Most common fault on a Dead Laptop

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Hp 15-ac151sa dead, no power, not charging, motherboard repair
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  • Michael Forde
    Michael Forde 2 месяца назад By carefully following this video, i have now repaired an ASUS laptop that has been dead for 12 months, thank you so much.
  • Ron Perera
    Ron Perera 3 месяца назад I have been watching your educating people on how to repair laptops etc and I must commend you on your patience dedication and generosity. My name is Ron and I am from Melbourne Australia and although I can repair a few things as a hobby, I have never repaired laptops ot Iphones. Your explanation and demonstration on repairs have inspired me to try to fix some things after I have watched more of your videos. Please ignore any negative comments from othrs and keep up the good works. There are plenty of us who appreciate you tireless efforts. Kind regards, Ron
  • mr md
    mr md 1 день назад Sir my laptop screen light coming but display not coming plz help me
  • Goolius Boozler
    Goolius Boozler 1 день назад gosh Damn you're Amazing.. Hall of Fame 🍻
  • Kathleen Logan
    Kathleen Logan 1 день назад Dell E6400 laptop Windows 10/ Also flickered with Vista Screen flicker issue Flickers at bios screen No issues on external monitor Checked ribbon cable Tightened hinges Updated drivers No visible screen damage Purple line across screen Flickers like a hearbeat Flickers in safe mode What to replace first?
  • Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta
    Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta 2 месяца назад Wish you were in cyprus... i have 3 dead laptops
  • Prasanna guruge
    Prasanna guruge 2 месяца назад Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  • RB Technology
    RB Technology 6 месяцев назад straightly after watching this video i repaired my first dead laptop for a customer and i feel super excited ... thank you for your cool and smooth teaching mr sorin
  • sly Sly
    sly Sly 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Lol 😂😂😂 "maybe the global warming"kobby IRELAND
  • Najib Casa
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  • danvil identity
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  • clint25n
    clint25n 2 месяца назад *BANG *BANG.. "This is how we fix problem on Russian space station!!"
  • Anthony Tyrrell
    Anthony Tyrrell 2 месяца назад clint25n all parts made in Taiwan
  • Tyrone Nelson
    Tyrone Nelson 1 месяц назад Now now, this is probably why you have shit cars in Russia then?
  • Lotusrk123
    Lotusrk123 6 месяцев назад (изменено) You should have been a doctor: "Gaul bladder? Not necessary!" (cut it out and throw it away). "Appendix?" We don't know why God put it there anyway! Cut it out and throw it away!" So from this video I assume the "most common fault on a dead laptop" is the designer put too many MosFats on the circuit board?
  • John Prem
    John Prem 2 месяца назад Funny as fuk
  • orange11squares
    orange11squares 2 месяца назад he could have checked the mosfet to see if it is open or broken, maybe a new one will have solved the problem. you don't just jump right away to put a wire....And also you don't take out the power while the HDD is working bc the heads will crush on the platters and make lots of bad sectors....
  • Gasant Jacobs
    Gasant Jacobs 1 месяц назад u are dodgy but also a genius, good job and keep the videos coming, please do more dell laptop repairs esp the dell e6520 and e6540
  • Radek Stopyra
    Radek Stopyra 6 месяцев назад 13:53 hahaha "maybe the global warming..." that was nice ;)
  • Anthony Label
    Anthony Label 4 месяца назад Good Job Bro.. Keep Up The Good Work.. And Thanks To You...^_^...
  • narzan q
    narzan q 6 месяцев назад Global warming 🤣😂 I lost myself here, you're funny 🤣😂
  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    Evelyn Rodriguez 4 месяца назад French fries , I think Burger King lol
  • Melwin Jay Asturias
    Melwin Jay Asturias 2 месяца назад New subscriber here. Im searching for this channel for so long. Finally find it
  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 1 месяц назад Just watched your video and I got to say thank you I feel confident enough that I may apply the same principles to a dead Dell 3000 Series Inspiron we'll see how it goes thanks again for your patience and that wonderful knowledge that makes it seem so easy
  • Alexey Lavrov
    Alexey Lavrov 6 месяцев назад Well, without this mosfet it wont turn off if cpu overheats, it's also will not detect over-voltage or over-current. It is almost all the time BQ chip region
  • breakthru3000
    breakthru3000 6 месяцев назад next time can you check the motherboard voltage on the gate, after removing the mosfet? just for fun.
  • DrHarryT
    DrHarryT 6 месяцев назад That would be a good indicator if the MOSFET or the driving circuit was bad.
    ULTIMATE RANDOM 23 часа назад I dont think that is a proper fix.. If I were u, I would have tracked down gate line. Most probably that MOSFET should be doing polarity protection. Now most probably u can get 19v at port from battery because there is no MOSFET preventing battery voltage going out. Hope that makes sense
  • deadbolt91765
    deadbolt91765 2 часа назад ULTIMATE RANDOM exactly why I won’t buy refurbished. Does it work, yes...but, if that mosfet provided reverse polarity protection, who knows the repercussion...(fire/battery explosion/etc). Better to track down the gate circuit or replace the mosfet.