GTA 5 - How To Instantly FIX/REPAIR Your CAR!

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  • ROB Panna
    ROB Panna 3 года назад everyone has it wrong I've been repairing my cars for free since the game came out. Do the health cheat quickly while entering any vehicle and it will be repaired. you're welcome
  • Numb Toons
    Numb Toons 3 года назад just type turtle in cheats when in a vehicle
  • Kathryne Kroells
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  • Harry Gamer
    Harry Gamer 7 месяцев назад great job bro.😍
  • 昆虫ヴィンス
    昆虫ヴィンス 5 месяцев назад where
  • Punzgaming YT
    Punzgaming YT 2 месяца назад Thanks men
  • Perry Mitchell80
    Perry Mitchell80 3 года назад It's really helped me Thank you so much because I got a brand-new Bugatti and it was broken thank you for this video
  • didar hossain
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  • charger771
    charger771 5 лет назад Be nice if someone can find a cheat to do that instead of switching characters
  • Frank Barger
    Frank Barger 5 лет назад Thx cuz I did that and it worked
  • Edgar Arakelyan
    Edgar Arakelyan 5 лет назад Thanks
  • House Bolton
    House Bolton 5 лет назад Ausome it works
  • ptrs45
    ptrs45 5 лет назад Doesn't work
  • Calcarius
    Calcarius 5 лет назад You're a fucking idiot.
  • Mindaugas K
    Mindaugas K 5 лет назад Your*
  • Monya Ward
    Monya Ward 5 лет назад Thank you, destroyed my tank!
  • Dan
    Dan 5 лет назад In that case Tesla ripped off Lotus
  • DarthCuda
    DarthCuda 5 лет назад You cant do it whenever you want. Try it with a wanted level...
  • A_Old_Fat_Cat
    A_Old_Fat_Cat 5 лет назад it does :)
  • sewer king
    sewer king 5 лет назад your stupid, its both...
  • obielicious
    obielicious 5 лет назад Mad because someone is correcting a video's false information? The car is clearly GTA's version of the Tesla Roadster (aka Coil Voltic). Lotus supplied Tesla with the body for the Roadster so obviously they will look similar.
  • MrExTRACTx22
    MrExTRACTx22 5 лет назад yes i saw your comment and tried it and all the enginges were broken so it was dead no going back in after you go out just like a car
  • kozanliibo66
    kozanliibo66 5 лет назад does this work with a jet ?
  • BliteOG
    BliteOG 5 лет назад But stilll good video!