Laptop motherboard Repair (Chip Level) How to check dead board .Eng

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  • Abu Chuuqi
    Abu Chuuqi 5 лет назад I am watching your clipp form Iraq- Kurdistan. you are very good tutor. excellent!!!. My Greetings to the people of Hindustan
  • Carl Hunt
    Carl Hunt 5 лет назад Can you do one for CQ61 laptop. This very different and difficult to follow schematic. Would be appreciated. Keep up the good work and many thanks.
  • Srini Naidoo
    Srini Naidoo 4 года назад Hi i got Lenovo G560 laptop display is fine but it doesnt pickup usbs , sound and webcam can u please tell me how to trace the problem thxs a lot
    SYED RAHAMAN 3 года назад super maacheeeee
  • Gerelchuluun B
    Gerelchuluun B 5 лет назад Thank you, very helpful video.
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    malinda keving 5 лет назад nice job nad well ,......
  • Lovely Singla
    Lovely Singla 5 лет назад thanks sir this is great video.
  • john a
    john a 5 лет назад I would hazzard a guess that if the charger is not being detacted.... is the DC socket ok? when you plug in is there any light at all? you have to elliminate the cheapest through to the expensive and the dc socket where it conects to the motherboard may be faulty. Are the joints ok? dry joints? Your question is 3 mnths old so chances are you have solved problem. always obtain schematics.
  • iftikhar ahmed
    iftikhar ahmed 5 лет назад helo sir i need for this laptop diagram hp compac 6715b where i can download ?
  • Jermaine Ortiz
    Jermaine Ortiz 5 лет назад Nice work man always wanted to know more about how to repair laptop system boards. thanks for taking the time to help people..
  • awan my son
    awan my son 5 лет назад tanks verymuch sir guntur.. but i have problem laptop acer aspire 4738z.. cannot on.. power voltage 5 vollt and 3.3 ok but cnnot on .. please help me
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    shinoop sp 5 лет назад grt sir, u done good... thanks.....
  • DreadlockGangFelon
    DreadlockGangFelon 5 лет назад Thank YOU!!!!! cant find this type of info anywhere! Thanks for sharing...I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 motherboard that wont detect the wattage or type of charger that is being used and it wont charge the battery. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?
  • IT-Master
    IT-Master 5 лет назад u talk like damaged atari computer
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    ismail fadzil 1 месяц назад his english better than me...
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    Alistair D'silva 5 лет назад Hi! I must say even though you are not fluent in english but your english is still good enough to understand. And I respect your knowledge. I was following your videos because I have a laptop motherboard which has a problem.
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    Jurik Edem 6 лет назад very good thing sir, I respect you,you speak english too. thanks a lot
  • Zio Zach
    Zio Zach 6 лет назад sir can you help me i have a board of laptop acer aspire 2920z can you teach me how to repair that because when i plug it no power lights indicator, laptop not open what can i do to check thank you in advance
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    rajrrr2 6 лет назад video s really awesome sir thanks a lot to give us knowledge regarding this :)
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    Harry Bola 6 лет назад Njce job sir keep on,no problem for language its fine ,inteligent people can understand it .thanks.
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    Philip settimi 6 лет назад Sieguntur, That site lqv77.com, I can't read it? Is there an application to translate it? Thanks!