Acer Aspire Laptop Repair Fix Disassembly Tutorial | Notebook Take Apart, Remove & Install

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http://www.LaptopInventory.com - Acer Aspire Laptop Disassembly and Repair Fix Tutorial. Take Apart Acer Aspire Notebook Laptop Parts Battery, CMOS, LCD Bezels, DC Jack, Caddies and Brackets, CD DVD Drive, Hard Drive, Laptop Fan, LCD Hinges, Keyboard, LCD Flex Cable, LCD Inverter Board, LCD Screen, Memory, RAM, Motherboard System Board, Processor CPU, Laptop Screw, Wireless Antenna, Wifi Card. This tutorial is compatible with the following laptops: 5738Z, 5810, 5536, 5800, 5738, 7736z-4088, 7736z, 5538, 5736, 5810T, 7736, 7738, 5538G, 5542, 5542G, 5236, 5242, 5410, AS5536, AS5536G, AS5538, AS5538G, 5739, 5739G, 5740, 5740DG, 5740G, 7535, 7535G, AS5735, AS5735Z, AS8730, AS8730G, AS8730ZG, 7735z-4033, 7735z, 7735, 7738G, 7740G, 7740, 5810PG, 8935G, 8940G, 5738G, 5738ZG, 5536G, 7540, 7540G, 5338, 5340, 5810tz, 5741, 5741G, 5742ZG, 5742, AS5742Z-4685, AS5742Z-4601, 5745, AS5745, 5745G, 5745Z, AS5745G, AS7736Z, 5742G, 7535-5020, 4741, 7741, 4741Z, 5741Z, 7741Z, 4741G, 7741G, ms2306, MS2279, 5742Z, AS5542, AS5542G, AS5738, AS5738DG, AS5738DZG, AS5738G, AS5738PG, AS5738PZG, AS5738ZG, AS5739, AS5739G, AS5740, AS5740DG, AS5740G, AS5741, AS5741G, AS5810T, AS5810TG, AS5810TZ, AS5810TZG, AS7535, AS7535G, AS7735G, AS7735Z, AS7735ZG, AS7736, AS7736G, AS7736ZG, AS7738, AS7738G, AS7740G, 5336, 5552, 5553, 5625, 7551, 7552, 5551G, 5553G, 5625G, 5741ZG, 5745ZG, 5745P, 5745PG, 5820G, 5820T, 5820TG, 5820TZ, 7551G, 7552G, 5252, 7745g, AS7745g, 5742z-4685, 5750, 5750G, MS2277, E440, E640, E730, E732, G640, G730

  • dazirapa
    dazirapa 4 года назад Yeesh. There's gotta be an easier way to access the fan. All I want to do is clean out the dust so it stops overheating! Damn you Acer!
  • Stuart Ray
    Stuart Ray 3 года назад +dazirapa my thoughts exactly!!!!
  • josh
    josh Год назад dazirapa i just hold the fan the use a vacuum cleaner job done
  • Neeraj Barak
    Neeraj Barak Год назад The worst part about Acer laptops is that to reach the exhaust fan u need to reach the bottom of it . I wish it had a separate compartment for easy access .
  • TheLegoCrafter
    TheLegoCrafter 3 года назад Said laptop 13 times In the intro
  • Turbo Tyler
    Turbo Tyler 4 года назад Where the fk is the install video? Putting it back together is a whole nother story.
  • Charles Plassman
    Charles Plassman 4 года назад Where is the narrative? There is only background music there is no talk through with this, what a waste!
  • john mcg
    john mcg 5 лет назад Hi, nice video I have a 5742 aspire no power on any LEDs any help or circuit diagram would be great. Many thx John help.
  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 3 года назад Terrible indeed, i tried removing the keyboard on the same way and 4 of my keys broke off. Thanks
  • __Soqu__
    __Soqu__ 2 недели назад is it possible to upgrade the gpu of my laptop? im currently using an acer aspire 4741g which has a dedicated gpu (gt 310m)
  • Jeff Kart
    Jeff Kart 2 года назад Thank you. Another video had me removing all the screws to upgrade the ram!
  • nyaman onggu
    nyaman onggu 5 лет назад (изменено) where the cmos B3...? or bios
  • Andres Garces
    Andres Garces 5 лет назад "laptop , laptop , laptop, laptop, laptop, laptop, laptop"
  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 5 лет назад when you post a disassemble video, please put the whole process not bits and pieces 
  • Chuckles Buk
    Chuckles Buk 5 лет назад SUCKS!! don't even have my laptop model!!!!
  • Christian Valente
    Christian Valente 5 лет назад What type of battery this laptop has??
  • Christian Valente
    Christian Valente 5 лет назад Hi laptoprepair. I'd like to know
  • Adrian ADOR
    Adrian ADOR 5 лет назад hi can som one tell my if is posible to up greate graphic card in acer 5553g ?? my spec amd phenomII x4(2ghz) ati radeon 5470 512 mb dedicated.... with hyper memory to 2175mb ... i need help wit this as graphic card cant cope with new games.... i found graphic with this seam model 1gb ... but can i fitt ??? HELP
  • Baalecas
    Baalecas 5 лет назад That's the RAM, simply.
  • Dylan Rutland
    Dylan Rutland Год назад (изменено) Where's the WiFi adapter and is it possible to take it out and use for a desktop?
  • coc001 coc001
    coc001 coc001 6 месяцев назад Uhh, no.. U cant put laptop in pc and u cant put pc in to laptop ;) Wifi adapter cards are pretty cheap for pc, so go do that ;)
  • SuperKvlogs
    SuperKvlogs 5 лет назад what is the model of it?
  • thebathman
    thebathman 5 лет назад It will just start normally again.
  • J Nickols
    J Nickols 5 лет назад I'd like to know what model this is I'm trying to disassemble my Acer Aspire 7741Z-4433 one of the screws on the bottom is stuck but not stripped and I couldn't figure out how to get to the part where you plug in the charger