'Charlie Whiting will be impossible to replace in F1'

Опубликовано: 14 мар. 2019 г. 58 122 просмотра

The Formula 1 paddock was shocked on Thursday by the news that race director Charlie Whiting died overnight following a pulmonary embolism in Melbourne. Edd Straw is joined by Scott Mitchell and Giorgio Piola to discuss Whiting's significant impact on F1, and why he was such a popular and respected figure after spending decades in the paddock and the pitlane. They also explain how wide-ranging his role was in making F1 tick, and why it will probably require as many as three people to replace him

  • Kris A
    Kris A Неделю назад RIP Charlie Whiting. Will be sadly missed now and for a very long time into the future.
  • Ole Kaarvaag
    Ole Kaarvaag Неделю назад I only started to properly follow the sport last year and was/am not aware of how big, important and universally loved he is. Judging by the reactions in the subreddits, the twitter feeds and videos it's clear as day that Formula 1 has lost a fantastic man. Thanks for uploading this. I didn't know just how much he did for the sport and I don't think I ever will, no matter how much I read up on him. I at least have a slightly better understanding of the man we have sadly lost now.
  • Mikiko Jane
    Mikiko Jane Неделю назад Besides all he did to increment the safety of the drives, he was like the referee that has to make hard decisions in every game. If you watch old races, you'll probably hear a driver complain on the radio about other driver's moves by saying: "That's not right, Charly". Or the broadcaster saying something like "let see what Charly has to say about that". The guy was omnipresent.
  • Kev Taylor
    Kev Taylor Неделю назад Gutted. He was a gent, and one of the lads...thanks Charlie. RIP
  • Mike Schultz
    Mike Schultz Неделю назад I didn't always like Charlie's decisions, but he did for the most part, always have the good of the sport in mind when making them. RIP Charlie.
  • Nikhil Naik
    Nikhil Naik Неделю назад Mike Schultz Charlie didn’t really name race decisions he managed the start and finish the rest was done by the stewards
  • Vuhdu
    Vuhdu Неделю назад @Nikhil Naik You not know his role? He was also Head Steward so he made the final decision on things
  • Vuhdu
    Vuhdu Неделю назад @Nikhil Naik If you actually listen to what is been said in the video instead of reading comments and attempting to correct people with false information youd know the scale of his Responsibilities.
  • irelmo69
    irelmo69 Неделю назад There will be a dark cloud over the first race of this season. Rip Charlie 🙏
  • spitfire edits
    spitfire edits Неделю назад dark cloud in Melbourne ? :D
  • Davis L. Gathaara
    Davis L. Gathaara Неделю назад Charlie was a gentleman's gentleman. Respected and fair. F1 just cant be the same with out him anymore....F1 changing by the day now. Everything negative happening to this sport. Replacing him will be so difficult and his role maybe divided between 2 or more people, such was Charlie's impact on the sport!!
  • animalcol1
    animalcol1 Неделю назад Excellent tribute to an unsung hero in f1. He leaves behind a great legacy, alongside prof Sid Watkins, for protecting the gladiators of the sport - often against their initial wishes. Sympathies to his family and friends. RIP Charlie.
  • Gene Penna
    Gene Penna Неделю назад Excellent tribute to the man, and humbling to realize how much impact Charlie Whiting has had on F1. God bless him.
  • Motor Cruising Ava Grace
    Motor Cruising Ava Grace Неделю назад A Sad sad day for the world of motor sport. A real gent and mediator with in Formula 1. RIP Charlie.
  • Danny Lawther
    Danny Lawther Неделю назад You'll need 10 employees just to replace Charlie & All the roles he performed in F1 !! R.I.P Charlie !!
  • eudofia
    eudofia Неделю назад Oh no! What a sad news. RIP Charlie. Our thoughts and prayers for his family.
  • Robert Cummings London
    Robert Cummings London Неделю назад RIP my dear Charlie Whiting. F1 will not be the same without the sight of you at the start of each race. Robert
  • investment tudor
    investment tudor Неделю назад As an ex race official at F1 Singapore, I can say he was a real gentleman. He will be missed badly. My thoughts and condolences goes out to his family
  • Sarah with Onyx the crap guide dog
    Sarah with Onyx the crap guide dog Неделю назад RIP Charlie and my thoughts now are with those people who have lost him from their lives. I also fear that he’s genuinely irreplaceable even with several people, as fans we may feel the impact on F1 for a very long time.
  • N Z
    N Z Неделю назад I genuinely hope Sunday’s race is amazing. It’ll be a nice tribute for Charlie. RIP
  • Roland Gerard
    Roland Gerard Неделю назад Very very sad to hear that Charlies has passed away. My condolences for his family and friends.
  • tscooter22
    tscooter22 Неделю назад Man, what a crappy way to start the season. My condolences to his friends and family. Rest in peace, Charlie Whiting. You'll be missed.
  • SteeBee
    SteeBee Неделю назад Lovely tribute to a giant of the sport. RIP Charlie
  • WRT -Racing77
    WRT -Racing77 Неделю назад Im so sad about this. He was half a century part of f1! R.I.P. CHARLIE!
  • D5Pasadena
    D5Pasadena 3 дня назад Thank you for doing this, guys. A really good send off. Especially the slides and music at the end. So well done.