MAZDA MX-5 Brake Caliper Restoration ( Miata , Eunos )

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Sorry Guys i can only apologise, This weeks video yet again requires a comfy seat and a coffee! HAHA.

Well lets get down to business all of you Mazda MX-5 , Miata and Eunos fans out there seemed to really like my rocker cover restoration and asked for more mx5 related content so here is another one and hopefully i will be able to bring you a few more in the coming months.

As you can probably tell already the item up for restoration this week is the front brake calipers from my 92 MX-5 ( Miata , Eunos).They are in serious need of some attention they are rusty, sticky and just generally screaming out the be restored!

The first stage in the process is of course stripping off the calipers and carriers from the car easier said than done when the car hasn't seen the road in years! The caliper slides came free with not too much hassle but the carrier bolts put up a fair battle. When its was all removed it was easy to see the pads were rusted solid into the shims and the piston has definitely seen better days.

After stripping down the caliper as much as possible for the moment it was time to break out the new toy and sand blast the caliper and carrier clean ( i cant begin to tell you how much of a labour saving device it is i cant believe i didn't invest in one sooner!) I tell you in the video why the piston and seals were left in the caliper.

Once blasted i decided i didn't like the way the casting lines made the caliper look so time to break out the grinder to clean up the mess. After smoothing out the lines it was time for primer. Standard procedure for this stage etch primer to give the high build something to grip onto.

Once cured they were given a light wet flatting to increase gloss levels at the end of the job.After drying i knocked up a couple of MX5 logos on my plotter and fitted them as stencils. After a quick degreasing and tack ragging the parts were painted with a lime green top coat and yes all products used were checked against there data sheets to ensure they would stand up to the heat of vigorous track use ;)

Once cured it was a simple case of rebuilding them and removing the stencils. Looking at the before and afters im really quite impressed with the way they look i hope you guys feel the same way! :)

I know this video is a bit on the lengthy side but i tried to cut it down as much as possible without losing any important stages or processes.

If you like what you see and have any ideas for the channel or would even like to donate something to restore to the channel please get in touch. :)

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  • Athul Dev
    Athul Dev 8 месяцев назад Green paint adds 50 hp
  • Really Random Channel
    Really Random Channel 8 месяцев назад at least ;) haha!
    MOOEYSMITH 8 месяцев назад Quick, do the other side or that extra 50 hp on the one wheel will make you go around in circles.:)
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    manfred schmalbach 8 месяцев назад Nope Beau, one left and one right green 50 HP caliper make 100 HP together; for it's the front axle caliper pair, it makes that little Miata an AWD also in the same go ...
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    Hello 8 месяцев назад That's why I got red
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    RetroHax 8 месяцев назад See you've got a new blast cabinet, you'll use it a lot as I do. I put my gopro on the glass for my sand blast shots.
  • Really Random Channel
    Really Random Channel 8 месяцев назад Hey, yeah i thought it was about time to invest in some labour saving tools haha. Thanks for the tip.
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  • uBreakIt iRepairIt
    uBreakIt iRepairIt 1 месяц назад Was I the only one expecting to see a clear coat at the end? Only because when he was peeling off the stickers, the paint was coming up with it.
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    Ramon Moran 1 месяц назад uBreakIt iRepairIt was thinking the same
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    Craftydayv Network 1 месяц назад clear coat would have been the cherry on the cake, great job though
  • Thelonius9a
    Thelonius9a 2 месяца назад One of the best videos (of any kind) I've seen. Great job. Changed my mk2 discs & pads recently. Cleaned them up but they didn't look as good as yours. Well done 👍👍👍👌
  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 7 месяцев назад you should have taken the stickers off sooner. it would have been easier.
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    Really Random Channel 7 месяцев назад I should have but i had other work to be doing as well as these calipers :) Thanks for your comment.
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    elcaminosunlimited 7 месяцев назад Next time consider clearing over the whole thing after stickers are removed to seal the edges.
  • 2Faded Dominic
    2Faded Dominic 6 месяцев назад Agreed, and if it was me I would've clear coated over if after removing the stickers to keep those edges from peeling up over time. Thats just my opinion though.
  • Robinson Joe
    Robinson Joe 6 месяцев назад @2Faded Dominic No matter when or how you do it, it's nerve racking taking off the masking for stuff like that while your doing it but so satisfying when your done. Definitely a love hate thing. But then, maybe that's just me.
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    ExileZO 3 месяца назад I tried to pull the decals off as the paint was both wet the first time, and tacky the second. The paint still peels off.
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    vector chan 8 месяцев назад There's gotta be a better method to removing the sticker. It hurts a little seeing the paint peel with it.
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    Really Random Channel 8 месяцев назад Hi, Thanks for your comment. The reason this sticker removal didn't go as smooth as planned is because i messed up a little and built the paint up too much around the sticker making the edges a bit harder to peel up but usually it works a treat and your left with a lovely deep looking logo.
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    Lenduha 8 месяцев назад Should apply clear coat after removing sticker.
  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 7 месяцев назад yep. he waited too long
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    spidey web 6 месяцев назад Most na calipers need a rebuilt after 150.000KM or so, this is a good way to do it. Great job man!
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