GTA 5 - How To Instantly FIX/REPAIR Your CAR!

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  • Numb Toons
    Numb Toons 3 года назад just type turtle in cheats when in a vehicle
  • Kathryne Kroells
    Kathryne Kroells 3 года назад I am using this method daily to gain practically Huge Mon3y & RP instantly so far so great an individual posted the item here https://sites.google.com/site/thegreatgtav2016/?9905kwto THIS IS AWESOMEE GENERRRAATOR ,HAVE UNLIIIMITTTTTED MONNNNEY AND RP INNN GTTTA5
  • Harry Gamer
    Harry Gamer 5 месяцев назад great job bro.😍
  • 昆虫ヴィンス
    昆虫ヴィンス 3 месяца назад where
  • Punzgaming YT
    Punzgaming YT 2 недели назад Thanks men
  • ROB Panna
    ROB Panna 3 года назад everyone has it wrong I've been repairing my cars for free since the game came out. Do the health cheat quickly while entering any vehicle and it will be repaired. you're welcome
  • Subject Delta Δ
    Subject Delta Δ 2 месяца назад To simplify things: go in a mission then exit it
  • Dalton Murray
    Dalton Murray 3 года назад worked but the windows were broken AF
  • ptrs45
    ptrs45 5 лет назад Doesn't work
    EFRAIN ESCOTO 4 года назад Thanck youi alwase wated to drive one 
    EFRAIN ESCOTO 4 года назад Thanck youi alwase wated to drive one 
  • lisa echavarria
    lisa echavarria 3 года назад hey I found a no cop helmet glitch
  • Rx7 Mx8
    Rx7 Mx8 5 лет назад it's not a lotus elise it's a tesla roadster
  • Perry Mitchell80
    Perry Mitchell80 3 года назад It's really helped me Thank you so much because I got a brand-new Bugatti and it was broken thank you for this video
  • Gen
    Gen 4 года назад YAY! XD LOVE IT :3
  • Turbo Wisconsin
    Turbo Wisconsin 5 лет назад I found this out the first 6 minutes I was playing this game.
  • Михаил Генералов
    Михаил Генералов 4 года назад fixed since... a very long time :/
  • Andrew R
    Andrew R 3 года назад but what if you are in a mission
    XHaTeDX XTrYhArDX 3 года назад but i don't have any other people can i pay to have it fixed somewhere?
  • Parkerr970 REAL
    Parkerr970 REAL 5 лет назад doesn't work if you're fuel tank is empty... I got respawned to a hospital....
  • sal orrico
    sal orrico 5 лет назад Thanks it works !
  • Ryan Rios
    Ryan Rios 5 лет назад I all ready knew before i started the game without YouTube
  • Giovanni I. Cardenales
    Giovanni I. Cardenales 5 лет назад It's a mclaren 
  • Franklin
    Franklin 11 месяцев назад thanks man wish it works when u have a star tho