Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06

Опубликовано: 14 июл. 2018 г. 2 749 266 просмотров

This is what we have all been waiting for! It is time to step up the game and bring in the ultimate rebuild. This brand new car was wrecked right off of the car lot. However we are going to bring it back to life and take you guys along this awesome journey. Thanks For Watching!!!

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Music: (Ikson-Harmony 24:36-26:19)

  • SN95 Mustang Garage
    SN95 Mustang Garage 8 месяцев назад You thought your channel blew up during the Mustang build, this will launch it even further.
  • Mr. TAMW
    Mr. TAMW 8 месяцев назад SN95 Mustang Garage this will blast into space
  • syed raza
    syed raza 8 месяцев назад Mr. TAMW they're smart
  • Micheal Scott
    Micheal Scott 8 месяцев назад Hell yea, they do some good work!
  • mravertu
    mravertu 3 недели назад It would be very helpful if they tell u how much they spend on the vehicle and parts
  • rcg adventure
    rcg adventure 8 месяцев назад Saw my first one of your videos yesterday and can’t stop watching,
  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 4 часа назад Yoooo wtf. At 30 y’all are like literally 5 mins from my houseeeeee😭😂
  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson 2 месяца назад Genius, sell the truck and continue to use it! Win win!
  • Shadow 144
    Shadow 144 8 месяцев назад Mustang modding plus corvette rebuild? Best time to be subbed
  • Its dan
    Its dan 8 месяцев назад Shadow 144
  • randalrafael123
    randalrafael123 8 месяцев назад And Thomas, don't you dare to forget Thomas.
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    Jose Pedraza 8 месяцев назад Shadow 144 yeah saym here i watched the mustang first. Soo good
  • Yeoja Chingu
    Yeoja Chingu 8 месяцев назад Shadow 144 agreed
  • Shadow 144
    Shadow 144 8 месяцев назад Jose Pedraza i was subbed since they got the car xD
  • Jose Pedraza
    Jose Pedraza 8 месяцев назад Shadow 144 i sub when they finshied it and damn oem indeed
  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 1 день назад Question!! what auctions do you guys use ????
  • CD Nairn
    CD Nairn 4 месяца назад (изменено) ... ??? MiX & MATCH ??? ... MR. CZ & RESTO " MODZ " PRESENTS ...
  • Richard Persoage
    Richard Persoage 2 месяца назад Black is one of the hardest paints to work on. You guys scored on a 7 speed manual. In my opinion, sports cars should only have manual transmissions. My 5 cents worth.
  • Aeryk Hurley
    Aeryk Hurley 6 месяцев назад Man the only thing i can tell you... DJI OSMO! This could be great, but the shakey footage drives me nuts
  • Chinedu Ojielo
    Chinedu Ojielo 8 месяцев назад Just waiting for a Lamborghini to be rebuilt on this channel