3 ways how to fix laptop notebook plugged in but not charging properly

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3 ways to fix laptop notebook plugged in but not charging, common laptop repair for Asus, Sony, Samsung, HP, Dell, compaq, gateway, Lenovo, replacement parts power jack port board http://amzn.to/29xH6gc
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before you "solder laptop connector" which can damage your laptop watch this video first.
Easy fix for "laptop not charging" and "notebook not charging"
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  • Savage Parasyte
    Savage Parasyte Год назад Man I have this exact problem with my Asus. The technology on the inside is good, but the build quality has not been good imo
  • TheHawkGamer
    TheHawkGamer 10 месяцев назад Savage Parasyte with ur anus
  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones 6 месяцев назад I was about to pay Geeksquad 200 bucks to do this...thanks my man
  • teerecords
    teerecords Год назад Thank you for the video! The board was easy to replace and so much cheaper than getting it fixed or replacing my laptop!
  • Ernesto Albite
    Ernesto Albite Год назад thank you it really help .....
    PRABIN A.C. 2 года назад is it ok to use 19V 4.74A charger instead of 19V 3.42A charger? will extra amp damage my laptop or battery?
  • MR CAT
    MR CAT 2 года назад This works for many asus laptops xD
  • Douglas Crosby
    Douglas Crosby 10 месяцев назад new subscriber. just found your channel. thanks for the video.
  • Hsjsn Hshdn
    Hsjsn Hshdn 8 месяцев назад How do I fix my laptop when the charge is already dead and its a Acer aspire es1-512
  • Nakaiah Brinson
    Nakaiah Brinson Год назад where would I get a power board? Thank you for a helpful video :)
  • Tampatec
    Tampatec Год назад Kai Brinson Amazon or eBay
  • alirio Cardona28
    alirio Cardona28 2 года назад gracias buen vídeo y muy interesante información
  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 2 года назад No hay problema
  • Paula Fogel-Ducksworth
    Paula Fogel-Ducksworth 2 месяца назад Thanks I have a dell that is not charging. I started with the battery, got a new one and it is at least turning on now. I am going to see if the pin wiggles. Would I open a dell to replace to port the same way?
    STARRY PEREIRA 10 месяцев назад My Asus laptop's battery cannot be taken off
  • Richard Graves
    Richard Graves Год назад how hard is one to replace on asus q302la ??
  • carlos roman
    carlos roman 8 месяцев назад I was about to throw my laptop away till I saw there’s hope xd thnxs.)
  • Elikems Animations
    Elikems Animations Год назад THE EXACT LAPTOP I WAS LOOKING FOR
  • ZERO
    ZERO Год назад Is there one for a hp palvillion x360 hybrid
  • Sergio Moreno
    Sergio Moreno 9 месяцев назад Hey man, could you tell where can I get a charging port replacement for my laptop? It is an Asus UX410. Thanks.
  • Jatin Prasad
    Jatin Prasad Год назад Yeah, nice informative.
  • Sonnie M
    Sonnie M 5 месяцев назад This looks like the fix, but I’m having trouble getting the top off as you show using the card.
  • _Peoplesuck
    _Peoplesuck Год назад my laptop literally stops charging and then i wait and it works again for some reason and i dont know why its not hot or anything either i dont use my laptop a whole lot