How to Replace a Muffler Bearing

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Muffler Bearings... I always get asked how to replace muffler bearings so here is how! Make sure you share this with friends who don't know how to replace their muffler bearings!

Get your own Muffler Bearings and Blinker Fluid: http://chrisfixed.com/store.php

How to Replace Blinker Fluid: https://youtu.be/E6GsXhBb10k?list=PLD...
How to Replace Piston Return Springs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFX_X...

Thanks to Subscriber Milene for sending footage of his Honda with a bad muffler bearing for me to use!

Tools and Products I used:
Muffler Bearing: https://goo.gl/L152MH
Electric Impact Gun: http://amzn.to/2olAsls
Electric Saw: http://amzn.to/2nUkTAg
Telescoping Magnet: http://amzn.to/2nspLty
Soapy Wooder: https://goo.gl/GAaM1n
Elbow Grease: http://amzn.to/2nUxy6c
Blinker Fluid: https://goo.gl/kv6f87

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 2 года назад This might be a good video to share with someone who doesn't know how to replace a muffler bearing! Just saying ;) Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/chrisfixit Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/chrisfix8 Products are linked in the description for you to check out!
  • Nicholas Warner
    Nicholas Warner 2 года назад ChrisFix haha this is great, sharing this on my Facebook as we speak
  • Alec Sprouse
    Alec Sprouse 2 года назад ChrisFix nice video lol
  • Jack Stanton
    Jack Stanton 2 года назад man! i was watching intently until about half way through. there's no such thing as a muffler bearing. you got me good! love your videos as always <3
  • macgyver15147
    macgyver15147 2 года назад I been waiting a whole year to learn how to replace my muffler bearing. Also the Blinker fluid on Amazon is always out of stock. Where can we get good blinker fluid? I am also having a problem with my starter belt. I hope Chris does a vid on replacing starter belts soon
  • The Anihalator
    The Anihalator 2 года назад ChrisFix I have a feeling that next year's is gonna be even more creative seeing as how this year's was more creative than last year
  • Salty Beebo
    Salty Beebo 2 года назад Man, this is really helpful. Thanks for the tips! 😂
  • Please Help
    Please Help 2 года назад (изменено) ChrisFix I couldn't stop laughing when you replaced your cold air in the tires to "fresh light summer air". I knew it at least we all got a good laugh thanks cris. But does this mean a new exhaust system???????????????
  • ira todd
    ira todd 2 года назад ChrisFix 3 to 4 ugudugus
  • Mr. Diesel
    Mr. Diesel 2 года назад ChrisFix do you like the farm Truck?
  • Pindo aja
    Pindo aja 2 года назад Chris This the next vid plz be a how to fix a broken raidiater fan
  • Vengeance The Gamer
    Vengeance The Gamer 2 года назад ChrisFix haha you got me until you said to check you blinker fluid then I realized it was an April fools video
  • Mr. Diesel
    Mr. Diesel 2 года назад Vengeance The Gamer no I was low and almost got in an accident
  • Brandon Sonnylal
    Brandon Sonnylal 2 года назад @ChrisFix So you went all the way to actually cut your exhaust pipe for the video? I know you wouldn't actually do that so can you show us a video on how you actually fixed the pipe on Instagram or YouTube?
  • 999thenewman
    999thenewman 2 года назад ChrisFix: You went there...and no shame. Fastest and the Fartiest.
  • jason Mccauley
    jason Mccauley 2 года назад Brandon Sonnylal i think he did that becuase he might be doing a exhaust install hopefully
  • macgyver15147
    macgyver15147 2 года назад @please help. The air thing is for real. You should rotate the air in your tires at least 2 times a year
  • Jason Sharpe
    Jason Sharpe 2 года назад ChrisFix when will u putting in. the hydroclic e brake I am excited to watch it
  • GameJunkie
    GameJunkie 2 года назад i havent finish watching thus video but know its a april fools shit 😄
  • gerald gum
    gerald gum 2 года назад ChrisFix lmao good one bro
  • R M
    R M 2 года назад What's the switch you flipped at about 2:16
  • TheGameGeek's
    TheGameGeek's 2 года назад ChrisFix lol
  • TheCharlesFickle
    TheCharlesFickle 2 года назад Key release :)
  • Taylor Chesney
    Taylor Chesney 2 года назад ChrisFix new game drink, every time he says muffler bearing haha
  • Axillary Gaming
    Axillary Gaming 2 года назад blinker fluid 😂muffler bearings 😂 lol
  • Gary M
    Gary M 2 года назад ChrisFix does this mean your going to get a full dual straight pipe?
  • Mr.ActionGal101
    Mr.ActionGal101 2 года назад it's not even april fools yet that's fd up
  • Ethan Howell
    Ethan Howell 2 года назад ChrisFix the ugga-dugga is my new favorite unit of torque
  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 года назад ChrisFix c'mon man 😂
  • bryan john
    bryan john 2 года назад april fools..
  • Spencer Williams
    Spencer Williams 2 года назад ChrisFix So amazing!! this is so funny
  • Matt
    Matt 2 года назад ChrisFix I was gonna say you now have a free straight pipe :P
  • MasterFasterX
    MasterFasterX 2 года назад Hiding your face doesn't work Chris there's videos with your face in them. Physical identity never hurts
  • gearhed3113
    gearhed3113 2 года назад i used to work at an auto parts store. a buddy of mine came in asking for a muffler bearing, as a joke. i showed him to where the rubber exhaust hangers, and explained to him how it fits the definitition of a bearing. he just about shit himself
  • _aks1_
    _aks1_ 2 года назад ChrisFix. im so confused by this joke
  • alex osojnik
    alex osojnik 2 года назад ChrisFix when i saw the title i thought you were going crazy😂😂
  • alban jakupi
    alban jakupi 2 года назад Hahaha , "let me call the local store"
  • Tony V
    Tony V 2 года назад ChrisFix you should seriously do a video on blinker fluid replacement!! Big help😉
  • Alexander Schuster
    Alexander Schuster 2 года назад lol this is great.
  • Ben Graham
    Ben Graham 2 года назад ChrisFix can you show us how to replace a horn belt? I think mine keeps slipping because my horn only works sometimes. My buddy seems to think it's a bad horn belt, but I can't seem to locate mine. is it close to the muffler bearing or the fill hole for the blinker fluid?
  • furry jade
    furry jade 2 года назад ChrisFix there is no such thing blinker fluid
  • Marc Jourdain
    Marc Jourdain 2 года назад You dont say.....
  • A1179125CE
    A1179125CE 2 года назад i think i need to change my tire coolant, my tires tend to loose traction after few hours of driving, can you show me how to change it?
  • swampy y
    swampy y 2 года назад ChrisFix you cut your exhaust for an April fools video that's some dedication
  • Bret H
    Bret H 2 года назад ChrisFix °°° tomorrow being Saturday it's an ideal time to go down to the airport and get some propwash from one of the repair shops" this always helps me when I am fixing Muffler bearings or a throttle bottle bushing! & don't forget to ask for titanium thrush rivets they work best to maintain thermal alignment of course ! thanks for reminding me Chris chairs :)
  • LestatAlmighty
    LestatAlmighty 2 года назад (изменено) @swampy I believe in a previous video he said he was going to change the exhaust.
  • Brandon Tilton
    Brandon Tilton 2 года назад ChrisFix love these April 1st videos
  • KingE
    KingE 2 года назад ChrisFix I actually just cut my exhaust and everything I didn't watch the video first I was going along but now I need to get a new great Jk APRIL FOOLS great video
  • Brandon Tilton
    Brandon Tilton 2 года назад ChrisFix piston return springs is a pretty common problem on newer cars do a vid about that ;)
  • Ryan Bowman
    Ryan Bowman 2 года назад ChrisFix i fucking died on the soapy wooder part
  • Ellenor Malik
    Ellenor Malik 2 года назад APRIL FOOLS
  • Justin Huggins
    Justin Huggins 2 года назад ChrisFix I hate you
  • Rix
    Rix 2 года назад ChrisFix can you do a video on which weight blinker fluid is best for which car?
  • Justin Huggins
    Justin Huggins 2 года назад RIx I just watched that yesterday AMD keep in mind he cut his exhaust which if he stays stock he will deal with exhaust leaks later again
  • Ronan Exe
    Ronan Exe 2 года назад ChrisFix you should replace the exhaust since the car is meant for drifting and it needs to be loud
  • Nestor Espinosa
    Nestor Espinosa 2 года назад ChrisFix Sorry I'm so late but what is a 3 to 4 ugga dugga??
  • Justin Huggins
    Justin Huggins 2 года назад R Krauter who said drift cars need to be loud
  • Ronan Exe
    Ronan Exe 2 года назад ChrisFix also try to replace the ecu and do like how to install a turbo or and intercooler because that would be cool
  • Justin Huggins
    Justin Huggins 2 года назад Nestor Espinosa its an April fools video... ITS JUST A PRANK BROO
  • Justin Huggins
    Justin Huggins 2 года назад Nestor Espinosa its an April fools video... ITS JUST A PRANK BROO
  • Justin Huggins
    Justin Huggins 2 года назад Nestor Espinosa I Fuckin died when he said that tho
  • crpth1
    crpth1 2 года назад +Brandon Tilton - Piston return spring, humm. I believe those should be replaced every third oil change to keep the engine in tip top condition. Makes the piston faster, increase rpm, etc. so more POWER, good tip mate. :-) In fact many years ago still in mech school. I convinced a colleague that along with major maintenance schedule. Air on the tires should be replaced on a regular base to keep them in perfect order. LOL ;-) But the best was the "sharpening stone" for the metal files... LOL :-) Happy April 1st :-)
  • Leong Wai Kiat
    Leong Wai Kiat 2 года назад (изменено) ChrisFix Haha and there i was wondering why the parts are all in a box from Chrisfix xD P.S tsk tsk tsk you forget to apply some thread locker to prevent vibration from unscrewing the nuts
  • Kevin Song
    Kevin Song 2 года назад Tricked me alright
  • Nestor Espinosa
    Nestor Espinosa 2 года назад (изменено) Justin Huggins Ik I'm just wondering what it means though it's my new favorite word "Ugga Bugga". wonder if he's gonna get a new muffler or nahh
  • deLaaiem
    deLaaiem 2 года назад ChrisFix haha love it
  • gcKukie
    gcKukie 2 года назад This made me laugh, but the joke is on you though, as a mechanic i have learned muffler bearings actually exist, they look kinda like this http://www.superchevy.com/how-to/148-0502-rear-mounted-turbo/
  • Austin Shamblen
    Austin Shamblen 2 года назад ChrisFix I knew it was total BS... however your explanation for it was very convincing 😂 nice job bro !
  • HarryRacer18
    HarryRacer18 2 года назад ChrisFix Muffler bearings, haha. Muffler bearings are really needed for my car. I've got a dual muffler and need to replace both with some great ChrisFixit High Quality Muffler Bearings!!!
  • Hunter Woodhead
    Hunter Woodhead 2 года назад ChrisFix I stated cracking up as soon as I saw the video
  • kevin dahlr
    kevin dahlr 2 года назад ChrisFix can you make a video on how to replace or change motor mounts easy way.
  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 2 года назад +Hunter Woodhead lol
  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 2 года назад +kevin dahlr I already did. Just search "how to replace a motor mount".
  • Hunter Woodhead
    Hunter Woodhead 2 года назад ChrisFix you really made me laugh when you said "ugadugas;
  • Eric Campbell
    Eric Campbell 2 года назад Nestor Espinosa He's definitely doing an axel back because he chopped his exhaust
  • Mr.Sheriff
    Mr.Sheriff 2 года назад I got to 2:32 when I saw blinker fluid... Every god damn time
  • kevin dahlr
    kevin dahlr 2 года назад ChrisFix wow super fast reply ! thanks less than 5 minutes awsome.
  • Ags93 A
    Ags93 A 2 года назад ChrisFix hiiiii!!!!!
  • Ags93 A
    Ags93 A 2 года назад ChrisFix HIIIIII!!!!!
  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 2 года назад fackkkk he got me again 😂😂😂
  • Nestor Espinosa
    Nestor Espinosa 2 года назад That saw blade thingy chopped the muffler like it was butter. IT SHOULD GO ON MOST SATISFYING THINGS NUMBER ONE TO BE EXACT
  • Mazter Gazter
    Mazter Gazter 2 года назад ChrisFix hi
  • Rusty Forest
    Rusty Forest 2 года назад ChrisFix y no e brake? Y no e brake? :(
  • Houston Matthews
    Houston Matthews 2 года назад ChrisFix when are you going to show me how to change the plugs in my powerstroke for a tune up? I'm getting a code for a mass air flow sensor too how do I fix that on a powerstroke?
  • BoostedNaSpyder
    BoostedNaSpyder 2 года назад Don't buy a pos ford.
  • Five Cars Five Guys
    Five Cars Five Guys 2 года назад ChrisFix I Love Your Videos They are so helpful ;)
  • Crow T. Robot
    Crow T. Robot 2 года назад yami Aren't you up past your bed time?
  • acekiller351
    acekiller351 2 года назад ChrisFix hey Chris, you should do a video on replacing aftermarket head units in vehicles. I recommend it.
  • M&R Tuning
    M&R Tuning 2 года назад (изменено) ChrisFix god dang it I was so excited to replace my muffler barring , I feel like you can't wait to brake out the elbow grease when ever you get a chance Love the vids keep um up !👍🏽
  • agus2001
    agus2001 2 года назад I'm laughing and pulling my hair at the same time... there are some dumb people who believe everything.
  • Harold Weaver Smith
    Harold Weaver Smith 2 года назад Hi Chris, great video. I have a question though. You said that the muffler bearing you replaced was on the driver's side, however I'm in the UK and my car has the driver on the other side, so if I need to replace a driver's side muffler bearing ("silencer bearing" here of course), do I put it in the same way that you did, or do I put it in the other way round? Please keep making these videos: I feel like I'm getting smarter with every one I watch.
  • BassManBobBassCovers
    BassManBobBassCovers 2 года назад I had a really hard time figuring out if this was real or not :P
  • Edgars Lacis-S
    Edgars Lacis-S 2 года назад lol
    TENNSUMITSUMA 2 года назад how did you get the old 'muffler bearing' in?! did you really detach the muffler just for this troll video?!
  • Edgars Lacis-S
    Edgars Lacis-S 2 года назад probably he will change the exhaust or straight pipe it
  • Razvan Radu
    Razvan Radu 2 года назад ChrisFix great aprilfool video i almost believed that the vid is trupe untill i saw the blinker fluor and elbow grease😂😂😂😂
  • sathish kumar
    sathish kumar 2 года назад Nice troll Video but i didn't work.
  • CLeeP1983
    CLeeP1983 2 года назад Looks like he cut right where the hole was, just used the clamp to keep exhaust up until he could take it to the muffler shop and have it welded... IDK
  • CLeeP1983
    CLeeP1983 2 года назад Did you find that vid, yet? It was his April Fools from last year, and he did a damn good job on it :D
  • Decimal Zero
    Decimal Zero 2 года назад (изменено) i installed the muffler bearings on my honda fit. it still making a raspier note. do i have to change my canooter valve?
  • secondox
    secondox 2 года назад ChrisFix just replaced mine on 2016 Honda and guess what its already bad thank you good tips!
  • Rodrigo Cruz
    Rodrigo Cruz 2 года назад I was laughing as well with the air replacement of the cold for the new Light Summer one that was so fucken funny
  • Mechanic WildCat
    Mechanic WildCat 2 года назад ChrisFix You cut your exsaust to fool us? I this case you are the fool my friend
  • Obsidian762
    Obsidian762 2 года назад Dank Wheelie he has a new performance exhaust system he's installing soon.
  • Link54653
    Link54653 2 года назад Dank Wheelie pretty sure he's getting a new one 😂😂
  • Leif Simmons
    Leif Simmons 2 года назад Hey Chris, are you sure your name is not Loof Lirpa? :P
  • Addy
    Addy 2 года назад gonna head to my local autozone for new muffler bearings 😅
  • linkus96
    linkus96 2 года назад ChrisFix lol man i love your April Fool's videos their awsome! btw i would like to thank you, your videos helped me go from 8mpg to 12mpg in my 97 dodge ram 1500. keep up the great work!
  • Tardeli costantini
    Tardeli costantini 2 года назад My blinker fluid would need replacing this week,thanks for reminding me ChrisFix :)
  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 года назад 6:44 - "it's always a good idea to remove the cold. dense, and heavy winter air" 💀💀💀💀
  • Nitro_Rc_dude
    Nitro_Rc_dude 2 года назад ChrisFix I knew this was a prank!! my mum pranked me that my dad won £4k and is buying a new car!!
  • Cuauhtemoc Barragan
    Cuauhtemoc Barragan 2 года назад ChrisFix damn bastard hahaha I almost fell for it good job hahah
  • Alekss V. Možajevs
    Alekss V. Možajevs 2 года назад ChrisFix prank
  • Romancarp
    Romancarp 2 года назад ChrisFix i
  • Itachirevived
    Itachirevived 2 года назад ChrisFix this is a dangerous video. I'm a mechanic and I was so amazed at how believable you made this
  • Yee Sen Chai
    Yee Sen Chai 2 года назад well played sir
  • Torque_42
    Torque_42 2 года назад ChrisFix you cut your exhaust so JOKES on you!!! And this is a terrible video. You know idiots exist right? people gonna be cutting their exhaust
  • tt tong
    tt tong 2 года назад you have a website to sell those Blinker Fluid and Muffler Bearing?? Awesome..lol
  • Jan Vlašan
    Jan Vlašan 2 года назад I'm sad, I've been waiting a year for how to make your own elbow grease....
  • minivanracer
    minivanracer 2 года назад You can find Elbow grease, blinker fluid, and muffler bearings at Kale Co. Auto http://kalecoauto.com/
  • Ace Space
    Ace Space 2 года назад ChrisFix ha! April fools
  • Cyprian Cyprian
    Cyprian Cyprian 2 года назад ChrisFix and you are so serious explaining
  • Tyler Rivera
    Tyler Rivera 2 года назад ChrisFix lol
  • Plagueless
    Plagueless 2 года назад ChrisFix haven't even seen the video yet April fools
  • Gold
    Gold 2 года назад ChrisFix .. Chris fix that was funny question what do you think about car / truck covers do they work or do they just a little micro scratches in the paint? do you use them I'm hearing both good and bad about the benefits of using a car/truck cover lol your input would be great thank you I'll make sure I subscribe if u answer haha
  • Bridget Middleton
    Bridget Middleton 2 года назад ChrisFix ii
  • Aakash Patel
    Aakash Patel 2 года назад This was Hilarious! Love your channel and love to how you tightened to 3-4 ugudughus 😂😂
  • Nubbins
    Nubbins 2 года назад I'm going to wear that oogadooga shit out when i get to the shop today
  • DavidSpottyTV
    DavidSpottyTV 2 года назад ChrisFix I liked the sound without the new muffler bearing
  • Robomoto82
    Robomoto82 2 года назад Your mean! lol Someone is going to ask for a muffler bearing for real. So funny
  • Zack Jenkins
    Zack Jenkins 2 года назад I drive a Honda is it still required to replace this bearing? I figured it would last forever like the motor.
  • Gold
    Gold 2 года назад Windshield wiper alignment ?
  • deadmonton420
    deadmonton420 2 года назад ChrisFix replace blinker light fluid next
  • pyro1324
    pyro1324 2 года назад He's already done a vid about that +deadmonton420
  • The_ Mysterious_Gamer
    The_ Mysterious_Gamer 2 года назад ChrisFix April fools
  • The_ Mysterious_Gamer
    The_ Mysterious_Gamer 2 года назад ChrisFix Not lying when I was 1 minute in the video I knew it was April Fools day srry didn't get me this year lol
  • Rick sanchez
    Rick sanchez 2 года назад The Mysterious gamer same
  • leahcim thgirw
    leahcim thgirw 2 года назад ChrisFix i really hope you got this from when i suggested about the muffler berring when you did the blinker fluid vid,awsome job man ,toooo cool
  • Aaron Cameron
    Aaron Cameron 2 года назад ChrisFix he really cut his exhaust though?
  • AmirH S
    AmirH S 2 года назад Rodney Miller that looks like the key release
  • Colin Abbott
    Colin Abbott 2 года назад same thing i said, maybe he did it cause it had a leak or to really sell the joke
  • Aaron Cameron
    Aaron Cameron 2 года назад Brandon Sonnylal and remember he really did have an exhaust leak with the bubbling. Maybe he drilled his own hole first
  • Driftkingoforza
    Driftkingoforza 2 года назад Aaron Cameron so there is no such thing as my Muffler bearings
  • The Asus guy one Mr grinch
    The Asus guy one Mr grinch 2 года назад Rodney Miller it's the ignition key...
  • The Asus guy one Mr grinch
    The Asus guy one Mr grinch 2 года назад Tony V he already has.....
  • Driftkingoforza
    Driftkingoforza 2 года назад The Asus guy one Mr grinch no you my friend you dumb
  • kevin dahlr
    kevin dahlr 2 года назад Cameron Langley aprils fool ! blinker fluid and new air for the tires jajajjaja
  • Logan !
    Logan ! 2 года назад 3-4 uga duggas
  • Epxch
    Epxch 2 года назад ChrisFix "Sounds like a Honda" I'm done Chris 😂😂😂
  • Filip Jadowski
    Filip Jadowski 2 года назад ChrisFix the blinker fluid was better
  • World Embassy
    World Embassy 2 года назад : )
  • Benjamin Masters
    Benjamin Masters 2 года назад ChrisFix this has to be a joke, no such thing as a muffler bearings :)
  • Brotat 285
    Brotat 285 2 года назад ChrisFix whats the aprils fools prank
  • RNN24
    RNN24 2 года назад Wow.. learning a new thing everyday. Haha, also be sure to always change the Blinker Fluid!
  • Yam Spaghetti
    Yam Spaghetti 2 года назад ChrisFix but you uploaded it on march 31?
    MR.BRICK HEAD 2 года назад ChrisFix love the vids chris. I was wondering if u could make a video on how to change the exhaust from front to back. Thanks
  • Gaming PlayzRB
    Gaming PlayzRB 2 года назад ChrisFix hi did you put the new racing seats 💺 😀😀😀😀😀😀
  • fire1777
    fire1777 2 года назад Improper install !! Must use left handed wrenches on left side exhaust pipes.
  • wheelitzr2
    wheelitzr2 2 года назад ChrisFix please tell us how to replace the blinker fluid! my blinker is working but I have no idea were to fill it up at!!
  • TheHB'STech JZ
    TheHB'STech JZ 2 года назад lol 3-4 uga dugas
  • Cyberbronco
    Cyberbronco 2 года назад Is an ugaduga metric or standard? Can't wait to give this to my wife and take credit for another money-saving auto repair! Thx!
  • Mack The MGTOW Trucker
    Mack The MGTOW Trucker 2 года назад (изменено) Soapy Wooder, LOL
  • cognitor900
    cognitor900 2 года назад Cyberbronco I'm thinking that its metric with an SAE thread linked to Whitworth Decibels... show the vid AFTER you've "changed" the bearing then there will be more kudos...& that's that old school Greek kudos which before decimalisation was worth something!!!!
  • Dave
    Dave 2 года назад Can I skip the elbow grease and use a hammer? I don't have any gloves and don't want to get my fingers sticky. That stuff looks gross.
  • Dyllon Holle
    Dyllon Holle 2 года назад ChrisFix you should make a muffler bearing decal that is the front of the box you used lol that would an awesome sticker
  • Dyllon Holle
    Dyllon Holle 2 года назад ChrisFix you should make a muffler bearing decal that is the front of the box you used lol that would an awesome sticker
  • Mr.swisstyle
    Mr.swisstyle 2 года назад ChrisFix april fools!!
  • Beatriz Sese
    Beatriz Sese 2 года назад I love your videos, te amo Chris Fix you are the best, eres el mejor.
  • Ryan Farrugia
    Ryan Farrugia 2 года назад ChrisFix what exhaust are you getting next?
  • Faheem Qureshi
    Faheem Qureshi 2 года назад chris can umake a vid on how to repair hub cals i reallyneed to pls
  • Tony Becerra
    Tony Becerra 2 года назад Chris why you playing with sex jelly on your exhaust pipes?lol
  • Er ik
    Er ik 2 года назад Nice April fools joke :D
  • Freddy Aguirre
    Freddy Aguirre 2 года назад Chris went crazy today.!!!!!
  • Brent Sumner
    Brent Sumner 2 года назад Hi, Chis Maybe Next year 1st April you can send us for a "long wait" or "tin of sparks" or even a "can of compression". thanks again for all the good vids.
  • D21 Productions
    D21 Productions 2 года назад ChrisFix 3 to 4 ugga duggas 😂😂😂
  • santiago perez garcia
    santiago perez garcia 2 года назад ChrisFix hey Chris fix I would like to know if you could do a video about oil leaks what could cause then and how to fix them, thank you so much for your videos
  • santiago perez garcia
    santiago perez garcia 2 года назад ChrisFix can you do a video about motor oil leaks and how to identify and treat them
  • Ajay Ravichandran
    Ajay Ravichandran 2 года назад #plug
  • Wes The Sloth
    Wes The Sloth 2 года назад ChrisFix I remember last year's prank all I love theese
  • LD9user
    LD9user 2 года назад Hey Chris, seems like all I can find is Made in China muffler bearings around here.  I found a Made in USA one online but it will take over a week to ship. Do you think I should hold out for a good USA bearing or are they about the same?
  • awesomegaming king
    awesomegaming king 2 года назад ChrisFix I asked my dad when did he last change his muffler beard is thinking they were real and now he is laughing at me
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    Eric Graz 2 года назад Love it
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    Lizzy Wood 2 года назад Im still learning car stuff so I was sitting through this video like... this doesn't seem right....i never heard of that before....and definitely never heard of blinker fluid, but i watched all the way through anyway! Lmao now I know it really wasn't a thing haha nice april fools video.
  • MidnightClubsSR
    MidnightClubsSR 2 года назад ChrisFix will that muffler bearing make my car louder?
  • rotary_13b
    rotary_13b 2 года назад ChrisFix I went to replace the muffler bearing today on my car and I couldn't get it off, so I went to Advanced Auto and bought some elbow grease. Works like a champ now! I'm
  • Curt Godwin
    Curt Godwin 2 года назад 8675309? I love it.
  • alan connelly
    alan connelly 2 года назад When you change the muffler bearing it's best to change your Blinker Fluid at the same time, they both go bad at the same time...
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    Isatnt 2 года назад same but I watched the entire video
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    Chris Lesmerises 2 года назад And a Gangley wrench.
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    Hamza 77777 2 года назад never knew muffler bearings existed? who knew. . .
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    The Unknown Pickle 2 года назад ChrisFix When are you going to post your next fishing video?
  • Millie Muncher
    Millie Muncher 2 года назад ChrisFix laughed so hard through the whole video, made my day. we use the halogen fluid prank on any new employees that come into our welding shop. my coworker likes to tell them to locate and close the foofoo-valve before they change the oil in the welder and re-open it when they are done
  • ldixon02
    ldixon02 2 года назад ChrisFix I have been doing exhaust work over 35 years and I am sorry to say I am pretty damn sure you put the bearing in backwards...thank goodness you used a band clamp that will probably just slip apart anyway.
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    Abdul Sami 2 года назад plz make video how to remove viper marks on cars windsheild
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    LordTerenas 2 года назад Did he just fix a tiny hole on that pipe while he played a joke on us? :)
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    LordTerenas 2 года назад One does not simply take out keys from certain cars, including a Mustang as it seems.
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    livndream 2 года назад On one of my cars I didn't change out the air on my tires for over two years. It came out smelling burnt and had a smokey appearance. I think they must of came that way from Beijing. Now when I replace the air I make sure I'm in a pollution free environment.
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    duane holbrook 2 года назад Key release for standard shifts
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    Chuchinskie Babinskie 2 года назад Good quality vids make good money!
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    Bryan Olson 2 года назад ChrisFix hey Chris if I need to take off the pulley off the tensioner do I go right to loosen it and left to tighten it
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    Chuchinskie Babinskie 2 года назад Bryan Olsen Yes, you do.
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    LtzHD 2 года назад ChrisFix Hey Chris I watch your videos all the time and it's helped me turn my truck to what it was to what it is now and the only things I'm having a little bit of trouble with is door trim adhesive thats dried on the Outside paint on all 4 of my doors. I looked on your channel and I can't find anything relating to that so I was wondering how to get this stuff off. Ive used treesap remover. Remove all. And a couple other products that dont seem to work. Is there anything that you would recommend to get this stuff off? Thanks for your time and stay fixin'!
  • SlickThe_ Gamer210
    SlickThe_ Gamer210 2 года назад ChrisFix there is no such thing
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    El Pena Hernandez 2 года назад ChrisFix hello is there other ways to put my transmission oil on a jagur because i have to put it under the car and can afored a oil pump
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    Bryan Alfaro 2 года назад ChrisFix make a video on how to install a turbo
    AUTO CARZZZ 2 года назад I really like your channel thanks for liking my posts on Instagram means a lot I found you throw Saabkyle04llc be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel please Chris
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    Diamond_Gaming02 2 года назад ChrisFix you should do a video about your over all modifications and upgrades or paint jobs you have done on all your cars and trucks. I'm only 14 years old and you inspired me to work outside on cars and atvs all the time thanks so much
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    flea4000111 2 года назад ChrisFix you should test this product: https://wiki-store.com/collections/wiki-collection/products/magical-grip-1
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    Tyler Lachance 2 года назад ChrisFix hey i just wanna say thank you for making these awesome video's they really taught me a lot about fixing cars. And just want to say keep doing what you are doing bc i love your channel.
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    Mr. Nagy 2 года назад ChrisFix Make sure to show everyone how to get an exhaust sample.
  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 года назад Muffler bearings actually are a real thing believe it or not. I am a Nissan/Infiniti tech. 2014 and up Nissan Pathfinders and Infiniti QX60s have muffler bearings. they are not roller bearings. its basically a conical half inch thick gasket made of compressed metal shavings(kind of like steel wool) that allows the connection between the front exhaust Y pipe and mid muffler pipe to move. this helps prevent exhaust pipe from damage due to excessive movement since this singular pipe is pretty long. the engine has vacuum powered engine mounts that to keep engine vibration to a minimum. this can cause excessive force to exhaust parts during acceleration. this muffler bearing helps to prevent damage to exhaust parts due to this movement. this is a fun fact that i love sound off when i hear the old muffler bearing joke. i just happen to come across your channel and have been watching some of your videos. i haven't figured out how you have the money to do all this yet, but i like what you do. keep it up.
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    Erik Johnson 2 года назад I need help replacing my flux capacitor
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    Unknown Odds 2 года назад ChrisFix you should get a new turbo & a loud exhaust system & start making the drift stand better looking & make it look like a drift car
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  • Gaming PlayzRB
    Gaming PlayzRB 2 года назад ChrisFix When will you install a a Hydro Ebrake
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    Johnboy 2 года назад but how often should I rotate my mufflers?
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    A- TEAM Год назад there was a hole in the exhaust thats why it sounded like that
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    Laryan Ryan Год назад Chad Gatter. Go to canoodervalve.com. They sell rebuilt ones for cheap.
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    Diamond V Dallas 3 месяца назад Fooled me I thought enough of cars. But you cutting that exhaust pipe really got me. Blinker fluid didn't fool me at all. But it's fun. Love your Videos.
  • Unknown Command
    Unknown Command 2 месяца назад ChrisFix For Really Really Durable Muffler Bearings that are super duper cheap and inexpensive. Only $999.99 Please send your check or payment to, Billybob in the brown van down by the river. Send your payment today. Because Everyone needs to reduce their muffler exhaust friction!! Being environmentally friendly is not only the right thing to do. It’s the progressive leftist thing to do. A 70% discount will be applied if you show us a picture of your purple hairdo. If you “Act Today”!!! in the next five minutes only. We will throw in Billybob’s bucktooth sister! Long Legget Jane, to do the job for you at no extra cost.
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    Anonymous Unboxer 1 месяц назад ChrisFix Ugga dugga’s
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    Anonymous Unboxer 1 месяц назад Also did this but my engine fell out of my car
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  • Edgars Lacis-S
    Edgars Lacis-S 1 месяц назад or tune the carburetor on diesel cars!
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    Frederick Clauhs 1 месяц назад Their called igniters, their in front of the DPF to help it do a regen.
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    Sam Bell 1 месяц назад (изменено) block guy44 no he’s asking because he just wants another video god damn of course he has a rotary good job for stating the obvious and also since u didn’t get the joke a rotary doesn’t have pistons
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    TiHeich Год назад Elbow Grease Soapy Wooder Blinker Fluid Piston Return Spring Muffler Bearing With all of these my car will run more smoothly
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  • CheetahSpeed
    CheetahSpeed 2 месяца назад TiHeich elbow greese is actually a thing, it's just a nickname though
  • MrPackerAnderson
    MrPackerAnderson 1 месяц назад Don't forget changing your tire's air.
    1B views 1 месяц назад (изменено) Wooder is a actual thing.... Thats just what they call water up north
  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer 4 недели назад It run mo betta
  • Mollinator Plays
    Mollinator Plays 3 недели назад no the soapy wooder is the only rreal thing there
  • Danny B
    Danny B 9 месяцев назад i Was questioning for an entire 7 minutes why i never heard of an exhaust bearing and why you would even need something like that. I was also about to go look some up for my car when i heard him say tighten down 3 to 4 ugha duggas, thats when i decided to pause and check comments. Beautifully done video i was solidly fooled. Sorry for all the people that didnt finiah video and started cutting thier exhaust
  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 9 месяцев назад Hahah :P
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    Keem Clan 3 месяца назад Didn't notice the jug of blinker fluid?
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    Victim And Villian 10 месяцев назад I've sent my GF to the store for blinker fluid. 🤣
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    RobinPlayzHUN Год назад T0wTruck247 i know right???laughing my ass off. oh fck the neighbour come over to say shut up... wait what time it is???? offf 1:00 am
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    Cameron Abernathy Год назад same
  • tomduncan1970
    tomduncan1970 Год назад I had to go back and listen again.... Man... this was well planned. Got a great laugh out of it.
  • Tig3rj
    Tig3rj Год назад I wonder if he took that from the top comment on the Boostedboiz video "How Long Will the Ebay Turbo Last on 30psi?"
  • Codeman43
    Codeman43 Год назад T0wTruck247 same here , I've never heard that term before lol
  • Astray
    Astray Год назад T0wTruck247 I laughed lol, never heard that term for the gun noise lmao. But I like it 😂
  • DeLorean
    DeLorean 2 месяца назад XD
  • Paul Valley
    Paul Valley 1 месяц назад I was fine with the joke until you talked about tightening the bolts to 3 or 4 ugah dugahs. I didn't expect that one at all and you literally made me laugh out loud. This joke was very well done Chris. And although I've heard all of these before except for the torque setting that one was brilliant. Thanks for the great videos including April Fools!
  • awaters0206 Legendary gamer
    awaters0206 Legendary gamer 8 месяцев назад after doing this my car turned into a fidget spinner did i do it right?
  • ReputableGentleman
    ReputableGentleman 2 месяца назад Check engine light comes on "Honey, got the soapy wooder, its fixer up time"
  • Bellplan Boys
    Bellplan Boys 11 месяцев назад I have a 2003 7.3 diesel ford power stroke and my muffler bearing went bad so I replaced it with 5 inch straight pipe and a 6 inch chrome tip hahahahhah 😂😂😂😂
  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 11 месяцев назад haha and I bet it has a problem with thick black smoke coming out since you did that!
  • Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez 3 месяца назад You are an 👴 Idiot
  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 недели назад Ruben Gonzalez r/woosh
  • PanSlayah
    PanSlayah 10 месяцев назад He said tighten to three to four ugga duggas!!! Lol
  • Paul Dalangpan
    Paul Dalangpan Год назад I'm impressed with the level of effort expended for such an elaborate joke. This was not easy to do.
  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix Год назад Thanks!
  • rambo8wradio
    rambo8wradio Год назад Effort put into not to laughing on camera must have been enormous...
  • GT20Modding
    GT20Modding Год назад Prob VoiceOver.
    DOCTOR BOMBA ! Год назад Funny
  • Skyhawk177
    Skyhawk177 Год назад Paul Dalangpan shhh
  • Money Man
    Money Man Год назад Paul Dalangpan i
  • Neo J. Ssk
    Neo J. Ssk Год назад But worth created thousand of smiles, and laugh + joy ! Made my day lol
  • Marcelo Guia
    Marcelo Guia Год назад GT20Modding He actually doesn't voice over. You can clearly see it because of the sync when he uses gestures and so on. Also you can kind of hear ambient sounds in every video including this year's april fools.
  • Mr T
    Mr T Год назад This is a JOKE! Nahhh.... I had to replace both of mine when I did the piston springs.
  • BolT Legend
    BolT Legend 10 месяцев назад I was laughing
  • cheyney mcneil
    cheyney mcneil 9 месяцев назад Paul Dalangpan he's really going all in
  • em0rox
    em0rox 7 месяцев назад It seems to me like he was fixing a leak in an exhaust anyway and just decided to add in the joke while already doing it.
  • Man-Ung Yi
    Man-Ung Yi 4 дня назад (изменено) Im glad someone finally covered muffler bearings! Please do gas tank dome light replacement next!
  • ThinkingBetter
    ThinkingBetter 8 месяцев назад One thing you might realize is that if you are using cheap aftermarket piston return springs, they might break and you end up with pieces of one trapped in the muffler bearings! 😉
  • CheetahSpeed
    CheetahSpeed 2 месяца назад This year April fools is coming up in a few weeks, what will be next??? 😂😂
  • Nick P
    Nick P 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I was with ya until the part about summer air vs winter air. I don’t agree with you here. Winter air is colder and helps reduce tire temperature when driving on hot summer roads. You always want to keep the winter air in your tire all summer long.
  • Thomas Pedersen
    Thomas Pedersen 4 месяца назад Think it might bea weight issue :-)