How to Replace Struts in your Car or Truck

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Front Strut Replacement. Learn how to replace front or rear struts in your car. In this case I am working on a Mazda 3 but replacing struts is the same or very similar for most vehicles so after watching this video you will be able to replace the struts in your vehicle.

Monroe Quick-Struts I use: http://amzn.to/1WsRvNq
Penetrating Fluid I used: http://amzn.to/1Ntet3J
Breaker Bar: http://amzn.to/221MI4M
Thread Locker: http://amzn.to/1WsRKbf
Torque Wrench: http://amzn.to/1VWMJqU

How to Replace Front Shocks:
How to Replace Rear Shocks:
What Abuse Does Your Suspension Take Every Day?:

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    Jeremiah Diaz 3 месяца назад After getting an estimate of $700.00 for a front end 2012 cadillac srx (FWD) I'm going to do this shit myself. Getting new tires in and new struts, all I need is to take the vehicle for alignment after the fact. Fucking ripped offs.
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    jesysand13 2 года назад Chris thank you so much for the video I just finished putting my new ones on my Mazda3 today I'm so so proud of myself ~~ thank you so much for the video~~
  • IWillTeachYouTheWays
    IWillTeachYouTheWays 9 месяцев назад Most experienced mechanics have learned to only replace the strut rather than use a full "quick-strut" drop-in assembly. Turns out these "quick-struts" almost never match up perfectly to their OE counterpart. Things will be different whether its the spring rate, spring material, strut mount material, strut mount bearing, etc. On almost every car that I have installed a pair or set of "quick-struts", the owner reports back that the car is riding rougher or not handling like it used to. That is why it is recommended to get a pair of spring compressors and only replace the strut or, if you really want to go the drop-in route, purchase your full strut assembly from the car's manufacturer.
  • robsp32
    robsp32 4 месяца назад Monroe anything are absolute junk, and most mechanics know this ahead of time. Unfortunately a lot of franchise shops like pepboys for instance sell monroe exclusively. Of the dozen or so car's that I have personally used Monroe products on, every one of them has failed within a year. Monroe Economatics on a chevy cobalt, squeak during the winter months and strut bearings failed within 6 months of use, monroe sensatrac struts, blown out and leaking in less than a year. The list goes on. From now on I use Bilstein and Sach's exclusively on any strut/shock replacement unless specifically requested by the customer that they want Monroe, at which case I refuse to warranty them for any reason whatsoever. I used them probably about 10 years ago on my own personal vehicle and the alignment shop actually laughed and asked how bad the ride was on them. lol
  • silosis
    silosis 1 месяц назад did alot of research and when shopping around for some strusts, was going to buy the cheapest quick assembly i could, glad i read some reviews and comments like yours before my purchase. ended up buying kyb excel g struts. going to have to do more work to move the springs tophats etc's over but im excited to learn and try em out
  • Josh Walty
    Josh Walty 1 месяц назад @silosis KYB also sells "StrutPlus" which is their version of a loaded strut. I've had great results with them.
  • Artem Lokhovitskiy
    Artem Lokhovitskiy Неделю назад Lol. I am about to replace struts on my Accord and also Monroe was number one choice after quick search on internet. Then I went a little bit deeper in web and found that it is all marketing and they are actually crap. Started looking for another brands and found that people are actually happy with KYB and some other brand that has the name similar to some female's name, I forgot what it was. So... I bought KYB's strut-plus. Also I would like to mention that sometimes it is better to replace shocks only but in case of damaged shock + strut mount, plus torn rubber "stoppers" or how you call them - it is simply easier to buy the whole strut assembly. Sure, genuine parts are always better but they cost twice or even three times more than some aftermarket ones. Plus sometimes aftermarket parts may give more stiffness that people want for their cars. As I understood from comments and reviews KYB strut-plus for my Accord is exactly the case and I am glad to that :) coz my car is like a jelly.
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    Nebojša Radonjić 3 года назад One of the most professional YouTubers. Gloves, safety, explanations of how parts work, why you might need to work on them...
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    ken johnson Год назад +ChrisFix I noticed that you didn't use a spring compressor.the vehicle we need to do at some point is a ford transit and it looks the same as what you've done.are spring compressors ever needed for this?
  • SantaFebuff
    SantaFebuff Год назад Disclaimer: I'm not an experience mechanic. It's my understanding that you just need to unload the car's suspension so that the spring is not under weight when removed and that the Quick-Strut used here comes with the new spring already installed. Some struts are just the shock in the middle with the spring supports and brackets, and you have to compress and remove the original spring and re-install that for re-use. That's where the spring compressor comes in, but if you are doing a whole part swap as in the video, it's ok. Just be careful, those springs are incredibly strong as they can hold up a car... I've hear stories of them going through roofs and shooting things and parts at breakneck speeds when they rapidly unload.
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