How to Find AC Leaks in Your Car (UV Dye)

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Learn how To Find and Repair AC Leaks. Air conditioner not blowing cold air? Leak in your A/C system? See how to recharge your A/C system, find the refrigerant leak, and fix it so you can get back on the road with cold air conditioning this summer.

A/C Refrigerant Kit I used: http://amzn.to/245XTsB

How to Replace an Air Compressor: https://youtu.be/rulXlnG2Unk?list=PLD...
How to Properly Charge an AC System: https://youtu.be/Pdq8JAlct6s?list=PLD...
How to Fix a Car with No Heat: https://youtu.be/-XjXTVJhFLM?list=PLD...

I show you how to use UV dye in the refrigerant so that you can spot where the leak is and fix the problem. The R134a refrigerant system should be a sealed system with no leaks, but in this case the air conditioning compressor was leaking.

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    Robert Drake 8 часов назад Groovy lights man!!! Don't think Chris actually reads comments hence we'll never know the correct link.
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    MrLouthguy 3 года назад All opinions aside.... these are excellent instructional videos. Nuff said..!
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    Night Crawler 3 года назад hey chris where is the AC expansion valve?
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    SwampDonkey 2 года назад +john dillenger Its generally connected to the evaporator in the cabin.
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    Clearanceman2 2 года назад Yeah Chris Fix is very clear and to the point and is not afraid to tackle jobs a home mechanic can do but might have trouble finding clear written instruction for. Some of the service manuals assume more professional knowledge and they still aren't the same as seeing it on a video.
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    Veronica Madrigal Год назад How to recharge the ac for a 2004 lexus rx330
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    DBoy 37 Год назад Veronica Madrigal Is it a r134a refrigant?
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    Yc 530 Год назад ChrisFix I have a 14 silverado that blows hot but the shop can’t find the leak, they dyed it and all components under hood are fine and last thing to check is ac evaporator core but is really expensive just to check because is under dash. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Please!
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    andrew ysk 7 месяцев назад hii Chris, do you have a video on self evaporator core cleaning ? my air con in avensis t27.. only 3 years old.. and whenever i turn on the air con, it has got some funky smell to it. i suspect that's should be the mold and spore and nasty stuff that blows out. i do not have knowledge to how the thing works in car.. the blower sucks in air , then it goes thru heater fins then cooling fins (evaporator) or the other way round ? is the heater fins always hot ? as long as engine coolant is hot. or it has a valve to control the intake of hot water from coolant system ? as for cooling fins.. it can be engage (on) or disengage . so evaporator is actually the very same thing of air conditioner ? thanks andrew
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    Lawrence Mudge 3 года назад C/F. I have to tell you, I think you have one of the dopest channels on youtube. It might be a toss up between yours and kipkay, but I have to say, since they are both about different fields, you certainly take the cake for coolest, most organized, most informative, most helpful, most creative, most interesting, and most money saving car related help I have ever seen. Good job man!
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    EA. jam 3 года назад Now i understand how AC works , GREAT Video thanks A lot .
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    ChrisFix 3 года назад @eyad aljamal Awesome! I should do a video just about the AC system and how it works so you can understand all the parts (although I guess I covered it pretty good in this video).
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    Santiago Camacho 1 месяц назад (изменено) Only site I could find, apparently sold by pep boys. Hope it helps.
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    John Smith 3 недели назад It took me to an in-car disco lighting set-up.
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    Alperenn40 3 года назад I am 14 years old and thanks to you i know more than my dad about cars and now he always ask me to fix something if we need to haha
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    Hussein J. 3 года назад @GameTV Lol same, I watch these vids for no reason. Its just cool to have knowledge. Although I did take auto in school for next semester
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    Terence Molloy 3 года назад I've been doing my own repairs ever since I was 16 years old had 6 motor bikes then progressed to cars when reaching 17 and got my drivers license, It was always a suck it and see situation, only way to learn, in my 70s now So the motivation is sadly lacking, but I do enjoy these little videos from you guys, so I'd just like to say thanks for posting them and giving your time to show how things can be done, knowledge is a wonderful thing, cars are quite complicated nowadays, all computer driven. More sensors than the shuttle, anything goes wrong call the computer guy, even my auto box has 2 sensors, one goes wrong, got to change the box, the wonders of modern cars, regards, 
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    G Hos Год назад I'm doing my damnedest to learn. Seems like I'm starting out a lot like you, minus the bikes
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    cage lee 4 дня назад The link on this video needs updating
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    CARBON BLACK 3 года назад i use the ac on my truck not much this is useful on my 1989 ford escort gt
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    Bill Highroller Неделю назад Also, please repost the link for AC recharge
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    Bill Highroller Неделю назад Very Helpful, ,but aren't you screwed? Your AC Compressor is leaking and only last a day per charge? My leak last about a summer, so I will follow your very instructional video! Thanks!