Repair Laptop Keyboard Water damaged Wasserschaden Part 1 Disassembly

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1. How to fix a your liquid damaged Notebook Tastatur Keyboard with this instructional Tutorial video.Part 2 http://youtu.be/FkLmeNvXt-g water damages a glass of coffee tea dumped.fall damage ,Flüssigkeit ,
wasserschaden ,ein glas tee kaffee gekippt.Disassembly ,Change Key .
!! Warning !! Fragile .Long repair time and working hours
Working again: not guaranteed .
You are performing this repair at YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  • Christie Trinh
    Christie Trinh 4 года назад Holy crap, I just bought a new one for 10 bucks.  Done. 
  • Andrei
    Andrei Год назад you won't say the same if you have a 100 dollars one
  • reddaB
    reddaB Год назад Andrei My mum spilt a drink on mine. Completely broken. Replacement is £130(!?) on websites. Some old second hand ones £35. Gahh.
  • Boxtime 848
    Boxtime 848 Год назад Christie Trinh buy for me too then
  • hemmojito
    hemmojito 3 года назад I was never willing to do this. But I watched the full video anyway cause it was fascinating to watch you do it... Mesmerizing
  • Fethi Madafak
    Fethi Madafak 2 года назад +hemmojito you must watch ASMR videos
  • Maximilian
    Maximilian 2 месяца назад I did it on my last keyboard. Didnt work. Then tried soaking it in acetone - don't do that. All the plastic dissolved :) here's me not thinking it was PLA plastic.
  • Duane
    Duane 1 месяц назад Same here,my friend
  • dram710
    dram710 5 лет назад Ain't nobody got time for that
  • hakim ahmed
    hakim ahmed 2 месяца назад dram710 lazy
  • Victor Turblad
    Victor Turblad 5 лет назад I found when doing this that the mat where the electric circuits run through is actually twice as long, folded together as one piece. There where water between the two peice, i managed to get them to fold up and removed the water, now several hours of reasembly later, the keyboard works :D
  • Laptop Reparatur Handy j500j500
    Laptop Reparatur Handy j500j500 5 лет назад Keyboard Change Key .(Wasserschaden) water damages a glass of coffee tea dumped.fall damage ,Flüssigkeit ,ein glas tee kaffee gekippt. Disassembly guide Video
  • Laptop Reparatur Handy j500j500
    Laptop Reparatur Handy j500j500 4 года назад Not: Long repair time ,working hours.. Working again: not quaranteed.. http://youtu.be/dAfYTzLKLJY?t=1s Thanx to for all comments....
  • William Ou
    William Ou 2 года назад (изменено) What kind of tools did he take the keyboards off?
  • William Ou
    William Ou 2 года назад It worked! Thank you so much for teaching me how to repair the laptop keyboards!
  • Serhat Mahlas
    Serhat Mahlas 7 месяцев назад (изменено) u r the boss i am writing screen keyboard with my notebook thanks i will can repair big thanks
  • ready2eddy
    ready2eddy 4 года назад What spray are you using? Alcohol?
  • youbidoubidou
    youbidoubidou 2 года назад I love how he throws the keys randomly on the table so he will spend time fishing for the right ones afterward!
  • Tauseef Omer
    Tauseef Omer 2 месяца назад It worked for me. Thank you for this great video
  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki 3 года назад imma just order a new one :D
  • John Q
    John Q 3 года назад Yeah good luck finding a laptop keyboard for your model in your language for under 100$.
  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki 3 года назад @John Quester yeh  they have it   i changed my keyboard ounce already i bought it from lenovo
  • JimmyJamMan Man
    JimmyJamMan Man Неделю назад (изменено) @John Q I found one for $11. Do you know anything about computers?
  • Albrecht Hilker
    Albrecht Hilker Год назад (изменено) In case that only liquid has entered this <CAN BE DONE MUCH EASIER>. I had the same problem and it is not necessary to dismount the keyboard at all. Put the keyboard into the plain sun an entire day. If you don't have strong sun do the following: Switch your baking oven on the lowest level, put a towel on a baking tray and the keyboard on top of it. Let the door of the ofen open and control that it does not become too hot. The keyboard must be quite hot for a few hours and all the moisture will vaporize. After that my keyboard worked again perfectly without dismounting anything and without doing that huge work as shown in that voiceless video.
  • Tiff Jimber
    Tiff Jimber 3 года назад Dig your videos, let me know if have any critiques on mine. I love feed back. Thanks! Tiff
  • Tom H
    Tom H 2 месяца назад These keyboards are $10.00 shipped on Amazon. This is WAY to much work for $10.00. But I guess if you are in a pinch and can't wait for a day or two in shipping... I've been there.
  • ResidentVirus82
    ResidentVirus82 5 лет назад Menudo trabajo de chinos,www.ebay.com for sale 25 € keyboard
  • oldskoolhead0
    oldskoolhead0 9 месяцев назад how to clean keyboaard step 1 watch this video of someone else doing it step 2 spend 12 quid on a new one ;-)
  • Mrs. Pumpkin
    Mrs. Pumpkin 3 года назад Life saver!!! It worked in so grateful I found your video!!! I revived my laptop that had junk and juice stuck on it!!! Thanks
  • Sr. Bala
    Sr. Bala 3 года назад I think you have too much Patience for work... please replay me, is this laptop keyboard works properly??
  • Jordie-bun
    Jordie-bun 4 года назад If the thikng isz typikng likne thisz., will it workn?
  • Estalin Hediberto Tovar Rodriguez
    Estalin Hediberto Tovar Rodriguez 3 года назад oh what hard it is.
  • Deyshel
    Deyshel 4 года назад q peligroso mejor la mando a arreglar
  • cruise wadsworth
    cruise wadsworth Год назад We'll my keyboards broken now going to have to order a new one