Toshiba Satellite Laptop Repair Fix Disassembly Tutorial | Notebook Take Apart, Remove & Install

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http://www.LaptopInventory.com - Toshiba Satellite Laptop Disassembly and Repair Fix Tutorial. Take Apart Toshiba Notebook Laptop Parts Battery, CMOS, LCD Bezels, DC Jack, Caddies and Brackets, CD DVD Drive, Hard Drive, Laptop Fan, LCD Hinges, Keyboard, LCD Flex Cable, LCD Inverter Board, LCD Screen, Memory, RAM, Motherboard System Board, Processor CPU, Laptop Screw, Wireless Antenna, Wifi Card. This tutorial is compatible with the following laptops: F501, A505, A505D, P500, P205, P200, X300, X305, L355, P300, P305, P505, L655, L600, A500, L500, P300, L655, L750, L755, L505

  • filips989
    filips989 5 лет назад I'd rather drag a PC around than open another Toshiba...
  • Matthamatic
    Matthamatic 4 года назад Instead of explaining what is going on, lets just play some royalty free music over this technical "tutorial". Words are cheap.
  • Enrique V. Baker
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  • Jime Alase
    Jime Alase Год назад dddd
  • Jime Alase
    Jime Alase Год назад dd
  • Joseph Salavtore
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  • RDKells
    RDKells 5 лет назад This is helpful as a guide of where the screws are etc. but the process used is that of some one who does not own or care about the item they are working on. It's very likely this laptop is not going to be reassembled. Use hand tools and don't force anything, take your time and put the screws in order of size. (They have a size factor next to each hole like T8 and so on).
  • Nathan Frith
    Nathan Frith 5 лет назад Power tools are not for laptop disassembly - unless you're not planning to reassemble it.
  • Fred Barnard
    Fred Barnard 5 лет назад Yeah , It would be nice if they wold say what hey are taking specific parts FOR.
  • Hayden Baldwin
    Hayden Baldwin 5 лет назад I just watched a poor Toshiba Satellite get torn apart with a putty knife and then screwed up by a power drill. How do I put the poor thing back together?  );
  • pineda elton
    pineda elton 4 года назад pls...upload tutorial video for Toshiba satelite c40d-a thanks a lot
  • Blackx Blackx
    Blackx Blackx 4 года назад and generally toshiba products are off the record!
  • aGustyn21
    aGustyn21 5 лет назад Thanks man! :]
  • Acid Snow
    Acid Snow 5 лет назад Question if i go and take apart my laptop how should i do it..... kinda like how can i get rid of static?
  • Daron Barbour
    Daron Barbour 5 лет назад I've had my toshiba a505 since 2009 and its still running like a champ. You have to take care of high performance laptops as in cleaning them out and making sure they don't over heat. Most people make the mistake of trying to game in bed, little do they know they are slowing suffocating their laptop.
  • george christ
    george christ 5 лет назад HE never took out keyboard cables 1 30+
  • Yuri Feldman
    Yuri Feldman 5 лет назад a novice layperson shouldn't attempt this in the first place..
  • Erol ÖZKAN
    Erol ÖZKAN 5 лет назад :D exactly
  • IdhamSupra
    IdhamSupra 5 лет назад How to take apart the back case?
  • David Duce
    David Duce 5 лет назад WHere are al the cables? you dont seem to use any in this vid that i see?
  • greymajickjedi
    greymajickjedi 5 лет назад 1: my L675 looks NOTHING like that on the inside. 2: You guys REALLY need to add narration to these videos. Seeing some guy with a power tool do some stuff he's done a hundred times does little to inform the novice layperson on how a pc works, what steps are needed to disassemble them, what needs to be where, and most importantly, what not to do. (yes, i would like to. i've been told i have a great speaking voice by several people that work in professional and community radio)
  • zZTigerCraftZz
    zZTigerCraftZz 5 лет назад THANX YOU NOW I CAN CLEAN MY PC
  • Manuel A. Ruiz P.
    Manuel A. Ruiz P. 5 лет назад And now a video to reassemble?? :-(
  • Ray Beaulieu
    Ray Beaulieu 5 лет назад Raghav... I have same problem. Have you found any answers? Ray182320@yahoo.com