How to replace an iPhone 6S battery stage demo at CES 2018

Опубликовано: 31 янв. 2018 г. 47 468 просмотров

Bill Detwiler and Chris Bross from iFixit replace the battery in an Apple iPhone 6S live on the CNET stage at CES 2018.

How to get Apple's $29 iPhone battery replacement: https://www.cnet.com/news/how-to-get-...

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  • Andraz Novak
    Andraz Novak 3 месяца назад oof I cringed so hard when he opened the screen all the way down. DO NOT DO THAT you could damage your screen's ribbon cables and that will make this operation a lot costlier. then when he used a rubber band I just stopped watchig. that's almost as bad as verge building a computer
  • dreus94
    dreus94 3 месяца назад (изменено) Andraz Novak It’s weird he bent the screen that far. A video from iFixit even advice you to only open it 90 degrees.
  • Paul David
    Paul David Год назад Absolutely rubbish. A staged phone reopened. Not a true representation of how you would find things.
  • mikey legit
    mikey legit 3 дня назад Paul David they probably re-use the batteries when there is a new audience
    BLUNTFORCETRUTH Год назад This is nothing more than an IFIXIT infomercial.
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Hilda Berg not really
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад They do their own repairs
  • lawlerzwtf
    lawlerzwtf Год назад They showed how to repair the phone while using stuff that you can find in stores. You can buy a suction cup anywhere. You can buy a flat head screwdriver anywhere. This isn't just an iFixIt infomercial if you aren't stupid.
  • Ezra Willis
    Ezra Willis 9 месяцев назад Do you have to disconnect the screen?
  • jake Stevens
    jake Stevens 4 месяца назад Amazing how much better amature You-Tubers are at making these kind of videos.
  • Mattf14
    Mattf14 4 дня назад 12:09 just popped mine in for 30 mins just gotta wait for half a hour now for it to warm up
  • gaming world gamers
    gaming world gamers 10 месяцев назад all not genun battery in it .i mean in ur device
  • Tiến Đức Đinh
    Tiến Đức Đinh 3 месяца назад 12:10 30 mins? Nani!
  • Alfredo Martinez
    Alfredo Martinez 8 месяцев назад This video is a bad example. It’s rushed and not very helpful due to camera angels, him rushing the process, and some important details being cut out. He says “I’ve got this backwards” then the camera zooms out and we’re not even able to see how he fixed the problem.
  • Mind of a Crazy Misfit
    Mind of a Crazy Misfit Год назад What happens if the battery tabs are broken?
  • Holly Hsieh
    Holly Hsieh Год назад you poke the battery open
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Holly Hsieh 😂😂😂😂
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Return it
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Get another one
  • Christopher Crawford
    Christopher Crawford Год назад Mind of a Crazy Misfit pry of shame.
  • Vintage Car Yesterday
    Vintage Car Yesterday Год назад Holly Hsieh Lmao!!
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад MacBook not so mud
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад iPhone easiest to repair
  • historiam amo
    historiam amo Год назад 1st
  • Matt Rendell
    Matt Rendell Год назад 2nd
  • Ilias Cruz
    Ilias Cruz Год назад Hoe
  • Broken Ceiling
    Broken Ceiling Год назад This video is 2 years too late
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Broken Ceiling 😂😂😂😂😂 nice kid
  • Grandpa Rick
    Grandpa Rick Год назад Nah some people dont want to pull money out of their ass and buy a new phone so
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Grandpa Rick kid it was 3 weeks ago get over it you mean your parents can't upgrade a phone for you
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Grandpa Rick I have monthly payments
  • UnknownUser
    UnknownUser Год назад No.
  • GoodAtBeingNoob
    GoodAtBeingNoob Год назад yes
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Yes
  • Herbivore 710
    Herbivore 710 Год назад Android ftw
  • D Harris
    D Harris Год назад Herbivore 710 no android
  • Mukesh Adnani
    Mukesh Adnani Год назад UnknownUser I
  • The CrazyBishop
    The CrazyBishop 3 месяца назад …more doing less talking...🤨🤨
  • Khris 4ever
    Khris 4ever Год назад need to see more off this video
  • Sani Wada
    Sani Wada Год назад (изменено) A wee bit late arent you?