How to Fix Laptop DC Power Jack | Repair Charging Port

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NEW VERSION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krabS... (With BONUS Footage: Fix Overheating Laptops) If your laptop power jack doesn't seem to work any more or moving the power wire causes your laptop to go on battery mode or even worse it turns your laptop off, YOU MY FRIEND need this video to help you fix your own laptop for FREE if you happen to own a soldering iron and some solder.

It's very common for Laptop Power Jacks (the thingy where the power wire plugs into) to break. This problem happens on any brand of laptop. It's been a problem for Acer, Apple, Toshiba, HP's, Asus, Gateway, Alienware, and pretty much any laptop out there.

The GOOD NEWS is that the problem is really easy to fix, but it can be a little time consuming. Fixing my wife's ACER 8930G took me over an hour but that is because I was recording this video for you guys. If I was just doing it for myself, I could probably do the whole thing in less than 30 minutes.


I include footage on how to fix laptop overheating issues which is very common on gaming laptops. Chances are that your laptop worked fine before, but now it overheats... Watch the video for the BONUS TIP.

Comment below with how long it took you to fix yours!

DISCLAIMER: By Doing This Repair You Agree To Accept All Risk and Liability. Make Sure You Take Every Safety Precaution and Disconnect the Laptop from its Power Source Before You Work On It.

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for more articles and the complete write up on this laptop repair. Thanks for watching and be sure to click the thumbs up button if you found this video useful. Take Care!

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    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад Who wants me to remake this video without the music. Vote on it here. Thx
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    ミリカシ タクアリ 3 года назад +Proven Helper: How-to Guides & Reviews Well, the music, although not my type, kept me from dying from boredom, I can't stand videos w/o background sound. If anything, just change the music.
  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад +タクアリミリカシ(Mirikashi) Thanks for posting your opinion! Hey I got a #Killer #HowToVideo coming in the next 5 DAYS! Stay tuned, it's going to be REALLY GOOD!
  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад +タクアリミリカシ(Mirikashi) Thanks for posting your opinion! Hey I got a #Killer #HowToVideo coming in the next 5 DAYS! Stay tuned, it's going to be REALLY GOOD!
  • Angie B
    Angie B 3 года назад +Proven Helper: How-to Guides & Reviews : The music was annoying but I suffered through it. This is exactly what I needed to see to fix my son's laptop. Thanks!
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    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад +Angie Buckner Awesome. I wish youtube allowed me to upload a new soundtrack but it doesn't work that way. I'm glad you were able to see how I fixed my laptop.
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    Bianca Panzram 3 года назад +Proven Helper: How-to Guides & Reviews No way. The background music is funny! I like it. :-) And a bit of humor helps your mood when you're upset about your screwy laptop.
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    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад +Bianca Panzram Thanks, I never thought of it that way..
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    José Miguel Baztán 2 года назад oh man i was just going to write a comment about it, please the video is fine..just mute everything and guide trhough and record yourself again without this music.. no music at all, thx its really annoying.. thanks for ur effort
  • Shanon Payne
    Shanon Payne 2 года назад hello I need yur help😭I have a Samsung laptop with a USB charger but my charger smells like burnt plastic can u please help me am out of money to buy a new charger
  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life 2 года назад here you go everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krabSgh9kso Let me know what you think of the new version. I only remade it because of your comments.
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    Hero Of The Wild 2 года назад Selfmade Lex a proven helper story my laptop has rectangle shape power jack can I use this method for my laptop?
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    VennRoc 2 года назад Selfmade Lex a proven helper story it's not bad music, it's a little too loud. sometimes you can barely hear what you're saying. But thanks for the video, it was helpful.
  • buzz player
    buzz player 2 года назад Hi, can you try replacing any normal charger port with new USB C type port?
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    Frank Stein 2 года назад (изменено) Who knows.  After listening to the gibberish and watching the amateur video work I stopped watching entirely after less than a minute.
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    Jay Gee Год назад The music is really distracting. All those Oohs and Ahs get in the way of what you're saying.
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    Paul K 8 месяцев назад Yes please remeke it.... your voice it's good enough no need any type of weird music..
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    Craggy 2 месяца назад @ミリカシ タクアリ Those of us who need to learn how to do what is being taught here are only distracted by the music. It's annoying. If you are bored then I suspect you don't really need this information which raises the question--why are you watching this to begin with?
  • ミリカシ タクアリ
    ミリカシ タクアリ 2 месяца назад @Craggy Well, at the time, the DC power jack in my laptop wasn't functioning, this video showed me how to replace the part. I believe there is another version without music now, but don't come and bash me for my opinion. Some people can focus better with music, some people cannot. Also, you realize my comment is about three years old, right?
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    Lex Selfmade Life 5 лет назад Thanks for commenting, I'm going to take that advice for my upcoming how-to videos. If YouTube ever let's us update our audio after the video is published, I'll go back and fix this video because of all the complaints about the music. What happened was that I just got #GarageBand for my iPad a few days prior to making the video and put this little track together. LOL, I guess I was too proud of it at the time. #laptoprepair  
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    Laurette LaLiberte Год назад Robyn Lorenz I didn't notice the music until I read the comments, and now I can't unhear it.
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    Richard Harris 3 года назад I couldn't finish this video. The "music" is relentless. Just some woman going "aaah-ah" over and over. Which is a shame, because this seems like a really helpful video, other than that.
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    TheAtom 7 месяцев назад I’ve had bad luck with Acer. My last desktop motherboard was an Acer brand but had a major failure within a year or so.
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    Austin Caudill 4 года назад @Austin Caudill but get a mac man jeez
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    Lex Selfmade Life 4 года назад @Austin Caudill Thanks man, the music was something I came up with myself using one of those apps like #GarageBand. Glad my video helped you out, I put in a lot of effort to get that close-up footage and the final cut. 
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    Austin Caudill 4 года назад @ProvenHelper cool man cool the music was cool
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  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад (изменено) Hey guys, I just wanted to FOLLOW UP with you. The laptop is still working fine, the power jack repair is solid! It's been 2 years now and we haven't had a problem since. Thanks for watching and commenting. I enjoy reading your comments. #laptoppowerjack
  • Kameel Huseffi
    Kameel Huseffi 3 года назад +ProvenHelper How's the guitar playing ?
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    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад +Kameel Huseffi LOL, I don't play guitar. I used some software that came with my motherboard called MAGIX MUSIC or something like that and I made a few tracks. Or this was when I used my iPad and Garage band... I don't remember anymore.
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    Robert Banister 4 года назад Your video would be MUTCH BETTER without that MUSIC, if that is what it was.
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    Jonny A Год назад Pretty good vid, but please don't tell folk to vacuum out electronic equipment. This WILL create small votices (more than 1 vortex) while doing so. In turn this can create very high voltage static electricity, which may harm (read blow up chips, etc internally). Instead use compressed air to blow out and dust / debris. And while we're on the "static" subject, discharge your body of any potential voltage that may be present by touching somthing metal that is connected to earth e.g. a sink / a radiator, etc) BEFORE you start taking anything electronic apart. Happy tinkering!
  • tiarnan
    tiarnan 7 месяцев назад vortices not votices
  • Grise Blacolar
    Grise Blacolar 4 года назад Mine's broken too and I want to repair it but I'm no expert at hardwares so I don't want to open my laptop because I fear that something will break or whatever. I want to send my laptop to you, if I can.
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    Dana Baker 4 года назад I appreciate your video, its exactly what I need to file my problem.  However, I'm distracted by the music.  I usually mute my sound but if I do that I won't hear what you're saying. 
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    Foster Dickard 3 года назад good video BUT background music was distracting and difficult to understand verbal instructions.
  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад @Foster Dickard That's too bad because almost 300,000 people successfully fixed their latpop using my video. Find another video that does it better then me for this topic to understand how to fix your laptop power jack. #laptoppowerjack #powerjackrepair #fixlaptoppowerjack
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    TechCure Services 3 года назад +Foster Dickard in all honesty anyone who could not follow the instructions because of the music shouldn't be taking on laptop repair. +chemistrycounts lol I said the same thing.
  • Foster Dickard
    Foster Dickard 3 года назад In all honesty, if your ego is incapable of receiving constructive feedback then you have bigger problems than a broken laptop.
  • TechCure Services
    TechCure Services 3 года назад +Foster Dickard this isn't my video. The criticism doesn't affect me at all. just my 2 cents.
  • Seiko Shaw
    Seiko Shaw 4 года назад An I the only one who didn't mind the music? Omgosh people the music isn't a big deal, it wasn't even that loud to me. He spoke clearly and loud enough to understand him. You're here to get help to fix your pc not judge his playlist ugh. Great video btw, gotta get me a soldering kit
  • Charlie Frazier
    Charlie Frazier 7 месяцев назад I agree. The music made watching an otherwise very dull and boring video that much easier.
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    spmike999 2 года назад good video BUT the music is too loud and repetitive, as you already suspect below.
  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life 2 года назад I think I'm going to have to re-edit this video. Thanks for chiming in :)
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    Suzanne Serrano 3 месяца назад Very informative video but your background music is too loud. Sometimes it's hard to make out exactly what you're saying. The background music is really unnecessary in my opinion and I'm sure everyone would prefer just hearing your instructions.
  • Opachki
    Opachki 4 года назад thank you so much, i was worried that i would have to spend more than my computer is worth just to fix this prob...(haven't done this yet, but i sure as hell am not paying to fix a 5 year old laptop). it has proven to be such a prob, i had to fav this vid just so if my laptop dies and i cant fix it, i can watch this from my phone lol.
    LESLIE HALVERSON 3 года назад Great video.... but really annoying with the background music!!!!!!
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    Lex Selfmade Life 3 года назад +LESLIESANDRA1014 So you're saying that I can fix computers like a #LaptopGod of some type but when it comes to putting together a sound track, I'm definitely not #DrDre ?
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