How to fix or troubleshoot a blank or black screen not powering up issues laptop

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If this doesn't work, watch this video:

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PEOPLE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO! and thank you for positive feedbacks. I read all of them and they are a great motivation to myself. Thank you for watching and hope this video will save your laptop!

So I see many people suffering from blank screens, black screens or what ever they call. This can really freak out people since they cannot see ANYTHING on the screen. In this video I'm providing some tips and couple ways to troubleshoot a laptop with certain kind of issues. If you have any questions ask me and rate + comments are always great!

  • Chukwuma Daniel
    Chukwuma Daniel Год назад If your Laptop screen goes blank kneel down and pray it will Work it worked for me.
  • Everything Salty
    Everything Salty 10 месяцев назад Chukwuma Daniel Fuck you
  • Coy Boi
    Coy Boi 9 месяцев назад Chukwuma Daniel You're a lifesaver
  • Okedho
    Okedho 8 месяцев назад Thanks, it worked, i have now started a business where people pay good money to fix their screen and i just bend down and pray and now im rich
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  • Commander V
    Commander V 7 месяцев назад Chukwuma Daniel lol
  • Blip
    Blip 6 месяцев назад Chukwuma Daniel wtf it actually worked
  • Precious Potato
    Precious Potato 5 месяцев назад Thnx I'm not joking this actually worked😃
  • majohn43
    majohn43 5 месяцев назад Chukwuma Daniel lol. That's funny but those prayers work though
  • TopBoss Gaming
    TopBoss Gaming 4 месяца назад It actually worked but the next time I tried turning it on it didn’t
  • Hamza Yousaf
    Hamza Yousaf 4 месяца назад TopBoss Gaming XD what did u say to get it on!? I tried it didnt work for meeeee :C
  • Ken Ichi
    Ken Ichi 4 месяца назад Chukwuma Daniel HOLY SHIT it actually worked (im not kidding) thanks man
  • Will Ritchie
    Will Ritchie 2 месяца назад not even lying it worked
  • Classified Wind
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  • Rytham Chopra
    Rytham Chopra 2 месяца назад It workex
  • Rytham Chopra
    Rytham Chopra 2 месяца назад It worked
  • JOE G
    JOE G 2 месяца назад This aint Africa punk
  • Despair
    Despair 1 месяц назад It worked
  • neha sharma
    neha sharma Неделю назад U r lucky
  • William Yu
    William Yu Год назад Wow. I just realized this video has over 4 million views. I made this video back in highschool. I started fixing laptops cuz I wanted to buy a desktop and my parents wouldnt buy me one. Working for few months I earned some tips and one day I was bored and thought Id give it a shot and make a video. U can see I didnt even edit the video and the whole thing was a one take. Its crazy to think that me being bored and making this video has made me thousands of dollars, and saved millions of people from throwing their laptops away. I thank all you guys for watching the video!! plz subscribe!
  • Rosie Gomez
    Rosie Gomez Год назад William Yu i reset my laptop and forgot to plugged it in and the battery dies now it wont start and it is just a blank screen i can see any cursor too. can you help me???
  • wis 369
    wis 369 Год назад Thank you, young person, for this product of boredom. More valuable than money earned is the value that your parents taught you about self-reliance & resourcefulness. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Yu. Life is not always this easy, but I hope that the memory of this triumph will sustain you through future difficulties.
  • Leese M
    Leese M Год назад I love the backstory for this video, and btw you just helped another person!
  • Aziz Auditori
    Aziz Auditori 9 месяцев назад William Yu I wanna be like you
  • freaky bae
    freaky bae 8 месяцев назад your awesome! thanks for making this video when you were bored, i appreciate it X')
  • Gaming with Alex
    Gaming with Alex 8 месяцев назад William Yu how can I open my new yoga asus touch to open when it became a black screen this is what happend ( I download a game called yeander sim and I just closed my lap top with out shouting Down and then when I open my laptop and my screen is black but I hear the music of the game and it’s open but the screen is black ). Please help me right now I need to use it .
  • Iorga Serban
    Iorga Serban 7 месяцев назад Gaming with Alex i had the same issue . U just have to do what he said in the video . Drain the laptop out of energy and then start it
  • 123jolien
    123jolien 2 года назад how can  I watch Video, when the screen is Black??????
  • John Lewis
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  • Bebe Arcelo
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  • *-Trap Palamer-*
    *-Trap Palamer-* 10 месяцев назад Maybe you watch this on your smartphone or another pc/laptop
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  • Lovee Emily
    Lovee Emily 2 часа назад Mine just has a line that looks like this “—“ and it’s blinking but won’t move from there idk what to do anymore 😭
  • priska mianda
    priska mianda 1 день назад Does it usually produce pop sound after turn on?
  • Mark Barreto
    Mark Barreto Год назад Why does he talk soo much just show us
  • Zivile M.
    Zivile M. 8 месяцев назад Mark Barreto He explained step by step how to do it, what is very good.😃
  • Ony Xerxes
    Ony Xerxes 3 месяца назад Wow he gives us a free tutorial on how to fix it and talks too much for your liking, how dare he not do everything exactly how you want!
  • Gousson Hassan
    Gousson Hassan 2 недели назад Why are you so rude when he spent his time for us to wach so keep uour moth close
  • Smashingcans1
    Smashingcans1 2 дня назад Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? 😂
  • Bright Ebhodaghe
    Bright Ebhodaghe 2 дня назад Thanks bro. u just saved me from spending a lot of money.
  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 3 года назад 7:37- So why when he said "ta-daa, it works!" I was like "Yay wait, that's not my laptop. Why am I happy?" Lol
  • Jazzy Singh
    Jazzy Singh 3 года назад Maybe u thought yours will work too
  • AbrahamsHeiress
    AbrahamsHeiress 4 месяца назад Thannnnk youuu omgoodness I need my downloads my laptop is fine now
  • Andrene Gordon
    Andrene Gordon 1 день назад It just makes sense to buy a new laptop
  • Maya Cascade
    Maya Cascade Неделю назад God bless you for taking time to share. I fixed my laptop with your help,
  • TT DRÊ
    TT DRÊ 2 недели назад Thank You a lot , the 1st method worked .. you're a big help to this YouTube community 🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈💯💯👍👍 Thanks A lot
  • May9
    May9 2 года назад My Alienwares screen is pitch black😪I hate this all I wanted to do was just play games, This is such crap for 2000$😡
  • May9
    May9 2 года назад $2000*
  • Leisure Muffin
    Leisure Muffin 2 года назад yes
    LIL B`s EVIL TWIN 2 года назад Man I feel your pain man.
  • May9
    May9 2 года назад @LIL B`s EVIL TWIN I got it fixed. I kept it on the charger for a week, and it has been fine ever since. see if it works for you. gl 
  • The Life Invader
    The Life Invader 2 года назад same with me (Alienware 17 R1)
  • Abdul Sameeu
  • Miesha Matthews
    Miesha Matthews Год назад ItzCrazyJay same
    8,938,397 Views Год назад Lies
  • Daniel Mcknight
    Daniel Mcknight Год назад Do you not have warranty?
  • Toypup
    Toypup Год назад same for razor blade
  • Riya Elizabeth Dcosta
    Riya Elizabeth Dcosta 3 недели назад Thankful for this video got my laptop started in 20 seconds
  • Haley Clarke
    Haley Clarke 2 года назад Hey William Yu.. My laptop boots up, you see the Acer logo comes up and then blank screen w/ the cursor on display..How do i fix this?
  • Nnamdi U.
    Nnamdi U. Год назад Haley Clarke Try seeing if you can run in safe mode if you are able to do a system restore
  • SmartJellyBaby2 Coming Soon
    SmartJellyBaby2 Coming Soon Год назад I have a similar problem. On my Asus I put it on it shows loading.... but the the screen is grey and no cursor!
  • ArcaneFire
    ArcaneFire Год назад Typical Bacon Hair Same dude
  • SmartJellyBaby2 Coming Soon
    SmartJellyBaby2 Coming Soon Год назад ArcaneFire Ugh! Computers are so annoying these days..
  • ak jilani
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  • Daniel Han
    Daniel Han 11 месяцев назад me too m8
  • ParasakkYT
    ParasakkYT 9 месяцев назад SmartJellyBaby2 Coming Soon YEAH ME TOO!
  • Smrit Dihingia
    Smrit Dihingia 2 месяца назад In my case the issue is same..I tried to format but after loading the windows the screen hangs on "window is starting"....I kept it likewise for an overnight but no progress. What might be the issue..?
  • クズケン
    クズケン 2 недели назад Thanks lol. just repaired my old shit acer
  • FioS_Sing
    FioS_Sing 2 года назад my pc turns on normale but after the logo is showen and the screen SOUHD come up it doesn't is just stays black help?
  • JokesOnYa
    JokesOnYa 3 недели назад me2 did u fix it?
  • cole bev
    cole bev Неделю назад maaan it does work!!kudos bruh!!!you slime!!!
  • Ophiuchus123456789
    Ophiuchus123456789 1 месяц назад This guy sounds like joey from friends. I cant see the boot up screen with a vga cable. Why does a dvi work better?