    Greg Singleton Год назад I am same but it is informative
  • Meca
    Meca Год назад Thanks for your comment here is the same video with English audio "How to fix a torn car seat and repair the foam English audio. Car upholster." on YouTube https://youtu.be/eERQnKaIqqc
  • Naushad Ali Chaillie
    Naushad Ali Chaillie 11 месяцев назад b3tac0d3 I
  • Jaxon Xx
    Jaxon Xx 10 месяцев назад Great video. I dont think I'll try this project. it's obviously ment for someone with the skills & a fancy sewing machine. You're good. Thanks. Seems like the dinning room chairs I'm reupholstering don't really need brand new foam..hummm, thanks.. A Lot.
  • mike Something
    mike Something 9 месяцев назад b3tac0d3 he said COVER in English. You should understand at least that word.
  • .........x
    .........x 9 месяцев назад b3tac0d3 es usted mucha pieza maestro, un abrazo desde montreal quebec gracias por no ser egoista, estoy a sus ordenes.
  • Meca
    Meca 7 месяцев назад gracias a usted por ver mis videos
  • Meca
    Meca 7 месяцев назад thanks
  • Meca
    Meca 7 месяцев назад thanks for watch my video
    JOMARTYL 9 месяцев назад Muy buen video. Recomiendo poner titulo en español. Gracias
  • Ricardo Aljorna
    Ricardo Aljorna Неделю назад Buen video, pero vi que no colocó otra vez las grapas a los retenes del tapizado a el asiento y por eso no quedó con la forma original
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    Rob Fernandez 4 месяца назад Thank you for your informative work but also take protective measures for your health too. Thanks again.
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    Gustavo pf Год назад Muchas gracias con este video hiciste un gran aporte y un trabajo muy profesional
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    german valdez 11 месяцев назад Excelente enseñanza y las canciones de Los yonic's me recordo una nenita. Saludos amigo.
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    andres Gallegos 1 месяц назад Excelente Maestro,gracias por todos los tips son de una gran ayuda!
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    nicho esponce Год назад hola meca, se podria saber la marca y modelo de tu maquina, un saludo amigo y te felicito por tus videos , muy bien explicados
  • John Hulbert
    John Hulbert Год назад At first I was like why is this in spanish with an english title? But after watching this I mean wow this is one hell of a good video. Very informative and well done I mean holy crap I might do this with my seat even though mine is in worse shape than this.
  • Meca
    Meca Год назад thank for comment in my channel. the process to fix your seat would be the same my video even in Spanish is very easy to understand
  • John Hulbert
    John Hulbert Год назад Yes it is! Could I use any type of foam? Something I could get at a store somewhere?
  • Meca
    Meca Год назад you can get the foam at any upholstery supply. just type google upholstery supply and you will see the close to your place. and ask them for seat foam they have like 3 kind of foam go with the middle once
  • John Hulbert
    John Hulbert Год назад Sounds good! I will definitely be doing that as soon as I can! Also thanks for replying to me it helps a lot!
  • Meca
    Meca Год назад you welcome
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    Jesus Ibarra Год назад Lo mismo pensé y eso que hablo español
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    Meca Год назад 👍
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    M A 10 месяцев назад alph lukul mmm j
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    Сакен Умиркулов 10 месяцев назад Түсінсем бұйырмасын
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    Wilberto Irizarry 6 месяцев назад Learn other language
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