3 ways how to fix laptop notebook plugged in but not charging properly

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3 ways to fix laptop notebook plugged in but not charging, common laptop repair for Asus, Sony, Samsung, HP, Dell, compaq, gateway, Lenovo, replacement parts power jack port board http://amzn.to/29xH6gc
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before you "solder laptop connector" which can damage your laptop watch this video first.
Easy fix for "laptop not charging" and "notebook not charging"
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  • Savage Parasyte
    Savage Parasyte 2 года назад Man I have this exact problem with my Asus. The technology on the inside is good, but the build quality has not been good imo
  • TheHawkGamer
    TheHawkGamer Год назад Savage Parasyte with ur anus
  • teerecords
    teerecords Год назад Thank you for the video! The board was easy to replace and so much cheaper than getting it fixed or replacing my laptop!
  • Ernesto Albite
    Ernesto Albite 2 года назад thank you it really help .....
    PRABIN A.C. 2 года назад is it ok to use 19V 4.74A charger instead of 19V 3.42A charger? will extra amp damage my laptop or battery?
  • MR CAT
    MR CAT 2 года назад This works for many asus laptops xD
  • Hsjsn Hshdn
    Hsjsn Hshdn 10 месяцев назад How do I fix my laptop when the charge is already dead and its a Acer aspire es1-512
  • alirio Cardona28
    alirio Cardona28 2 года назад gracias buen vídeo y muy interesante información
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    Tampatec 2 года назад No hay problema
  • Douglas Crosby
    Douglas Crosby Год назад new subscriber. just found your channel. thanks for the video.
  • Nakaiah Brinson
    Nakaiah Brinson 2 года назад where would I get a power board? Thank you for a helpful video :)
  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 2 года назад Kai Brinson Amazon or eBay
  • Mujahed Patel
    Mujahed Patel 2 года назад hey bro!!! I have also Asus X550C laptop and its battery is not charging, it stuck on 0%. it shows like 0% available (plugged in charging) but it doesn't charge, I uninstall and reinstall battery driver but it doesn't work, what would be a problem? plz help me brother...
  • Quang Trinh
    Quang Trinh Год назад Mujahed Patel have you found the solution yet?
  • Jason JJ Cruz
    Jason JJ Cruz 2 года назад Video was helpful how about posting a video if the Jack had to be soldered on the board
  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 2 года назад sure, that would be a good video
  • Dodgers20074LIFE
    Dodgers20074LIFE 2 года назад I have a laptop that charges for about 2 minutes then stops what would be the issue? Its not the charger I've tried 3 different ones same issue ? ever seen this ?
  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 2 года назад if you tried different chargers then replace power board and if your battery is over 5 years old replace it.
  • Jatin Prasad
    Jatin Prasad 2 года назад Yeah, nice informative.
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    Jeremy Jones 8 месяцев назад I was about to pay Geeksquad 200 bucks to do this...thanks my man
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    Ben Sharp 2 года назад Thank you.
  • ZERO
    ZERO Год назад Is there one for a hp palvillion x360 hybrid
  • FieldOpain
    FieldOpain 2 года назад Hello Tampatec, i watched a video of yours you made 3 years ago about fishing wire through the attic. Do you think i can fish wires from an outlet downstairs and go through inside the wall all the way up to the attic and make an outlet up there?
  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 2 года назад (изменено) thats really hard, i would start in attic and fish down so gravity is on your side. downstairs drill small hole outside wall up into attic (spackle hole later) above ac outlet then stick fishrod up into hole then go into attic and look for fishrod then drill down usually its inches away from that marker. insulation and wall fireblocks can be big headaches when fishing wires.
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    Richard Graves 2 года назад how hard is one to replace on asus q302la ??
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    Elikems Animations Год назад THE EXACT LAPTOP I WAS LOOKING FOR